Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 223 - Road To Death

Qin Mu shook Yuan Shan off his trail and immediately checked his surroundings. Thousands of holes had been opened up in his treasure ship by the flying swords, and it was leaking air in all places.

Yuan Shan from Duke Ape Sword Sect was nimble, and both his movements and attacks were all very agile. His sword skill was also abnormally sharp, but luckily, the body of the ship was made of black iron, so it was pretty sturdy and managed to withstand the attack of this sword skill expert.

However, since the air started to leak through the hold of the ship, it slowed down.

Furthermore, the bow of the ship had collided with a huge ice sword which created a huge opening. When flying forward at full force, the wind poured into the body of the ship which slowed it down a lot.

"If I could stop, I could fix this in half a day, but these fellows won't give me half a day. Luckily we are not far from Great Ruins now."

Just as Qin Mu thought this, Hu Ling'er's voice came from below, "Young master, the head of the bronze beast below the ship has been severed, is it important?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and said, "It's not important, the landing will just be a little bumpy."

The little fox popped her head out from the hold of the ship and asked with shiny eyes, "How bumpy?"

Qin Mu asked her puzzlement, "What are you asking this for?"

"We are out of medicinal stones," she said loud and clear. "Young master didn't notice? Our ship is gradually descending, so we'll soon fall from the sky."

Even though the treasure ship was still flying forward, Qin Mu now noticed it beginning to descend into the sea of the cloud.

He immediately decided, "Ling'er, wake up that pig, it's time for him to contribute!"

Dutian Devil King went into a fury. "Rascal, who are you calling a pig? I've clearly contributed!"

Hu Ling'er rolled her eyes at him. "We aren't talking about you, yet look at you admitting you're a pig. Young master was talking about Fatty Dragon. Fatty Dragon, wake up, stop sleeping. The ship is falling and young master said it's going to be a little bumpy!"

The dragon qilin slowly got up and crawled out of the hold slowly. His belly was dragging against the floor, and he grumbled, "You were still calling me Big Dragon the past few days…"

"Can he even fly?"

Qin Mu was a little worried. He quickly checked all the New Years goods in the hold of the ship and stored them inside his taotie sack. He then grabbed Dutian Devil King, thinking to stuff him in as well.

However the mouth of the taotie sack wasn't big enough, so he could only fit in a leg.

Qin Mu was thinking of dismantling the body of this devil god, but Dutian Devil King said angrily, "What are you doing? Don't dismantle me, my consciousness now resides in this body and if you dismantle it, my consciousness will be dismantled as well… Don't you know how to use this sack? Use your vital qi to light up the mouth of the taotie…"

Qin Mu's eyes brightened up, and his vital qi poured out and lighted up the taotie markings on the sack. Suddenly, the opening of the taotie sack became larger and turned into the huge mouth of a taotie. The mouth had a radius of twenty yards and could swallow Dutian Devil King whole.

"This is indeed easier to use."

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. He tied the sack to his waist and jumped on the dragon qilin's back with Hu Ling'er before shouting, "Abandon ship, let's go!"

Fire clouds grew under the feet of the dragon qilin, and he rose from the ship, which sunk into the cloud and started to fall.

The dragon qilin said simple-mindedly, "Cult master, Sister Ling'er, have you guys grow fatter, it's much harder to fly than before."

"The one that's fat is you!" the little fox said angrily. "Look at how fat you are becoming! The elders in young master's family are very fierce, if you continue to be so fat, you will be slaughtered for the New Years!"

As she was saying that, the treasure ship crashed into a mountain and shattered into pieces. The three pill furnaces exploded and three loud explosions rang out. The shattered black iron and black copper shot off in random directions, and the violent impact destroyed part of the forest. A huge mushroom-shaped black smoke billowed out above the sky of the forest.

Hu Ling'er jumped in shock and looked towards Qin Mu. "Young master, you said it would be slightly bumpy when descending?"

"Yes."Qin Mu nodded and shouted out, "Fatty Dragon, if you don't run faster, you'll be eaten for New Years!"

The dragon qilin gave a cold shudder and immediately began sprinting with all his might. The fire clouds under his feet grew in size and became even more intense, increasing his speed exponentially. However, after running for a dozen miles, he began panting without end.

At this moment, dozens of mirrors appeared around the dragon qilin.

These mirrors had risen from the peak of the mountain below them. Each mirror had eight corners which whizzed around them. The mirrors became larger in the wind and had a radius of three yards. Currently, they were three hundred yards away from them.

The dragon qilin saw that the situation was bad and immediately descend. However, there was also a mirror coming from below which blocked his path.

The dragon qilin was about to run upwards when a mirror also came from above.

A sword light flew out from the mountain and hit one of the mirrors with a clink. The mirror then reflected the sword light onto another mirror.

With the mirrors shining the light from one to another, more sword lights came from the peak of the mountain below and got reflected. The sword lights grew in number, and in an instant, they became a net which was extremely concentrated.

But from the peak of the mountain, there were even more sword lights flying over.

"What a weird formation skill!"

Qin Mu's hair stood up on end. This was a kind of sword formation which used mirrors. They reflected the sword light, concentrating so that there was nearly no sword light wasted!

"However, it is also easy to destroy this sword formation. I just need to destroy these mirrors."

Qin Mu raised his hand, and Junior Protector Sword slashed towards a bright mirror. However, countless sword lights hit Junior Protector Sword and blew it away!

The sword tumbled and fell into the forest below.

"His cultivation is much higher than me, I reckon he is a divine arts practitioners at Six Directions Realm or Seven Stars Realm."

Qin Mu's heart sank. He took out the sword sheath, ready to take back Junior Protector Sword. The area in which the dragon qilin could move became smaller and smaller. He suddenly swayed his head and opened his mouth to roar. His roar was like ten thousand heavenly thunders exploding at the same time, shattering the mirrors in the sky all at once!

Without the mirrors to rely on, the incomparably dense sword net instantly vanished.

An astonished voice came from the mountain below. "What a powerful brute, to have such a strong ability!"

When the dragon qilin heard the word brute, he couldn't help becoming furious and spewed a ball of flames towards the peak of the mountain below. A sword light flew off to the side from there. It was a human and a sword as one that had avoided the dragon qilin's attack.

The peak of the mountain exploded and the clouds of fire that surged forth in all directions separated the human and sword, throwing them into the forest.

However, that person was still not dead, for he rose into the sky again. A mirror hung horizontally in front of him, and once a light shone out from within it, a pillar-like sword light shot out.

The dragon qilin ran away, leaving the sword light behind himself.

However, that sword light was faster than the dragon qilin and managed to catch up to him. The dragon qilin shook his body, growing larger in size as he revealed his true form. He turned into a behemoth that was over a hundred and twenty yards long, and with a sweep of his incomparably huge tail, the sword light was shattered into pieces.

The swordsman was stunned for a moment, then cried out, "What a huge brute!"

The dragon qilin turned his head back. He spewed a beam of blazing fires out. That swordsman knew that it was anything but good and immediately rose into the cloud above to dodge this attack. However, he soon saw the brilliant beam slicing apart the cloud with its intense heat.

A miserable shriek came from the sky, but they didn't know if the swordsman was still alive or not. Sunlight then came scattering down from the hole in the thick cloud.

"Fatty Dragon is so awesome!" Hu Ling'er praised.

Qin Mu looked at the cloud which was sliced apart and had a worried expression.

Among those that had chased after them just now, the ones with the highest cultivation were Long Jiaonan and the woman with the ice cold expression from Passion Parting Palace. They were both of Seven Stars Realm. The next came the monk, the scholar, and the rest whose power was between Six Directions Realm and Seven Stars Realm.

These people were just the vanguard and their task was to test, to test if there were any experts around Qin Mu.

He was the cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult after all, so there would definitely be guardians or other strong existences around him.

Now, the dragon qilin had been found out by them.

The power of this blow from the dragon qilin was not something that Long Jiaonan and the rest could handle. This meant that the stronger existences would now have to make a move.

Qin Mu continued to flee for life, not stopping to fight Long Jiaonan and the rest because he wanted the hidden experts not to be able to guess if there were any experts accompanying him. If they couldn't guess, they could only keep letting Long Jiaonan and the rest test him, giving him the chance to enter Great Ruins.

That would be the safest for him.

Now that the dragon qilin had made a move, this chance was lost.

The experts of Heavenly Devil Cult were ordered by him to send disaster relief, so there was no guardian accompanying him.

"The distance from here to Great Ruins is already less than a thousand miles, let's run!" Qin Mu let out a deep breath and said in a low voice, "The closer we are to Great Ruins, the safer it'll be."

The dragon qilin had an enormous stature, and his speed greatly increased from before. Even though he still had a huge tummy and panted heavily, he ran like flickering light and passing shadows.

In no time, this behemoth had run over a hundred miles under the cloud without meeting anyone. Suddenly, Qin Mu said, "Stop and land at the mountain below."

The dragon qilin stopped and shrunk his body, landing among the mountains below. He came to a snow-covered valley, where snow was three yards deep. The mountain range around was all pure white and looked very desolate. There were no buildings in sight.

Blazing flames surrounded Qin Mu's body and melted the snow in the valley, letting him see the skeletons that covered the bottom.

This place was probably an ancient battlefield where a bloodbath had once occurred. He had used his Green Heaven's Eyes to take a look around and saw the overflowing grudge from this place which was why he chose to stop here.

"Let's meet these existences that are chasing me, the Heavenly Devil Cult Master, right here and see how much stronger they are!"

Qin Mu hardened his heart, and his vital qi burst forth. Countless bones piled up one onto another and soon formed four white bone-altars.

He took out the four devil god sculptures which he had hid inside taotie sack and placed them on the four altars. He then took out the talisman treasure of Great Mountain Sect and started to cast his spell.

Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command of Great Mountain Sect!

These four sculptures were sculptures of Dutian's devil gods. Dutian Devil King had made him carve out five devil god sculptures to scheme against those devil gods that weren't willing to follow his orders. However, Qin Mu had only summoned one of them, so he still had four of the devil god sculptures.

"Rascal, if you summoned my true body, I could help you kill all of them!" Dutian Devil King's said in a fierce voice from the taotie sack.

Qin Mu ignored him, and cryptic devil language rang out. The talisman treasure swirled as more and more runes on the first devil god sculpture lighted up. Qin Mu gradually built a connection with a devil god from the other world, and with himself as the bridge, he contacted the other in Dutian.

"You're truly from the devil path, hiding here to summon devils," an ancient voice stated. "You guys frequently say that you aren't a devil cult, so tell me, how is what you are doing now different from what a devil would do?"

An old Daoist walked over with a horsetail whisk in his hand and a sword on his back.

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