Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 20 - Human Shaped Spirit Embryo

Village Chief had a tranquil expression and smiled, "When his spirit embryo had not yet awakened, his vital qi cultivation was already stronger than those martial arts practitioners of Spirit Embryo Realm and even denser than mine when I was at his stage. Now that it has awakened, he will only become stronger. Striving to do his best for all these years and with the countless blood of the four spirits that you people had nourished him with, it’s reasonable to have this kind of accomplishment."

Apothecary was still extremely shocked and muttered, "However, to be denser than yours back then, you were the…"

"I am no more than a disabled elderly."

Village Chief cut him off and smiled, "You can’t use me to measure the teenagers nowadays. My only concern now is how to allow Mu’er to unleash the full power of his vital qi since his vital qi does not have any attributes. Let us go over now and not make them wait any longer."

Apothecary’s heart slightly jolted. The only reason why vital qi could unleash their full power was because of attributes. Without any attributes in Qin Mu’s vital qi, it’s only natural for him to be unable to unleash his full power.

Even if he had awakened his spirit embryo and had a far denser cultivation than normal people, it was useless if he couldn’t unleash his full power.

As the two came to the bonfire, Deaf took out his iron ears and washed them in the wine before plugging them back into his ear holes. Pouring the wine into the bonfire, the fire immediately burned fiercely. Deaf smiled and asked, "Village Chief, we had a test just now and even though Qin Mu had awakened his Overlord Body, but he was still unable to unleash the power of his Overlord Body’s vital qi. With your wide knowledge, you definitely know how to unleash the power of his Overlord Body’s vital qi, right?"

At this moment, Apothecary could feel the head of the old man beside him becoming three times bigger than usual.

Village Chief raised his head and looked helplessly at Apothecary beside him. However, Apothecary turned his head to the other side and gave Old Ma a toast.

"En, is Mu’er’s Overlord Body strong or not?" Village Chief asked.

Deaf understood what he had said and praised, "Strong! His vital qi is extremely tenacious and hard to disperse."

The others had the same feeling as well and nodded their heads in succession. When Qin Mu had clashed against Senior Brother Qu of the Li Jiang’s Five Disciples, they had already seen the extraordinary points of Qin Mu’s vital qi. With his vital qi in the small stick, Senior Brother Qu’s treasure sword was actually not able to chop it, which meant that Qin Mu’s vital qi was exceptionally tenacious.

Village Chief asked again, "Is his vital qi dense or not?"

Deaf replied, "Frighteningly dense! Even when I was at his realm, my vital qi was nowhere close to his!"

When he had finished, the rests felt the same way too. Qin Mu’s vital qi was too dense, way denser beyond belief. Even when his spirit embryo had just awakened, it was as if he had cultivated dozens of years.

Village Chief slowly guided the conversation patiently and asked, "Since his vital qi is so tenacious and durable, why can’t it unleash it’s full power?"

This time Deaf didn’t continue on the same topic and instead gave a slap on his thigh, exclaiming, "That’s right! Why is it so, Village Chief?"

Village Chief almost choked to death by his answer and felt like Deaf had given him two stabs in his chest. Luckily beside him, Mute became excited and started dancing around and gesticulating as he "ah, ah" non-stop.

"Mute is right!"

Deaf finally got it and said, "Mu’er’s vital qi being so tenacious and dense yet is unable to unleash his full power. It means that the problem doesn’t lie in his Overlord Body’s vital qi. Our techniques aren’t suitable for him. That’s why he can’t unleash his full power. The problem lies in us!"

As if a boulder was lifted from his shoulders, Village Chief wanted to give a sigh of relief just as Deaf asked again, "Here comes another problem. How can we unleash the power of his Overlord Body’s vital qi? We are all clueless, so with your wide knowledge, what’s your wise opinion, Village Chief?"

Village Chief wished that he could grow arms and strangle him to death, however he did know some reasons regarding the reason why Qin Mu was unable to unleash the full power of his vital qi.

The vital qi of the Four Great Spirit Bodies had their own properties. For example, White Tiger Vital Qi had the properties of the gold element, allowing it to transform into weapons with great offense and defense. White Tiger Vital Qi could also transform into razor sharp claws to tear apart the opponent and transform into a shield to block the opponent’s attack.

The Green Dragon Vital Qi had the properties of lightning, controlling lightning and healing abilities.

Vermillion Bird Vital Qi had the properties of the fire element which was fierce and overbearing. Apothecary and Mute the Blacksmith were this kind of Spirit Bodies. Both Apothecary refining his medicine and Blacksmith’s furnace relied on their vital qi’s properties.

There was still Black Tortoise Vital Qi which mastered defense and water control. There would also be water properties when their vital qi was exhibited.

However Qin Mu’s vital qi didn’t have these properties and that was why he could not unleash his full power. Even though his cultivation was strong, it didn't help him too much to increase his power.

However knowing the reason didn’t mean that he knew how to solve it.

"Mu’er, how does your spirit embryo looks like?" Village Chief inquired Qin Mu.

Qin Mu described about the strange spirit embryo in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and stunned everyone around the bonfire as they looked at each other in surprise of the human shaped spirit embryo.

This was the first time in the world they had actually heard of something like a human shaped spirit embryo.

Qin Mu was also slight bewildered and asked, "Granny, Grandpa Ma, don’t your spirit embryos look like how you look when you were kids?"

Granny Si shook her head and sighed, "Nope. No wonder you are the Overlord Body. Even your spirit embryo is different from ours, how envious. Granny’s spirit embryo is a White Tiger spirit embryo, a little White Tiger."

"My spirit embryo is the Green Dragon." Old Ma said.

Deaf replied, "My spirit embryo is the Black Tortoise."

Mute began gesticulating again, saying that his spirit embryo was the Vermillion Bird.

Village Chief closed his eyes and went deep into his thoughts. The Four Great Spirit Bodies were gifted with their Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure innately opened and only required to awaken their spirit embryo in order to become a martial practitioner. Even if there were different spirit embryos among the Four Great Spirit Bodies, they were often similar and not much different from the four main categories.

Some spirit embryos were not White Tiger, Green Dragon, Vermillion Bird or Black Tortoise but they were still classified under this four categories.

That was why the vital qi of the Four Great Spirit Bodies had four different kinds of attributes.

Qin Mu’s Spirit Embryo was human shaped and had no attributes. That was why it was harder for him to awaken and to even unleash the full power of his vital qi.

Village Chief was deep into his mind trying to find a method to activate the power of the Overlord Body’s vital qi, but even with his exceptional knowledge, he still couldn’t make up his mind.

Seeing his expression, Granny Si suddenly realised what was going on and laughed, "Village Chief knew that Mu’er was an Overlord Body but didn’t know the cultivation method for Overlord Body?"

Village Chief’s face turned slightly red and he nodded his head.

All the villagers revealed expression of disappointment while Blind muttered, "You have the widest knowledge among us yet, and if even you don’t know the cultivation method for Overlord Body, doesn’t that mean that Mu’er’s Overlord Body is going to be wasted?"

Everyone around the bonfire fell silent.

Butcher suddenly exclaimed, "Overlord Body technique was created by a human, right?"

Everyone looked puzzledly at him.

Butcher chuckled, "If the Overlord Body technique was created by a human, why can’t we create it ourselves? Even if we can’t create it, Mu’er can create it himself! There’s no one that I have ever given in to, therefore I managed to create my Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill. If all of you are frightened by the challenge in front, I would look down on all of you! Mu’er, don’t let me look down on you!"

Qin Mu nodded his head heavily and felt a rush of adrenaline as he shouted, "Don’t worry Grandpa Butcher, I will definitely not let you guys down!"

Butcher laughed loudly and patted him heavily on his shoulder. The rest also started laughing causing the previously solemn atmosphere to vanish.

Seeing this scene, the matter gnawing at Village Chief’s heart unconsciously unknotted itself and he laughed loudly.

"Lying to them that Mu’er is the Overlord Body in order for them to have the motivation to live on made me bash my head into a brick wall by obsessively trying to cover up the lie. What I didn’t expect was that they already had the motivation and yet I am still here wrecking my brain out."

With his worries resolved, he felt free both mentally and physically. Qin Mu’s arrival had motivated the villagers in Disabled Elderly Village to live on and had also motivated him to continue striving!

Looking at him, Apothecary revealed a smile. Village Chief had not been so happy nor smiled like this for a long time.

"I feel that we definitely need to push the Overlord Body to its limits so that it would unleash the full power of its vital qi."

Under the illumination of the bonfire, Butcher’s face looked several times more sinister, "One does not survive if he was never insane. Overlord Body is stronger than Spirit Body and its vital qi would definitely be stronger as well. The condition for his power to be unleashed would probably be stricter as well. That’s why it definitely needs to reach its limits in order to force out its power!"

Cripple nodded his head, "Mu’er’s iron boots need to be thicker and the amount of iron weights have to increase to force him to run even faster!"

Blind tapped his bamboo cane and said, "His cultivation was much too relaxed previously, we’ll need to up the tempo from now to be able to force out his potential."

Old Ma replied, "That’s right, we’ll also have to work way harder to force out his potential."

Mute gave a few hand signs and made a few noises.

Qin Mu felt very touched yet he had a bad feeling at the same time. He was moved at how zealous the elderly were on the matters regarding him, but why did they have to add "force out" in all their sentences?

Apothecary narrowed his eyes and entered the discussion, "Supplement! We will continue to supplement him! Supplement him until his vital qi could unleash its full power! There are many rare and unique beasts and herbs in our Great Ruins which I could use to concoct spirit pellets and wonder medicines. My herb garden outside the village have all the various spirit herbs which are enough to supplement him until his skin would even leak spirit fluid out when you pinch him!"

"Apothecary, it looks like it will cost you a king's ransom for this!" Everyone laughed.

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