Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 23 - Disrespecting The Gods

Qin Mu’s heart wavered, "Carrying a stone statue is equivalent to carrying a god?"

Blind replied indifferently, "Carrying a god while walking is extremely heavy. Back then when Granny Si and the rest wanted to save you, Old Ma was the one who carried a stone statue and brought Granny Si to the riverside. Although it was such a short distance, Old Ma almost collapsed from exhaustion even with his strength."

Qin Mu’s scalp turned numb. The stone statues in the village were that heavy?

Who was the one who had sculpted these stone statues?

Who were the gods sculpted on the stone statues? Why do they become so heavy when sculpted in these appearances?

Will he be hated by the gods when he had defecated and pissed on them while he was still a child?

"Don’t you worry, the god that had sculpted these sculptures is long dead. Mu’er, the reason I had made you observe the stone statues is to train your eyes. What I want you to see isn’t just an ordinary stone statue, but the image that a god had crafted for gods!"

Blind voice was so loud that even the deaf could hear him, causing Qin Mu’s eardrums to ring. Blind faced the bamboo basket beside the stone statue and shouted, "Mu’er, what the Nine Heaven Eye Awakening Skill opens are your god eyes, and since they are called god eyes, you obviously have to see god! Use your eyes to see god, to see the god's powers, god’s grace, god’s aura, god’s appearance and the god’s spirit!"

Qin Mu’s heart and mind trembled, "To see god? To see the god in the stone statue?"

"Allow your vital qi to enter your eyes and open the first heaven of your own ignorance!

Blind’s bamboo cane gently tapped on Qin Mu’s heart and it was unusually accurate this time. Qin Mu immediately felt his vital qi circulating endlessly and rushed toward his own eyes!

Cultivating the eyes was extremely dangerous. Despite Qin Mu’s vital qi had started to refine out impurities and excess fats from his body, the eyes were still the most difficult part to train. It could almost be classified as a forbidden area as one could turn blind on the slightest mistake!

Qin Mu had once asked Village Chief how to train his eyes but Village Chief did not say much and only told him not to try refining his eyes rashly.

However Blind had instead pushed Qin Mu’s vital qi towards his eyes in a violent and overbearing momentum against common sense!

Qin Mu felt a piercing pain from his eyes as his vital qi majestically rushed into his eyes. His vital qi cultivation was extremely thick but it was compressed finely by Blind’s terrifying cultivation.

How big could eyes be?

However at this moment, Qin Mu felt as if his eyes had become extremely humongous like the sky!

His vital qi was like huge and long dragon entering his eyes that were as wide as the sky. His vital qi then violently surged forward and squirted into the sky like a pillar that was supporting the heaven and earth. The surging vital qi then spread across the entire sky and formed strange markings on the sky that crossed each other to become a net. It was like heaven’s net covering the entire sky.

The pain earlier had also suddenly vanished and was replaced by a extremely cozy sensation that he had never felt before.

"Mu’er, memorize the image in the sky. That’s the first heaven of Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill, the Heaven’s Big Dipper Formation Marking." Blind’s voice came from the sky high up.

Qin Mu immediately tried to memorize the image by heart. With his vital qi directed by Blind and forming the Heaven’s Big Dipper Formation Marking inside his eyes, he could clearly see the path, structure and details of the formation marking. However the Big Dipper Formation Marking was too complex and complicated thus it required him to take some time to memorize them.

Blind directed his vital qi over and over again until Qin Mu’s vital qi was almost depleted. He then took his cane away from Qin Mu’s heart.

"How much have you remembered?" Blind asked.

"Sixty to seventy percent."

Blind gave a pleased expression, "It’s not an easy feat to memorize sixty to seventy percent in such a short time. Now recover your vital qi."

Qin Mu started sprinting and executed ‘Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique’ to allow his vital qi to recover faster.

When his cultivation had returned to his pinnacle, Blind continued, "Execute the Big Dipper Formation Marking that I have taught you and look at the stone statue again to see if it was different from before."

Qin Mu immediately directed his vital qi into his eyes and constructed Heaven’s Big Dipper with his vital qi. Even though he had only learn sixty to seventy percent of the formation marking and didn’t complete it, the cozy sensation when one could refreshingly see through everything came out again as his vital qi spread all over his eyes.

Lifting his head up to look at the stone statue of the dragon head elder, his mind couldn’t help trembling. The stone statue which was once ordinary in front of him had suddenly become bright and colorful.

It was as if the stone statue had come to life and become an indomitable god!

He even saw the finest light given off around stone statue. Every fine ray of light brought out the divine grandeur of the stone statue!

His mind and spirit immediately suffered the pressure of the stone statue!

In his eyes, the stone statue was no longer a stone statue but a living and breathing god!

God’s spirit, appearance, aura and power came crashing down on his spirit before overwhelming his entire body, making him unable to resist wanting to kneel down."

"Continue looking and don’t close your eyes. Don’t kneel down either."

Blind coldly continued, "Remember how you peed and pooped on the stone statue when you were young? If you dare to do that when you were young, why do you have to kneel down when you become older? Mu’er, what Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill awakens aren’t just your eyes but your spirit as well, for you to stand strong against all the powerful and the evil!"

"How powerful is a practitioner isn’t solely based on the power of his moves, it’s more important that the spirit is strong! If your spirit loses to a pile of broken rocks, no matter how powerful you become you will still be a total failure!"

Blind knocked his bamboo cane on the ground and shouted, "If you go against the stone statue and withstand its pressure, your spirit will become stronger as well! If you want to have greater power, you must first strengthen your spirit, become your own god and fear nothing!"

Beads of sweat rolled down Qin Mu’s forehead as he struggled to go against the thought of him kneeling down. The pressure that the stone statue had brought on him was simply too strong and was impossible to resist.

Blind told him that there was nothing to be afraid of but it was impossible for him to do it.

Things became totally different after awakening his eyes.

When his eyes were not yet opened, the stone statues were just ordinary stone statues, thus he had no qualms peeing and pooping on them. However when he had opened his eyes, the stone statue was like a god and any actions even looking at the god was counted as a blasphemy.

Blind said, "It’s easy to destroy the god in the temple but difficult to destroy the god in your heart. Do you know who had said this sentence?"

Qin Mu’s spirit was still being intimidated by the stone statue and was unable to answer.

"The one who had said such a rebellious sentence is the current Imperial Preceptor of Eternal Peace Empire, the person acclaimed as the number one man under gods!

With awe inspiring presence, Blind shouted, "Mu’er, the gods in your heart are all strange gods and fake gods. Only by destroying them could you erect your own god statue! Even if a real god is right in front of you, you can’t kneel down, let alone a stone statue!"

Blind stabbed his bamboo at the side and loosened his pants, laughing loudly, "Not only you shouldn’t kneel, you should pee on it!"

"Pee on it?"

Qin Mu stared blankly, "Pee on a god?"

Blind peed at the stone statue and laughed, "That’s right, pee on it! When you were young you had peed on it no lesser than a hundred times, why are you afraid now?"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and loosened his pants to pee. A warm sensation flowed out onto the stone statue.

This pee was not insignificant. The god statue in Qin Mu’s eyes was still divine and full of pressure, however the feeling that was pressuring his spirit to kneel down had vanished entirely.

The old and the young ‘looked’ at each other and laughed happily.

Village Chief was at the village entrance suntanning as he heard their laughter. Turning to have a look, he couldn’t help but shook his head, "Blind is indeed a frivolous genius, to use this kind of method to break the god in Qin Mu’s heart and strengthen his spirit. If it was anybody else, they wouldn’t have thought of such a weird method. Mu’er sure is extremely daring to pee along with him. Making Mu’er pee on the stone statue not only broke the god in Qin Mu’s heart but also broke the god in his heart, the ‘god’ that had taken his eyes away… The Spear God is back."

He knew why Blind had done this.

The bamboo cane was not a cane in Blind’s hands but a spear.

When Blind had walked into Disabled Elderly Village back then, his body was heavily injured and was in a pathetic state as if he was a beggar covered in filth.

However Blind’s footsteps as well as the bamboo cane on his hand were very stable.

When he walked into the village, he gave Village Chief a feeling that raging dragons were sweeping out from all directions. In Village Chief’s eyes, the bearing of Blind was like a pillar supporting the heavens.

The only person in the world to have that kind of spear skills and spirit could only be that of Spear God!

However, the most powerful point of Spear God was not his spear but his eyes. He had a pair of god eyes and could see through every loopholes of the moves.

And now, Blind had imparted the god eyes to Qin Mu.

You must first train your eyes to train the spear, and before you train your eyes you have to train your heart!

Blind’s eyes were god eyes. The stronger the eyes got, the more truth they could see, and the more truth they were able to see, the more you could see how terrifying it was.

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