Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 214 - Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures

"Could this Pangong Tso have changed the Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures?"

Duke Wei was puzzled and muttered, "I've fought with experts from Rolan's Golden Palace before and their techniques required souls to cultivate. Even though their bodies were cultivated to a brilliant gold state, most of their techniques used souls as an offense method. Meanwhile, this young barbarian had instead walked the path of the corporeal body. His technique is also slightly different from Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures, it's a little too fierce…"

He was a first ranking high official after all, someone on the cult master level. He could immediately see Qin Mu's extraordinary points; however, even with his extraordinary knowledge, he could only see that Qin Mu's Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures was similar yet different. He couldn't see that Qin Mu was actually using Heavenly God Creation Technique.

Each and every one of the Seven Writings of Creation from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had their own unique points. Heavenly God Creation Technique was able to imitate other people's technique, and Granny Si had exhibited this technique once before, turning into the Border Dragon City Lord Fu Yundi, passing off a fake as genuine.

Qin Mu killed Monk Yuan Jing with a single palm, and all the other monks around felt indignant at the injustice. Another monk stood out and said loudly, "You took the legacy treasure of our Nantuo Monastery and killed a person of our Nantuo Monastery. Do you really think there's no one in our Nantuo Monastery to match you? I, Yuan Shan, will face you…"

Qin Mu stretched his hand out and grabbed, his move giving off a crackling sound of thunder. Before Monk Yuan Shan could finish saying his words, he fell flat on the ground. His body was still alive and there were no wounds on him. His heart was still beating as well.

A few of the monks immediately went forward and checked for his breathing. Monk Yuan Shan was still breathing, but his eyes were closed.

"There's no need to check, his soul has scattered," Qin Mu said. "His soul was taken away by my humble self and extinguished."

"Didn't you say it was a test of strength?" the bunch of monks shouted in fury. "Why did you land a killing blow time and again?"

Qin Mu said indifferently, "This is the rule beyond the Great Wall. As long as one makes a move, there is no life and death. I thought the people of Eternal Peace Empire were brave, it never crossed my mind that all of you had been pampered to the point where you were afraid of death. Seems like I was mistaken, I should put this Thousand Banners Pagoda back into our Rolan's Golden Palace. There's no one fated among all of you."

"Presumptuous!" a monk shouted out angrily and swung his monk staff forward. It had nine hoops with nine treasures hanging on them. With a swing, a clanking that could shake a person's soul rang out.

Qin Mu stood motionless and let the monk staff hit his head. Only when it reached him, did he grab the staff and pull it over forcefully. Both of the monk's hands turned bloody from getting scraped.


Qin Mu threw the monk staff back, and it pierced the other's heart, nailing the monk to the floor.

Duke Wei shook his head, "Monks of Nantuo Monastery only know how to eat and drink. They have lived like princes over these years and the difference between them and him is too huge. None of them is his match on the same realm. The shaman spells of Rolan's Golden Palace are bizarre. It's possible for them to destroy the opponent's soul, but something isn't right here. I've never seen his moves before. Could the grand shaman have created some new divine art?"

Wei Yong still couldn't find Qin Mu and thought to himself, "He told me to come and look at something interesting yet where is he hiding at?"

A few more middle-aged monks walked out of Nantuo Monastery with grim expressions. One of them said solemnly, "Go to Supreme Court to report this and bring the authorities to arrest him! Another person shall go to Crown Prince Side Palace and invite the leader over!"

The eyes of the other monks lighted up, and they left in a hurry.

Supreme Court was responsible for investigating, so there was no need for Nantuo Side Palace to fight to the death with Qin Mu. They only needed the authorities to come forward and throw him into the prison. This way the Thousand Banners Pagoda would naturally return to Nantuo Monastery.

Since Qin Mu had killed people in the capital city, it was natural for Supreme Court to come forth and investigate the event. Furthermore, there were also people of Nantuo Monastery in Supreme Court, which made things easier.

A monk hurriedly ran into the Crown Prince Side Palace and shouted, "Leader, this is bad, someone has come to thrash our Nantuo Monastery!"

Sun Nantuo was like a huge buddha sitting cross-legged. When he heard what the monk said, he opened his eyes and looked towards the crown prince. The crown prince was a middle-aged man and didn't look much younger than Emperor Yan Feng. He twirled his mustache around his finger and said with a smile, "Could it be the devils of Heavenly Devil Cult coming to seek revenge?"

That monk shook his head. "It's not Heavenly Devil Cult, it's a disciple from Rolan's Golden Palace called Pangong Tso. He brought with him the legacy treasure of our Nantuo Monastery which was lost a few hundred years ago, the Thousand Banners Pagoda. He said he would give it to a fated person. As long as we could win against him while being on the same realm as he, he would give the Thousand Banners Pagoda over. Our senior and junior brothers went forth to challenge him and were killed without any explanation. By now, he has killed many of our senior and junior brothers!"

Sun Nantuo's expression turned grim. "You guys don't cultivate buddhist skills and are intoxicated by women and wine, it serves you right to have this defeat. However, Thousand Banners Pagoda is the legacy treasure of our Nantuo Sect which was lost a few hundred years ago beyond the Great Wall, so we have to welcome the return of this treasure."

The crown prince frowned slightly. "Grand Preceptor, Heavenly Devil Cult just lost two heavenly kings. With the attitude of the number one sacred ground of the devil cult, they would definitely not let things be. Now that a disciple of Rolan's Golden Palace has suddenly popped out, could it be a trap? I've heard that lying low for over forty years, Heavenly Devil Cult has brought forth a new cult master, but we still don't know his background…"

Sun Nantuo rose and said indifferently, "Your Highness, your news is a little outdated. The background of the new cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult has already been spread. I have received news from Great Thunderclap Monastery that this new cult master is the imperial academician of Imperial College. His surname is Qin and his name is Mu, and he's an abandoned person from Great Ruins. Not long ago, His Majesty raised his official position, making him a fifth ranking palace grandee."

"It's actually him!" The crown prince rose and said in astonishment, "Even though the new cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult is young, there are still strong practitioners and wise people in the cult so we can't let our guard down. Grand Preceptor, I didn't think you would still have contact with Great Thunderclap Monastery. Could you arrange for a meeting?"

"This is simple." Sun Nantuo walked said while walking outside, "Old Rulai also wants to meet Your Highness."

The crown prince went after him, smiling. "I'll follow you to take a look at that Pangong Tso, I shall see if he's from Rolan's Golden Palace or from Heavenly Devil Cult."

Not much later, the enquirers from Supreme Court hurried over. When they met Duke Wei, they immediately greeted him.

Duke Wei saw Sun Nantuo and the crown prince walking over from the corners of his eyes and said in his loud voice, "The emperor gave an order in the past that the imperial court will belong to the imperial court and the martial world will belong to the martial world. This is a grudge of the martial world so there's no need for Supreme Court to meddle. Otherwise, with all the fighting in the martial world daily, could Supreme Court handle all of it? We'll see when an official of the imperial court dies. Lord Sun, Your Highness, come join in the fun here!"

Sun Nantuo's expression sunk, while the crown prince smiled. "Grand Preceptor, it's best if we go over. If we don't, Duke Wei's loud mouth would blabber until the entire capital learned of it. Come to think of it, it's time to change that rule father had set back then."

The rule Duke Wei had mentioned was one hat the emperor had set with all the big sects back in the day. They had decided that the imperial court will belong to the imperial court, while the martial world will belong to the martial world, each not interfering with the other. Even though the monks of Nantuo Monastery were disciples of Crown Prince's Grand Preceptor Sun Nantuo, most of them didn't have an official position, so they could only be classified as people of the martial world.

Sun Nantuo and the crown prince came to the side of Duke Wei and the rest. While they were talking, Qin Mu killed a couple more monks and sparked the fury of Nantuo Side Palace. All of the monks were making a racket to gang up on him.

The few middle-aged monks saw more and more people in the surroundings, and since they were afraid of throwing the name of Nantuo Monastery, they immediately shouted at the monks to keep silent.

"Duke, Your Highness, Lord Sun!"

Duke Wei looked over and saw another old lord coming over with a smile. "So it's Lord Yan Zhigui. Lord Yan is currently quite a popular man, standing beside the emperor and Empress Dowager."

Lord Yan immediately said, "Duke Wei is joking. Lord Sun, what's the matter?"

"Nantuo Monastery is in trouble. From the looks of it, that person is seeking revenge."

Another few high officials of the imperial court walked over and one of them said, "Nantuo Monastery has been criticized over the recent years for walking in and out of the courtyards of the women in the kings, dukes and ministers' families. There were complaints from numerous ministers, but it wasn't good for them to disclose it as it would affect their reputation. This time, I reckon they are all enjoying the commotion around here. Look, none of them are willing to get involved in it. Eh, Lord Sun is also here."

They were all first and second ranking high officials in the imperial court and had purposely acted as if they had not seen Sun Nantuo, not giving him a good look.

Sun Nantuo remained unmoved as he looked at Qin Mu. Eternal Peace Crown Prince was also sizing Qin Mu up and trying to see the origin of his technique.

"Send a divine arts practitioner up with his Six Directions Divine Treasure sealed. He will then unseal his Six Directions Divine Treasure mid-fight and land a killing blow! We'll just kill him directly!"

A middle-aged monk said in a low voice, "Yuan Kong, you shall go. We've already lost our face, so it'd make no difference if we lost slightly more. No matter what, we have to win the Thousand Banners Pagoda back!"

Monk Yuan Kong acknowledged his words and sealed his Six Directions Divine Treasure at once as he went down to challenge Qin Mu. His cultivation surpassed Monk Yuan Jing's by leaps and bounds. Standing straight, his body was like a thousand arms buddha that had an unmovable body and flailing arms. It was a different approach, but equally marvelous compared to the Thousand-Armed Buddha of Thunderclap Eight Strikes.

Qin Mu went forward to attack and heard loud thunder. The two of them had punched forward at the same time, and gales burst forth violently around them, surging in all directions and rustling everyone's clothes.

Cracking sounds exploded from Monk Yuan Jing's body as he collapsed stiffly onto the ground. All of his bones were shattered; he was killed before he could even unseal his Six Directions Divine Treasure in time!

Most of the monks of Nantuo Monastery stared in anger and wanted to chop Qin Mu into pieces by their shouts. However, they were all blocked by the middle-aged monk.

Duke Wei clapped in admiration and shouted out loudly, "The Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures of Rolan's Golden Palace are so powerful! Another great monk is killed!"

Sun Nantuo frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "This is Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures?"

He had never met any of the experts of Rolan's Golden Palace before and never seen this kind of technique before. On the other hand, Duke Wei had gone to the west borders before and clashed with the shaman kings of Rolan's Golden Palace.

Eternal Peace Crown Prince pondered, "I've heard that the shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace use their souls to cultivate, transforming themselves into half humans and half demons, having all kinds of transformations…"

As he was saying this, another monk of Nantuo Monastery went forward and unsealed the Six Directions Divine Treasure straightaway, wanting to execute his divine arts. He took unfair advantage of Qin Mu by immediately closing in on him and placing a mudra on his chest.

That monk of Nantuo Monastery opened his Six Direction Divine Treasure and his vigor increased exponentially as his divine art burst forth!

He was even stronger than Yuan Kong and had cultivated over four hundred treasures from the thousand treasures in Spirit Treasure Unmovable Meditation Technique. He had over four hundred mudras, and he used them one after another. Instantly, the buddha aura shone brightly with flowing colors. The monk looked like a buddha who was angered while subduing demons and devils and received shouts of praise from the crowd.

"Superb cultivation, Monk Yuan Yue!" a woman from some family exclaimed in admiration with a look of infatuation.

While she was saying that, Qin Mu's body jolted, and he changed into the god transformation that had a bull's head, a human's body, and bull's hooves. His whole body shone with a brilliant golden luster as he stepped on two dragons. A bull's eyes appeared in the heart of his brows and a trail of flame shot out, slicing through Monk Yuan Yue's neck.

Monk Yuan Yue could only feel himself flying backward. He looked over to see his body with an open neck spewing blood, no head in sight.

His head flew to the bosom of the woman who looked infatuated, turning her complexion deathly pale as she screamed in astonishment before fainting.

Piak, piak.

Qin Mu's tail swayed and smacked twice on his buttocks, instantly turning them red.

Eternal Peace Crown Prince's gaze flickered, and he said, "It should be the Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures of Rolan's Golden Palace. However, why did he have to smack his own buttocks? Is this some bizarre spell from Rolan's Golden Palace?"

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