Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 228 - I Want To Go Home

Monk Ban Chi's scalp turned numb. They saw the terrain trembling violently while they were running and countless rocks flying in all directions. Among the rocks, pitch black tentacles tunneled out, which were the roots of the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon.

Heavenly Devil Cult had used Demon Suppression Black Stone Tablets to suppress her roots while the many black stone tablets around the lake and the ancient tree were to suppress her head.

Now that the black stone tablets that were suppressing the head were pushed down by Monk Ban Chi and the rest, the root demon could once again use her strength, which could be said to be terrifying, causing the mountain ranges to tremble non stop.

She used her strength, and the black stone tablets there were suppressing her roots flew up one after another, shattering under her terrifying power!

"How does an ordinary root demon have such strength?" Monk Ban Chi cried out. "Was this tree demon purposefully placed here by Heavenly Devil Cult to harm people?"

Suddenly, thick roots swept towards them, and at the front of each one hung a beautiful woman. "Trying to leave? You guys saved me, and I haven't repaid you guys yet. Why don't all of you stay and become one with me!"

Qiu Yue waved her sleeves, and countless insects flew out towards the roots. These insects grew larger in the wind and became three yards long by the time they pounced to gnaw on the roots. However, the razor sharp teeth of these insects shattered into pieces, unable to bite through.

Qiu Yue jumped in shock when she saw small roots, which then pierced the venomous insects, growing out from the navels of those women hanging on the roots. In an instant, only the shells of the venomous insects were left, while the flesh inside had vanished.

"The venomous insects I raise can even bite through spirit weapons, yet these roots are tougher than that!" Qiu Yue cried out.

A root came from behind them, and Yuan Shan leaped up while holding a sword pellet over his head. He gave a stab and pierced through one woman before spinning his sword to sever her head.

The woman's head fell onto the ground and immediately withered, turning into a black charcoal that was shaped like a head. Meanwhile, the headless woman on the root grew out another head.

Yuan Shan was astonished and wanted to slice the root apart when another one stabbed him like lightning.

He hurriedly executed his sword pellet, wanting to sever the root that was at his back, but his body suddenly shriveled. His flesh vanished in an instant, so only his skin was left.

The other people had originally wanted to save him, but when they saw what had happened, they immediately rushed out of the canyon. Behind them, there were countless black-colored tentacles waving about and stabbing into the two mountains on their sides, pulling the true body out from the ground.

That true body was a behemoth that was like a ball of thread with countless roots hanging down. The movement of this behemoth was too great, which activated the Mysterious Pearl Crossbows that were on both sides of the mountain. The Mysterious Pearl Crossbows detected the lifeforce of this demon and shot at it automatically. Two incomparably thick arrow lights flew through the sky and hit the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon which was like a big black ball.

The demon cried out miserably as if there were countless voices overlapping each other, causing an avalanche around the mountains.

Long Jiaonan and the rest were almost caught by the tentacles when luckily the Mysterious Pearl Crossbows inflicted pain to the demon, which made it retract its tentacles, allowing them to escape.

"These Mysterious Pearl Crossbows can even kill Celestial Beings, so they can definitely kill this demon!"

Everyone let out a sigh of relief, then suddenly saw the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon waving her tentacles to sweep at the Mysterious Pearl Crossbows up the mountains. With a loud bang, one of them was shattered into pieces, and a huge bronze arm rolled off from the top of a mountain.

Next, the Mysterious Pearl Crossbow on the other mountain was also shattered.

The faces of Long Jiaonan and the rest turned ashen. They immediately jumped onto the back of the red snake Long Jiaonan had raised and slithered forward frantically. When they finally escaped Lonely Mountain Ridge, they took a look back. Countless roots that were like black pythons were climbing towards them, and a dull rolling sound could be heard coming from the canyon.

It was obvious that the terrifying root demon was too heavy and was unable to fly. It could only rely on her roots to climb the cliff, pushing herself forward.

This demon was too huge, so when she was moving, her body crashed repeatedly into the two mountains beside her, shaking them.

"Heavenly Devil Cult is truly sinful, to raise such a huge demon to harm people!" It was hard to say if Monk Ban Chi was trembling from fury or fear when he said angrily, "How many people have they killed to be able to raise a demon to this level! I hate how my abilities are too weak to subdue it!'

Everyone knew it was because he felt guilty for releasing this demon that he pushed all the blame to Heavenly Devil Cult. They didn't call him out on it though and said to one after another, "It's lucky that this demon has been lured by us to Great Ruins and didn't go to kill the people of Eternal Peace."

"The people in Great Ruins are all abandoned people and villains that have nowhere else to go. This demon creating havoc in Great Ruins could also be considered subduing devils and protecting the Dao."

Monk Ban Chi's expression softened, and he said, "Heavenly Devil Cult Master must have purposefully made a din to lure us into the valley so he could borrow the power of this demon to harm us. But Heaven helps the worthy, so we have managed to escape with our lives, and he must be disappointed, right?

Just as he said that, the body of the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon squeezed out of the canyon and rolled down the slope, her tentacles flailing non-stop.

Everyone immediately rose into the air and Scholar Lan Yu said solemnly, "This demon can't fly so everyone can be at ease…"

At this moment, a bird cry sounded out, and sharp wind bombarded the youth's face. A huge golden-winged bird flew towards him like lightning, and its two claws grasped onto his shoulders, lifting him away.

Scholar Lan Yu felt pain on his shoulders. His left and right shoulder blades were pierced by the bird's claws. At that moment, he was about to execute a divine art to save himself, but the huge golden-winged bird lowered its head to peck at him. His skull was shattered into pieces as the bird carried his headless body into the depths of a forest.

The group had arrived at Great Ruins, which was a savage land without law.

The strange beasts here didn't care if one was a disciple from a reputable sect or not. In the eyes of these creatures, there was only food and not food.

Qiu Yue said in a panic, "Don't fly in the sky, go toward the ground!"

Everyone immediately landed on the ground and behind them, the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon came chasing over. As they ran for their lives, they passed by a lake, and a huge fish suddenly jumped. It bit onto a young expert, killing them instantly before dragging them into the water.

The Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon came rolling over, and countless roots pierced the lake. The weird fish inside immediately jumped out of the water and followed behind Qiu Yue and the rest. That fish actually ran like it was flying and soon surpassed everyone, stunning them.

After sprinting for over ten miles to avoid the slaughter of the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon behind them, the group saw rows of trees that were uprooted.

"Devil king, Great Ruins are very dangerous, so if you have nothing to do, don't fly in the sky."

Far away, Qin Mu was sitting on the dragon qilin's back and seemed very relaxed. "We have our own unique rules in Great Ruins. You can fly in the sky if you want, but you must fly low and not be too flamboyant. If you think you are capable enough, you can fly slightly higher, but if the territorial strange beasts are not happy, they will come over and eat you."

Dutian Devil King sneered. "Isn't this just the strong preying on the weak? I understand this rule, my Dutian functions under the same rule."

"And also, don't go out when it's dark." Qin Mu had a grim expression. "Unless you have the ability of a god or a devil, don't ever go into the darkness. It will be just a road to death."

Dutian Devil King chuckled. "What's so scary about the dark? My Dutian is already broken to the point where everything is complete darkness. There's light only in some place, and it's where life can still thrive. In the darkness, I'm like a fish in the water. I'll show you how to frolic around at night."

Hu Ling'er rolled her eyes. In the eyes of the little fox, Dutian Devil King was already dead.

Qin Mu continued, "There's no law in our Great Ruins, so no matter who we meet, we must be polite. If we aren't polite and offended someone, it'll be easy for us to be gotten rid of. The more lawless a place is, the more polite people there are. Also, there are some terrifying gods and devils in Great Ruins. Some of them are sealed, some of them are suppressed, and some of them live luxuriously, so don't run around for nothing."

Dutian Devil King jumped in shock. "There are still gods and devils in this world?"

"Quite a number of them. I've met a few before," Qin Mu said. "As long as you grasp the rules of Great Ruins, it's actually a much safer place than Eternal Peace Empire. You can ask Ling'er if you don't believe me."

Dutian Devil King took a look at Hu Ling'er, and she nodded repeatedly with deep sentiments. "Eternal Peace is indeed much more dangerous than Great Ruins. The reason young master came out was to go to Eternal Peace Empire for experience. There's no experience for us in Great Ruins, so you can see how dangerous Eternal Peace Empire is."

Suddenly, an earth shattering boom came from behind them, and Qin Mu turned his head back to have a look. There, he saw countless tentacles flailing in the sky. A black behemoth with a mountain like body was currently rushing over to him.

On those tentacles hung naked women who were smiling weirdly.

"Why is the demoness of Lonely Mountain Ridge released? Who was so dumb?"

Qin Mu turned a cold shudder to the women hanging from the Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon, who had already seen him and were rushing over excitedly. Countless strange beasts were also running over in their direction.

"This demon is really courting death, it's really easy to die by rushing headlong in Great Ruins." Qin Mu shook his head. "Even Village Chief wouldn't dare to be so reckless."

Just as he was saying that, the ground suddenly trembled violently, and a huge palm which was covered in golden fur stretched out from underground. Flames blazed around the palm which slammed down forcefully against Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon.

The root demon flew away like a black ball which got smacked, disappearing into the distance.

The strange beasts that were escaping for their lives stopped and turned back to have a look. All of them then returned back to their own territories.

Dutian Devil King was stunned by the sight, unable to say a word.

Qin Mu consoled him, "It's fine, it's fine. Great Ruins are like this. There are often weird things hidden around, but everything will be fine if you enter a temple to offer incense and pay respect to the gods. I reckon that demoness had accidentally come into contact with some ruins and provoked the god there."

Dutian Devil King's body was stiff, and he only let out a shaky breath after some time. "It's too dangerous over here, I want to return to Dutian…"

The devil king suddenly became agitated and broken pieces of components spewed out from his four mouths on his four faces. "How is your goddamn world a secular world? There are demons and ghosts everywhere! I won't invade your world anymore, okay? Let me go, I want to go home!"

Hu Ling'er persuaded him, "Our Great Ruins are really safe, much safer than Eternal Peace Empire. You will definitely be fine if you follow young master."

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