Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 196 - Loneliness From Being Invincible

The temple was in silence.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came aggressively. He brought four out of eight Pillar of States and there are still Grand General who crowns the Army, Grand General of Cherishing Transformation, Duke Wei and even a few first-ranking high officials among them. If we face them directly, we definitely can't win."

High Official Ma Lianshan said, "Pardon my straightforwardness, sects will definitely win the battle of the martial world but Eternal Peace Empire is a level higher in fighting wars on the battlefield. In that case, why should we take our shortcoming to fight their strength? Why not take our strength to fight their shortcoming?"

Everyone nodded his head.

Passion Parting Palace Master suddenly said, "This reminds me of the battle two hundred years ago. Back then there were a lot of strong practitioners of the battle techniques school with a variety of cultivations. It was able to compete with the sword control school and the spell school. At that time, the battle technique school fought the sword control school and the spell school to the death every day and how brash were they then! But now, look at our battle technique school again, where are the experts? Where have they gone?"

Everyone fell silent.

The experts of the battle techniques school had mostly died in a debate, a debate with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

From then on, the battle technique school was ruined with a stumble. In the recent years, the battle technique school had already started to merge with other schools and there were rarely people who purely cultivated battle techniques.

In that debate, the battle technique school was crippled with just Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor alone.

Passion Parting Palace Master said indifferently, "What's the difference between the situation now and then? At that time the battle techniques school thought they were the number one in the world and would completely crush sword control school in this debate, therefore many strong practitioners of the battle techniques school went forth to the capital city to challenge Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. What happened next?"

She looked around, "If we go according to the rules of the martial world with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, won't we end up like them?"

The bronze mask man was silent for a moment before asking, "What brilliant idea does Palace Master Qiu have?"

Passion Parting Palace Master raised her hand and replied, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor thinks we are going to fight him according to the rules of the martial world, but we actually won't follow the rules of the martial world. We will first give him a location and when he reaches, we will all go forth and end this by killing him!"

Her palm sliced down as she said coldly, "Eternal Peace Empire was merely a small country and for them to be able to have what they have today, most of the effort lies on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He is already a legend that is revered by the civil and military officials in the imperial court. If he wants to rebel, he just needs to raise an arm and the emperor would have to give up his throne! If the emperor doesn't give up his throne, he will be slain and his entire family would be exterminated! If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor dies, Eternal Peace Empire won't be hard to deal with when they have no leader, therefore we must resort to unscrupulous means. We can't go by the rules of the martial world."

"This… Palace Master Qiu is right."

All the sect masters in Luoguang Temple agreed. Only a few of them felt uncomfortable going against the rules of the martial world but they didn't oppose it.

Attacking Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor all together and the three elders ambushing Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor the previous time was two different matters. When the three elders ambushed Eternal peace Imperial Preceptor back then, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was situated in an army of ten thousand men, having countless strong practitioners beside him, thus the three elders didn't break any rule of the martial world.

Whereas this time, they were actually tearing apart the rules of the martial world and trampling on it.

"With this action, the rules will be broken, leaving behind a disaster that would go down in history."

Spiritual Master Dao Quan shook his head secretly, "They had brought the unruly fighting method of the imperial court to the martial world. I'm afraid we can't go back to the martial world in the past."

Sunlight City, Qin Mu followed a set pattern and 'treated' Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor again. When they reached Mountain City, he 'treated' him once more. All the troops advanced together and had already reached the front of Daxiang, invading city and taking over the territory, sweeping everything in front of them.

There were many bodies of water in the south but there was no moat like Surging River, therefore, it was hard for them to defend against Eternal Peace Empire's army.

Qin Mu helped Eternal Peace Empire greatly by summoning Dutian Devil King to destroy Heaven Wave City, a strategic location built on such moat. However, he couldn't take credit for it.

On the fifth day, Qin Mu and the rest came to Exceed City and Exceed City had also been taken over.

Just as they entered the city, they saw a beggar wearing ragged clothes that were covered in patches holding a broken bowl and supporting himself with a cane. When he came to them, Monk Yun Que felt in his pocket to see if he had any spare change. Hu Ling'er took out a great abundance coin and handed it over to Yun Que. Yun Que expressed his thanks and placed it in the bowl of the old beggar.

That old beggar shook his bowl and the coin inside rattled as he grinned, "You are all kind people, you will have many children and great prosperity. Imperial Preceptor, may I bother you to head over to Daxiang. In Daxiang City, the second choice, the heroes of this world will meet Imperial Preceptor there, we'll wait for your arrival!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave him a glance and said indifferently, "Why can't you guys wait a few more days? If you wait a few more days, my army will be able to descend on Dali and meet the so-called heroes of this world in Dali, throwing their bodies into the southern sea to feed the fishes, saving us the trouble to bury them, isn't it better?"

That old beggar laughed out loud and there were actually seven continuous sounds of gates opening from his body. His aura rose dramatically and his cultivation was incomparably dense. His spirit was like a god that looked disdainfully at all living things. It was a spirit that didn't seem like he was only surviving because of people giving alms and was like a god that was worshiped by all living things!

"Imperial Preceptor is heroic as usual, Daxiang City, I'll wait for your arrival!"

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard a voice, "Hold it."

The old beggar squatted down and turned his head back to look at Qin Mu with a puzzled face.

Without a change in expression, Qin Mu said softly, "Ling'er, take back the money. He is much richer than us."

Hu Ling'er immediately went forward and took out that great abundance coin from the broken bowl. The old beggar immediately flew into fury, "You have the face to take back the alms you have given to a beggar? You're impotent! Impotent!"

"Smelly beggar, scolding us?"

Hu Ling'er turned her head back and asked, "Young master, what's impotent?"

Qin Mu said, "Impotent means you can't bear any child."

"He's really scolding us!"

Hu Ling'er flew into a fury and spat at the old beggar's face. That old beggar didn't avoid it and just chuckled, "Little fox, you're dead meat for provoking me!" After he had finished, he broke through the air in an instant."

Hu Ling'er spat, "How dare you scold and curse me after scamming my money, you're impotent!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "You need to be more careful, that's Sect Master Qi Dayou of Beggar Sect. Beggar Sect is usually petty and proficient in evil arts. If no alms were given, they would create a ruckus in front of shops or use evil arts to harm people. After spoiling people's business, they will even scold you behind your back and even steal other people's daughters and sons to sell. There is a Beggar Hall in Heavenly Devil Cult which fought them quite a few times. Beggar Hall only asked for food and did lesser evils, however, they were framed quite a lot by Beggar Sect."

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and smiled, "Imperial Preceptor, we're not much further from Daxiang and it's enough for us to send you here. We should be returning to Imperial College."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor replied expressionlessly, "No, you must follow me to Daxiang."

Qin Mu got a headache. When everyone had settled down, he went out by himself and came to a gambling den in Exceed City. He found the den owner and ordered, "Pass down my command, let the three hundred and sixty halls of our sacred cult come forth using their teleportation flags…"

"Hold it!"

Si Yunxiang's voice came from behind Qin Mu. Qin Mu turned back to look and saw Si Yunxiang walking over. Her shyness in the past had disappeared with a trace as she said coldly, "Sacred cult master, if you do so, you will drag our sacred cult into danger as well. If our sacred cult has any mishap, who will be responsible?"

Qin Mu turned his body around and said indifferently, "Saintess, I'm the cult master."

Si Yunxiang smiled sweetly, "Saintess Si Yunxiang pays my respect to cult master."

Her face turned cold, "If cult master lets our sacred cult help Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, no matter if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wins or loses, our sacred cult would lose all our reputation in the martial world. We will get ridiculed and viewed as an enemy by other sects. We will have no footing in this world!"

Qin Mu shook his head, "The sacred cult is already Heavenly Devil Cult so what reputation do we have? People will not give you a footing, we have to fight for it ourselves. This is a rare opportunity and if the sacred cult doesn't partake, we will really have no footing."

Si Yunxiang protested, "What if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor lay his hand on our Heavenly Saint Cult after he had dealt with all the sects in this world? Can you take responsibility for that?"

Qin Mu took a glance at her, "I'll take responsibility."

Si Yunxiang's expression changed again and she suddenly smiled lightly, "You're the cult master, so it's natural you make the decision, Si Yunxiang won't say anymore. However, if sacred cult master makes a wrong move and lets our sacred cult fall into danger, maybe cult master may be the second sacred cult master that got killed by the saintess."

Qin Mu frowned. The sacred cult master of Heavenly Devil was really a dangerous position which could be killed any moment because of a misconduct.

Si Yunxiang said shyly, "The previous cult master died from being lecherous and the current cult master got beaten to death alive by the saintess, the reputation of both of them doesn't seem nice."

Qin Mu shook his head and waved his hand, "Saintess, you may fall back. Pass down my command, all three hundred and sixty hall masters to come forth at once using teleportation flags! Also invite the two guardians as well!"

The gambling den owner bowed, "As cult master command!"

Qin Mu walked out of the gambling den and Si Yunxiang was standing outside it. When she saw him walking out, she snickered, "Beaten to death alive…"

Qin Mu stared at her and walked forward, "Are you following or not?"

Si Yunxiang caught up with him and rolled her eyes, "Does cult master want to place Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures in the cult first, in case it goes missing after cult master dies?"

Qin Mu stopped in his footsteps and turned around, speaking in a serious tone, "Sister, you aren't my opponent. If my judgment is wrong, your coming to kill me will only result in being killed by me. You…"

He used vital qi to draw a triangle in the sky, and then to draw a straight line in the middle, "This is you."

He then drew another straight line, "This is me! No matter how wide your angle is, your line won't be as long as mine!"

The sword case behind Si Yunxiang stirred and tinkling noises came from inside as she smiled sweetly, "How will we know if we never try?"

Qin Mu placed both his hands behind his back as he walked forward, "There's no need to try. On the same realm, no one is my opponent, not you, not even Imperial Preceptor."

He stopped in his footsteps and looked towards the sky with a hint of loneliness, "I'm the Overlord Body."

Qin Mu lowered his head and sighed, "The only Overlord Body in the world…"

Si Yunxiang was stunned and wanted to make a move yet she was shaken by his imposing manner.

It was an aura of loneliness from being invincible.

"Overlord Body? What kind of constitution is that? Is it stronger than the Four Great Spirit Bodies?"

She thought to herself, "Could Patriarch choose him as the cult master and not me because he is the Overlord Body?"

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