Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 215 - Night Market Slaughter

Duke Wei saw Qin Mu returning back to his normal form and was slightly bewildered. He looked towards the Imperial Preceptor's manor and thought to himself, "Imperial Preceptor, that cold fellow, seems to have cultivated a similar technique before. I remember seeing him exhibit such a form before… Weird, Imperial Preceptor, this old boy, actually didn't come out to see the commotion. Did he get drained dry by all those palace maids the emperor rewarded him with?"

"Pangong Tso is really a disciple of Rolan's Golden Palace?"

Sun Nantuo was a little hesitant. Rolan's Golden Palace was the number one sacred ground beyond the Great Wall and people in it called themselves shamans. They cultivated evil spells and used souls to cultivate, reconstructing their bodies into a form that was neither human nor demon.

What Qin Mu had executed just now was a god transformation.

Among those who reached the Five Elements Realm, there were few who managed to cultivate god transformations. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, this monster, still complained about Imperial College not teaching profound knowledge, but it wasn't because it didn't want to teach. It was because there were not many people among the directorates who could cultivate a god transformation of Five Elements Realm.

In addition to that, Qin Mu's god transformation was out of the ordinary to top it. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had been astonished that it seemed that both his corporeal body and his vital qi transformed into those of a god, and there were even signs of his spirit and soul transforming. There was also a change to his aura that was very extraordinary.

For example, a bull's eye had grown at the heart of Qin Mu's brows when he used the flame god form earlier. A trail of flame had shot out from that eye and severed Monk Yuan Yue's head. This was a divine art that was formed by his corporeal body, vital qi, soul, and spirit transforming into those that were at the level of a god.

Even if ordinary martial arts practitioners of Five Elements Realm managed to cultivate their god transformations, they would be very different from Qin Mu's god transformation. Those people also wouldn't be able to execute such moves like what Qin Mu did.

If even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't understand everything about this, then it was natural that Sun Nantuo, the crown prince, and the rest of the people around wouldn't be able to recognize it, either. They simply thought that it was the demon transformation of Rolan's Golden Palace and exclaimed in admiration at how powerful and bizarre Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures was.

"Lord Sun, a lot of your disciples were killed, won't you challenge him personally?" Duke Wei said while shaking his head. "You should challenge him personally and defeat this barbarian. Only then could the reputation of your Nantuo Monastery be saved! The disciples of your Nantuo Monastery are simply lacking. The guy just now had executed his divine art of the Six Directions Realm yet his head was still chopped off by an opponent of Five Elements Realm. This is simply embarrassing."

Sun Nantuo's gaze wavered, but he ignored the man. He knew that Duke Wei's mouth could swallow the entire sky, so if he replied to him, the other would definitely have a way to force him to challenge Qin Mu.

But it was something he couldn't do at any cost. He had no certainty that he would win when fighting with the strength of the same realm. Even though he had cultivated the thousand of mudras in Spirit Treasure Unmovable Meditation Technique to perfection, it was highly unlikely for Spirit Treasure Unmovable Meditation Technique to defeat this barbarian.

If he then executed his Six Directions Realm, it would definitely not escape the eyes of Duke Wei, and if he started blabbering about it, that would be even more embarrassing.

There was also no doubt that Duke Wei would blabber about it.

Eternal Peace Crown Prince said in a low voice, "Grand Preceptor, I have a few good fighters with me, maybe they could help you defeat this barbarian…"

Sun Nantuo shook his head. "I'm thinking where the guardian of this barbarian is."

"Guardian?" Eternal Peace Crown Prince was slightly stunned.

Sun Nantuo looked around and said, "Your Highness might not know this, but everyone who blocks the gate needs a guardian by their side. This is to prevent them from getting assassinated. For example, when Dao Sect blocked the gate of Imperial College, Dan Yangzi was the guardian of Daozi. When Great Thunderclap Monastery blocked the gate of Imperial College, Old Monk Jing Ming was acting as the guardian of Fozi Fo Xin. For this barbarian to be so courageous, there definitely is a guardian from Rolan's Golden Palace nearby. This person would definitely be an expert of the cult master level! Only when we find him and defeat him can we regain the face of my Nantuo Monastery."

He knew that with how he hated evil with a passion he had offended numerous ministers daily. On top of that, with how the disciples of Nantuo Side Palace practiced corrupted habits, many of the people in the city were waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

If he wanted to quell this matter, the best choice was to find the troublemaker's guardian and kill him in a just and honorable manner. As for the youth's life and death, it wasn't his concern.

Suddenly, Sun Nantuo walked over to the young man, and the monks of Nantuo Monastery couldn't help being surprised and delighted. They all made way for him.

Qin Mu stood outside Nantuo Side Palace, the corpses around him having already been dragged away. From the beginning to the end, over ten monks had died at his hands, and the monks of Nantuo Monastery were staring at him in anger, yet they didn't dare to make a move.

Once they noticed Sun Nantuo coming forward personally, anticipation grew in their hearts.

Sun Nantuo raised his head and looked at the Thousand Banners Pagoda with a flickering gaze. "Who gave you such guts to take the legacy treasure of our Nantuo Monastery which Rolan's Golden Palace had stolen a few hundred years ago to block the gate of our Nantuo Monastery?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I have come forward this time to sell this treasure to a fated person and not to block the gate of your Nantuo Monastery. If other people want to get this Thousand Banners Pagoda, they can also come forth and challenge me. As long as they are fated, there's no harm in giving it to them. This great monk, if you have the ability, you can defeat me and take this Thousand Banners Pagoda away. If you don't have the ability, don't bother me doing my business."

Eternal Peace Crown Prince walked over with a smile. "You said you want to sell this treasure, if you're selling it, there would definitely be a price. May I know how much you are selling it for?"

Qin Mu took a glance at him and said, "Of course there is a price."

The expressions of the monks of Nantuo Monastery froze as their hearts filled with madness. If they had known they could buy it, why would they have fought to the death with this barbarian?

Eternal Peace Crown Prince's spirit was roused and he asked with a smile, "What's the price? Just state any, there's nothing in this world I can't buy."

Qin Mu's expression softened. "The price isn't too expensive. A hundred flying ships with apothecaries and medicine boys allocated within each one. In addition to that, I want two hundred cloud chariots. There's no need for gold-armored strong men, since there are plenty of strong men in our Great Wall.

Eternal Peace Crown Prince's expression sank. "You're playing with me?"

The flying ships and cloud chariots were military armaments, important weapons of Eternal Peace Empire. They had been invented by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and a bunch of other strong practitioners. Cloud chariots were important weapons to attack the city, so if the flying ships and cloud chariots were sold to the Great Wall, this would be treason. Even if he was a crown prince, the emperor would still take his head!

Qin Mu said indifferently, "If the crown prince can't afford this price, then don't bother me doing my business."

Eternal Peace Crown Prince's expression sank.

"I shall give this treasure to the fated one,"Qin Mu said solemnly. "Those who think they can defeat my humble self can come forth to try. My humble self will stay here for three days. If no one can win against my humble self in three days, my humble self will return to the Great Wall!"

"Three days?"

Sun Nantuo looked around and still couldn't find the guardian who was hiding in the shadows. He then thought to himself, "With three days' time, I'll definitely find out where he is hiding."

The monks of Nantuo Monastery didn't come forward to challenge, so Qin Mu sat down on the street quietly and waited.

The people watching the commotion gradually dispersed. Most of the kings, dukes, and ministers left their servants to watch the situation. Duke Wei brought Wei Yong to Imperial Preceptor's manor and knocked on the door. Elder Fu walked out with a smile and asked, "Duke, what's the matter?"

"Where's Imperial Preceptor?".

"Old master has brought madam out on a scenic tour."

Duke Wei jumped in shock and stuttered, "Ma-dam? What madam?"

"Duke Wei might not know, but after the emperor rewarded old master with a hundred palace maids, old master was very happy. The next day, he got along with one of the women and held a wedding on the very same day sharing their nuptial cups. After waking up, old master left with madam, so they are no longer in the capital city."

Duke Wei trembled violently, while a weird expression came onto his face. He stuttered out again, "Imperial Preceptor got married, he actually got married… This guy, I thought he didn't have any emotions… Never would have I thought he would get married… This scoundrel, he didn't even tell me!"

Elder Fu smiled. "Old master said to keep everything simple, so he didn't even inform the emperor."

Duke Wei let out a light breath. "Oh well, they are so poor I doubt they would even be able to hold a banquet. I will let my servant send a red packet and some gift boxes over. When did Imperial Preceptor say he will be back?"

Elder Fu shook his head.

Duke Wei let out a sigh and muttered to himself, "There's a problem with that barbarian, but since he's staying here for three days, there's no rush. I'll wait for Imperial Preceptor to be back."

The night fell and all kinds of flower lanterns were lighted up in all parts of the capital city. The night markets were opened up, and the street gradually became bustling with activity. Duke Wei let Wei Yong enquire around, and he came back to say, "Because it is nearing New Years, there's less than a month left, most of the merchants in the city are selling New Years goods."

"So I see. Let us father and son take a walk around."

Old and young men walked around the night market and saw many young ladies from influential families walking out of their chambers. They were well-dressed and carried a court fan. While they admired the flower lanterns, they would cover their faces upon seeing young men looking over. However, they would secretly size up those young men from behind their court fans.

Wei Yong was from the old Wei Family and didn't have much relation to Duke Wei. Only when he made a name for himself in Imperial College did he enter the other's eyes. As they walked around, Duke Wei gave him pointers for his cultivation.

While speaking to each other, they walked past Nantuo Side Palace, and Duke Wei was stunned when he didn't see Pangong Tso's figure outside.

He only saw many monks coming out from Nantuo Side Palace, and the one being surrounded was Sun Nantuo. Other than him, there were also other guardians and abbots of the side palace. A monk hurriedly said, "Leader, the barbarian secretly escaped under the cover of the night market! I've already sent a few senior and junior brothers after him!"

"Crafty, this barbarian actually pulled a feint and made us think he would stay here for three days, so we didn't expect him to slip away on the night of the very same day!"

"Those senior brothers that are following him will not let him escape!"

Sun Nantuo was expressionless. He told the monk to follow and hurried away while saying in a deep voice, "We'll make our move outside the city."

Duke Wei's eyes lighted up, and he went forward with Wei Yong while smiling. "Sun Nantuo, this guy, seems sanctimonious, so I would never have expected him to be such a sinister and cunning person. If he killed that barbarian in the capital, people would be sure to criticize him. But if he made his move outside and got rid of the corpse, no one would know about it. Let us follow them and see how these monks murder and arson!"

Wei Yong followed after him, and thus the young and old men went after the strong practitioners of Nantuo Monastery out of the capital. There were monks squeezing out from the crowd from time to time to report the traces of Pangong Tso to Sun Nantuo. Gradually, they walked out of the city.

There was also a night market outside the capital, and the lanterns there were brightly lit. The night market spanned for several miles, and there were people coming to and fro, making it extraordinarily bustling.

Duke Wei brought Wei Yong and lingered behind the monks of Nantuo Monastery. They unknowingly walked for several miles, and there was actually still a night market here. Not only was it still around, but there was also a village and a wide wooden gate which was over a dozen yards wide. A red wooden sign was hung on that wooden gate.

Duke Wei raised his head and looked at this red wooden sign. On it, there were four words - Teachings of Sacred Teacher.

The corners of Duke Wei's eyes twitched, and he hesitated for a moment. Sun Nantuo had already walked into this village, and the lanterns here were brightly lit. There were iron woks placed on the pillars, and inside them was concentrated kerosene that was crackling from the burning fire.

There were all kinds of stalls in the village, and there was even a butcher's shop that slaughtered pigs and goats. Sounds of hawking rang in the bustling village, so everything seemed like an ordinary night market.

"What's wrong, Duke?" Wei Yong was puzzled.

"Teachings of Sacred Teacher, I have seen this phrase before."

With a grim expression, Duke Wei said, "When the previous cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, Li Tianxing, set out on a long journey and came to the side palace, he had hung this phrase outside his gate. Heavenly Devil Cult refers to their cult master as sacred teacher, which means that the sacred teacher is coming to teach them… The people in the night market are from Heavenly Devil Cult…"

Duke Wei hesitated for a moment and walked in. Suddenly, a male and female elders walked out with a smile. "Duke, hold your step."

Duke Wei was about to say something when an earth-shattering sound rang out. He hurriedly looked over and saw the peddlers, scholars, and beauties wandering around suddenly spring into action!

All of the monks of Nantuo Monastery were assassinated by the peddlers and passers-by beside them. Their heads flew into the air, and blood painted the sky crimson.

Once these people succeeded in their assassination, they retreated and moved back into the houses on both sides.

In a blink of an eye, all the monks beside Sun Nantuo were left headless!

Sun Nantuo shouted out, and the body of a thousand arms buddha appeared. It was over three hundred yards tall. With the buddha aura shining brightly, the statue held a thousand magical artifacts and looked awe-inspiring.

At this moment, twenty elders came from all directions and pounced on Sun Nantuo. With a loud bang, the thousand arms buddha was shattered into pieces.

Duke Wei was left dazed as the night market regained its bustling activity. There were people moving the corpses away, while others were drawing the river water to wash the ground.

'Teachings of Sacred Teacher!' Duke Wei remembered this phrase and shuddered. He immediately said, "Let's go and not see the true face of this devil cult master…"

Suddenly, Wei Yong waved toward the village with a smile. "Brother Qin, why are you here?"

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