Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 224 - For The Orthodox Path

Qin Mu wasn't affected by his words and continued to summon his devil. Suddenly, blood light burst forth and shone on this valley that was covered by snow like it was dyed with blood.

That blood light overflowed into the sky and the crackling sparks turned into coiling lightning which burst forth in all directions. The lightning struck the walls around the valley and melted the heavy snow. Even the rocks were melted and turned into lava which flowed down the walls.

The lightning that coiled around the blood light formed a net which crackled as it moved. A terrifying devil energy came bombarding from the other world and struck the sculpture which was on the altar.

The wooden sculpture instantly ruptured and swelled, becoming taller and taller while its aura grew more and more terrifying!

Dutian Devil King's angry and anxious voice came from the taotie sack on Qin Mu's waist, "Rascal, you had held back when summoning Kyahe Devil God, didn't you? Your summoning of the Disaster Devil God this time is much more powerful!"

He wronged Qin Mu this time.

Even though Qin Mu had known much of the devil language when he was summoning Kyahe Devil God in Imperial College, he had not mastered it completely. After the days that had passed by, he had digested the devil language he had learned when he had made the Pact of Earth Count with Dutian Devil King. As he mastered more of the devil language, the devil god he summoned would naturally be stronger. He hadn't been holding back the previous time.

The old Daoist saw this terrifying sight and lost his earlier composure. His expression changed slightly, and he sent out the horsetail whisk. "Go!"

The horsetail whisk became longer in the wind, and each and every hair turned into a fine sword that was dozens of yards long in an instant. The hairs spread out in midair and looked like a swirling white umbrella from afar; however, it was countless times larger.

The danger posed by the horsetail whisk was extremely high. Each hair had become a fine sword, and the finer they were, the harder to defend against they were!

The speed of the horsetail whisk was extremely fast, and it sliced apart countless bolts of lightning. The old man instantly appeared in the sky above the valley and struck at the terrifying devil energy that was coming from the other world!

Qin Mu felt the devil summoning getting intercepted and shouted out. The dragon qilin rose into the air and gave an angry roar. His roar rushed towards the horsetail whisk and messed up its hairs. The devil energy which had gotten intercepted flowed through once again and continued to pour over.

When the old Daoist saw the dragon qilin, he was delighted and sneered, "Hairy brute, if you help a villain do evil, a calamity will befall you, even if you do it unaware. I see you are handsome, so if you are willing to submit to me and be my mount for a hundred years, I'll allow you to wash away your sins. Otherwise, it'll be hard for you to keep your cultivation from turning into ashes!"

The dragon qilin blew up. He snarled,"Brute?" Flames accumulated in his open mouth and turned into a beam that shot towards the old Daoist!

That old Daoist's body trembled, and his vital qi burst forth to form a tortoise-backed god behind him that was thirty yards tall. The horsetail whisk in his hand was a huge snow white snake and his other hand stretched out to block the beam that the dragon qilin had spewed out.

The beam was sent to the side by the huge hand, and the overflowing flames scorched the walls of the valley red.

"Celestial Being?" Qin Mu's heart sank.

The four hooves of the dragon qilin moved up and down, and fire clouds grew under his hooves as he sprinted towards the old Daoist. Suddenly, the horsetail whisk in the air swept downwards, and the hair coiled around the four hooves of the dragon qilin, tying them down tightly.

The old Daoist was very delighted and smiled. "Little brute, aren't you going to submit? Do you want to be killed?"

At this moment, Qin Mu patted his taotie sack, and the mouth of it grew bigger. An eight-armed and four-faced devil god mechanism leaped out, and on his eight arms were eight treasures. There was a guqin, a bead, a bow, an arrow, a sarira, a broken sword, a Devil Subduing Pestle, and a Thousand Banners Pagoda. These were the treasure which Qin Mu had stolen from Rolan's Golden Palace.

When Qin Mu had placed Dutian Devil King who was worried about not having a suitable weapon into the taotie sack, the latter swiftly grabbed the treasures to hold onto. Now that he was released, he naturally understood what Qin Mu wanted of him - to assist him in this fight.

Dutian Devil King was perfectly clear of what he should do next. If he stayed beside Qin Mu, Qin Mu might still leave him alive. However, if the kid was killed, he would definitely die too if he landed in the hands of the old Daoist.

For the migration plan of the people in Dutian, he had to fight this old Daoist as if his life depended on it.

The treasures Qin Mu had stolen from Rolan's Golden Palace were all treasures on the level of sect legacy treasures and had strong power. As the biggest sacred ground beyond the Great Wall, the treasures that could be kept by Rolan's Golden Palace were naturally no small matter. However, Qin Mu had no time to cultivate with these treasures.

Once Dutian Devil King took hold of them, his murderous nature surfaced, and his four faces all looked fierce as he thought to himself, "If I catch this brat off guard and kill him, I'll be free! However, if I think about it, this body of steel is filled with traps created by the brat. If I killed him and the traps got activated, I would be trapped inside this devil god sculpture and be unable to move… Let me get rid of this little old Daoist first!"

The sound of guqin rang out, and waves of devil voice burst forth. The soul of the old Daoist got bombarded, and he felt his soul stirring as the heart devil in his Dao heart rose up. He immediately gave a shout and did a cleansing mudra to suppress them.

The tortoise-backed god apparition raised its hand, and the white snake horsetail whisk rose. Huge waves suddenly overflowed into the sky and crashed down against Dutian Devil King.

The four faces of Dutian Devil King shouted ferociously, and the power of the eight treasures in his hands burst forth, smacking the huge waves that were crashing down on him. An earth-shattering bang rang out, and Dutian Devil King flew backward, crashing hard into a cliff.

The white snake horsetail whisk opened its mouth wide and smashed against his body, nailing him on the mountain.

"Little Daoist, you have no idea how terrifying the ruler of Dutian is, you have angered me!"

The cliff exploded, and Dutian Devil King flew out from the shattered mountain. He shook the Thousand Banners Pagoda, and the thousand banners fluttered, turning into a three thousand yards pagoda which pressed down on the old Daoist.

The old man sneered, and the god behind him said a mudra, smacking both Dutian Devil King and the Thousand Banners Pagoda off the sky and onto the floor motionless.

Right at this moment, the intense blood light and the devil energy in the air suddenly vanished. On the white bone-altar, the bear-headed devil god sculpture turned into a three hundred yards tall devil god which gave off a world-shaking bellow. "Weaklings of this lowly world, prepare to welcome the wrath of Great Devil God Xiongpi… Eh, Old Man Dutian!"

Devil God Xiongpi looked at Dutian Devil King who was under his feet and couldn't help laughing out loud. "Old Man Dutian, for the supreme ruler of Dutian to actually be suppressed to such a state! Our Dutian has become what it is today because of a ruler as useless as you! Such a trash like you should just give up the position of the devil king!"

Dutian Devil King was ashamed and angry. He was about to get up when Great Devil God Xiongpi looked at him from above and stepped down on him with a chuckle. "You also have this day, tyrant. Devil summoner, what do you plan on sacrificing to me for summoning me out?"


Qin Mu pointed at that old Daoist and Great Devil God Xiongpi sent a punch towards the old Daoist. The tortoise-backed god apparition behind him raised its hand to block, and a dull boom rang out. Qin Mu was left muddle-headed by the aftermath while the old Daoist got blown backward and smashed into the cliff on the opposite side.

Great Devil Xiongpi leaped and punched the body of the old Daoist with a malicious smile. "Delicious weakling, eh?"

A sword light showed up behind him and stabbed his heart from the back. The sword went deep enough to come out on the other side, its tip visible on the devil's chest. It had been the old Daoist who had used a hidden treasure sword to succeed in hitting him.

"Not bad. However, this body isn't what you think it is!"

Great Devil God Xiongpi smiled maliciously and raised his fist to smash the cliff. "This body is merely a devil god sculpture, so even if you behead me, you won't be able to do anything to me!"

"Is that so?"

A voice suddenly came from behind, and Great Devil God Xiongpi immediately turned his head back. A sword light circled around his neck three times, and his huge head instantly fell from his neck.

"Daoist Ku Ye, this stupid disciple has arrived late."

The sword light flew up and landed on top of a cliff where stood a scholar whose green clothes fluttered in the air. His gaze landed on the headless body of Great Devil God Xiongpi before moving over to Qin Mu's body, whom he greeted respectfully. "Poor Logic Sect's Subordinate of Teacher Poor Lu Wenshu pays respect to Heavenly Devil Cult Master! Heavenly Devil Cult's Master is a senior, so it isn't overboard for a junior to make a move on the senior, is that right?"

Great Devil God Xiongpi's head flew up and landed back on his neck as he smiled. "Another everyman has appeared."

Qin Mu shook his head with a calm expression. "Teacher Poor is of the same generation as me, so him only sending you and not making a move himself is already underestimating me."

Lu Wenshu said leisurely, "It's not that teacher doesn't want to personally meet Heavenly Devil Cult's Master, he just has something else to attend to save all the people in the world."

"To assassinate the emperor?" Qin Mu asked. "Imperial Preceptor gave Old Rulai the face to let him save Teacher Poor and the rest. Old Rulai also gave his word that Teacher Poor will become a monk and never dabble in the worldly affairs anymore. Why has he gone back on his words?"

Lu Wenshu's expression became stiff, then he suddenly laughed. "For the lives of the people in the world, why can't he go back on his words?"

Qin Mu turned his head back to have a look and saw a Daoist nun coming from the other mountain. She was wearing a white Daoist robe, and a plum blossom was embroidered in front of her chest.

"Wanderer Qing Yu of Spirit Bloom Palace greets Heavenly Devil Cult Master," she said.

Qin Mu smiled. "Why does a wanderer have to greet?"

That Daoist nun said solemnly, "Even though you're an enemy, etiquette musn't be lost. Little cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, you might resent us for bullying the weak, but you are the cult master of the number one sacred ground of the devil path, after all. Your seniority is higher than ours, so this cannot be really considered as bullying the weak."

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and said, "Not a problem, not a problem. Who else wants to kill me?"

"I'm here to kill you."

A magic cloud floated over and an arhat landed on top of a mountain. Prayer beads hung on both his hands, and each one bead was as big as a human head. He put his palms together and said, "Heavenly Devil Cult Master has an extremely high position so little monk is here to enlighten you and subdue the devil. May Heavenly Devil Cult Master give your guidance."

"The cult master of the number one sacred ground in the devil path shouldn't fear an additional person such as me, right?" Another person came to the peak of another mountain wearing tattered clothes which were filled with holes. However, he was high spirited and laughed loudly with heroism reaching the clouds.

"I'm a subordinate of Beggar Sect's Master Qi Dayou. Lotus Hall Master Luo Sanpo greets Heavenly Devil Cult Master. I'm here to claim the cult master's life. That's right, cult master seems to have a little fox demon that has offended Sect Master Qi, and Sect Master Qi said that she must be killed."

Hu Ling'er immediately hid behind Qin Mu, only her head popping out secretly. "Your Sect Master Qi is really petty, he's impotent!"

Luo Sanpo pointed at her and smiled. "That's the little fox! Everyone, for me to be able to encircle and annihilate Heavenly Devil Cult Master with all those in the righteous path of the martial world is truly a lucky chance and also a joyous event! Let us call this convention of ours the Assembly to Slaughter Devils and Defend Dao!"

"Assembly to Slaughter Devils and Defend Dao? Great name!"

In the mountain, Daoist Ku Ye crawled up and spat out a mouthful of blood. He then sat down on the cliff to regain his breath. "If we can manage to annihilate Heavenly Devil Cult Master and return peace to the world, our investment will be worth it. Everyone, for the righteous path!"

On the peak of the mountains around him, emotions surged forth to the bosoms of all the great experts of Celestial Being Realm, and they shouted heroically in unison, "For the righteous path of this world!"


The five great experts were full of vigor, and their vital qi burst forth. The apparitions of gods appeared behind them, and each of them unleashed their strongest move as they unleashed their attacks towards the valley!

Right at this moment, Great Devil God Xiongpi roared angrily, and all the energy in his body exploded!

"Boundless Heavenly Devil!"

Qin Mu immediately brought Hu Ling'er to hide behind the dragon qilin as a terrifying quake shook the valley and loosened mountain rocks, resulting in them falling from the sky and shattering into powder. Even with the dragon qilin blocking most of the sight, Qin Mu and Hu Ling'er still felt an unimaginable pressure on them. Their bones creaked from it.

All the great experts of Celestial Being Realm vomited blood and fell backward. It was unknown whether they were still alive or not.

Qin Mu popped his head out from the back of the dragon qilin and saw Great Devil God Xiongpi standing alone majestically. Hu Ling'er was surprised and delighted. "Xiongpi is so powerful!"

Suddenly, Great Devil God Xiongpi's body started to crumble and break, inch by inch. They could hear the great devil god muttering, "The energy is depleted. It's a pity I can't harvest these sacrifices, but luckily I managed to see how pathetic Dutian Devil King is… Devil summoner, I'm off!" When he was done, his body exploded with a bang as his consciousness returned to the other world.

Hu Ling'er was stunned when they heard the coughing of Luo Sanpo and the rest coming from the valley. The experts hadn't been killed by Great Devil God Xiongpi.

"Young master…" Hu Ling'er turned her head and looked at Qin Mu.

"It's fine."

Qin Mu rose and patted off the dust on his body. He pulled up Dutian Devil King who was crushed onto the ground and threw him onto the dragon qilin's back. The youth was in high spirits as he put the three other altars into his sack and shouted, "Fatty Dragon, run!"

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