Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 200 - Dutian’s Hiding Place

No matter if it was the number one cult of the devil path helping Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor or if it was Heavenly Devil Cult using teleportation flags to transfer the Eternal Peace Army, they were able to shake the hearts of all the cult master level existences by massacring all the sects' disciples, swaying their minds and throwing them into disorder.

Even though their hearts weren't in disorder for too long, this was akin to death in front of an existence like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

Even though people with cult master level of power were usually great experts of Divine Bridge Realm, there were those who were weak and those who were strong in Divine Bridge Realm. It was just like what Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had said. He was someone who had no weakness in every realm; no matter how wide another's angles were, their line would never be as long as his straight line.

His cultivation surpassed that of others and his abilities also surpassed those of others.

Under the circumstances of a sneak attack, there was basically no one who could be his match or even receive one move from him.

This was just like in Heaven Wave City when Dutian Devil King was fighting against Mute. Dutian Devil King had been slain with one attack, and that one attack had been a sneak attack.

Qin Mu reckoned that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor could take advantage of the instant when those strong practitioners lost spirit to get rid of four of them. As for how many he could injure, that would depend on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's own ability.

However, no matter how brilliant this battle was in exhibiting the splendor of the strongest powers in this world, there weren't many who could read the situation there. With only the few hundred people present, probably only the left and right guardians could be able to grasp each and every movement of the people present on the battlefield.

Even if it were the hall masters of the three hundred and sixty halls, not many of them could see the moves clearly.

Qin Mu once again fixed his eyes on the battlefield, yet he was still unable to see the situation there. He could only see the afterimages created by the fast-moving bodies as well as the lights given off by the divine arts and sword skills.

Every once in a while, a trail of light would vanish, representing the death of a strong practitioner.

Now there were only eight figures left.

"Other than Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, there are still seven people."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. The seven people should be the ones that had the strongest abilities, but who were the seven that were still alive?

He could see the god-like rays from the figures moving, but he couldn't see who was who.

"If I cannot see the situation of the battle, aren't I losing out on a huge opportunity? I wonder if I can awaken my Cyan Heaven's Eyes."

Qin Mu mobilized his vital qi and more of it entered his eyes as he tried to construct the formation markings of Cyan Heaven's Eyes. There were already three layers of pupils in his eyes. The first layer was his own pupils, the second layer was the pupils formed by Heaven's Eyes, while the third layer was the pupils formed by Green Heaven's Eyes. If he could form Cyan Heaven's Eyes, they would become the fourth layer and allow him to see even more stuff.

Just as he was directing his vital qi into his eyes, he felt a trace of something else entering his eyes along with his vital qi.

Qin Mu was stunned and suddenly felt that everything on the battlefield had become incomparably clear!

He shook his head and looked at the battlefield again - it was still incomparably clear!

And he hadn't even formed the formation markings of Cyan Heaven's Eyes!

"There's someone else's eyes in my eyes!"

Qin Mu felt a bone-chilling cold go down his spine. He could now see every movement and action that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was making, every layer of divine arts and sword skills, and even the structure of them!

Every action and expression was in his eyes!

This wasn't what his eyes could see but what someone else's eyes could see. Or it could be said that it was someone else borrowing his eyes to observe the battle!

Who was the one borrowing his eyes to observe the battle?

He suddenly remembered that when he had summoned Dutian Devil King in Heaven Wave City, Dutian Devil King's consciousness and magic power had used his body as a medium to enter the devil god's sculpture, blowing open the heart of his brows. Sparks had flowed out from the heart of his brows, surging into the devil god's sculpture while he was executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

While circulating the technique, he felt something enter his body along with the vital qi circulation.

When the disciples of Great Mountain Sect arrived and executed Devil Withdraw Command, even if it was unable to chase Dutian Devil King back, Qin Mu had felt the summoning being cut off when Devil Withdraw Command shone on Dutian Devil King's body. The consciousness and magic power that had been surging out of his body had been cut off.

This meant that there was still a portion of Dutian Devil King's consciousness and magic power in Qin Mu's body!

"In that case, the one in staying in my body and borrowing my eyes to observe the battle is none other than Dutian Devil King!"

Qin Mu was slightly terrified. Where exactly was this consciousness of Dutian Devil King hiding in his body? Why didn't he feel any abnormalities when he was cultivating Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique all this while?

What was Dutian Devil King planning?

Granny Si had Devil Cult Master Li Tianxing in her body, so if he got Dutian Devil King in his body, that would be a great joke.

Qin Mu kept quiet. It was a good thing for him to let Dutian Devil King borrow his eyes to observe the battle. This allowed him to observe the situation in the battlefield as well as the divine arts that the experts unleashed. This could widen his horizons exponentially.

"What's still in me is just a portion of Dutian Devil King's consciousness and magic power. No matter how strong he is, he cannot be that strong. As long as I can find him, I'll definitely be able to get rid of him! I shouldn't alert him but pretend I know nothing."

He was finally able to see the battle clearly.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's swords weren't physical swords but ones formed by his vital qi, which was ever-changing, gathering and scattering at will.

Flaming lights raged about his body as though he was a god, and Qin Mu remembered seeing this kind of rays on Village Chief's body too.

When Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor executed sword skills, even the most basic sword form looked incomparably complicated and marvelous.

There were not only basic sword forms in his sword skills but also calculations and transformations that were even more complicated.

"Dao Sword of Dao Sect?"

Qin Mu was stunned. He could see the shadow of Dao Sect's Dao Sword in Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword skill. That was an incomparably complicated calculation technique. If one took yin-yang symbol for example, anyone could draw a circle, but not everyone could calculate the proportion of the circle that the curved line cut apart.

This involved the first form of Dao Sect, the trick to Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes. To achieve the coming and going of yin and yang, using Canon of Supreme Mystery was of utmost importance.

Yin And Yang Come And Go Within Two Modes unleashed its greatest power when one calculated the endless numbers. If one wanted to reach an even higher level, they had to calculate to the Xu Kong and Qing Jing decimal.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor has extremely deep attainments in mathematics!" Qin Mu thought to himself. "If I had known, I would have consulted him regarding the Canon of Supreme Mystery when we were heading down south!"

The people clashing with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor were the three elders, Teacher Poor, Wanderer Li, and True Lord Tian. They deserved to be called the top practitioners of the old generations. The rays given off from their bodies made them look like three ancient gods, and each of them had their own unique skills.

The huge brush in Teacher Poor's hand was like a brush yet its hairs were very long, making it look like a horsetail whisk; however, it had fewer transformations than a horsetail whisk.

Wanderer Li was a sword cultivator and cultivated sword skills. They were incomparably intricate, but still inferior to those of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. His sword skills were made up of the fourteen basic sword forms, so even though they were marvelous, they had already fallen behind in times.

The age had advanced yet he still remained on the same spot.

What True Lord Tian refined were venomous insects, turning them into all kinds of weird dragons. For example, there was a Heavenly Centipede Dragon that was three hundred yards long, a Heaven Silkworm that was refined into a Dragon Silkworm, a green snake that was refined into a Green Flood Dragon, and many other kinds of insects of peculiar shapes.

Even though these venomous creatures were powerful, they still fell out of the sky under Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword skills, getting killed one after another.

Qin Mu reckoned that True Lord Tian wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Other than these three people, there were still four others. Among them was Qi Dayou of Beggar Sect whose Hundred Poor Mystery Technique was very unique. His body could materialize into physical form or incorporeal at will, allowing him to appear and disappear unpredictably. Hundred Poor Mystery Technique meant that he had nothing at all, and it was a very unique technique.

The other person who had preserved his life so far was Spiritual Master Dao Quan. His ability was the weakest among everyone, so it was hard to say if he had managed to stay alive himself or Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had spared him, maybe no seeing him as a threat.

The third person was Venerable Zhi Kong of Great Strength Monastery. The power of Formation Existence Destruction Emptiness Four Incantations Mudra was extraordinary, but under Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword, this senior monk that had achieved his Dao was covered in injuries and didn't have much strength left.

The fourth person was the bronze-masked man. His attacks were the most overbearing, and also the most puzzling to Qin Mu.

The man mainly used divine arts, and when they burst forth, there would be images of nine dragons. Those images looked like nine real dragons rushing forward with formidable power!

There was an incredible amount of transformations in these nine dragons. They contained all kinds of offensive and defensive divine arts, as well as those that controlled fire and water and those that evolved yin and yang. The firepower could be both fierce and also overbearing, yet it was also full of changes. No matter if it was offense, defense, or even refining, the bronze-masked man could do them at will.

Furthermore, he had cultivated until these nine dragons had close to a physical form.

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique.

This was the technique of the emperor's Ling Family. Only those with the emperor's bloodline could cultivate it. Ordinary princes and princesses weren't allowed to touch it at all.

It was evident that this bronze-masked man was a member of the royal family. Furthermore, from the realm of his cultivation, he should be one of the higher-ups of the higher-ups in the royal family.

Even though his attack was incomparably overbearing, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't kill him mercilessly. It was hard to say if he had some qualms about doing so.

"Who is this person?" Qin Mu was shocked.

Right at this moment, he felt something in his heart and looked towards the west to see a gigantic apparition of a majestic mountain hurrying over.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. This mountain was unbelievably big, but it was merely an apparition and not a physical mountain. It was formed by the aura of countless eccentric-looking monks.

Mount Meru.

That apparition of the mountain had many mountain tops of all sizes, and each mountain top was a monk sitting in the lotus position. There were also some who were standing and holding a jade vase, while a few others were sitting and holding their bellies with big smiles.

On the golden top of the highest peak, there was a huge buddha shining brilliantly as though he was made of pure gold. The ten thousand rays behind his head were incomparably outstanding!

"Great Thunderclap Monastery, Old Buddha Rulai!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. Great Thunderclap Monastery had come. Rulai personally led the guardians, venerables, bodhisattvas, arhats of Great Thunderclap Monastery in a rush here!

What did he want to do?

At this moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor also felt something and suddenly attacked mercilessly, slaying Venerable Zhi Kong in one strike!

Right then, the strong practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult also turned around and looked at the apparition of Mount Meru that was floating over.

"Bald donkeys!" Left Guardian sneered.

"Bald donkeys!" everyone shouted in unison.

Monk Yun Que saw everyone calling the newcomers bald donkeys and forced himself to call them bald donkeys as well. After all, he was part of Heavenly Devil Cult now, even if he was a monk.

The apparition of Mount Meru floated to the sky above them and the guardians, venerables, Bodhisattvas, and arhats on the mountain looked down together and said coldly in unison, "Evil creatures of the devil path!"

Qin Mu revealed a weird expression. "The relation between our Heavenly Saint Cult and Great Thunderclap Monastery seems to be a little strained…"

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