Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 190 - My Elder

"Grandpa Mute!"

Qin Mu immediately hurried over and opened his arms to hug that elder in cotton clothing. He wanted to hug him up, but this elder was like the heaviest mountain in the world and he was unable to lift him up at all.

Qin Mu laughed in excitement and exerted all his strength but he was still unable to hug him up.

Mute gave two ahs and placed the chest down. Qin Mu was finally able to hug him up and spun two rounds before throwing this elder to the ground. Mute landed on his butt and stood up to pat the dust off his butt. He gave two signals which meant you were too naughty.

"Grandpa Mute, why have you left the village as well? How come you're here?"

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted as he asked rapidly, "You were so powerful just now. Are the sword pellets in the chest forged by you? Who else has come with you?"

"Ah ah, ah ah ah!"

As Mute made noises, he did hand signs as well. His eyebrows formed a bored shape and put his palms together beside his face to act like he was sleeping before suddenly stretching two fingers out to make a walking shape.

His hands signed rapidly and his expression also changed a few thousand times in a breath's time, dazzling Qin Mu's eyes, "Grandpa Mute, slow down, I can't follow you. Where's Grandpa Deaf? Why didn't he follow you?"

Mute revealed a pleased expression and signed for a while. He meant he had sneaked out of the village secretly and didn't tell anyone.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and smiled, "You don't know, I met Grandpa Butcher and Grandpa Blind, and also Granny Si. They had already left the village."

Mute was astonished and gave two chuckles. He raised his wooden chest towards Qin Mu, signaling for him to help carry the chest. Qin Mu sneered and didn't stretch his hand out, "Grandpa Mute, don't try to fool me. This chest is very heavy. There are a few thousand sword pellets inside right? Your sword pellet is very heavy and your chest is even heavier. If I help you carry it, I will definitely dislocate my shoulders and fall to the ground! I was tricked the previous time and I won't be tricked again."

Mute grinned mischievously and gave Qin Mu a thumbs up.

In Disabled Elderly Village, other than Cripple who would tease Qin Mu the most, Mute was next.

Suddenly, Mute raised his eyebrows and looked behind Qin Mu. Qin Mu also hurriedly looked back and saw a middle-aged man walking over. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor quietly walked to the front of them and stopped over a dozen yards away from them.

"A person of the previous generation?" he asked gently.

Mute grinned and made a few hand signs. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor frowned as he didn't understand.

Qin Mu explained to him, "Imperial Preceptor, Grandpa Mute meant he wasn't a person from the previous generation, he was still considered young."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor frowned again. It kept him feel uncomfortable that he couldn't understand the Mute and had to rely on Qin Mu to translate it for him.

"Dao brother has an extraordinary ability but what you cultivate isn't sword skill."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed ruefully, "I had interacted with a few people of the previous generation and learned quite a bit. I thought I had seen all kinds of divine arts, paths and skills yet never would I expect to see a unique divine art like this. Can Dao brother let me experience your divine art?"

Qin Mu was astonished. He saw Mute attacking just now with countless sword pellets soaring into the sky and turning into endless flying swords, forcing even Dutian Devil King having no choice but to defend yet was still injured by his swords.

Qin Mu had thought Mute's skill was all on swords yet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said what Mute cultivated wasn't sword skill. Could Mute's ability be above the sword skill that he had exhibited?

In the village, what Mute had taught him was the path of forging. Qin Mu still carried around a huge hammer frequently and his hammer skills were taught by Mute.

"Could Grandpa Mute be cultivating hammer skills?"

Mute grinned and fastened the furnace on his back. He placed down the wooden chest in his hands. His appearance now was like a traveling blacksmith, taking a break at whichever village he arrived at to help forge ironware for the villagers.

His chest was like a chest used to store tools for forging and the items coming out from the chest shouldn't be sword pellets but something like a hammer, anvil, filter funnel, iron ladle, et cetera.

He opened the chest and gave a few more hand signs. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's expression turned stiff and looked at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu said, "Grandpa Mute says his skill is almost lost to the world. It's fine if Imperial Preceptor wants to take a look. He wants Imperial Preceptor to find a suitable successor for him."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor felt deep veneration and said, "Dao brother is actually willing to impart the consummate skills of your life to others. Your breadth of mind far surpasses those cult masters, sect masters of those reputable and big sects. If fate allows, I'll keep an eye out for Dao brother."

The wooden chest was opened and inside it were countless sword pellets. Each sword pellet was the size of a thumb.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave a puzzled look and Mute smiled. He stretched out his palm and the sword pellets were suddenly not silver pellets anymore. They had instead liquified and turned into something that was like water yet was like light. It gave people the feeling that it was a water transformed from light.

This chest of sword pellets had turned into a chest of liquid light. The liquid light then slowly rose from the chest and crawled on Mute's body, spreading throughout his entire body like a silver armor.

Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor immediately saw all kinds of strange markings appearing on the armor's surface. Those were strange rune formations that were mainly in charge of the defense.

The liquid light then flowed down from Mute's body and turned into a huge bell in mid-air. It was dozens of yards tall and the wall of the bell was very thin as if it could be see-through.

The huge bell slowly spun and incomparably ancient characters appeared on the wall of the bell. There were also pictures of all kinds of strange beasts as well as the arrangement of the stars in the full scope of the heavens.


The huge bell transformed into flowing light and a silver dragon appeared and circled around them. As the dragon moved, dragon markings covered its entire body.

Suddenly the silver dragon rose into mid-air and turned into a longsword which soared into the sky, executing profound sword moves. The sword light suddenly retracted and a huge shield came descending down from the sky.

Before the huge shield landed on the ground, it turned into a silver umbrella and slowly floated down while spinning.

The sword pellets in Mute's chest actually had countless changes. It could turn into any weapons and any treasures of any use.

The treasure in this chest of his could even transform into the form of divine arts!

It was also Qin Mu's first time to see Mute executing his true abilities and it was also his first time to see such a miraculous ability!

Mute didn't teach this ability to him and he had never seen Mute executing this kind of ability in the village as well.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was spellbound. Suddenly, the liquid light flowed over and transformed into a silver boat and Mute threw his chest onto the silver boat before jumping up onto it. He grinned at Qin Mu and waved his hand as the silver boat broke through the air at an extreme speed and vanished without a trace.

Qin Mu opened his mouth and wanted to call him back but after thinking, he didn't say a word.

After a moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor let out a stale breath and exclaimed, "Superb ability, superb ability. There's still an ability I haven't ever seen before in this world! This Dao brother is remarkable. Imperial academician, you know him?"

Qin Mu said, "He's my elder."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was stunned and didn't understand the meaning of this sentence, "Could it be the experts of Heavenly Devil Sect? Other than Grand Chancellor, there's actually such an expert in Heavenly Devil Cult, simply remarkable, as expected of the number one sacred ground of the devil path."

Qin Mu shook his head, "Imperial Preceptor guessed wrongly. I was born in Great Ruins thus my home is in Great Ruins."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished and looked at him deeply before saying meaningfully, "Imperial academician actually came from a powerful family with profound studies."

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment and nodded his head reluctantly.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor then asked indifferently, "In that case, who was the one that had summoned this devil god?"

"I have no idea as well."

Qin Mu said with a straight face, "I've also just reached this place and came across such a huge chaos. I'm also so wronged, nearly died here."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded his head gently and said, "Gu Linuan asked you to lead a team of scholars out here for experience. From what I know, your destination should be Lizhou. This is Heaven Wave City and Martial Order County is on the opposite shore, which is seventy miles away from Lizhou. Why is imperial academician here?"

"About this…"

Qin Mu pulled out Hu Ling'er from his backpack and looked at this little white fox. Hu Ling'er raised her paws and nibbles on her claws. Her eyeballs rolled rapidly and her eyes suddenly lighted up, "We had floated down from Surging River! We encountered danger in Lizhou as the remnants of Great Mountain Sect summoned a devil god, therefore we had escaped out from the river. Young master, is this explanation okay?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said without a change in expression, "You can say whatever you like. In this chaos of Heaven Wave City, there are countless deaths of the rebel army stationed in Heaven Wave City. The person who summoned the devil god had done a great merit. I prepare to recommend him to the emperor and raise his official position. With this level of merit, the person could be raised to upper fourth-ranking at the minimum."

Qin Mu opened his mouth and Hu Ling'er immediately said, "It's our young master who did it. Our young master had summoned this devil god called Dutian or something!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor ignored her and continued, "There's merit but since there were also countless of deaths of the commoners in the city, this sin is also huge. Even though death is unavoidable in the battlefield, there are too much deaths in wiping out a city. If I want to show off this person's accomplishment, there will definitely be contrarians in the imperial court criticizing that this person killed countless people, forcing the emperor to punish him. When the rebellion is quelled, scores will definitely be settled at an opportune moment and this person might be purged. I can't say if his whole family would be executed but being stripped of the official position and exiled is definite."

Hu Ling'er immediately shut her mouth and felt everything she said was wrong.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave a smile and said, "Therefore I prepare to keep this merit under wraps and not say who did it. Without merit, there's also no demerit. How does imperial academician think it that I handle it like this?"

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and said, "Imperial Preceptor has handled it very well."

Behind them, the army of Eternal Peace Empire had slaughtered all the heavenly devil horde and a few generals came walking over.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned around and said indifferently, "Contrarians kill people by their mouths and not their hands. Even if you're able to escape for your life under the mouths of contrarians, it's still going to be a load of annoyance."

Qin Mu said, "Imperial Preceptor has experienced it for yourself?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded his head, "For my reform, I already killed countless contrarians but there would be another wave of them coming out every time you kill a wave of them. They are endless to kill. They have no ability and don't do anything yet they take huff at everything you do or say. The only thing they are good at is scolding you. Do you know what my end will be if my reform fails?"

Qin Mu shook his head.

"I will definitely be condemned by posterity for the next ten thousand years."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said indifferent, "Even if I succeed in my reform, I would also be scolded by the contrarians for the next hundreds and thousands of years. I once had a Dao friend who could console my heart…"

His expression turned dim, "But he has left, I miss him very much."

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