Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 238 - The Late Motherly Love

Dutian Devil King heard what Qin Mu said and was slightly stunned, then instantly understood what he was saying.

This restricted area in the forest was not to defend against the invasion of enemies, but to prevent people of Carefree Village from walking out!

If it was to defend against outside enemies, then only people who barged in would be attacked by the restricted area.

Whereas here, no matter if people were trying to go in or to come out, they would all receive ruthless obliteration!

The ruins to the side should be the path that the people of Carefree Village had opened up by force to escape Carefree Village and not a path that had formed naturally.

'To understand the situation from the slightest clue… ordinary people would have never noticed this. The ones who taught this brat are definitely absolute villains that are incomparably cunning.'

Dutian Devil King shuddered uncontrollably. It was obvious that the heavenly devils that had clung to the ship hadn't escaped Qin Mu's detection. The reason he didn't reveal his knowledge was to have them test the path!

Such a ruthless and sinister youth would definitely have absolute villains for his teachers!

Dutian Devil King sized up the restricted area and thought to himself, 'With just the Moon Ship, we can't enter this place. Moon Ship is too huge, and if we barged in, we would definitely trigger the restricted area. If it was so simple for the restricted area to obliterate that female devil god, destroying the Moon Ship shouldn't be too troublesome either…'

Just as he thought this, the Moon Ship suddenly trembled and gradually squatted down. A huge tremor shook the enormous three-legged ship as it lay down on the floor and stopped moving.

Dutian Devil King immediately felt the heavenly god aura around Qin Mu gave disappear, and he let out a sigh of relief. If Qin Mu had driven the Moon Ship into the restricted area, even he would have been destroyed.

Even though Qin Mu had seen the destruction of Carefree Village, he still possessed his rationality, which astonished Dutian Devil King.

He then kicked the dragon qilin awake.

The dragon qilin shook his head and followed behind him while asking in a low and muffled voice, "Iron lump, where are we?"

Dutian Devil King became furious. "You slept all the way and still have the face to ask me?"

The dragon qilin smiled. "You also don't know where we are? Apparently, you have also slept all the way."

At the center of the huge pillars, Qin Mu's body returned back to normal, and he pulled back his legs that had sunk into the ship.

The body of the ship had fused with his legs, but since Qin Mu's body had grown extremely gigantic earlier, he had left huge footprints after he had shrunk in size. This allowed him to pull out his legs.

Qin Mu stood up, and his mind immediately trembled. He was incomparably weak at that moment, and the divine treasures that had been opened up by the huge amount of energy from the Moon Ship closed one after another. Only Spirit Embryo and Five Elements Divine Treasures did not leave him.

The ship's energy was too great for the current him, so if he wanted to control it, he had to exhaust his life force as a price.

'Yan Jingjing has always lived on the Sun Ship, so she had exhausted way more life force than me. It's been really hard on her…'

Qin Mu took in two deep breaths and consumed some spirit pills to supplement his body. He rose then and said, "Devil King, Fatty Dragon, let's enter this restricted area."

Dutian Devil King let out a shaky breath and said, "You're planning to use my knowledge and vision to avoid the dangers and find the villains of your village?"

Qin Mu nodded. "You are the devil king of Dutian World, the king of devil gods. Your knowledge and vision are much greater than mine, so only you can bring me in."

Dutian Devil King laughed out loud and said proudly, "That's right, only I can bring you in and out safely, you can lick my feet…"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and Dutian Devil King immediately changed his words as he laughed. "I'm joking, look at you. I can bring you in and out, but you must release me as you promised. You agreed to it!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Don't worry, I will definitely not eat my words. I can sign the Pact of Earth Count with you!"

Dutian Devil King shook his head. "No need for that. If we sign the Pact of Earth Count, I won't believe you anymore. You will definitely dig a hole for me to jump into."

Qin Mu laughed coarsely and thought to himself, 'Dutian Devil King really knows me well. With just a verbal promise, I find it embarrassing to trick him… Grandpa Cripple is right, I'm still too kind.'

He jumped onto the dragon qilin's back and Dutian Devil King also got on. Fire clouds grew under the dragon qilin's feet, and they slowly descended onto the ground. Soon, they reached the edge of the restricted area.

Dutian Devil King was extremely nervous and spat out a few gears from his mouth. "Even though there's a safe path here, this safe path was established from inside. If we follow it to walk out, there won't be much danger, but if we use it to walk in, we'll face quite some danger. You must keep close to me and not take the wrong path. If you trigger the restricted area, we'll all die!"

Qin Mu immediately moved forward and opened up the god statue's chest to adjust the gears there. Adding a few more spare parts, he reminded, "Devil King, don't try to play any tricks or you will be trapped as well."

Dutian Devil King replied in a bad mood, "Don't worry, I understand. Stick close!"

Qin Mu followed after him, and the four faces and twelve eyes of Dutian Devil King looked around. His four mouths muttered as he saw through the dangers in the restricted area and did his calculations.

Qin Mu even saw Dutian Devil King using his devil qi to execute methods of space calculation. Countless numbers and runes moved in the air as he did incomparably complicated calculations.

"Devil King, your attainments in algebra are extremely high," Qin Mu said in astonishment.

Dutian Devil King replied in a bad mood, "You don't say. If you don't learn your algebra properly, you will only know the form of most of the divine arts but not their essence."

"Can you teach me?" Qin Mu asked with excitement. "I have a Canon of Supreme Mystery which I still have yet to study thoroughly. Canon of Supreme Mystery uses the divinatory symbols of the eight divinatory trigrams to represent one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. It's an octal number system which is quite thorny."

Dutian Devil King said in astonishment, "Octal number system? You will have to use the eight trigrams to calculate, which are Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Water, Mountain, Wind, Flame, and Lake. If you used numbers to replace them, it would be quite troublesome to calculate, but if you used the eight trigrams as an abacus to operate the transformation, that would be much easier… We'll talk later, don't talk to me now. If I calculate wrongly, we are all finished!"

Dutian Devil King's attainments in algebra weren't extremely high, but simply too profound to understand for normal people. A sentence he had said without thinking gave Qin Mu the feeling of having been enlightened.

He had been studying the Canon of Supreme Mystery these days, but he didn't achieve much. It was too profound and calculating it was incomparably troublesome.

However, if he used the eight trigrams as an abacus, it would become an exquisite tool for calculation. All the problems that he had faced could easily be solved!

'There's not only the octal number system from the eight divinatory trigrams. There is also yin and yang binary, four phases quaternary system!'

Qin Mu managed to deduce many things from one answer. There were many mathematical physics in Canon of Supreme Mystery, but there were no tools of calculation listed there. After getting advice from Dutian Devil King, he finally had a chance to actually comprehend the Canon of Supreme Mystery completely!

'If I wanted to do that, I would need to have a formation for calculation, the eight trigrams of taiji!'

Qin Mu took out the Canon of Supreme Mystery and browsed through it. His vital qi transformed into the four phases of yin and yang before forming the runes of the eight divinatory trigrams which floated in front of him.

With a pull of his hand, the eight trigrams of taiji split into forty-nine copies. The yin and yang revolved, the four phases operated, and the eight divinatory trigrams transformed.

"So that's how the Dayan calculation in Canon of Supreme Mystery works…" Qin Mu looked at the transformation diagram and muttered as numbers formed in his mind.

"Don't be distracted!" the back-face of Dutian Devil King scolded him.

Qin Mu immediately dispersed the eight trigrams. With Dutian Devil King leading the way, he considered himself safe. Dutian Devil King was the ruler of Dutian World, after all, so his knowledge and vision far surpassed that of Qin Mu. Even though he didn't have the ability to break the restrictions in this restricted area, avoiding them were not difficult for him.

In addition, the restrictions along the path had already been broken by people from the inside. Village Chief and the rest had also broken the restrictions by force, so the journey was relatively safe.

In no time, they came to the first ruins and Qin Mu stopped. This place was a village with only four households. The pots, bowls, and stoves were all still here, but no one lived here anymore.

Qin Mu saw eleven graves, but there was no tombstone erected. The yellow dirt grave was big, but he saw no clue who was buried inside.

"This place is safe!" Dutian Devil King said.

Qin Mu walked into the village and looked around. Suddenly, his heart trembled when he saw a cradle in one of the households. There was also a wooden horse and a few infant's clothing on the bed which looked very delicate.

On the chest of one of the pieces of clothing was a word 'Qin' sewed on.

Qin Mu took out the jade pendant which also had the word 'Qin' on it.

The youth closed his eyes for a long time. There were no tears in his eyes when he opened them, as they were long dried up.

'Is this my home?'

He walked past the kitchen stove and looked at the pots hanging above it, the bowls covered on the table. He wanted to find more items, to obtain more information, but there were no more clues.

He came to the door and suddenly froze. He stood there silently.

There was a 'xi' word pasted on the door. Even though there was no wind and rain here, the passage of time had faded the handwriting.

This 'xi' word meant that the owners of this house had married. They had married right in this restricted area.

The small wooden horse in this courtyard must have been prepared for the unborn child by the owner of this house. The delicate clothing should have been tailored for that child as well.

"It's time to go," Dutian Devil King hurried him. "Once this is done, I'll be returning. I don't want to stay another day in your goddamn world!"

Qin Mu sorted out his emotions and continued to head deeper into the restricted area with him. Four hours later, they came to another ruin.

This was a small town with about a hundred households. Outside the ruin, there were rows and rows of graves.

Qin Mu walked around and saw that there was a school in the town, so there should have been youths learning knowledge here...

Once upon a time, this should have been a bustling place where people came and went. Even there was the incomparably treacherous restricted area just outside, this place should have been brimming with life.

Yet in the next village, only four households were left...

They continued to venture forward, and the third ruin was a city. Huge pieces of shattered spirit weapons were scattered all over the ground here. If these were sold in Eternal Peace Empire, one would definitely become the richest person in the world, but here they just lay all around.

"Let's continue!" Qin Mu said solemnly.

"We're so dead!" Granny Si's angry voice came from the distance. "You old geezers, you even got this old woman fall for it and die alongside you!"

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