Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 19 - Overlord Body Awakened

"The oasis hundreds of miles downstream?"

Qin Mu returned to Disabled Elderly Village before night fell. He put down the bamboo basket filled with weapons in the village, and the villagers were inevitably astonished and crowded around with inquiries.

Qin Mu told them about his experience, causing Blind’s complexion to slightly change and cried out, "The temple on the oasis is restraining is a territorial level strange beast, which is a very powerful demon who is adept at transformation. Her name is called Woman Wu. You actually ran to that temple and stole all her treasures back?"

Granny Si also cried out, "That Woman Wu? I passed by the rundown temple once and beat her up because I saw that she had eaten too many people. In the end she hid behind the Buddha statue. The Buddha was strange and wanted to subdue me thus I did not beat her to death. There was something very weird with the Buddha statue…"

"I had also met her before. She’s a very powerful great demon who could rival strong practitioners of Seven Stars Realm."

Cripple asked, "Mu’er, how did you escape from Woman Wu’s hands after stealing her items?"

Qin Mu realised he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and told everyone about the devil language that he had learned from the vestige in the valley. He then explained how he used the voices of god, devil and Buddha to subdue Woman Wu in its entirety.

The villages were all stumped for words hearing Qin Mu’s story. After quite a while, Old Ma finally let out a breath and said, "Young and promising, young and promising."

Cripple, Deaf and the rest all nodded their heads and raised their thumbs in endless admiration.

Woman Wu, the great demon having the strength of a strong practitioner of Seven Stars Realm, actually got extorted and robbed by Qin Mu. How young and promising! Making all of them proud by not failing to live up to their teachings!

Mute picked up a few weapons and gave them a few swings before shaking his head. He gave a few hand signs which meant that the quality of these spirit weapons weren’t that good and were useless.

"When tomorrow comes I will go over to Border Dragon City and sell these spirit weapons. I will also get some spices, fabric rolls and fine wine while I’m there."

Granny Si smiled, "It’s time to also sell my livestock."

Qin Mu picked up his spirit. To Border Dragon City?

He had grown up in Disabled Elderly Village since young and had only been allowed to go out recently. He had only heard of Border Dragon City and had never been there!

"We can’t bring you there yet. You are still too young." Granny Si shook her head.

Qin Mu was disappointed and hesitated for a moment before gathering up his courage to confess, "Granny Si, Grandpa Ma, there is still one more thing."

"My Overlord Body has awakened."

The surrounding fell silent.

After a while, Old Ma, Cripple, Blind and Granny Si started to celebrate while Mute kept on yapping. Only Deaf did not see what Qin Mu had said and was confused at why these old fellows had suddenly turned crazy. Until he saw Qin Mu repeating again, he then realised what Qin Mu was saying and gave out a huge laughter!

Blind exclaimed loudly, "Village Chief, Apothecary! Come quickly! The Overlord Body has awakened!"

Butcher was filled with excitement and gave a long howl towards the heavens, "Village Chief, Apothecary, the Overlord Body has finally awakened!"

When Qin Mu had returned to the village, Village Chief was seated in front of his house with Apothecary by his side brewing a pot of tea and pouring a cup for him. However Village Chief had no limbs therefore Apothecary had to lift the teacup to his mouth.

The two frequently drink tea together in a relax and refined manner, living in contentment.

Just as Village Chief was halfway through drinking his tea, he heard the shouts of Blind and Old Ma which made him spurt his tea out immediately through his nose, eyes and mouth. Two fine water jets came spurting high up from the inside corner of his eyes.


The teacup in Apothecary’s hand was also crushed into pieces, splashing the tea onto Village Chief’s face. Staring wide eyed at each other, they looked at each other in disbelief as their mouths slowly opened up unconsciously.

Apothecary came to his senses and stuttered, "Over… Overlord Body… has awakened?"

Village Chief apparently hadn’t returned to his senses yet as he continued to stare blankly.

Cripple limped over and nodded his head vigorously, smiling, "That’s right, the Overlord Body has awakened! I did a check just now and found out that his vital qi was three times denser and purer than in the morning! Furthermore in the heart of his brows, there’s an odd fluctuation as the spirit embryo awaken which is evident that it is fusing with his consciousness! This is the sign that his spirit embryo is awakening!"

Qin Mu walked over and saw Apothecary’s mouth spreading even bigger as if he had stuffed two duck eggs inside. On the other hand, there was still water leaking out from Village Chief’s lower eyelids. He thought, "Grandpa Village Chief and Grandpa Apothecary were surprised as expected but aren’t they a little too surprised?"

Apothecary closed his mouth and quickly asked, "Mu’er, has your Overlord Body really awakened?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "It awakened when I wasn’t paying any attention."

Apothecary almost choked himself to death and mumbled, "Awakened when he wasn’t paying any attention…"

Village Chief finally returned to his senses and chuckled, "There is no doubt that Mu’er is really the Overlord Body. I could not have deduced wrongly with my extremely profound knowledge. It’s natural for him to awaken his Overlord Body… kuh kuh kuh!"

Apothecary had an extremely weird expression and quickly gave a few coughs to cover up, "It’s wonderful that the Overlord Body has awakened! However Mu’er you mustn’t be arrogant having just awakened your Overlord Body. Your road of cultivation has only just begun, do you understand?"

Qin Mu nodded his head in agreement.

Village Chief smiled, "What Apothecary said is right. The path of the Overlord Body is unusually difficult therefore you cannot ever slack down. Apothecary, I’m feeling a little tired. Please send me back in first."

Apothecary understood and sent his back into his house.

Inside the house, the two old men looked at each other in dismay and Apothecary tried his best to lower his voice after quite a while, "Village Chief, is Mu’er really the Overlord Body?"

"Of course not!" Village Chief said resolutely.

"Then how did he awaken…"

"How would I know?"

The two old men looked at each other in dismay again and weren’t sure how to explain Qin Mu’s phenomenon. After a while, Apothecary tried to asked, "Could a Mortal Body open the Spirit Embryo Wall?"

"Mortal Body Wall Break? I haven’t heard of that before, Qin Mu would be the first."

Village Chief suddenly smiled, "Apothecary, maybe Qin Mu would really become an Overlord Body and walk down an unordinary path. Isn’t that what our goal was?"

Apothecary also smiled, "Mortal Body to Overlord Body. Mu’er had already awakened his Mortal Body and the path of his Overlord Body has just begun. It’s as if I can already see him taking out a dragon in one punch!"

Village Chief nodded his head and smiled, "Exactly. We can't say for sure but with his spirit and will, he might even go further than we did."

The two old foxes laughed together and went out of the room again.

Village Chief gave a cough and summoned Qin Mu over to ask him how he had awakened his spirit embryo. Qin Mu told him about how he had made use of the instant where the god voice, devil voice and buddha voice were fighting and used his vital qi to breakdown the Spirit Embryo Wall.

With a blank look in his eyes, Village Chief mumbled, "There is still such a way?"

He can’t help but sigh with sorrow. Qin Mu’s opportunity was something other people could not imitate. To use the voices of god, devil and buddha to fight each other combined with his guts to actually dare to take the initiative and learn the devil language, using the devil voice to contend against the god voice resulted in such a coincidental opportunity!

These actions were simply reckless, not knowing how to write the death word!

Even if others happened to have this opportunity, they would probably die from the power within the voices of god, devil and Buddha before they even broke through their Spirit Embryo Wall.

Others didn't know the dangers lying inside, however he was very clear about it. Was the power of gods and devils something a mortal could covet after? For a mortal, it was a road that led nowhere but death to covet the power of gods and devils!

However, Qin Mu precisely succeeded in an unfathomable way, making Village Chief more or less puzzled.

However, what he didn’t know was that Qin Mu had been nearly killed by the battle between the god voice and the devil voice. He was lucky that the jade pendant in front of his chest had protected his life.That was why he didn’t die.

Village chief thoroughly checked Qin Mu’s advancement in his cultivation, revealing an expression of astonishment before covering it up and encouraging him, "Mu’er, do your best in cultivating and don’t disappoint us. Now that you have awakened your Overlord Body, you are a martial arts practitioner and no longer a little child."

Qin Mu solemnly nodded.

At this time, the sky had already turned dark and the bonfire in the village lighted up. Old Ma and the rest started to barbecue strange beasts that they had caught in celebration for Qin Mu. Granny Si scampered over and grabbed Qin Mu back, "Village chief, Apothecary, come over as well, let’s have a feast!"

"You two can go ahead first. Apothecary and I will come right after you."

After Village Chief saw Granny Si and Qin Mu leaving, he said softly, "Apothecary, Mu’er’s vital qi is extremely dense. Among the martial practitioners I have seen before in the Spirit Embryo Realm, his cultivation is the greatest."

Apothecary looked at the crowd celebrating around the bonfire and asked softly, "How dense is it?"

"My cultivation during my Spirit Embryo Realm was similar or maybe even weaker than him."

Village Chief said nonchalantly, "What I meant was the cultivation at the pinnacle of my Spirit Embryo Realm, whereas he had just entered the Spirit Embryo Realm and will still continue to grow."

Apothecary’s body trembled tremendously and looked at him in disbelief as he cried out, "To be on par with you while you were at your Spirit Embryo Realm? What kind of existence are you? How could he…"

"But he precisely did that."

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