Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 194 - When Words Get Sour

"This is not a demon but a kind of god transformation, to transform into the shape of gods." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was used to this sight and explained to Hu Ling'er.

He naturally could see that this wasn't Qin Mu revealing his true form and was a peculiar technique instead. It seemed to be the effect by merging a few techniques of Heavenly Devil Sect together.

"It seems to be Spirit Creation Technique merging with the Mars Technique of Five Elements Realm…"

He had little knowledge about Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures so he wasn't too sure.

Qin Mu's body shape-shifting was considered god transformation and some techniques could achieve that as well. It wasn't rare and it was one type of body divine arts.

The techniques of some sects specially relied on god transformation and devil transformation to upgrade their bodies.

However, Qin Mu's god transformation made Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor puzzled. It didn't seem like it was just a body divine art.

Body divine art was naturally used to upgrade one's body and relied on one's strong body to increase their battle ability.

Whereas Qin Mu's god transformation seemed to be god transformation.

In Imperial Preceptor's eyes, Qin Mu relied on his technique to turn himself into the appearance of Mars Sovereign. When his corporeal body changed, his vital qi also changed at the same time. Even the aura he was giving off has also changed!

Which also means he obtained the body and the divine arts under the state of god transformation.

Now this was very strange.

The transformation on Qin Mu's body had yet stop and fire clouds churned under his feet, gradually turning into two fire dragons. The fire dragons became longer and larger, lifting his body from the ground.

Qin Mu stepped on the fire dragons and his feet ripped apart his shoes as they turned into two flaming hooves.

The him now was like Mars Sovereign who was stepping on two fire dragons!

Qin Mu raised his hand and the surroundings instantly became incomparably dry as fireballs that were the size of goose's egg flew around in the sky.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave off an interested expression as he looked at these fireballs that were neither too big nor too small. Suddenly, sword lights which were formed by fine flames burst forth from each and every one of the fireballs. Each sword light was executing Sunset Sword Skill and there was also the power of fire attributes spells in the sword skill at the same time, therefore the power of each sword wasn't weak at all!

"Sunset Sword Skill of Yuyuan Empire, very orthodox, which also has the marvel of sword pellets. Combining the power of the spells, your strength could basically be compared to a divine arts practitioners."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed, "If you clash face to face with a divine arts practitioner of Six Directions Realm, you won't die. If you can unleash the body divine art of god transformation, you can rival divine arts practitioners of Six Direction Realm."

Qin Mu's sword skill retracted and returned to the fireballs. The fireballs collided with one another, forming a red sun that was as huge as a basin. He then opened his mouth to swallow that red sun into his mouth, spewing two trails of flames from his bull's nose.

He stopped executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and the two bull's horns on his head gradually shrank. His body also slowly returned to normal and the two fire dragons under his feet slowly dispersed.

Qin Mu touched his buttocks and gave off a puzzled expression. There was a searing pain on his buttocks as if someone had whipped his a few times.

"Could it be that I'm used to herding cows ever since I was young therefore I like to whip the buttocks of a cow?" the cowherd boy from Disabled Elderly Village thought suspiciously to himself.

There was a mighty mountain in front where the waterfall fell from the sky which seemed like an upside down milky way. The white color of the waterfall, the black color of the cliff, the greenery of the mountain peak, and the sun hanging over their heads formed an ink painting of the mountain and river.

The sound of the water was deafening and there was dense water vapor traveling over. Fine mist was everywhere in the air, which landed on everyone's body, making their clothes slightly damp after a while.

This place made people feel delighted and relaxed.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor brought them to the southern borders and didn't take any official path. They determined the direction and continued walking which had now brought them to the mountains.

The waterfall formed a deep pool which was clear and there was a buck with branching horn beside the pool, swaying its short tail and eating the turf grass. There were white spots with the shape of plum blossom on its body.

When it saw them walking over, the buck immediately raised its head and sized them up while taking two steps forward.

Everyone exclaimed handsome secretly. This buck was about the same size as the dragon qilin, looking very majestic.

That buck puffed from its nostrils and came to the side of the pool. There was an elder in woven rush raincoat beside the pool and he stabbed his fishing pole on the shore to fish.

There was a child beside this elder, who was older than a kid but younger than a teenager. He picked up stones in boredom and threw at where the elder's hook was. This child didn't just throw one or two pieces, instead, he kept throwing.

This waterfall was so huge and the current was so urgent, even if there was fish, they wouldn't eat the bait. Plus the fact that this child was throwing rocks continuous into consideration, this elder didn't need to think of catching anything today.

Yue Qinghong shook his head, "This child is his own, otherwise he would have smacked him to death. Who can endure this?"

Qin Mu revealed a puzzled expression and looked around. This wasn't a fishing spot and yet there was an elder fishing here. There was a child throwing rocks at the hook. No matter how he looked, this elder didn't seem to be here for fishing.

In such wilderness where footprints were rare, they could only be blocking the way if they weren't fishing!

In addition to this plum blossom buck that was no inferior to the dragon qilin, the identity of this elder was probably an existence on the same level as the young patriarch!

Chen Wanyun and Si Yunxiang also noticed something wrong and looked towards Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. Monk Yun Que didn't think so much and went up to inquire with a smile, "Elder, how could there be fish here? This must be your grandson, right? With your grandson throwing the rocks continuously, even if there's fish, they would have been spooked."

The elder raised his head and revealed a face full of wrinkles while smiling, "How come there no fish? Didn't the fish just arrive?"

Yun Que looked towards his hook and didn't see any fish. He only saw that brat still throwing rocks.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came forward and said cynically, "Even though this pool isn't big, the fish isn't small and would be hard to catch. I wonder if elder has the ability to?"

Wrinkles creased up on the elder's face as he smiled, "This world was originally a pool of clear water. A big fish came to stir up this water. This huge fish should have jumped through the dragon's gate to become a true dragon yet it not only stirred up the water but also wanted to eat the small fishes, clearing them all. Imperial Preceptor, you decide, should I fish up this big fish or not?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze flickered and said at a speed that neither fast nor slow, "Isn't it a little inappropriate for elder to compare sects to small fishes, am I right? Sects should be leeches, leeches that cling onto the bodies of fishes. Even though the water looks clear, the fishes in the water are all bitten by the leeches and in that case, we shouldn't fish and instead, we should drug and get rid of the leeches!"

The elder did not speak another word.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't speak as well.

When words get sour, saying anymore was useless. They had already said a few sentences and felt that they couldn't convince each other so it was useless if they continued talking.

Since their ideals were different and they can't convince each other, it would be better to eradicate the other side and be much more straightforward and refreshing to just destroy the other side's ideal.

That elder got up and pulled out his fishing rod and line. Placing the fishing rod vertically upwards beside a huge tree, he took down his straw hat and woven rush raincoat. He waved his hand to signal the brat beside him to move back, "Go to the mountainside."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said to Qin Mu and the rest, "Go past the mountain and wait for me there. Elder, have you passed down your abilities?"

That elder nodded, "I've passed them down. What about Imperial Preceptor?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said indifferently, "I have no need. I was too hot-headed in my early days and killed too many people, eradicating too many sects. This resulted in many unique skills of numerous sects being lost. This was something I often regret after setting up Floor of Heavenly Records, therefore from then on, I would always have the habit to ask this before I kill people."

Even though Qin Mu wanted to stay and witness this battle that was rarely seen, the blast from the collision of existences at the level of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would probably be even more violent than Dutian Devil King. If he observed the battle from such a close distance, he was sure to die.

"Let us cross the mountain!" Qin Mu said sternly.

He brought everyone up to this high mountain and looked down. The two people below the waterfall had been covered up by the mist and couldn't be seen clearly.

The brat throwing the rock was riding the huge buck and was not far away from them. He blinked his eyes innocently, "You guys are from Imperial College?"

Chen Wanyun nodded his head and asked, "How do I address brother?"

"Muran, Wang Muran!"

His age was similar to Qin Mu but he presented a different steadiness when compared to Qin Mu. This Wang Muran was extremely active and couldn't sit still. He would feel bored the moment he became silent. He couldn't stay still even when riding the huge buck, slapping the buck's butt to run over.

Qin Mu asked, "Which sect is Brother Wang from?"

"Little Jade Capital."

"Little Jade Capital?"

Chen Wanyun, Yun Que and the rest were slightly at a loss. They had not heard about this sect before. There were three big sacred grounds in Eternal Peace Empire and some large scale sects that were not inferior to the three big sacred grounds, however, Little Jade Capital wasn't among them.

Qin Mu was stunned. The two words, Jade Capital, weren't words anyone could use. Jade Capital referred to the capital city where the Celestial Emperor lived and this Celestial Emperor wasn't god and was an immortal, the celestial emperor of immortals.

Which sect was so daring to take the name, Little Jade Capital?

"There are very little people living in the sacred ground of our Little Jade Capital. They were all mainly old men and old women. There aren't many that are of the same age as me."

Wang Muran said, "This time there was someone who came to visit and found my master. He asked my master to pay a visit to Imperial Preceptor, saying that Imperial Preceptor was walking the path of the devil and wanted to eradicate all the sects in the world. My master was originally unwilling to do it but it was hard for him to turn down a friend's request, therefore he had brought me out to take a look around. The sects in this world have already been nearly eradicated by Imperial Preceptor, and his actions are indeed no different from the devil."

Hu Ling'er was bewildered, "Aren't we the righteous side? I feel Imperial Preceptor's actions are very righteous!"

Wang Muran shook his head, "You are all hawks and hounds of the imperial court, the claws, and teeth of Imperial Preceptor, having a very bad reputation."

Qin Mu was puzzled. He felt Imperial Preceptor's action was still okay and righteous. Furthermore, Imperial Preceptor also had an air of righteousness and everything he did seemed normal and righteous to Qin Mu.

How did it turn into the path of the devil in other people's eyes?

Furthermore, how did they, the imperial scholars, become the hawks and hounds of the imperial court, the claws, and teeth of Imperial Preceptor, having a bad reputation?

"Righteous and evil, it's maybe just a matter of how you see it." Qin Mu thought to himself.

Hu Ling'er asked, "Muran, if your master dies, what would you do?"

Wang Muran was brimming with confidence while shaking his head, "No one can kill my master, his abilities…"

At this moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked over and said to Wang Muran, "Go and retrieve your master's body. Before he died, he had told me he had passed down all his abilities to you. This is very good, cultivate well."

Wang Muran was stunned and he suddenly jumped off the buck's back to sprint towards the waterfall. A moment later, his wails traveled over.

"Litte Jade Capital is pretty remarkable. I've heard of this sect that has some connections with the heavens above."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Li City is right ahead, I'm injured so you will have to grab some herbs to treat me."

Qin Mu nodded his head, "Imperial Preceptor's injury is difficult to treat, the medicine I prescribe would definitely be very complicated."

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