Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 197 - Strong Practitioners Like Clouds

Si Yunxiang composed herself and raised her eyes to look at Qin Mu who had walked far away, "I will not be weaker than the so-called Overlord Body. The women of our Si Family are natural born cult master killers! If the saintless of the previous generation could kill the previous cult master, I can do it too!"

They arrived at Flood County the next day and Flood County had already been taken over for two days. When a soldier saw Imperial Preceptor, he immediately reported, "Imperial Preceptor, there are many people carrying flags that had arrived in the city."

"People carrying flags?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and mumbled for a moment while looking at Qin Mu. He then said, "Ignore them. How many of them are there exactly?"

"About a dozen. They all wear bamboo hats to cover their faces and they have different weapons on them that are wrapped tightly with a cloth. They don't look like good guys."

"You may fall back."

On the third day, they came to Clear River County and there were also many people carrying flags that came to Clear River County. There were about fifty to sixty people, much more than yesterday.

On the fourth day in Hidden Fog City, a few hundred people carrying flags appeared in the city. Qin Mu didn't explain where these people came from and why they came here, and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't ask about it.

On the fifth day, they walked out of the official's manor and prepared to head to Daxiang. Just as they walked out of the yamen and came onto the street, they saw a weird person, who was wearing a bamboo hat and carrying weapons wrapped with cloth, stand up from the gate of the yamen, following behind them.

Another two steps forwards, another person walked out from the alley beside them. The person was also wearing a bamboo hat which was pushed down. On his hand was a weapon wrapped with a cloth. Another burly man wearing a bamboo hat beside the street also stood up and carried a cloth sack to follow them.

Before they even walked out of Hidden Fog City, there were a few hundred weird people who were dressed similarly following them. There were males, females, young and old.

Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong and the rest turned back to have a look and felt uneasy. All these people had their bamboo hats pushed down and followed at a suitable distance behind. They didn't want to reveal their faces and they didn't know what they planned to do.

"Could it be those people carrying the flags? Where are their flags?" Yun Que muttered.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor still remained indifferent, and he paid no attention to the few hundred people behind him.

When they reached Hidden Fog City, there was an arbor not far from the city gate. There were two elders selling tea under the arbor, one male, and one female. When they walked over, those two elders raised their heads and greeted, "Dear guests, how about a cup of tea?"

Monk Yun Que muttered, "Why should we drink the tea when we just took to the road?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "I'm thirsty." Once he had said that, he sat down in the arbor and asked for a cup of tea.

Qin Mu also sat down. Those two elders also sat down respectively. Four people sat at four sides of the table, each having a cup of tea in front of him.

Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong and the rest also wanted to go forward but they noticed that they remained at the same spot no matter how much they moved forward. That arbor was very close to them yet after dozens of steps, they still remained where they were.

Everyone was astonished and sprinted towards the arbor in a hurry. Their speed was extremely fast yet they were always yards away from the arbor. This arbor that looked close to them seemed to be a thousand miles away!

After a moment, Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor finished their tea and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stood up to bow. That old man and old woman also stood up to bow.

The two of them walked out of the arbor and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Let us go, to Daxiang."

Everyone had a bewildered expression but they still followed them. Yue Qinghong turned back to have a look and saw the few hundred weird people wearing bamboo hats didn't follow them. They had instead sat outside the arbor, each having a cup of tea in the hand and drinking it silently. It was a weird sight.

"What a bunch of weird people," Hu Ling'er said.

Si Yunxiang came to Qin Mu's side and asked in a low voice, "Is it done?"

Qin Mu nodded his head, "You will know then."

When they came to the outskirts of Daxiang City, there were barracks filled in the open space. Military camps were set up everywhere and Duke Wei, Grand General who crowns the Army, Grand General of Cherishing Transformation were both here. They didn't invade Daxiang immediately.

Daxiang was a strategic town of the southern borders where the rebel army from all over the world would gather, amassing thousands of soldiers and cavalries. There were also disciples from all sorts of sects rushing to this place in an endless stream, waiting for their moment to strike.

If a war broke out, this would definitely go down as an epic and grand war in history.

On the journey, Qin Mu saw golden armored strongmen pushing huge cloud carts and practicing attacking the city. These golden armored strongmen were experts that cultivated battle techniques and specially strengthened their corporeal bodies. Their bodies could swell up dozens to hundreds of times, turning them into giants. They were clad with armor formed from mysterious copper and mysterious gold, just the thickness of the armor alone was half a feet.

When these giants were practicing to attack the city, there were chains wrapped around their bodies and they had to carry shields as they push the cloud carts. Cloud carts were very complicated and other than the huge iron hammers smashing the city gate, there were also flying cart ladders which could stretch over dozens of yards upwards. The ladders would lean against the city wall, allowing soldiers to climb up the city walls.

Other than this, there were also soldiers executing formation diagrams, laying them out to allow the soldiers to stand on them, practicing their formation.

There were also cavalries riding huge birds that dived down under the command of the generals. Ten over thousands of sword lights shot down and with one swoop, over a hectare of land were filled with flying swords!

After the cavalries had flown past, the flying swords whooshed up from the ground and flew one after another into the sword cases on their back. The flying cavalries came and went like wind and like lightning, making people unable to guard.

There was not only a troop of cavalry, there were dozens of flying cavalries. The huge flying cavalries utilized the beehive tactics and pack of wolf tactics therefore if the land troops were to meet the flying cavalries, it was simply a devastating blow.

If they encountered strong enemies, the flying cavalries could execute the kite tactics to hang the enemies to death.

Other than the flying cavalries, there were also flying ships. This time, Duke Wei and Grand General who crowns the Army had mobilized several hundred ships and each ship could carry a thousand people, which means a huge army of a few hundred thousand was mobilized.

"Imperial Preceptor's reform has indeed turned Eternal Peace Empire's army into an invincible army. If our Heavenly Devil Cult was to receive such an attack, we will definitely be wiped out." Qin Mu thought to himself.

When they came to the camp, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had a few words with Duke Wei, Grand General who crowns the Army, and Grand General of Cherishing Transformation before leading Qin Mu and the rest towards Daxiang City.

There were flags of all kinds of sects hanging on Daxiang City. There were even some flags of countries that were eradicated. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took a look and shook his head, "If this old generation isn't completely destroyed, how will we become great? They could keep coming back from the ashes and make a comeback. Blood must flow in a revolution and millions of heads will roll."

Qin Mu asked, "Imperial Preceptor, is it ready?"

"It's ready."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his head and the city gate opened wide. Two rows of people walked over and lined up to the left and right of the city gate. The vital qi behind them turned into apparitions of god and devils.

"Strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm."

Qin Mu composed himself. The strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm could already show apparitions of gods and devils. These two groups of strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm had already hit sixty to seventy people!

"The scene still isn't big enough."

Yue Qinghong sighed and smiled, "To test the scholars in this world, just the examination in Hall of Azure Yang of our Imperial College alone would mobilize ninety-nine strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm to test the scholars. For the rebels to only have such little strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm, it's not even enough for our Imperial College to kill."

The dozens of strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm looked down towards their hearts and ignored her words.

When they walked into the city gate, they saw two rows of strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm lined up on both sides of the long street. There was a person every ten steps all the way to the center of the city. The end almost couldn't be seen and there was probably over a thousand of them!

Yue Qinghong's heart trembled violently and didn't dare to say a word. Qin Mu was still quite composed. Heavenly Devil Cult also had a few hundred of strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm, therefore, there was nothing for him to be surprised of.

"Not only the sects are involved in this revolt, even some countries that were already eradicated are involved."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor continued indifferently, "Back then, to win the heart of people, I didn't kill every single one of the strong practitioners from these countries, which allowed them to rebel again. Other than the sects and countries, there are also some reputable families and the riots from these reputable families can't be underestimated."

Qin Mu made some calculations. Above Celestial Being Realm was Life and Death Realm, and above Life and Death Realm was Divine Bridge Realm. Since there were so many strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm, this meant the numbers of strong practitioners of Life and Death Realm weren't low and there will at least be a hundred of them. Meanwhile, there would probably be over a dozen strong practitioners of Divine Bridge Realm.

Over a dozen people of the cult master level plus the strong practitioners from the hidden sacred grounds like Little Jade Capital, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was now literally sending his head to them to chop off.

As for Qin Mu and the rest, they could just chop their heads off first and hang them around their waists.

The strong practitioners on both sides of the path were solemn and made no sound. Only the footsteps of Qin Mu and the rest could be heard. Other than the divine arts practitioners of the rebels that were in the city, there was already no one else here.

Not only that, there were actually no buildings in Daxiang City. All the buildings were razed to the ground and even the foundations of the buildings were removed. The city was bare and only tens of thousands of soldiers were inside. They were in their formations and they were all silent as well, not saying a word as they looked at them.

Walking under the gaze of tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners was extremely nerve-wracking. Even Chen Wanyun who was used to war was trembling, unable to control himself.

Qin Mu had seen god before and even peed on the sculpture of god so he was still undisturbed. He felt the pressure but he didn't lose his composure.

The center of the city had also been renovated. The city lord manor had vanished without a trace and replacing it was a high platform that had a few thousand steps. The platform was dozens of yards away from the ground and was even taller than the city tower, looking like a small mountain.

Qin Mu walked forward and his heart trembled slightly. The platform didn't look like a small mountain, it was a mountain.

Some moved the entire mountain and placed it on the original spot of the city lord manor before sculpting it into the shape it was now!

When they came to the bottom of the steps, they slowly walked up at a steady pace.

Finally, when they came to the top of the mountain, they discovered the mountain peak had already been flattened. Majestic apparitions of gods and devils stood towering yet all the masters of the sects were nowhere to be seen.

Qin Mu looked closely and saw these sect masters were either standing on the palm of the gods and devils apparition or they were sitting in the heart of the gods and devils' brows. None of them were touching the floor.

They were all high up in the sky, giving Qin Mu and the rest an immense pressure.

These existences of the cult master level were simply too strong.

There was a beautiful woman standing on the fingertips of a god's apparition, looking down at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor from above. She said with a soft voice, "The number one man under gods, the imperial preceptor of the current dynasty, you actually didn't bring any helpers?"

This apparition of god had the appearance of a Daoist. The apparition had a height of three hundred yards and the eyes were snow white as if they were made up of white colored light. A huge snake coiled around his body and a black turtle was under his feet. A breeze blew over and the pennant behind his back fluttered in the light breeze.

Si Yunxiang saw this sight and her heart leaped slightly, "The god that her vital qi had transformed into has been refined into a solid form, a realm which is near to god!"

Qin Mu wasn't too clear in this area and his heart wavered. He then asked, "Sister, if someone doesn't have his four limbs but when using the third eye to look at him, he is perfectly able and looks like an imposing and matchless god, giving off divine light that blinds people. How is this realm compared to this woman's realm?"

Si Yunxiang also didn't have much understanding of this and didn't reply. Suddenly, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned his head around and an uncontrollable aura burst forth, his desire for battle overflowed from his body, "You have seen such a person?"

Qin Mu was shocked by the sudden outburst of his battle desire and said, "It's my elder."

The corners of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes twitched, "Your elder again? You seem to have a lot of elders."

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