Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 201 - Taking Advantage

Right Guardian put her hands on her hips and sneered at the sky. "Bald donkey, stay if you have the guts to! Old woman, I can scold you for three days and three nights straight in all kinds of ways!"

A bodhisattva sneered, "Xue Bi'e, all you have left is that mouth of yours!"

"Ignore them," said Old Rulai who was on Mount Meru. "If we continue squabbling with them, it may take us half a year. We have fought for a few hundred years and squabbled for a couple more, so there's no need to be impatient now. Let us take control of this battle first."

The monks on the mountain didn't stop and the apparition of Mount Meru floated over to the battlefield.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was still fighting with Teacher Poor and the rest, trying his best to get rid of all these strong practitioners before the apparition of Mount Meru reached them. At this moment, Old Rulai's voice traveled over unhurriedly, "Imperial Preceptor, Dao friends, can you guys do me a favor?"

Eternal peace Imperial Preceptor's sword qi dispersed, and he stopped chasing Teacher Poor and the bronze-masked man. With a smile, he said, "Rulai, please speak."

"Excellent, may Dao friends hold back," Old Rulai said solemnly.

Teacher Poor and the rest were ready to make their moves when they heard Rulai and hesitated for a moment.

True Lord Tian was coughing up blood endlessly since her heart and lungs had been injured by Imperial Preceptor's sword qi. With a sharp voice, she asked, "Old Rulai, are you going to join hands to get rid of this evil?"

Old Rulai shook his head.

Wanderer Li's expression changed slightly and he sneered, "Could it be that Great Thunderclap Monastery has also become the dogs of Eternal Peace Empire like Heavenly Devil Cult?"

Old Rulai shook his head again.

Teacher Poor said indifferently, "Old Dao friend, stop keeping us in suspense, just tell us directly."

Old Rulai chuckled. "I'm here to create good karma with everyone and settle this contentious issue. Everyone here is a cultivator, and if we continue fighting, how many heroes will be lost, how many inheritances will disappear? Why don't we turn hostility into friendship, be polite and amiable, putting an end to each other's karma?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze wavered, but he did not say anything.

Old Rulai looked at him and smiled. "Imperial Preceptor is a kind man and had come to my Great Thunderclap Monastery once. I spoke to Imperial Preceptor about Buddhism, about Mahayana, and formed good karma with him. May I know if Imperial Preceptor can return this good karma back to this old monk?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said solemnly, "Back then I was still young and traveled the world to seek knowledge. When I came to Great Thunderclap Monastery, Rulai didn't have sectarian bias and gave me pointers for my cultivation, therefore I can be considered half a disciple of Great Thunderclap Monastery and it's only right of me to return this good karma. However, how would I know if I'm not releasing the tiger back into the mountains? These people are the masterminds behind the rebels, would they give up just like this? If they rebel again, lives are going to be lost again. Rulai, you are benevolent and should know what I'm worried about."

Old Rulai smiled. "Old monk will make them convert to Great Thunderclap Monastery and not interfere with the matters of the mundane world anymore. What does Imperial Preceptor think of this?"

Imperial Preceptor didn't express any opinion.

Old Rulai smiled as he looked at Teacher Poor and the rest. "Everyone here was outstanding talents back in the day and had magnificent styles unmatched in our generation. After being powerful your entire life and living through an era in splendor, would you guys be willing to put down your arms and convert to Buddhism?"

True Lord Tian sneered, "Old Rulai, with us and your Great Thunderclap Monastery, won't it be easy to eliminate this evil? Do you think your Great Thunderclap Monastery will be safe if you give up on this chance now? After Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor eliminates us, he will definitely eliminate Buddha as well! Why aren't you showing your devil subduing methods and attack him mercilessly now?"

Old Rulai smiled in answer. "No matter how Imperial Preceptor treats my Buddhism, there will still be people that believe and worship Buddha. No matter if there are devils or gods in this world, while there's conviction, Buddhism won't disappear just because Imperial Preceptor eliminates us nor will it thrive if he supports us. If you are willing to let go of your grudges, follow me. If you aren't willing, this old monk can only say we're not fated. I'll take my leave."

Suddenly, figures hurriedly descended from the sky and landed behind Imperial Preceptor. There were a hundred generals of Eternal Peace Empire wearing bloodstained armor and radiating a desire to battle that surged into the sky.

Duke Wei exclaimed with his big mouth, "What happened? Rulai is here to join in the fun too? Trying to take advantage? Imperial Preceptor, let us clean up this old monk and the rest of the bald…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his hand to stop him from saying any more. He then whispered, "It's not good to let both sides suffer. It's a good thing for Old Rulai to come forth and mediate."

Duke Wei was bewildered, not understanding what he meant. "They're clearly here to take advantage, taking this chance to recruit the masterminds of the rebels into their Great Thunderclap Monastery, strengthening its power. These masterminds are all powerful people and letting them go is equivalent to letting the tigers back onto the mountain. There will be endless troubles afterward! Imperial Preceptor, think thrice!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor smiled. "Since Old Rulai gave his word that they will not interfere with the matters of the mundane world after they convert to Buddhism, I believe him."

"You really believe him?" Duke Wei stared with his eyes wide open. "You can't trust a person with no hair on his head with an important task…"

When he was about to say more, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his hand and said indifferently, "Old Rulai is the head of Buddhism and it's a good deed to come and resolve our grudges, returning peace back to the world. Furthermore, I'm also injured."

On Mount Meru, the bodhisattvas and arhats heard what he said and turned their heads over.

Old Rulai chanted one of the many names of Buddha to warn all the bodhisattvas and arhats. He then smiled. "Since Imperial Preceptor is willing to resolve the grudges, how about you guys? Teacher Poor?"

Teacher Poor and the rest of them looked one another in the eyes and nodded silently.

If they didn't agree to convert to Buddhism, Old Rulai would not lift his finger to save them. After he left with all the strong practitioners of Great Thunderclap Monastery, they would definitely die under the hands of Imperial Preceptor.

For Old Rulai to bring all of the strong practitioners of Great Thunderclap Monastery, this meant that he was determined to win. If they agreed to convert to Great Thunderclap Monastery, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wouldn't dare to probe further.

Old Rulai smiled. "Since all senior brothers and sisters are willing to put down their grudges and convert to Buddhism, this world is an illusion and you're sure to achieve your Dao. Imperial Preceptor…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pointed at the bronze-masked man and said, "Rulai, he must stay."

The bronze-masked man felt a lingering fear in his heart, and Old Rulai frowned slightly. The bodhisattvas, arhats, and venerables on the apparition of Mount Meru chanted the many names of Buddha.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said with a smile, "He must stay."

Even though his voice was light, his tone said that this was unquestionable and non-negotiable.

Old Rulai sighed. "This kind man, you have no fate with Buddhism. Teacher Poor, fellow senior brothers and sisters, please come up the mountain."

Teacher Poor and the rest hesitated for a moment, looking at the bronze-masked man. They suddenly gritted their teeth and moved to Mount Meru. They said together in unison, "Old— we're sorry!"

"There's no need for further words, I understand."

The bronze-masked man laughed out loud. "Imperial Preceptor, how are you going to deal with me?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said expressionlessly, "I'll take you down and escort you to the capital city to meet the emperor."

"Escort me to the capital city to meet the emperor?" The bronze-masked man's tone was quite weird when he spoke, but he smiled nonetheless. "Then we'll have to see if Imperial Preceptor's sword is fast enough…"

He slowly raised his palm and suddenly smashed it against his bronze mask. It shattered into pieces, destroying the face beneath as well.

"Imperial Preceptor, the empire of Ling Family will be ruined under your hands sooner or later…"

His head split open, and he died right away, but his body stood there straight like a rod and never collapsed.

Duke Wei and the rest cried out and hurried forward while Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stood motionless. He hadn't intercepted the bronze-masked man when he was about to take his own life on purpose.

On the mountain far away, the corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched when he saw this.

For Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to say that sentence was to force the bronze-masked man to suicide. No matter whose face was under the mask, he had to be someone high in the royal family, someone with an important position. He was a person of utmost importance to the emperor.

If he was taken alive by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and escorted into the capital city to meet the emperor, not only would the emperor be embarrassed, even the hearts of ministers would deviate.

It would even become a problem for the emperor whether he should kill him or not.

When his true face was revealed, the emperor's prestige would receive a severe hit and people from all levels of society would discuss it in secret, guessing if it was the man himself who had the intention to start a rebellion or if it was the will of the emperor.

At that time, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's prestige would surpass that of the emperor and most of the ministers' heart would lean towards him as well. Even the emperor would start to guard against him. If an internal conflict between the emperor and Imperial Preceptor started, the empire would be in danger, and the Ling Family would be in danger as well.

As a higher up of the royal family, the bronze-masked man had to take his life. He couldn't let the Ling Family be on the defensive, throw its face away.

Because of this, he had to disfigure himself so that no one would know his true identity.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't stop him as he hoped that the man would take his life. He didn't want to escort him to the capital city to meet the emperor. If the man didn't disfigure himself, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would have helped him do so.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't want to smack the emperor's face or the Ling Family's face. This was the best conclusion.

If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor really escorted this bronze-masked man back to the capital, it would mean that he really wanted to rebel and take over the throne. From the looks of it now, the throne didn't matter to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He only wanted to borrow Eternal Peace Empire to execute his aspiration, to achieve the three immortal deeds.

He wanted to become a saint.

From Mount Meru, Rulai paid his respects to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. "Imperial Preceptor, now that everything is settled, this old monk will be taking his leave."

"Take care, Rulai," said Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor as he returned the formalities.

The apparition of Mount Meru floated away to the west. Teacher Poor, True Lord Tian, and the rest turned back their heads to see Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor giving the command to chop off the head of the bronze-masked man to bury it on the spot. The headless body was put into a coffin and prepared to be transported back to the capital.

Wanderer Li sighed. "Dao Brother Rulai, if not for you…"

Old Rulai shook his head. "There's no need to say anything more. Imperial Preceptor is already dissatisfied with my Great Thunderclap Monastery. Let's go back to the mountain. I reckon my sinful disciple has already taken the opportunity to return to take his arm back. If we return in time, we might still meet him."

The monks on the mountain were astonished.

The apparition of Mount Meru floated past the mountain Qin Mu and the rest were on and sneers came from below again. "Bald donkeys!"

The bodhisattvas, arhats, and venerables shouted one after another, "Evil creatures of the devil path!"

Old Rulai shook his head and halted Mount Meru. He looked down and put his palms together. "Senior brother."

Most of the hall masters and guardians were astonished. Sword Hall Master gently shook his head at Qin Mu, but Qin Mu waved his hand and bowed his head. "Senior brother."

Old Rulai revealed an astonished expression and nodded before leading everyone away.

"Cult master, why did you have to return that bald donkey's greeting?" Right Guardian Xue Bi'e grumbled. "Now that you exposed your true identity, you will be in the radar of that damned old badly, something will definitely happen!"

"As the sacred cult master, I can't not return the greeting after he greeted me as an equal." Qin Mu smiled. "We can't keep hiding the fact that I'm the sacred cult master. Besides, I can't throw the face of all of you nor the face of the sacred cult."

Everyone said in unison, "We rather not have this face!"

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