Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 192 - The Lousiest Batch

These people's eyes lighted up instantly and Yun Que chuckled, "Of course we must go deep into the southern borders and see if there are experts in the rebel army! We can't let these rebels look down on our Imperial College. Poor monk will enlighten them with Buddhism, converting them into Buddhists and do good!"

Qin Mu shook his head secretly. These fellows had still underestimated the danger of this journey.

This was a tough road to walk on and was a road that they might not finish walking even if they put their lives on the line.

"Our life and death is now up to fate, let us see if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, the number one man under gods, lives up to his name!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor dressed light and headed to the south. Qin Mu led the rest to follow him while asking Si Yunxiang about their encounters in this battle and couldn't help sighing ruefully again and again.

The fate of Si Yunxiang, Chen Wanyun and the rest were much better than Qin Mu. They were also blown away by Dutian Devil King but they didn't encounter abnormally strong practitioners like Long Jiaonan.

The dragon qilin landed not far away from them and since this dragon qilin was huge, they sprinted straight to where the dragon qilin was and when the heavenly devil horde descended, they surrounded the dragon qilin and started fighting.

Meanwhile, this dragon qilin had also fought against the heavenly devil horde that was surging over and he had an astonishing battle prowess. Si Yunxiang and the rest relied on his power to survive this calamity.

Qin Mu was astonished and looked at this dragon qilin. Hu Ling'er whispered beside his ears, "Young master, big fella has been eating and drinking ours yet he didn't do anything on the journey here. It's even getting better now, protecting others and not protecting us. I think other than squeezing the dragon's saliva out from big fella, we can also squeeze other things out from him."

"I also think so," Qin Mu nodded his head.

He turned his head to look at Heaven Wave City which was getting further and further away, "Now that Eternal Peace's army has entered the city, Long Jiaonan should die in the hands of the army, right? There's also the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect who should be dead as well. A pity the unique spells of Dragon Rider Sect are gone. Great Mountain Sect is probably wiped out entirely as well. It's also a pity I didn't manage to learn the spells such as Devil Withdraw Command…"

When Dutian Devil King was summoned out by him, the Daoists of Great Mountain Sect had rushed over and tried to use Devil Withdraw Command to chase Dutian Devil King back to Dutian. However, Dutian Devil King's ability was too powerful and wiped them out in one blow.

However, Devil Withdraw Command was an extremely intricate spell that was specially used to deal with devils that were summoned out. If it was executed by a stronger person, they could indeed chase Dutian Devil King back.

It's a pity that this spell was lost with the deaths of Great Mountain Sect's followers.

Heaven Wave City was in a mess and the soldiers were still repairing the city walls. They swept the debris of the collapsed buildings and transferred them out of the city.

On the river surface, thousands of ships and boats moved off and carried divisions of the army across the river. The army didn't stop at Heaven Wave City and continued heading to the south.

There were still soldiers in Heaven Wave City capturing the remnants of the rebel army and surrounding the heavenly devil horde from Dutian, discovering some commoners that had survived by luck in the process. There were soldiers taking the painting of bandits and walking through the commoners that had survived, comparing them one by one with the paintings.

"This girl is born pretty."

A soldier came to the side of a girl who was at a lost and exclaimed to himself. This girl was dressed in a dark green gown which hung until her feet and her hair was rolled up in a bun. She had beautiful features and the powder on her face was light. Her red lips were like two purple-red pearls and her long, shapely eyebrows were very fine. With one look, one would know she was a well-bred young lady from one of the big families in Heaven Wave City.

The soldier gave two looks before walking elsewhere. The girl's gaze was like spring water and a glistening red jade earring hung on her left ear. Suddenly, the earring moved and stretched its body.

That earring was a little red snake which hung through her ear piercing. It looked like it was made from red jade but it was actually a living thing.

If Qin Mu was here, he will definitely command the soldiers to take down this woman.

He had seen before the real face of Long Jiaonan. The whole body of Long Jiaonan had been seen by him when she was shedding her skin and there was no makeup on this woman who had just crawled out from her skin. Now that she had regained her female getup, she looked completely different from the pretty young master of Dragon Rider Sect!

The soldiers were currently moving the corpses in the city and throwing them onto the cart before pushing the cart to bury them outside the city. Long Jiaonan followed behind them while crying, "Sirs, is my father's corpse inside?"

"The few soldiers stopped and said, "Little maiden, there are too many corpses in the city, we don't know which one is your father. Do you see him on the cart?"

Long Jiaonan took a look and shook his head, "No."

A soldier said, "He's most likely in the burial mounds outside the city. General Yu ordered us to dig a few huge pits there to bury the corpses. All the corpses were moved there and they haven't been covered up. Does little maiden want to follow us there to have a look?"

Long Jiaonan gave her thanks and followed these soldiers to the burial mounds outside of the city. There was a huge pit dug up here which was dozens of yards deep and thousands of corpses were piled up here.

Long Jiaonan raised her head and saw dozens of such huge pits other than this huge pit in the burial mounds. Beside the pit, there were soldiers that were pushing the carts forward and dumping the corpses into the pit.

Long Jiaonan looked around and suddenly shouted, "Father, father! Daughter is here to find you, if you can hear me, please answer me!"

She shouted a few times and those soldiers didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "This woman has most likely gone crazy."

At this moment, a weak voice came from a huge pit, "I'm here, I'm currently shedding my skin but I was too heavily injured…"

The soldiers beside the huge pit were stupefied and an officer suddenly shouted, "There's something wrong! Everyone, on your guards!"

When Long Jiaonan heard this voice, she gave a hidden smile, "Xiao'hong."

The incomparably tiny red snake hanging on her left ear stretched its body and dropped down from her ear. When it landed on the ground, its size increased all of a sudden and turned into a huge snake in a blink of an eye. Poisonous gas spewed out as it opened its mouth and the soldiers around the burial mounds collapsed here and there.

The huge snake slithered like wind and swallowed the soldiers one by one. Meanwhile Long Jiaonan walked into the pit and threw the corpses aside. She finally dug out the dragon king who was buried among the corpses.

"Daughter thought father had died!" Long Jiaonan chuckled.

"Daughter?" Dragon Rider Sect's dragon king snorted coldly.

Long Jiaonan's expression changed slightly and lowered her head, "Son had thought father had died…"

The dragon king sat up, "I feign death by going into hibernation to bluff that devil god thus I was thrown into this burial mound as a corpse. Not sure how red dragon is doing."

He pinched his lips and gave off a low whistle. Not long later, a little monster, that seemed like a snake that was yet not a snake, a dragon that was yet not a dragon, crawled out from the forest.

The dragon king let out a sigh of relief and checked on the injuries of the red dragon, "Red dragon and I have to shed our skins and rest for a period of time. Good son, I'll leave this period of time to you. Let us go!"

Long Jiaonan summoned the huge snake over and the demon gas surged out from the huge snake as it rose into the sky, carrying two humans and one dragon as it whooshed away. Only now did the soldiers in Heaven Wave City reacted over but it was too late for them to give chase.

"Who was the one who has created such a trouble which caused such a huge defeat?"

The dragon king asked, "How many of us from Dragon Rider Sect have survived?"

"Only we're left."

Long Jiaonan snorted coldly, "I've heard the scholars of Imperial College refer to him as Academician Qin. He was the one that had summon the devil god and wiped out our Dragon Rider Sect. It's a shame that your son is incapable and let him escape."

"We father and son are still alive so Dragon Rider Sect isn't considered completely wiped out."

The dragon king said coldly, "As long as we know who he is, things would be easy. Such an enmity, we have to take revenge. We must tear him into a thousand pieces!

Qin Mu and the rest followed Imperial Preceptor to the south and not long after, the army has rushed forth from behind and passed by them as they headed forward.

They continued walking at a steady pace. Qin Mu grabbed the chance to ask Imperial Preceptor for advice, "Imperial Preceptor is a wise man and student has one thing that I can't solve, may I ask Imperial Preceptor for advice."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked in astonishment, "Who did you learn your flattery from? You're pretty adept at it."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "Is this considered flattery?"

Yue Qinghong, Yun Que, Chen Wanyun and the rest nodded their heads repeatedly. Even Si Yunxiang was nodding endlessly.

Qin Mu muttered, "My elder taught me this. My elder is a cripple who is always smiling. His words are pleasant but his actions are ruthless… Let's not talk about this. Imperial Preceptor, I would like to ask you, in Spirit Embryo Realm, the spirit embryo is very useful for the overall controlling of one's vital qi, but Five Elements Realm seems a little…"

He gave some thoughts before continuing, "A little weak. There seems to be great power in Five Elements Realm yet it's hard to unleash it. For example, there are five gods in Five Elements Realm and each god has its own strong points, however, how can we let the Five Element Divine Treasure unleash its power?"

This question caught the attention of Chen Wanyun and the rest. They had also thought about Qin Mu's question before but they had not come to a conclusion.

Five Element Realm was indeed a little weak compared to Spirit Embryo Realm. Their cultivation had grown, but that was it, it had no qualitative leap.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished, "You guys haven't discovered the secret of Five Elements? Or should I say, Imperial College hasn't taught you guys?"

Qin Mu shook his head. Chen Wanyun and the rest also shook their heads.

"The directorates of this generation isn't capable."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed ruefully, "They don't even teach this now, the current directorates must be the lousiest directorates. Five Elements Divine Treasure is the Five Phases Divine Treasure. With five phases concealed inside, they correspond to the Five Elements Star Sovereigns in the sky. These five gods are gods of the sovereign king level and not any minor gods. When you guys execute your techniques, do you feel an abnormality: an unknown energy going into your body from the sky, resonating with the Five Elements Star Sovereigns?"

Everyone nodded repeatedly.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "This is the power of the Five Elements. Gold element corresponds to gold, fire element corresponds to fire, water element corresponds to water, wood element corresponds to wood, earth corresponds to earth. Activating these five kinds of energy could allow you to control the power of the five elements. Have the Five Elements Star Sovereigns returned to their own star palace?"

Everyone nodded their heads again.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed, "What Imperial College teaches is too shallow, too superficial. What do the directorates teach now? They don't even teach anything profound. Five Elements Star Sovereign entering the star palace means you have mastered the power of the five elements, which is also the power of the five phases. As long as the power of the five elements integrates into your vital qi, there would be five more kinds of attributes in your vital qi."

He raised his palm and a golden shield appeared in front of him, "Gold."


After the golden shield disappeared, the vegetation around grew frantically. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Water."

Huge waves then surged forward and lifted all of them up, allowing them to float in mid-air as they stepped on the waves.


Fire clouds rose into the sky and carried Qin Mu and the rest up, allowing them to move forward on the fire clouds.


The ground churned as countless mud and rocks floated into the sky to form a huge ball of earth.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor dispelled these five kinds of energy and everyone landed back on the ground gently. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "The power the five elements allows you to control is different from the power the spirit embryo allows you to control. It's different from the four kinds of vital qi which are Green Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and White Tiger. These four kinds of vital qi can't be simply classified as wood, fire, water, gold and instead, every kind of vital qi has five phases concealed inside… Why are you guys looking like you're listening to the heavenly book? You don't understand?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was bewildered and shook his head, "The scholars of your batch is too dumb, the lousiest batch I have ever taught."

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