Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 198 - Power Of Heavenly Devil Cult

Qin Mu blushed. "It's a little much, there's just nine of them."

"Nine of such elders?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished. Were those nine people like Mute? If so, the origin of this Heavenly Devil Cult Master was a little terrifying!

"There are still nine people who are like me, my path won't be lonely."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave a gratified smile. "I thought there was no one else other than me who had walked up to this step. Now, my heart suddenly feels calm…"

Qin Mu looked at him curiously and suddenly wondered if he would be beaten to death if he used Green Heaven's Eyes to look at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor now?

He really wanted to see if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was the same existence as Village Chief.

However, he couldn't see through Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He couldn't see through this person's cultivation nor could he see through his nature. There were many contradicting points to this person.

If he used Green Heaven's Eyes to look at him, he might flare up.

"Imperial Preceptor, Palace Master is talking to you, why aren't you replying?"

Qin Mu looked towards the source of the voice and saw this person that had spoken walking down the platform. He wore a bronze mask which was very unique. It had exaggerated facial features which included long and wide ears, nose like an eagle's beak, a huge mouth, two pillar-like eyes, wide eyebrows, a hole on the forehead which seemed to be prepared for another eye.

Once Qin Mu saw the forehead under that mask, and there was indeed an eye there.

There was an eye between this person's brows!

"What is this technique?" He was slightly stunned.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked over to that bronze-masked man, and his gaze went past him, landing on Passion Parting Palace Master Qiu Dieyi. "Palace Master Qiu of Passion Parting Palace, your technique of Secrets of Hatred Parting Heavenly Sword is equivalent to a sword art handed down by a god."

His gaze landed on the next person. "Chariot Castle Lord Che Zhengli, Jade Castle Lord Yu Qingsheng, Black Castle Lord Li Fei. Castle Lord Che's technique is Heaven's Law Mysterious Devil Seal, the technique to seal the devil path of Dao Sect. Jade Castle Lord's technique is Five Insects Dragon Transformation Technique, which raises venomous insects into dragons. Castle Lord Li, you refine poison, but for what your technique is, I'm not clear."

Castle Lord Li chuckled. "There are still techniques that Imperial Preceptor doesn't know? My technique is called Poison Transforming Three Immortals Mystery Technique, which is good at transforming poison into power."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze landed on another person. "Spiritual Master Dao Quan always treats illnesses and saves people, so why have you joined the rebels too? Over ten years ago, due to the flood from Surging River, plague ran amuck and an epidemic spread throughout the south. Spiritual Master treated the people and gave free medicines, earning a good reputation in the whole world. I had wanted to invite you to be an official in Imperial College, but you declined, thus you were only conferred the title of spiritual master."

Spiritual Master Dao Quan said solemnly, "We can't work together when our paths are different. Imperial Preceptor, I had to decline your offer back then because I could see that you and I were people on different paths. You are too ruthless, wanting to eliminate all sects in the world, so I have no choice but to stop you."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor fell silent. "I eliminate all sects in the world to be able to treat more people. Have you seen how I've been doing?"

Spiritual Master Dao Quan said, "You are doing very well. Originally, there were few apothecaries in this world, but now they're like the hairs on a cow. Even flying ships are assigned with apothecaries and medicine children, making it hard for the plague to go on a rampage. However, over these years, all physicians Imperial College taught are quacks and none of them can be considered as divine physicians. You can't refute this point."

"Looks like your path is really different from mine."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at another row of people and said, "High Official Ma Lianshan, Lord Ma."

"I dare not," Ma Lianshan said solemnly. "Imperial Preceptor, my official position was recommended by you, but I also have my sect. I'm from Zhongnan Mountains, cultivating Nanming Five Li Sword Classics."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "I had asked His Majesty to appoint you as an official because you are upright and impartial, furthermore you're good at leading troops as well. I had thought you would toss away the sectarian bias, but you became a rebel, inflicting pain on me. As an official, you did good and the people always had extremely good words about you."

Ma Lianshan shook his head. "How could I be the only good official that had rebel? Imperial Preceptor, you should reflect upon your mistakes."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said with a stupefied face, "The rotten branch must be chopped off at once. If the hearts of people wallow in the old and rot away, how can we reform? If we only start a revolution and don't reform the lives of people rotting away, it would be hard for the world to be at peace. Even though you're a good man, you're in my way."

He looked at other people and said, "Beggar Sect's Qi Dayou, Sect Master Qi, Hundred Poor Mystery Technique. Heavenly Stars Catcher Sect, Sect Master Luo Xinghe, Heavenly Stars Catchers Mystery Technique. Great Strength Monastery's Venerable Zhi Kong, Formation Existence Destruction Emptiness Four Incantations Mudra. Great Potalaka Monastery's Venerable Hong Fa, Buddhism Life Bodhi Technique. South Sea Vrtta Monastery's Venerable Hui Yin, Vajra Unbeatable Technique. There's also Sakyamuni Xuan Kong who was originally the ruler of Xuankong Country, ruler of Nanjing Country, Duan Yin, ruler of Xifan Country, Nunu Hu'er, as well as the three seniors of the old generation."

His gaze landed on the two old men and one old woman. "The three of you are from the old generation and are already ancient, about seven to eight hundred years old today, am I right? After living for over eight hundred years, you have reached the end of one's lifespan, may I know how many years the three of you have left?"

The short, skinny, and black elder smiled. "I'm Wanderer Shanye, people call me Wanderer Li. I still have sixteen years left. Actually, I can't be considered as a wanderer. Chuyun Country, the small country that Imperial Preceptor eradicated was the country I had founded."

"I'm True Lord Tian." The old woman grinned. "I love to breed insects which Imperial Preceptor should have seen before. Castle Lord Yu of Three Wonders Castle is my son."

The plump elder said, "I don't have such a huge background like them. I'm Teacher Poor, don't look down on me for being so fat since I got broke from eating. We cultivate the Poor Logic Technique, so the poorer we are, the more logical we are."

"Teacher Poor is joking around." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked solemnly, "When you see things from the angle of a poor person, you should work to seek knowledge, to attain it by investigating things. I know this logic. But you're a teacher, so why are you rebelling against me?"

Teacher Poor shook his head. "When you cultivate a good character when you are poor, the world will become like you when you rise to power. Imperial Preceptor, there's no benefit to the world when your power is too great. I rebel not for my own personal gain, but like them, I did it for Eternal Peace Empire. Based on your overwhelming power, we can still get rid of you now. But if it were a few years later, you would have already become the emperor."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor straightened up on the peak of the mountain and his indifferent voice spread out in all direction. "Who else is against me?"

Voices instantly sounded out one after another in Daxiang City. "I am!"

"Liao Yinzhi of Heavenly Immortal Sect dares to rebel against Imperial Preceptor!"

"Glorious Grand Master Qiu Zhiming dares to rebel against Imperial Preceptor!"

"Wuling Marquis Shan Mu dares to rebel against Imperial Preceptor!"

"Duhu Manor Adjutant Qing Mingyue dares to rebel against Imperial Preceptor!"

"Wuying Country Magistrate Chen Yao dares to rebel against Imperial Preceptor!"

Voices sounded out from Daxiang City, and all of them belonged to great experts of Life and Death Realm and Celestial Being Realm. When one finished speaking, another voice would take its place, without end. The declarations grew greater and greater in power, gripping people's hearts and firing them up.

The blood of the bronze-masked man was also racing when he said in a resounding voice, "Imperial Preceptor, do you see this? How unfavorable you are? With all the people in the world wanting to kill you, what face do you have to continue living?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was expressionless and said indifferently, "All the people in the world? A mere few hundred thousand people in this city are fit to be called all the people in the world? They're just an insignificant bunch who simply need to be eradicated. Only when all of you are dead can the world finally be at peace."

"In that case, the end will only come when one side is entirely wiped out." The bronze-masked man said, "Heavenly Prison Seal has already been laid down on this mountain, clearing an area of fifty hectares. There's no need to worry about injuring the soldiers outside by clashing here. This time… we won't be talking about the righteousness and justice of the martial world nor the rules of the martial world!"

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and smiled at Si Yunxiang. "In that case, I can be at ease."

Monk Yun Que had an ashen expression as he stuttered, "W-what do you mean at ease? We are trapped in the seal and will be the first to die from the tremors. Do you still remember Heaven Wave City? This battle will definitely by several times more terrifying than the one in Heaven Wave City!"

Yue Qinghong and the rest were also pale-faced. Only a portion of Dutian Devil King's magic power had descended in the battle of Heaven Wave City, fighting against Dragon Rider Sect Master and another strong practitioner of the cult master level, yet the scale of the destruction had been unimaginable. Even the dragon qilin which was extremely strong couldn't withstand that kind of blow.

If a huge battle broke out here, the destruction would be several times greater!

However, the area of fifty hectares was all sealed, which meant that the pulses formed by the strong practitioners fighting here would rebound to and fro, stirring things up!

When that time came, even the dragon qilin would become minced meat!

At this moment, huge flags suddenly fluttered out of the city and extended forever into the distance, stretching over dozens of miles.

The bronze-masked man and the others who were standing high up sported great change in expression when they looked over. The huge flags that were dozens of yards long fluttered upwards and covered the enemy camp. Hidden beneath them were the cavalry and countless soldiers.

The bronze-masked man was about to shout for them to take caution when the huge flags suddenly rolled up and three hundred and sixty huge flags appeared in the city. Weird people that were wearing bamboo hats and carrying cloth sacks suddenly waved them, and the Eternal Peace Empire's army that numbered in tens of thousands suddenly appeared in Daxiang City!

It was only at this moment that the voice of the bronze-masked man rang out, "On guard—"

However, it was already too late.

When the three hundred and sixty weird people rolled up their huge flags, creatures with ferocious faces appeared. They were holding weapons, and their murderous intent flowed into the sky.

Under the flags, the golden-armored giants appeared together with cloud chariots. On the aft of the huge flying ships, bronze beasts had already started to spew blazing flames while huge birds flapped their wings and raised up gales.

By the time the huge flags completely rolled up and became small, the sounds of slaughter had already begun. Sharp swords came out from their sheaths, their ringing mingling with world-shaking roars.

This moment seemed to pass by extremely slow, so slow that the transformation of every person's expression could be seen: from ferocious to malevolent, from blank to terrified.

Flying swords burst forth with blood light as they sliced through human bodies, shedding blood in the air. There was also a peculiar beauty to the instant when a head was separated from the neck.

"Elephant Transformation!"

A bellow rang out and broke the moment when time seemed to have frozen. An officer in the infantry shouted out and thousands of foot soldiers bellowed. Their bodies swayed as they transformed into elephant-headed giants, rushing towards the rebel army and breaking them up.

The flying cavalry in the meantime had soared into the sky and now dived downwards, shooting countless flying swords like rain.

"Fire bottle gourds!"

On the flying ships, an order was given, and the soldiers there took out red bottle gourds that were half the height of a human. When they pulled out the corks, raging true fire instantly spewed down from the flying ships, burning the guards on the city walls, turning countless of people into flaming humans!


A troop of golden-armored strong men pushed the cloud chariots and trampled countless soldiers on their way as they ruthlessly smashed the city walls, shattering them, and flaming humans fell down from above.

Outside the walls, Grand General who Crowns the Army and Grand General of Cherishing Transformation raised their spear and halberd high, pointing them towards Daxiang City. Behind them, the uncountable Eternal Peace Army roared and rushed forth both on the ground and in the sky like a flood.

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