Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 209 - Gate Of Earth Origin

Elder Fu saw the situation and said, "You have visitors so I won't disturb you any longer. I still have to go return the money to the others families. Two of them had too much stolen, so if I don't return money to them, they will probably have to starve from today onwards."

Cripple and Old Ma walked over. The former's face was glowing radiantly, while the latter had an air about him that said wealth meant nothing to him.

Qin Mu invited both of them over and said, "Where did Grandpa Cripple and Grandpa Ma go these few days?"

Old Ma said, "Cripple tagged along with me to Lizhou, sending disaster relief."

Cripple smiled. "Over there at Lizhou, the rebellion caused chaos and destruction, resulting in starving people everywhere. Old Ma and I earned quite a bit of money, so we sent disaster relief there. Don't look at how we are wearing bright and neat clothes, these are all fake! This golden chain is wood that's gold-plated and even this jade pendant is also fake. The real ones had been pawned off by Old Ma in exchange for rice and noodles which were sent to Lizhou. The fellows from your Heavenly Devil Cult are also there, helping everyone, so we handed the money for the rations to them as well."

Qin Mu smiled. "In that case, Imperial Physician You actually did a good deed."

When he mentioned the devil summoning to the two elders, Cripple asked with interest, "That actually happened? You didn't throw my face and got scammed by that devil king, did you? You should let Old Ma handle this, Ma Wangshen has three eyes and he's the best at subduing devils."

The heart of Old Ma's brows suddenly split open and revealed a white flesh ball. It turned half a round towards the side and revealed an eye that shone bright buddha light onto the center of Qin Mu's brows!

Screeching cries came from there, and a voice shouted in misery, "If you refine me to death, you're going to die too!"

Qin Mu immediately said, "Old Ma, I made an oath of alliance with him, we have a Pact of Earth Count!"

"Pact of Earth Count?"

Cripple and Old Ma's hearts shook slightly. Old Ma immediately shut the third eye on his forehead and said with a solemn expression, "Mu'er, you are too gutsy! Do you know how treacherous is Pact of Earth Count, how can you sign this kind of oath with other people? Furthermore, the other person is not even a human but a devil god from another world!"

Cripple shook his head. "How reckless! You're playing around with your life! Why did you have to make a Pact of Earth Count with him? You just needed to tell us and we could have gotten rid of him!"

Qin Mu said, "I wanted to learn the language of Youdu."

"There was no need for a Pact of Earth Count for that. Should have handed him over to Butcher, who would have definitely treated him with sincerity until he spilled everything in three to five days." Cripple shook his head. "Butcher loves to play with gods and devils. He can make them desire death after barely three to five days. Let Butcher deal with him, if he doesn't die, I'll teach you!"

Qin Mu said with a blush on his face, "The Pact of Earth Count is already made and can't be changed anymore. I'm going to prepare to summon the devils now, and I'll have to trouble grandpas to help me."

Old Ma said, "Feel free to summon them, we'll just get rid of them."

Qin Mu went to the warehouse of Imperial College to buy some bones. He took out his talisman treasure and started to summon the devils.

Imperial College taught all kinds of techniques and spells, so no matter if it was the righteous path, devil path, or the buddha path, there were some spells that required human bones to cultivate, so there were always some in the warehouse.

The summoning went smoothly, and soon the runes on the devil god sculpture lighted up. This time, there was no terrifying sight like what had happened in Heaven Wave City. The lack of it made it obvious that the devil god he was summoning now wasn't as strong as Dutian Devil King.

In the sky above Imperial College, the astronomical phenomenon changed as majestic magic power broke through the sky and descended. It was like a black pillar crashing straight onto the Scholar's Residence!

At this moment, countless directorates and scholars in Imperial College were alarmed, and even the grand chancellor was no exception. The strong practitioners in the capital city also looked over with anxiousness.

Meanwhile, in Qin Mu's courtyard, the devil summoning was still on the way. Crackling sounds came from the wooden sculpture of the devil god, and it grew taller and bigger. Qing Mu heard a devilish voice growling, "This petty and lowly world, prepare to welcome the wrath of Kyahe Devil God from Dutian!"

At this moment, buddha's aura shone brightly in the sky above Imperial College. A huge buddha sat down in the sky and opened up his palm that was over a hectare large. The palm pressed down, making a crackling sound. Before the consciousness and magic power of this Kyahe Devil God could descend, he was shattered along with the expanding wood.

Most of the directorates and scholars in Imperial College were shocked again. When the strong practitioners and guards of the capital city saw this, they calmed down. "It's the Imperial College after all, there are always experts there. This level of cultivation in Buddhism is even rare in Great Thunderclap Monastery! For Imperial College to have such an expert, they can't be underestimated!"

Gu Linuan brought a few directorates of Imperial College and rushed to the place of incident. Qin Mu popped his head out from the courtyard and smiled. "Everyone came just at the right time, there a devil god had just jumped out, but he was beaten to death by my elder."

Gu Linuan's heart leaped, and he gave a smile that was not a smile. "Be careful, Lord Qin. Don't destroy our Scholar's Residence. Alright everyone, disperse. With Lord Qin's elder here, there will be no problems in Imperial College."

The directorates looked at one another in dismay. Gu Linuan always couldn't get along with Qin Mu, so why was he so easy going now?

"This situation was clearly Lord Qin summoning the devil, so why isn't Gu Linuan causing trouble for him?

Everyone was bewildered. "Summoning a devil in the capital city is a death crime! Why is Grand Chancellor letting it be?"

Gu Linuan left first, with cold sweat rolling down his forehead. "His elder is here, was it the blind man who had raised the river or the cripple that had stolen my sheath. Or could it be the half-bodied fiendish old man? No wonder His Majesty said I can't mess with him—I really can't mess with him! These fiendish people actually dare to walk out of Great Ruins. The capital is no longer peaceful, any devils and monsters can actually come here…"

Qin Mu closed the door, and the directorates were alarmed. They immediately called the other scholars out of their residences and said, "It's extremely dangerous here, don't stay in Scholar's Residence temporarily, otherwise you might not even know how you died. Scholars, go hide it out for two days and come back after it's peaceful again!"

All the scholars were in a daze after seeing the devil god and buddha that had just appeared out of thin air and knew that Scholar's Residence was not a safe place anymore, so they immediately left.

"Why are you not summoning the other devil gods?" Dutian Devil King's voice asked in Qin Mu's mind, questioning him.

Qin Mu shook his head. "I've already fulfilled my promise and summoned your subjects, now it's your turn to teach me the language of Youdu."

Dutian Devil King was stunned for a moment/ "There are still four sculptures…"

"Devil king, our oath is already half complete. Summoning one is summoning, same as summoning five is still summoning."Qin Mu then added, "If you don't fulfill your promise, Earth Count will take you to Youdu!"

Dutian Devil King was so angry that he broke out into a laugh. "What a crafty fellow, waiting for me to fall into the trap here. Very well, very well, luckily I also kept a trump card. I shall teach you the language of Youdu, but only one sentence. I didn't say I would teach you the entire language of Youdu when I made the oath."

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open.

Dutian Devil King was pleased with himself. "I shall only tell you the words on this door, while as for the words on your scroll, you can forget about learning them. If you want to learn the entire language of Youdu, you can go down to Youdu and ask them yourself!"

These few days, Qin Mu had transformed into the form of Saturn Sovereign and the words on the apparition of the gate had gradually become clearer. The words on the gate had been revealed and he could see them clearly, but the words of the scroll were still blurry.

He probed, "If I summon the other four sculpture over as well, will you teach me Youdu's writings on the scroll as well?"

"No!" Dutian Devil King was resolute.

Qin Mu let out a sigh and smiled. "In that case, teach me that sentence on the door."

Dutian Devil King gave off a strange sound which seemed to be given by the soul. The weird sounds seemed like they were produced by billions of warped souls, and when Qin Mu tried it out, he realized that the strange language was unable to be produced by a human, so he couldn't help being astonished.

Dutian Devil King chuckled. "Some languages are not something a lowly life like you can ever learn. You produce your sounds through your throat while the language of Youdu is not produced through the throat—"

When he spoke to here, Qin Mu suddenly gave off a sound that wasn't produced through the throat. That sound came from his soul and it sounded very similar to what Dutian Devil King had made!

Dutian Devil King was slightly stunned and became on guard. "This little devil is so clever, to actually realize that it was a sound produced by the soul upon learning that it wasn't it didn't use the throat. If he continues to grow, I might not be able to beat him… It's best to kill such a clever devil as soon as possible!"

Qin Mu tried to produce sounds from the soul, and after a while, he finally learned the sentence completely. "What's the meaning of this sentence?"

Dutian Devil King didn't reply and Qin Mu was about to ask again when the other said, "This sentence means Gate of Earth Origin."

Qin Mu was slightly startled. "Gate of Earth Origin? You're not lying to me?"

Dutian Devil King chuckled. "Lie to you, why would I lie to you? It really means Gate of Earth Origin, there's no mistake."

Qin Mu was skeptical. For Dutian Devil King to suddenly be so generous, there was definitely something wrong with the sentence.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he smiled. "Dutian Devil King, you can leave my body now. I already used Winter Crystal Iron to make a god statue mechanism for you, so you can enter it. You can do whatever you want and summon any devil you want after that."

Dutian Devil King smiled. "You want to trick me into leaving so that the one-armed old monk can kill me? I'm not that stupid."

Qin Mu shook his head and said to Old Ma and Cripple, "Grandpas, I'll help you reattach your limbs now."

Old Ma said, "When you help us reattach our limbs, that devil god will likely take the chance to escape. Why don't we just refine him to death now?"

Qin Mu said solemnly, "I can't go back on my word. I had promised to make a god statue mechanism for him and let him enter so I can't eat my words."

Old Ma didn't say anything more. Qin Mu took the bed out for Old Ma to lie on. He then took out Old Ma's arm from the medicinal cauldron and helped him to reattach it.

He was busy reattaching when a spark flashed across the heart of his brows and landed on the eight-armed and four-faced god statue with a sizzle.

Cripple raised his eyebrows and beamed at him. "This nuisance of a devil king, I can let you run eight hundred miles first."

Dutian Devil King took control over the god statue, and discovering that he could move freely, he immediately sprinted away.

Just as he ran out of Qin Mu's courtyard, he heard a clack after taking over a dozen steps and the two joints on his legs locked closed.

Clacking came from the joints in his entire body, which sounded like locks being locked tight shut. The eight arms of Dutian Devil King were raised high in the air, and he had one leg raised up which couldn't be put down. His entire body was stiff and he was unable to move.

"You b*tch, you tricked me!" a flustered and exasperated voice came from the god statue as it scolded.

Hu Ling'er's head popped out from Qin Mu's courtyard and took a glance at the devil god statue which was frozen in place. "Didn't young master already tell you? He was going to be making a god statue mechanism for you. You see, haven't you been tricked by the mechanism instead? That's right, do you think young master is a male fox that has turned into a spirit? I think he's a little…"

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