Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 231 - Killing The Monk

"Vajra Unbeatable!"

Buddha rays shone brilliantly from Monk Ban Chi, and his muscles swelled, becoming twelve yards tall. The nine rings monk staff also became bigger like a huge sun behind the head of a huge buddha.

This was Vajra Unbeatable Technique of Buddhism, a kind of technique whose forte was the divine arts of the corporeal body.

There are many kinds of techniques in Buddhism. The forte of some of them is the frame of mind, so they cultivate spells and divine arts; while others are known for their wisdom and cultivating knife and sword skills; there are also those of the battle techniques school, whose forte are divine arts of the corporeal body.

Even though Vajra Unbeatable Technique took the path of the battle techniques, it was different from others. Some spells were mixed into this technique. However, unlike Chancellor Ba Shan's fusion of battle techniques and spells, the spells of Vajra Unbeatable Technique were hidden in the monk staff or prayer beads. Through the daily cultivation with their monk staff and prayer beads, the monks would chant the buddhist scriptures non-stop, refining their evil thoughts into the prayer beads and the divine arts in the buddhist scriptures into the monk staff.

When it came to battle, they could release the evil thoughts in their prayer beads, transforming into a fiendish battle stance, while the spells in the monk staff were methods to catch an enemy off guard with a surprise attack!

Qin Mu had experienced the strong points of Vajra Unbeatable Technique before. This technique would turn one's body incomparably durable after executing the body of Vajrayaksa, to the extent that the person could take on the blow of Junior Protector Sword.

Furthermore, the monk's strength would become so outrageous that he could push Qin Mu's treasure ship down.

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and his body trembled. A ray of golden light shot down from the sky and poured into him, transforming his corporeal body into a golden god. Tiger claws, fur, and head grew out from his body while he stepped on twin dragons and held a bronze battle-ax formed from golden qi, which was like a huge hatchet.

A golden snake hung on Qin Mu's left ear and hissed while taking in and sending out golden qi.

What he had executed was Venus Sovereign Gold Marquis Technique, a god transforming into the form of Venus Sovereign to control all the gold qi in existence.

There were many secrets hidden in Five Elements Realm, and Qin Mu originally had an extremely high achievements in it. With the guidance of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, cultivating the god transformation of the Five Great Star Sovereigns had allowed him to surpass the other strong practitioners of Five Elements Realm by leaps and bounds.

"Truly, the spell of devils!"

Monk Ban Chi saw his body transforming and sneered. The nine rings of his monk staff danced in the breeze and swelled up before smashing down suddenly like a huge hammer with nine golden rings!

As Qin Mu's bronze battle-ax clashed with the nine-ringed monk staff, a terrifying power exploded from the both of them. Qin Mu moved back repeatedly from the vibrations, and the twin dragons under his feet flew out to climb onto Monk Ban Chi's body, tangling with his legs. At the same time, the golden rings of the nine-ringed monk staff flew out one after another and hit Qin Mu's head, causing sparks to fly out in all directions. Qin Mu ended up tumbling back a distance away.

Monk Ban Chi was of the Six Directions Realm, after all, and he was a divine arts practitioner with a lot of tricks up his sleeves. With a trample, both of the golden dragons were shattered into pieces. Once he grabbed his monk staff and leaped back up in the air, the nine golden rings whooshed back onto his monk staff while he was in mid air.


Monk Ban Chi smashed his monk staff downwards onto Qin Mu. His feet were on the ground, but he couldn't stop himself from sliding backwards, plowing a deep pit in the ground. The bronze battle-ax in his hand was also smashed into pieces.

Monk Ban Chi rushed over at an extremely fast speed and was in front of him in a few steps. His monk staff swept forward, and another loud boom rang out as he smashed Qin Mu repeatedly until the other couldn't get a stable footing and flew backwards.

The monk staff hummed while the nine golden rings clanked as they smashed onto Qin Mu's chest, throwing him hundreds of yards away and destroyed a part of the forest.

"Mount Meru Mudra, tut!"

Monk Ban Chi rose into the sky and started to chant an incantation as he smacked Qin Mu down with a palm. The ground trembled, and the trees collapsed, revealing a handprint that was the size of three ares, deeply imprinted into the ground. In the meantime, an apparition of Mount Meru materialized above this handprint, with countless symbols of buddhist texts swirling it.

"Amitabha, the demon of the devil path has finally been executed, due to a virtuous achievement of this little monk."

Monk Ban Chi landed on the ground holding the monk staff with one hand while the other was in front of his chest. Standing outside of the handprint, he paid his respects. "Little monk isn't a person that's fond of killing and exhibiting such a swift means today was merely to rid the evil from this world. There was no other choice. Little monk shall recite a paragraph from the Scriptures of Rebirth in the Pure Land, sending the damned soul of the cult master to paradise, to not do evil anymore…"

Just as he was about to chant the scripture, he felt his hair standing up on end and immediately leaped away. The ground split open, and gold qi spikes rose up from the ground, frantically stabbing into the air!

The monk staff of Monk Ban Chi smashed down, and the nine rings swept in all directions, crumbling the gold qi spikes. He then saw the apparition of Mount Meru crumbling as gold qi gathered to form countless sword lights. They then gathered into one which was dozens of yards long and stabbed into the chest of Monk Ban Chi with a ding.

The monk felt pain when his chest was stabbed by that sword light. He suddenly shouted loudly, and buddha voice came from the prayer beads on his neck. Buddhist runes poured out from the vibrations, and the scriptures were like hoops that covered that sword light, layer after layer. As the scriptures continued swirling, they finally stopped the sword.

At this moment, light suddenly flashed in front of Monk Ban Chi, and a huge wave rushed into the sky in front of him. Before it, Qin Mu transformed into a red-haired snake body of Water Marquis Mercury Sovereign, who was holding a trident in his hand.

The trident stabbed towards Monk Ban Chi, and huge waves rushed up, transforming into a huge mudra which came pressing down on the opponent.

Monk Ban Chi shouted loudly, and his buddha rays shone brilliantly. He raised his hand to block, but found that a boundless strength was overwhelming him, smacking him away ruthlessly.

The trident reached his chest and transformed into a three-headed dragon which surged forward while pressing onto his body. He heard a loud bang as it and the torrent slammed him against the ground, creating a huge pit around him.

The wave dispersed, and Monk Ban Chi immediately stood up. In his face was a bull-headed human-bodied monster who rushed at him while stepping on two fire dragons. The heart of this monster's brows opened up, revealing its bull eye, and a beam came rushing over at a speed of lightning. Monk Ban Chi raised his hand to defend his neck and felt a searing pain on his palm. Two of his fingers had been severed.

Panic started to arise in his heart. He grasped the nine-ringed monk staff with a hand and used it like a hammer. The head of the staff swelled up, becoming larger and larger. The staff then was like a mountaintop smashing forward, while his other hand made a mudra which smashed forward.

Qin Mu transformed into Mars Sovereign's form and gave a angry bellow. His strength was boundless, and a fire bottle gourd appeared behind his back. When he took this fire bottle gourd into his embrace, blazing true fire spewed out from inside it, and the flames scorched the nine-ringed monk staff red hot. Molten gold leaked out from it continuously.

Monk Ban Chi was astonished. Nine-ringed monk staff was the spirit weapon he had painstakingly refined and one which had the blessing of Buddha. Yet it couldn't defend against the true fire from this bottle gourd, and if it was melted, he would lose a major weapon.

However, now was not the time to think it through; he could only risk his spirit weapon getting destroyed and brace himself to smash Qin Mu to death!


The fire bottle gourd exploded from the attacks, and the two fire dragons under Qin Mu's feet also shattered into pieces. Monk Ban Chi immediately followed up with Mount Meru Mudra, and Qin Mu's body suddenly trembled. A ray of green light shot down from the sky, and he transformed into the form of Wood Marquis Jupiter Sovereign, which had a human head, bird's body, and bird feet. With two wings on his back and two green dragons under his feet, he flapped his wings and rose into the sky to avoid Mount Meru Mudra. Once he came into the sky above Monk Ban Chi, the willow whip in his hand came smacking down against Monk Ban Chi.

The moment the monk raised his hand to defend against the whip, he felt that something was wrong. This whip was actually incomparably soft and coiled around his arm like a green snake. The willow whip then suddenly grew and coiled around his whole body.

In the blink of an eye, the willow whip had become thick as a water barrel, turning into a willow tree which coiled around its target tightly.

At the same time, the two green dragons under Qin Mu's feet were shrinking as they transformed into two trails of green qi which entered Monk Ban Chi's nostrils.

"Arriving in this world empty-handed, leaving this world empty-handed! Six senses, be sealed!"

Monk Ban Chi sealed his senses so that the two trails of green qi couldn't enter his body and were then purified by his buddha rays. The prayer beads on his neck exploded one after another, and evil thoughts poured out from them, returning to his body.

The evil in Monk Ban Chi erupted, and he gave a bellow. His corporeal body swelled up once again and shattered that willow tree in pieces as he gave an angry roar, "When Grandpa Buddha gets angry, even the Heavens have to give way! Demon, die!"

Just as he shouted that out, Qin Mu transformed again, turning into a human-headed snake-bodied form while the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. With two Pig Slaughtering Knives in his hands, he rushed straight at his enemy.

Explosive sounds rang out endlessly. The buddha rays and sparks burst out continuously from the surroundings of Monk Ban Chi, and there was not a single scratch on him that was caused by the Pig Slaughtering Knives.

"Grandpa Buddha had the body of vajra, nothing can break through it!"

Monk Ban Chi had a malicious expression as the monk staff in his hand smashed down frantically. Qin Mu's knives collided with it, and a huge bang rang out, which pushed the birds and beasts in the forest around them into fleeing.

Suddenly, the knives in Qin Mu's hands cracked and exploded, unable to withstand the immense power of the two's fight. At the same time, the monk staff in Monk Ban Chi's hands also exploded.


Monk Ban Chi screamed continuously, and his fists which were as heavy as mountains came raining down. Qin Mu roared in anger, and his muscles bulged as electricity surrounded his body. He executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes, and the green dragon coiled around his body as he clashed directly with Monk Ban Chi.

The two small giants exchanged heavy blows in the forest when suddenly Junior Protector Sword flew out and stabbed into the huge sun behind Monk Ban Chi's head at a lightning speed.

Monk Ban Chi was astonished and immediately raised his hand to defend. At this moment, Qin Mu punched like sunshine refining the yang soul in the sky. Monk Ban Chi's soul wavered for a moment, and he didn't manage to block that sword light, allowing Junior Protector Sword to pierce through the huge sun behind his head.

His Vajra Unbeatable Technique was instantly broken, and his body started to shrink. Qin Mu sent another punch his way, and the bones in Monk Ban Chi's body trembled violently as he grunted and retreated.

Qin Mu's punches rained down like howling wind and torrential rain, causing pain to Monk Ban Chi. He became more and more frightened, then turned around to run. With a few ups and downs, he had already escaped to the sky.

Qin Mu paused for a moment as he looked at the sky. The speed of the escapee was extremely fast; he run six-seven miles in just a few breaths' time. Only then did he stop so a lotus could bloom under his feet to lift up his body as he thought to himself, "This devil is powerful since he has too many tricks up his sleeves, but his speed isn't that fast so he can't catch up to me. I can still reorganize myself…"

Just as he thought this, a loud boom rang out, and he immediately turned back to have a look. At that moment, he couldn't help being stunned when he saw Qin Mu breaking through the air like he was flying. His speed was such that the monk could not even see him clearly!


Qin Mu's fist bashed into Monk Ban Chi's face, and it caved in its entirety. The power of Tempest of the Nine Dragons poured into his head and exploded with a bang.

In the sky, blood light was accompanied by forty-five green dragons that bore fangs and brandished claws. Among their snarls, a headless corpse fell from the sky.

"Dumb monk, I could let you run ten miles first."

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