Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 222 - Encircle And Annihilate Heavenly Devil Cult Master

"This monk is an expert!"

Qin Mu grunted and his body trembled as he turned into the form of Mars Sovereign who had a bull's head and stood on two dragons. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique circulated according to Mars Fire Marquis True Technique, and his vital qi increased exponentially to counter the pressure from above.

The third bull's eye in the heart of his brows opened up and shot a beam of fire upwards. A grunt came from above as the huge sun behind the head of the huge buddha was pierced by the beam and shattered. The huge buddha disappeared and turned into a young monk.

The pressure on Qin Mu lessened by a lot, and the blazing fire around his body quickly flowed throughout the entire ship to melt away the icicles on it.

The speed of the treasure ship increased exponentially as it entered the cloud layer and continued forward. In midair, the tall and sturdy monk held a nine-ringed monk staff while standing on one leg. Blood dripped from the other leg as he looked around.

He had executed Vajra Unbeatable Technique earlier to take Qin Mu's Drill Sword Form head on and the leg which had blocked the young man's sword move was mangled. Vajra Unbeatable Technique was not able to block Drill Sword Form completely.

Qin Mu had then turned into the form of Mars Sovereign which managed to destroy the buddha in which he had transformed by using Vajra Unbeatable Technique, forcing him to have no choice but to retreat.

"Over there!"

The eyes of the tall and sturdy monk lighted up, and he exerted his strength to sprint on the clouds. Every time he took a step forward, a white lotus would appear underneath his feet. They would then have a footing, which allowed him to burst forward with more power.

Among the sea of the cloud, the treasure ship was faintly discernible. Qin Mu looked back and saw the monk chasing after quickly, his speed not slow in any way.

These people who had ambushed him were all experts. There was no need to talk about Long Jiaonan and the woman with the surname Qiu, for they were both divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm. That scholar earlier and this young monk were no ordinary people as well.

The scholar had his sword pellet destroyed by Qin Mu, yet with no spirit weapon, he could still receive the attack of Junior Protector Sword barehanded. Even though his clothes were torn into pieces, he was not injured at all.

Junior Protector Sword was the sword of a first ranking official of the imperial court. Even though Qin Mu couldn't unleash its full power, the sword was still incomparably sharp. For that scholar to be able to protect his body, he was certainly very strong.

This tall and sturdy monk was also ridiculously strong. One could see how solidly he had trained his body when he could take Qin Mu's Drill Sword Form head on and only suffer a hit to one foot.

If Qin Mu hadn't realized that the sun behind his head was the crucial point of Vajra Unbeatable Technique, the treasure ship would have probably been crashed into the ground under the pressure!

Even though these two people were not experts of Seven Stars Realm, they were at the peak of Six Directions Realm.

The monk's leg might have been injured, but his speed was still very fast. He seemed to be slowly catching up to the treasure ship.

"Ling'er, increase the speed!"

Hu Ling'er heard Qin Mu's order, and the speed of the treasure ship gradually increased, distancing them from the monk. When that monk saw the treasure ship going farther and farther away, he stopped chasing and exclaimed in admiration, "What a fast ship!"

Qin Mu saw the situation and his heart sank. That monk and scholar had both stopped chasing him which meant that they were sure that he would definitely be unable to escape their ambush.

This told him one thing - there were more experts ahead of him!

The treasure ship sailed forward for a moment before slowing down again. There weren't many medicinal stones left, so if the pill furnace continued burning at full power, the medicinal stones would be wasted and the ship wouldn't last till Great Ruins.

"As long as we fly out of the area covered by the cloud, we will be in the territory of Great Ruins. At that time, we won't be far from the village, it will be just a little over a thousand miles away."

Qin Mu dispersed the form of Mars Sovereign and came to the bow of the ship to take a look. He still couldn't see an end to this sea of the cloud.

The speed of the treasure ship now was still very fast, but the cold air bombarding him in the face was still bearable. At this moment, he saw a strange sight above the incomparably bright sea of the cloud. About a dozen miles away from him, colorful lights whirled continuously, shining in all directions.

As the treasure ship got closer, Qin Mu saw that the source of these lights were pillars of ice. They were like huge ice swords, and when the sunlight shone on them, colorful lights would be refracted, making them look dazzling in the sea of the cloud.

Every one of the ice swords was extremely thick and could only be hug by over a dozen people.

If these were used as swords, the only ones who could use them would be the incomparably huge giants.

The ice swords seemed to be growing from the sea of the cloud, but the weird thing was, they spun upright, refracting all kinds of lights from the sunlight. It was thus evident that these swords hadn't formed naturally.

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he steered hard to the right. The flying ship that was constructed out of metal tilted so much that the deck was almost vertical to the sea of the cloud. The ship slid at an astonishing arc and sailed past the pillars of ice.

"Ling'er, pill furnaces to full power!" Qin Mu shouted out, and Hu Ling'er's grumbles came from the hold of the ship. "Young master, you keep wanting me to turn on full power, but if we continue like this, we really won't make it back to Great Ruins. There really aren't that many medicinal stones left…"

Qin Mu ignored her grumbles and turned the steering wheel back to let the treasure ship regain its balance. To his left, the huge ice swords suddenly moved. It looked like a giant with multiple arms had suddenly pulled them all out. The huge ice sword sliced through the air and gave out loud whistles as they slashed towards the ship!

The speed of the treasure ship suddenly increased, and Qin Mu controlled it to avoid the ice swords that were slashing down. He looked back in a hurry and saw a woman in a blue dress standing among the huge ice swords. She was very beautiful but had an icy cold look as she walked among the ice swords.

Her vital qi was water blue. She had used her vital qi to transform into over a dozen arms which continuously did stabbing movements. The huge ice swords would then follow and do the corresponding moves!

"Luckily, she can't catch up to me…"

Just as Qin Mu thought this, the speed of that woman in a blue dress suddenly increased as she sprinted over through the cloud.

As she sprinted over frantically, her arms continued flailing about, and Qin Mu was stunned for a second. Suddenly, a huge boom came from the bottom of the ship, and it trembled violently as it tumbled in the sky, almost throwing him off!

Qin Mu grabbed onto the helm of the ship for dear life, and when the treasure ship finally stopped, he saw the ice swords forming around as they popped out from the cloud's surface. The treasure ship had collided with one of the ice swords earlier. Even though that ice sword had been shattered into pieces, the treasure ship was also badly damaged.

"The ability of this woman is extremely high and is even greater than that of the monk earlier. Her speed is also extremely fast!"

Qin Mu controlled the treasure ship to avoid the ice swords, but with more of them growing from the sea of the cloud, avoiding them became a challenge.

Qin Mu shouted angrily, "Where's Dutian Devil King?"

"What are you calling me for?" From the hold of the ship, Dutian Devil King walked out lazily with a look of 'even if you kill me, I'm not going to help you'.

Qin Mu saw him looking like this and vented his anger on him. "Do you want to kneel down and lick my toes again? If you don't, you better come and help!"

"You think I'm scared of you?" Dutian Devil King sneered, but he still walked over. "I'm the ruler of Dutian, after all; if you want me to save you, you better say please."

Veins popped out on Qin Mu's forehead. "Please!"

Dutian Devil was pleased and smiled. "There will also come the day when you will lower your head to me…"

He saw that Qin Mu was about to blow up and immediately hid his smile. Devil language resonated from his mouth, growing more and more urgent. This eight-armed and four-faced devil king raised his arms high up in the air, and a black mirror appeared in the sky above the flying ship.

A thick pillar of black light came shining down from the black mirror and onto the sea of the cloud. It looked like a basin of water had ink poured into it. The black fog swept in all directions, and in the blink of an eye, black smoke covered a radius of over a dozen miles. It even covered the woman in a blue dress.

In the black smoke, the woman grunted and felt her heart become disorderly. All kinds of impure thoughts poured out of her heart, and even a crystal clear Dao heart could not withstand it and become corrupted.

Her Secrets of Hatred Parting Heavenly Sword separated passion and hatred from her emotions while suppressing all kinds of impure thoughts in her heart. Only then could her Dao heart become one with the sword heart, transparent and pure. Now her sword heart was contaminated by ink, and the devil in her heart acted up, filling her heart with all kinds of desires.

"What a pity. If I had enough time, I could train this ice mountain like woman to lick my toes in just half a day's time." Dutian Devil King sighed.

Buddha voice came from the devil fog as that tall and sturdy monk arrived. He used his nine-ringed monk staff without any explanation. Light burst forth from the staff and shone in all directions, splitting the devil fog apart and driving it away.

When the monk drove the devil fog away, he suddenly found a hot figure falling into his arms, and his buddhist heart almost fell into a mess. The person who had dropped into his arms was none other than the ice cold woman of Passion Parting Palace. At this moment, her clothes were half unbuttoned and she was close to stripping herself naked.

The monk immediately pushed her away and shouted, "Senior Sister Yu, you have fallen into the spell of the devil path, are you not going to wake up?"

That woman in the blue dress, Yu E, was loudly shouted at with his buddha voice and the devil in her heart was dispersed. She instantly came back to her senses, and her face became beet red. She immediately covered herself up and said, "I'm embarrassed, I fell under the spells of the devil path and let them escape."

"Heavenly Devil Cult Master Qin Mu is naturally proficient in spells of the devil path, to bewitch people's hearts and spoil their cultivation!" The young monk trembled his monk staff, and the golden rings swayed, helping her suppress her heart devil. "However, with this little monk here, he can't overdo it!"

Yu E shook her head. "His ship is too fast, it won't be easy to catch up to him if he escapes."

"There's no need to worry, Senior Sister Yu. He can't run away." Behind them, the young scholar caught up and said, "Poor Logic Sect's Teacher Poor's disciple, Scholar Lan Yu greets Senior Brother Ban Chi and Senior Sister Yu. It's not just us who are hunting this Heavenly Devil Cult Master. Almost all the people with the same standing as us have made their move. They have laid down an inescapable net, so he won't be able to run away."

Monk Ban Chi was about to say something when he saw a swarm of insects surging over. Among them was a huge red snake controlling demon gas and slithering over. Its speed was extremely fast, so it would reach them in no time.

"It's Senior Sister Qiu Yue from Three Wonder Castle and Dragon Rider Sect's Young Master Long Jiaonan." Scholar Lan Yu took a look and said, "Long Jiaonan's temper is queer and nasty. He likes men and chased me around for half a day when he saw that I was handsome. Let us not meet with him."

At this moment, countless sword lights crisscrossed in the cloud far away, looking extremely dazzling. Monk Ban Chi's eyes lighted up, and he said, "I wonder which sword sect's expert has intercepted Heavenly Devil Cult Master, let us hurry over!"

Everyone immediately agreed, ready move out, when they saw a person jump on the cloud like an ape as he chased after the treasure ship.

"Duke Ape Sword Sect's expert, young swordsman Yuan Shan!" Lan Yu recognized that person and immediately shouted out, "Senior Brother Yuan Shan, it's impossible for Heavenly Devil Cult Master to escape, so why don't we encircle and annihilate him together!"

Yuan Shan stopped in his footsteps and waited for them to catch up. "There's a treasure sword in the hands of Heavenly Devil Cult Master, so my sword pellet was destroyed by him. His ship is also weird, it's not made out of wood but metal. I stabbed it with thousands of swords yet I was still unable to destroy it."

"It's made out of black iron," Yu E said. "When it collided with Hatred Parting Ice Sword, it didn't shatter, but Hatred Parting Ice Sword shattered instead."

"An iron shell ship that's flying in the sky?"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. How was such a heavy ship flying?

Lan Yu took a look behind, and his expression changed slightly. "Long Jiaonan is here, let us leave quickly!"

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