Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 211 - Gate Of Heaven Influence

Qin Mu taught Hu Ling'er how to control the mechanism. He had left a control station at the chest of Dutian Devil King, and by pushing a secret compartment gently, the control station would automatically pop out.

The god statue mechanism that was made of Winter Crystal Iron was extremely huge, a towering nine yards tall, and Qin Mu had spent a great deal of money for it. Just the Winter Crystal Iron alone had cost him ten thousand great abundance coins.

The parts of the god statue mechanism also numbered in thousands. There were eight to nine hundred of the gears alone, making the mechanism incredibly complicated.

Even if Dutian Devil King wasn't willing to move, they could control him using the control station. The god statue mechanism had eight arms and four faces, which looked very fierce, and it was extremely strong. Ordinary divine arts practitioners would find it hard to penetrate through the defense of Winter Crystal Iron.

At the heart of the god statue mechanism, there was a tiny pill furnace which was pretty similar to the one Qin Mu had forged for Fan Yunxiao. However, he had made the pill furnace on Fan Yunxiao's ruined ship for the first time, so he lacked experience. This time, the pill furnace was much smaller and more intricate than before.

When Hu Ling'er sat down in the control station, she could send medicinal stones into the tiny pill furnace and use her vital qi to control the fire there. Even without Dutian Devil King, she could use this god statue mechanism as a heavy-armored weapon.

If Dutian Devil King treated the god statue mechanism as his body to help out in battle, the power he would be able to unleash would be no small matter. Divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm would no longer be his match, and even divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm couldn't say they would be able to win against him for certain.

Qin Mu learned how to create this god statue mechanism from Mute, Deaf, and Old Ma. He had merely put together what the three of them had taught him, not creating anything new.

The only creating he did was to put all of it together.

However, this god statue mechanism was definitely at the level of smithing masters, mechanical masters, and rune masters. He had created a totally different type of battle method.

Hu Ling'er was full of excitement and ignored Dutian Devil King who was in the god statue mechanism's body. She immediately sat down into the small control station to control this god statue mechanism for a trial run.

Qin Mu immediately said, "Big Dragon, follow her, don't let her cause any trouble!"

The dragon qilin acknowledged his command and caught up to Hu Ling'er who was squealing and flailing the arms of the god statue. Qin Mu looked at the back figure of the dragon qilin and saw its tummy nearly touching the floor.

"It's time for this fellow to go on a diet."

Qin Mu shook his head. This dragon qilin hadn't been very robust in the past, yet even though he frequently starved, he looked majestic and no one dared to come close to him when he was guarding the mountain.

But ever since it had followed him, he never missed a Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill and drank the water of Jade Dragon River to his content. This resulted in him becoming fatter and fatter, growing in size by quite a lot.

If this continued, the dragon qilin would soon become a huge meatball with only its belly reaching the floor. It could forget about putting his claws on the floor anymore.

"In the past, Patriarch definitely didn't give him one bucket of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills or else this fellow would have already become as fat as a ball. He's lying about his rations, I think it's better to just give him half a bucket."

Qin Mu held his breath with rapt attention and executed Overlord Body once again. He transformed into the form of Saturn Sovereign which had a human head but the body of a snake. The apparition of the scroll took form in his hand, and a gate gradually appeared behind him.

Qin Mu turned around, and his soul trembled, giving off strange sounds. It was the language of Youdu that Dutian Devil King had taught him. The devil king had called that Gate of Earth Origin, but even if he didn't know if it really meant Gate of Earth Origin, he had not learned the sentence incorrectly.

He spoke out the words on the gate, and the Gate of Earth Origin gradually opened up and revealed a space of endless darkness.

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment. He walked around this gate and saw he was still in his own courtyard. The gate was thin beyond belief and seemed to have no thickness. From his current angle, he could only see a thin sheet of darkness erected vertically over there.

Yet when he stood in front of the gate, he could see endless darkness in front of himself.

"This is a gate that connects to the other world?"

Qin Mu was stunned. He stretched out his palm and carefully put it inside the door, but there was nothing abnormal.

"Is this the marvel of Five Elements Realm? Does other people's Five Elements Realm have this gate? Did anyone open and enter it before?"

He was a little hesitant. What would he meet after entering this gate? Would the legendary Youdu be in this darkness?

Could he still live to come back after going in?

Right at this moment, Qin Mu saw a light coming from the world of darkness. It was a human and a boat. On the bow of the boat hung a dim lamp, giving off a ghostly light. The little boat was floating over to him.

Under the light of the lamp on the bow of the boat, there was an elder folding paper humans and paper horses. With the flickering light, the scene looked extremely tranquil.

Qin Mu tried to pop his head into the gate only to see the elder taking down the lamp and shining it at him. When Qin Mu was shone upon by the light, he felt his soul being fixed in place and was unable to move.

The elder on the boat hung the lamp back on the bow of the boat. When the light was no longer on Qin Mu's body, he let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, his hair stood up on end as he lowered his head to take a look and saw himself standing on the boat, right beside the elder!

The little boat was turning around unhurriedly, and Qin Mu turned his head back to have a look. He could see light coming from a gate that was far away, and in front of it, he was standing and looking in!

His body in front of the gate seemed to be frozen, unable to move at all.

If he was still at the gate, then who was he here?

He looked around, but his surroundings were just darkness. The only light came from the lamp and that light formed the Gate of Earth Origin.

His heart turned icy cold. The elder who was folding paper humans and paper horses on the boat had shone this lamp on him and spirited away his soul onto the ship!

The him in front of the gate was already a body without a soul!

"Why did you take away my soul when I have yet to die?" Qin Mu asked the elder.

The elder ignored him and continued to focus on folding the paper humans and paper horses.

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw that the Gate of Earth Origin was getting farther and farther away. It greatly terrified him. Dutian Devil King had indeed hidden some things from him. This gate was probably not the Gate of Earth Origin; otherwise, this elder wouldn't have snatched his soul!

He jumped off the ship. He was still not too far from the gate and might be able to make it back to his body!

However, the moment he jumped out, he didn't fall into the water as he had expected. Surrounding the boat was darkness, boundless darkness.

He was like a drowning person, flailing his arms everywhere, but there was no place for him to exert force on. He could only see himself continuing to sink, falling into the deeper and blacker darkness.

He looked upwards, and the little boat in the darkness went farther and farther away from him. The light at the bow of the ship was also becoming smaller and dimmer. Gradually, the light was too tiny to be seen.

"Dutian Devil King, that bastard, he really tricked me…"

Qin Mu felt as if he had fallen into a nightmare of endless darkness. He had no way to break free, no way to struggle and save himself.

This was a darkness that made people lose all hope and sink into despair.

Meanwhile, the boat which could carry his soul had already sailed far away.

Suddenly, Qin Mu exerted all his strength to shout with his soul, shouting the language of Youdu that Dutian Devil King had taught him. The cryptic pitch was suave, craggy, and impossible to pronounce, but that was because it could only be shouted out by the soul!

When he finished saying this sentence, a similarly cryptic and ancient voice came from the boundless darkness. This voice was also saying the words of Youdu, but it sounded like chanting. The voice seemed like it was a forebear from the ancient times, offering lives and fresh blood as sacrifice to a dignified god that bore the weight of the world.

Qin Mu immediately felt his body floating upwards, and the speed at which he was moving became faster and faster, until he turned into a flash of light at the end.

The shooting light whistled and flew out of the darkness, rushing into Qin Mu's body that was standing at the gate.

The body trembled violently as Qin Mu gasped for breath. He was all covered in sweat as though he had just crawled out of the water.

Meanwhile, behind the gate, the boat floated over once more without any hurry. The elder on the boat looked at him, but he didn't shine his lamp at him this time.

Qin Mu stood in front of that gate, ready to disperse his Saturn Sovereign's form anytime to let the gate disappear when he asked, "Dao brother, what's the meaning of your sentence?"

That elder's gaze landed on his body and the little boat turned its direction to sail towards the darkness.

"Earth is the great origin. All things owe to it their birth, receiving obediently the influence of Heaven.

"Earth, in its largeness, supports and contains all things. Its excellent capacity matches the unlimited power. Its comprehension is wide, and its brightness is great. The various things in it obtain their full development.

"The mare is a creature of earthly kind. Its power of moving on the earth is without limit. It is mild and docile, advantageous and firm. Such is the course of the superior man. If he takes the initiative, he goes astray and misses his proper course. If he follows, he is docile and gets into his regular course"

"The sentence that you said was none other than Earth is the great origin. If you had said it earlier, I wouldn't have taken your soul."

That boat sailed farther and farther away before gradually disappearing. The elder's voice traveled over a great distance, growing faint. "This gate is Youdu's Gate of Heaven Influence, it's Earth Origin Heaven Influence. Ghosts can enter, but it's not a place you can enter…"

"Dutian Devil King had really wanted to harm me!" Qin Mu was furious, but then he burst out laughing. "Luckily my life was not lost, so I can just slowly deal with him. Eh, my soul seems to have changed a little."

He felt that his soul had become much stronger after the journey to Youdu. Qin Mu was stunned. When he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, he felt an indescribable power coming from the Gate of Heaven Influence which was nourishing his soul!

He couldn't help being stunned. Even though Dutian Devil King had lied to him, not all his words were untruths.

Dutian Devil King had been right. Knowing the words on this gate and opening the gate could indeed allow his cultivation to have no shortcomings, so he could be even greater than Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor in this realm!

Saturn Sovereign's form of his Five Elements Realm was of utmost importance to him since it was crucial for his soul cultivation!

After quite some time, Qin Mu felt his soul become more and more stable. When he looked at the scroll in his hand, the words there became clearer, showing him weird letters that had the shapes of birds, beasts, fish, sun, and moon.

Even though he didn't recognize them, his gaze swept past them as though he knew what they meant. The marvel of the words on the scroll then automatically became part of his knowledge.

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