Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 226 - Sword Of Founding Emperor Sea Of Blood

In the main room, Hu Ling'er was sprawled on the dragon qilin's back. From that position, she sneakily opened her eyes to see the heads rolling off.

It was a queer sight. There was clearly no enemy, but when the strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm stepped into the courtyard, they would immediately die an unnatural death!

The others reacted as if they had met a great enemy. A Celestial Being Realm practitioner gave a shout, and his sword qi covered his entire body like frost as he entered the courtyard. With a wary gaze, he swept his eyes everywhere.

His sword skill was intricate, and there were countless sword lights swimming around his body like incomparably fine fishes.

The method he had taken was a passive one to defend one's self. With thousands of fine sword fishes which contained his incomparably dense cultivation swimming around him, he could have them immediately counterattack when met with hostility and deliver a killing blow!

He had no choice but to do this since the enemy came and went without leaving any traces or shadow, so he couldn't see where the enemy was exactly and how he had made his move. With so many strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm having lost their lives here, it was just too strange.

He didn't meet any danger right away, but he didn't dare to let his guard down as he slowly walked towards the main room that Qin Mu and the rest were sleeping in. There, he saw a painting hanging in the room.

Qin Mu had lighted up a candle in front of this painting, lighting it up.

On the painting was the back of a middle-aged man with a sword strapped to it. The middle-aged man's face was slightly tilted as if he was using the corner of his eye to glance at the painter.

That corner of the eye revealed an astonishingly murderous intent.

This lithe glance was captured by the painter who turned it into a painting.

Even though there was only the middle-aged man in the picture, it gave people the feeling that there was an endless amount of information which wasn't drawn, and it lay hidden in the blank spaces around.

This was the conclusion of a terrifying military campaign. Countless corpses of strong practitioners lay at the feet of this middle-aged man, floating in a sea of blood overflowing to the sky. The white bones were dyed red by blood and reflected an abnormal color. Countless lost souls that had died under the sword were captured by the messengers of deaths and dragged to the depths of gloom.

In there, a devil god with two long horns that had nine bends was currently holding a banquet to celebrate the souls of all the strong practitioners becoming his guests and food.

This was the information hidden in the blank spaces of this painting!

In the courtyard, the expert of Celestial Being Realm was stunned when he saw this painting and the person in it. He saw his own head sliding from his neck and felt everything becoming incredibly slow as he fell into a darkness that had no light. He felt himself sinking downwards endlessly, never reaching the bottom of that darkness.


His head landed on the ground and tumbled two rounds. His eyes were still staring wide-open.

Suddenly, a huge hand stretched over and grabbed his head.

There were still nine people outside the courtyard who stood there with terror on their faces. Only the white-eyebrowed elder, Daoist Qing Shan, was still composed. He was the one who had grabbed the head of the Celestial Being Realm expert.

He was also the only great expert of Life and Death Realm among all of them.

Daoist Qing Shan looked into the eyes of the expert and let out a deep breath. "Superb sword."

The other eight people immediately looked over and asked in trembling voices, "What did Senior Qing Shan discover?"

"Look at his eyes."

The eight people gathered over and saw that there was a sword light in both the left and the right eye of this expert. The sword seemed to have gone straight towards his face, and in the next instant, the life of this expert had ended!

Daoist Qing Shan lifted the head and looked towards the main room in which Qin Mu and the rest were sleeping. "The sword is from there. What exactly is there?"

He slowly moved his body and found a good angle. Like this, he saw the flickering light of a candle and a corner of a painting. "It's a painting. I can see the corner of the shirt of the person in the painting…"

"Senior Qing Shan, is there a need for such trouble? Won't it be fine just to destroy this entire house and the people inside?"

A strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm suddenly made a move, and his sword pellet rose into the air. A pillar-like sword light came out and stabbed towards the house where Qin Mu and the rest were in with a whoosh!

That sword pillar was incomparably thick, and everything it passed by was shredded to pieces!

This was Spiral Sword Form which Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had founded!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was not a selfish person. The sword forms he founded were mostly passed down, and there were many sword sects in the martial world that cultivated his sword mastery. The person who had made his move just then was one of the professionals!

His understanding of Spiral Sword Form was above that of many others.

This move sword was impressive, and if it swept into the main room, it would definitely grind everything there to powder, removing it from existence. No matter if it was Qin Mu, Dutian Devil King, or the dragon qilin, all of them would be shredded into pieces!

"Don't point your murderous intent at that painting!"

Daoist Qing Shan's expression changed suddenly, and he wanted to stop the other, but it was already too late.

The sword pillar seemed to have met a formless barrier, for it stopped in the air before disintegrating inch by inch. It then exploded with a bang.

A red mark appeared at the heart of the strong practitioner's brows, and a drop of fresh blood dripped out before he collapsed on the ground.

"Be careful, on your guard!" Daoist Qing Shan shouted sternly.

His aura burst forth, and six booms rang out from his body. Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death—his six great divine treasures had opened all at once!

Around him, the strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm couldn't maintain their footings and were forced to move back continuously by his overflowing aura.


Behind Daoist Qing Shan, an apparition of a god that had a dragon's head and a human body appeared. It looked like the god had descended with half of his body still in the void while the other half was stepping into reality.

Daoist Qing Shan grabbed onto a mirror and stared anxiously at Qin Mu and the rest who were still sleeping in the main room before shouting in a hoarse voice. "Aren't you guys going to be on guard? Are you courting disaster?"

At this moment, Qin Mu, who was pretending to be asleep in the main room, narrowed his eyes and saw a human figure floating down from the wall behind him. He could see the shadow of a middle-aged man's back which was elongated by the candle's light.

This middle-aged man that had walked down from the painting was tall and slim and had a treasure sword on his back. He was very quiet and seemed like a spirit with no corporeal body as he floated towards the courtyard.

The figure raised its head to look at the sky and pulled out the sword on its back. The man waved his sword around and sang in a low voice as the sword lights moved while the fishes and dragons danced.

"Sword of Founding Emperor sea of blood, mountains and rivers exist, vast and obscure heart, looking around left and right, no more people donning the clothes of homeland…"

Qin Mu didn't dare to move at all, feeling that there were sharp sword qi and sword lights everywhere in this world that was moving to and fro beside him, swimming in time and space.

He shut his eyes but there were still sword lights flashing in front of his eyes, tearing apart the darkness.

He heard sword qi which was very rapid and fleeting breaking through the air.

He opened his eyes, and there were sword lights crisscrossing everywhere in front of him. Angry shouts came from outside of the courtyard, and a terrifying aftermath suddenly bombarded him. In the dusky night, the other houses of the village flew into the sky, disintegrating and shattering into pieces.

Qin Mu's heart thumped wildly. "Grandpa Deaf had bestowed a soul, he had bestowed a soul to Village Chief in the painting…"

Suddenly, all of the sound and light vanished, along with the low singing voice.

Qin Mu's eyes were half-opened, and he could faintly see a figure walking towards him as if it wanted to return to the painting behind him. Suddenly, that figure fell apart and turned into a pool of ink on the ground.

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment, then immediately opened his eyes. He took a careful look backward and saw a piece of white paper hanging on the wall.

The light from the lamp flickered, while the surroundings were completely silent.

Qin Mu let out a deep breath, and Hu Ling'er opened her eyes and asked in a low voice, "Young master…"

"It's safe now, let's sleep." He then added, "We still need to cross the mountains tomorrow and walk for quite a long time."

Hu Ling buried her head down, and Qin Mu also lay down. Looking at the white paper behind the candle's light, he felt tranquility in his heart.

The next day, Qin Mu woke up and came to the courtyard. The little village from yesterday had turned into a piece of empty land, with no sign of any of the other houses. Only half of their own courtyard remained, with over half of the walls already collapsed. The east room was mostly gone, while the west room's ceiling was missing.

Qin Mu washed up and started making breakfast with his wok. Hu Ling'er adjusted Dutian Devil King's mechanism and ran out with him. While she was out, she cried out non stop in astonishment.

The dragon qilin woke up groggily and took a look outside. He gave a yawn and licked his claws, using them to wash his face before asking curiously, "Where are we now? Where did the village from yesterday go… Cult master, is it time for breakfast? Can you scatter some cumin on my Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills today? I would like a change of taste…"

Qin Mu grabbed some cumin and took out half a bucket of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills, on which he scattered the cumin.

The dragon qilin lowered his head to look at his food before raising his head up in doubt. "It's only half a bucket."

Qin Mu said angrily, "You are so fat that you can't even run now, half a bucket is more than enough!"

The dragon qilin said, "My body is still growing. If you dock my food, I won't be able to grow…"

"Your body is still growing?" Qin Mu blew up and tried to pinch the flesh on the dragon qilin's belly and discovered that he couldn't do it at all. "Your body isn't growing, so it's your fat that's growing. Try pinching yourself and see if you can pinch a fold out!"

The dragon qilin also stretched out his claws to pinch and discovered that he couldn't pinch it as well. "My constitution is one that can grow fats even if I drink cool water…"

Hu Ling'er ran over and said angrily, "Fatty Dragon, you shall drink cool water from today onwards then!"

The dragon qilin immediately protected the Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills in front of him and smiled apologetically. "Aren't I just scared I will starve and want to eat slightly more. Alright, half a bucket it is, no less or else I'm really going to become skin and bones."

Dutian Devil King walked over when he saw that Qin Mu had finished eating and was taking down the painting which was now simple white paper. "This painting was painted by your elder?"

Qin Mu nodded.

Dutian Devil King was silent for a moment, then asked, "The person in the painting is also your elder?"

Qin Mu placed the scroll painting into his taotie sack with a nod.

Dutian Devil King said, "I'm not afraid of them. However, it's by no means a good way to keep me trapped in this devil god sculpture, so why don't you undo the seal so my consciousness can leave your world and return to Dutian to never step onto this land, how about it?"

Qin Mu didn't express his opinion and instead said, "Ling'er, eat faster so we can continue on our journey."

Dutian Devil King's head started to ache.

After Hu Ling'er was full, Qin Mu came forward to help wash the bowls and utensils, then put the cleanly washed bowls and utensils back into taotie sack. He looked at the rations inside and said, "There's enough for us to last till Great Ruins. Lord Devil King, let's go."

Dutian Devil King went after, saying, "I'm not afraid of them. If my true body descended, I would be afraid of nobody…"

God Broken Mountain Range stretched over tens of thousands of miles, and when Qin Mu and the rest reached the bottom its bottom, they could only see the incomparably precipitous mountain range that was hard to cross for even the nimble apes and flying birds.

Qin Mu took out the geographical map of Eternal Peace and carefully searched for something before smiling. "Lonely Mountain Ridge Canyon isn't far from here. Let's go!"

Just as he was saying that, a line parted from the dark cloud in the sky, and a huge red snake popped its head out, spewing great flames. The heat scattered the cloud layer in all directions, and a brilliant swarm of golden insects flew out in all directions. Some of them went in the direction of the group of four.

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