Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 199 - Moving Mountain

The sight in the city was bone chilling. Before the insect army of Three Wonders Castle could be deployed, they were drowned by a sea of fire and sword, disintegrating into ashes.

The insect army of Three Wonders Castle was extremely powerful, but because it was caught by surprise, both the humans and insects were burned to death.

The female army of Passion Parting Palace was also extremely powerful, but they received a devastating blow in as well. Countless sharp swords came shooting down from the sky, piercing through their bodies. With thousands of holes, they died while still standing.

By the time their bodies collapsed, the sharp swords that had pierced through them had already returned back to the sword cases word by the cavalry on their back.

The entire rebel army and all the disciples from each and every sect didn't have the time to react before they were scattered by the infantry, forcing them to fight for themselves.

However, no matter how high their cultivation was, their heads were instantly severed when they got surrounded by the formations of Eternal Peace Empire's soldiers.

The battle power of a sect disciple surpassed that of a soldier by a lot, but their teamwork was lousy, so they were scattered with just one charge. Of course, there were people among the rebel army who were trained to work together, but they had been caught off guard. Once the army scattered, it was too late to do anything.

This was definitely a massacre, and it had been achieved by the surprise attack under the teleportation flags of Heavenly Devil Cult. For those who were faced with such a thing, there was only one end - a complete obliteration.

On the mountain, the bronze-masked man was trembling. "Two choices, two choices…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gave them two choices: one was to be razed by Eternal Peace Empire's army. It would push them to the south sea and kill them to the last person, which was the rule of the empire.

The other choice was to follow the rule of the martial world - challenge Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and fight to the death!

They had always thought they would have to choose between these two choices and never expected to face both of them at the same time. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wanted to beat them to death as well as eradicate the rebel army.

"When did Heavenly Devil Cult start to rely on the imperial court?" Passion Parting Palace Master shouted out. "When has the supreme sacred ground of the devil path become the dogs of the imperial court?"

Secrets of Hatred Parting Heavenly Sword of Passion Parting Palace required the inner heart to be void of emotion, to have no love, hatred, passion, and enmity in order to reach the highest frame of mind in the sword skill. Only when the heart had no foreign objects in itself could it reflect others like a clear mirror, flawlessly.

However, when Passion Parting Palace Master Qiu Dieyi saw her disciples getting massacred, her frame of mind was disrupted.

This was no small matter. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor noticed it, and the vital qi on his fingertips transformed into a sword light. It expanded exponentially and reached her throat in an instant!

It wasn't only the heart of Passion Parting Palace Master in disorder, but the hearts of all others as well. When Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had made a move on Passion Parting Palace Master, no one managed to intervene.

"We are going to die…" this thought appeared in the hearts of Chen Wanyun and the others.

This mountain was sealed off as part of the fifty hectares of Heavenly Prison Seal so the pulses wouldn't travel out and only rebound to and fro. The moment Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor clashed with them, they would be trampled into smithereens.

Before Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor made his move, a huge flag appeared in front of Qin Mu and his companions, covering their bodies. With a jolt, the flag vanished along with the people and the dragon qilin.

The next moment, Qin Mu and the rest appeared at the bottom of the mountain. Chen Wanyun, Yun Que, and Yue Qinghong looked at the weird person beside them who was wearing the bamboo hat. He was currently unfurling the huge flag again.

A few hundred weird people surrounded this mountain in a circle as their huge flags fluttered, covering the entire mountain. An ancient voice sounded out, "Go!"


The several hundred flags fluttered, and when they floated by, the mountain beneath them disappeared along with those cult master level existences, including Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!

Only a piece of white land remained where the mountain had been, and on the ground was the crushed city lord's manor!

Chen Wanyun, Yun Que, and the rest were bewildered when they saw those weird people raising their flags again, covering their group.

Before Chen Wanyun and the rest could come back to their senses, a huge flag enclosed upon them. They only felt the world whirling before they their feet were once again firmly planted on the ground. It was then that they saw that they had already left the battle in Daxiang City and come to a mountain peak nearby.

This mountain peak was extremely high up, and a gale was whooshing about, rustling their clothes. Beside them stood a few hundred weird people wearing bamboo hats.

Chen Wanyun and the rest suppressed the shock in their hearts and looked at one another. "They are strong practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult, what are they going to do by kidnapping us…"

The incomparably mysterious Heavenly Devil Cult was the number one sacred ground of the devil path. This devil path sacred ground always conducted itself secretly, and the imperial court of Eternal Peace Empire had investigated it many times yet they had never discovered a lot of information that could be deemed useful.

For Heavenly Devil Cult to help Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor this time and even bring their little group out of the place where Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was battling, it definitely had something planned.

Suddenly the weird people took down the bamboo hats from the top of their heads and gave the disciple's greeting, bowing towards them while saying in unison, "Subordinates pay respects to sacred cult master and saintess!"

Chen Wanyun and the others were at a loss and felt unease in their hearts when they looked at these strong practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult bowing and performing the disciple's greeting. Monk Yun Que immediately closed his eyes and shouted, "I saw nothing! I didn't see your faces, don't silence me!"

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded out beside them, "Rise, no need for formalities."

"Thank you, sacred cult master."

The weird people stood up and Chen Wanyun and the rest looked at the person who had spoken with a face of astonishment.

The first abandoned person to enter Imperial College, the first imperial academician of Imperial College, Qin Mu, was the devil cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult?

Qin Mu's face was gentle as he smiled at them.

"If academician is the devil cult master, who's the devil saintess?" Yue Qinghong asked with a trembling voice.

Si Yunxiang smiled shyly at her, and Yue Qinghong's hair stood up on end.

"The directorate of our Imperial College's Hall of Hidden Light, Directorate Jian Sansheng! Even Directorate Chen Yunting of Hall of Array Element!"

Chen Wanyun saw Sword Hall Master and Formation Hall Master, which made his heart sink as he muttered, "We're definitely going to die, we're dead…"

Monk Yun Que shouted angrily, "You're definitely going to die after seeing their true faces, but why did you have to say their names as well? I closed my eyes, but now that I've heard their names, I'm going to die too!"

Sword Hall Master took a glance at the four of them and asked, "Sacred cult master, now that they have seen our true faces, should we silence them to be safe?"

Monk Yun Que immediately opened his eyes and looked towards Qin Mu with a smile. "Academician… sacred cult master, we're classmates, and you even beat me before, have you forgotten about that? Sister Fox, remember how much money I've given you, can you put in a word for me?"

Hu Ling'er tilted her head and wagged her tail to show that she was helpless.

Qin Mu consoled, "Don't worry Scholar Yun, everyone be at ease too, there's is still me, I'm here."

He turned his head and told Sword Hall Master, "Sword Hall, they are all my classmates in Imperial College. You can ask them if they are willing to join our sacred cult, and if they aren't, you can bury them in this place of verdant hills and limpid water." Qin Mu then turned his head around to console his friends. "Don't worry, don't worry, I'll settle this."

Monk Yun Que was scared witless and his hair stood up on end. Luckily he was bald, or else even those on his head would have risen up.

Qin Mu turned back around and said, "Sword Hall, when you kill them later, don't do it in front of me. Wanyun, Qinghong, don't worry as well, we aren't ruthless villains like the others of the devil path, put your heart back into your tummy, you're going to be fine… Draw your sword faster and minimize their pain…"

"I've heard you!"

Monk Yun Que shouted, "Sword Hall, don't come over, I'm already part of the devil cult… Bah, part of the sacred cult!"

Yue Qinghong and Chen Wanyun looked at each other, and Yue Qinghong asked in a low voice, "Big brother, what should we do?"

Chen Wanyun hesitated for a moment before saying, "For Heavenly Devil Cult to help Imperial Preceptor this time, it means that Heavenly Devil Cult is part of Imperial Court, there's nothing to lose by joining Heavenly Devil Cult. And if we don't join…" The corners of his eyes twitched, but he didn't say anything else.

Yue Qinghong let out a sigh of relief. "There's nothing to lose in joining Heavenly Devil Cult. We'll join."

Since she had said so, the wolf slave naturally had nothing else to say.

Yue Qinghong blinked her eyes innocently toward Si Yunxiang. "Saintess, if we did not join the sacred cult, you guys would definitely have not laid your hands on us, right?"

Si Yunxiang gave a soft laugh. "Cult master has a kind heart, he was just joking with you guys."

Monk Yun Que let out a sigh of relief and muttered, "Little monk knew it was a joke! Academician, you were joking earlier, right? Academician?"

Qin Mu chuckled and didn't say anything. Yun Que turned ashen-faced.

Qin Mu came to the cliff and looked towards another mountain, which was several miles away from here. That place was where Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and the dozen cult master level existences were fighting.

The Heavenly Prison Seal set up by the bronze-masked man and the rest had already been pierced through, holes appearing one after another. There was a terrifying storm coming out from those holes, creating violent gales that blew away pieces of the forest, sweeping countless trees into the sky and shredding them into pieces.

The battle on the mountain top was too terrifying. It was a life and death struggle between existences of cult master level. Despite them being so far away and a Heavenly Prison Seal between them, a terrifying sensation could still be felt.


Another gale swept by, and only now did Chen Wanyun and the rest realize why the wind was so strong when they had landed on the mountain just now. The gales here were actually created by the battle that was several miles away.

The power of the wind grew stronger and stronger, bending the trees on the surrounding mountains. The gusts came one after another, the moment one passed, another had already arrived from another direction. The trees that had snapped back were once again bent, while others broke in half.

The mountain should have already been shattered. Qin Mu saw the ground on which those terrifying existences were clashing becoming lower and lower, until it was basically as flat as the plains.

Being so far away, Qin Mu could see the battle by using Green Heaven's Eyes, but not too clearly. This was because the speed of those people clashing against each other was too fast, which made it hard for Green Heaven's Eyes to capture traces of their movements, not to mention their moves.

Qin Mu could only use the trails left behind by their movements to determine how many people were still on the mountain.

"Another existence of the cult master level has fallen." Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly.

Yue Qinghong looked around and saw the strong practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult were all standing on the mountain peak silently, observing the battle from afar. They had no intention to go forth and help out, which puzzled her. "Aren't you guys going to help?"


Qin Mu explained, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor can settle this alone. The sneak attack of the three old monsters from the old generation could injure Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who was in an army of ten thousand men. If it was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor doing the sneak attack, there would hardly be anyone that could be his match. How our Heavenly Devil Cult could help him was to create the chance for him to make his move. The instant the sect masters lost their spirit, it was the best moment for Imperial Preceptor to launch a sneak attack."

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