Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 239 - The Older The More Unreliable

At the end of the forest, Blind's expression became solemn. He propped himself on his cane to rest while Butcher swung his knives. Around them was a layered space that kept changing in a peculiar way. This space was layered, and every time it changed, the scenery would transform as well. Sometimes it was a vast forest, and sometimes it was a blistering hot desert. Sometimes it was waves overflowing to the sky, and sometimes it was stars from space flying into their faces.

Every time it changed, a different restricted law would burst forth. When the power of the divine restrictions hidden in the space activated, Butcher would need to clash with them.

Butcher shouted angrily, "Blind, Granny, my waist is about to break. Have you two finished resting?"

Blind sighed. "I'm old and my bones aren't like before, let me rest a while more."

"I ain't much younger than you!" Butcher said angrily. "Furthermore, my lower body was just reattached and it's not as strong! If I have to continue fighting, my upper and lower bodies will separate for you to see!"

Blind said slowly, "Granny is still young, let her take over."

An old voice came from Granny Si's mouth and sneered, "Even though I'm very strong, my wife's body can't withstand it anymore. Wife, let me take over your body…"

"Scram!" Granny Si said angrily.

Butcher and Blind's expression turned weird. Granny Si's 'illness' was becoming more and more severe. After she had found them and they met danger again and again, Li Tianxing frequently jumped out and took control of her body.

'The devil seed is becoming stronger and stronger. Old Woman Si will be replaced by Li Tianxing sooner rather than later.'

The changing of the space around them was like a god throwing a dice. Each side of the dice represented a divine restriction, and they were in that dice. On which side the dice landed on, the divine restriction on it would activate. However, this wasn't a six-sided dice, but one which had a hundred and eight sides.

Now they landed on the side of the stars, and the land under their feet disappeared as their surroundings transformed into a boundless starry sky. There was nothing above them and no land below them.

The flashing stars were not real stars but mirrors. Suddenly, the lights from them gathered together and shone at the trio with a hum.

Butcher shouted out and slashed at the terrifying divine light with Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. The divine light split into half and brushed past their bodies, destroying everything that was not immediately behind Butcher.

Granny Si immediately shouted, "Deaf, Deaf, come here quickly!"

On the other side of the starry sky, Deaf drew with a brush and contended with the stars. Blind said, "Deaf can't hear your voice…"

Before he could finish saying that, Deaf tried to fly over. A starlight unexpectedly hit him, and he was blown away, disappearing somewhere.

"Butcher, rest for awhile, it's my turn!" Li Tianxing's voice said from Granny Si's mouth.

Butcher immediately moved back, and Granny Si went forward. The body circulated Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and carefully looked at the changes of the space surrounding them.

It was not only the three of them who were trapped in the layered space. Deaf, Old Ma, and Cripple were also trapped, but they were in different sides of the dice, which made it difficult for them to regroup.

When Granny Si came and saw Blind and the rest trapped inside, she had tried to unravel this restriction. But to her surprise, she had fallen in as well. Later, Deaf found his way here and also tried to solve this restriction but got swept in instead.

"This space restriction has one hundred and eight divine restrictions, but the central administration that operates these formations is not within this one hundred and eight sides."

Blind stood up, and his god mind's eyes were as penetrating as a mirror as he looked in all directions. "Our bodies are in the dice of a god. Old Ma and Cripple are on another side, but they still land in the same side sometimes. Deaf will also enter this plane once in awhile, which means that the space restriction had operated for too long and there is already slight deviation in its mathematical calculation."

He did some mental calculations, and his eyebrows suddenly rose. "The god that laid down this space restriction had only calculated to the Shun Xi decimal fraction; he didn't calculate to the smallest decimal! After this divine restriction operates for a period of time, it will crumble by itself!"

By then, the space restriction had changed into the volcano whose divine flames were like dragons. With thunder and lightning booming out, Granny Si tried her best to contend against them as Li Tianxing's spoke with her mouth, "How much longer until this restriction crumbles by itself?"

Blind calculated for a moment and said, "Twenty-four thousand years."

"Shut up, Blind!" Butcher shouted out, wanting nothing more than to hack him into half with a knife.

At this moment, a voice came from outside, "Brat, your elders are trapped inside, there are six of them."

In the space restriction, everyone was astonished and looked outside, but they couldn't see anything.

Blind was extremely nervous as he commanded sternly, "Mu'er, don't come in! You don't have the power to withstand the divine restrictions!"

Qin Mu's voice came from outside, "Devil King, do you have a way to save them?"

"This space restrictions use a Secret Technique of Space Matrix to layer one hundred and nine spaces, separating them into one hundred and eight sections. It might look like there is one hundred and eight of them, but there's actually one hundred and nine."

That voice then continued, "However, the god that laid down this Secret Technique of Space Matrix should have taken the easy way out and not calculated all the way to the smallest possible decimal which was why some flaws were left. This secret technique will automatically crumble after operating for twenty-four thousand years, but if one managed to find the one hundred ninth space, it shouldn't be hard to solve this. Give me a moment to calculate…"

In the space restriction, Granny Si, Butcher, and the rest looked at one another. 'The person beside Qin Mu sure is remarkable, to be able to see the marvel of this restriction with a look. He's much more reliable than Blind.'

After a while, that voice spoke again, "Do you have some treasure you don't use? Something that's quite solid so I can throw it into the one hundred ninth space. If a solid thing entered that place, it would be something like an extra object appearing in operating gears, automatically jamming them. This formation would then be naturally solved."

Qin Mu's then said, "I picked this up in Rolan's Golden Palace, is it useful?"

"Eh, this treasure isn't bad. For you to pick up this kind of treasure, you sure are lucky. No wonder I couldn't trick you, your luck is heaven-defying so it's not me that's incapable."

Just as he was saying that, Granny Si and the rest saw a luminous pearl flying in front of them. That pearl grew bigger and bigger until there seemed to be mountains and rivers within. It was as if there was a complete world in the pearl with majestic mountain ranges and never-ending waterfalls.

The luminous pearl streaked across the horizon, having become an enormous object. The circular sky had mountains and rivers which disappeared the next instant.

"Be careful, when the restriction is unraveled, it will be a little rough," the voice outside warned.

Just as he finished, violent tremors suddenly came from the depths of the space. The layers of space crumbled one after another, while the land, water, fire, and wind poured forth frantically, sweeping across everything. The power of the divine restrictions in each layer of space cracked, and terrifying energy spewed out in all directions!

The people who were in the restriction immediately roused their vital qi to execute their strongest defensive methods to fight against this violent energy. Luckily for them, this energy wasn't directed at them but was simply spewing out in all directions, so they could still handle it!

If it was directed at them, they would have definitely been shattered into pieces!

Qin Mu stood in front of a part of the forest which had suddenly turned into ashes. The surging shockwave had swept in all directions and turned all trees into fine powder.

Thud, thud, thud, thud.

Four figures appeared out of nothing and crashed heavily against the ground, creating pits beneath them.

Qin Mu shook his head. "So old yet can't spare people from worrying…"

"Cripple, move away!" Deaf's voice came from above as this elder fell upside down from the sky. Below him, Cripple gave a grunt as Deaf crashed onto him.

In mid-air, the aura of Buddha shone brightly as a huge buddha descended. A golden spring poured out from the ground and a lotus bloomed inside it. The huge buddha placed his legs down and stepped onto the lotus.

The lotus and golden spring vanished, and the great buddha dispersed, turning into an elder in green. He was none other than Old Ma and despite his clothes being slightly tattered, he was in a much better state than the rest.

Everyone got up and looked at one another; they had actually survived and come out of that space. Even though they had all suffered heavy injuries, none of them were fatal.

Everyone raised their heads to see Qin Mu standing in the distance. The youth of Disabled Elderly Village kept shaking his head in disdain at them becoming even more unreliable as they got older.

In front of Qin Mu stood a proud iron lump. With his eight arms on his waist, he was like a lantern and had a look that expected them to worship him.

Behind Qin Mu was a dragon qilin that was as fat as a pig. He looked like he still hadn't fully woke up from sleep and was sluggish, having no interest in anything.

"Mu'er, why are you here?" Granny Si was astonished and came forward to size Qin Mu up. After examining him, she grumbled, "How dare you barge into such a dangerous place! You're too gutsy, are you hurt anywhere?"

"Granny, stay farther away from him." Blind went up, slightly nervous as he looked at Qin Mu. "Granny Si is somewhat unable to handle the devil seed in her Dao heart. She's sometimes male and sometimes female, and we don't know when she'll be taken over by Li Tianxing. Be careful of her laying her hands on you!"

An old voice came from Granny Si's mouth which was filled with a devilish nature. "Don't worry, he is the current cult master of our sacred cult. As the previous cult master, I naturally won't lay my hands on him."

Suddenly, Granny Si's voice became female again. "Li Tianxing, go back!"

Cripple went forward and sized up Dutian Devil King who had his eight arms on his waist. "Mu'er, your iron lump sure is useful. What's his name again?"

Old Ma said, "Dutian Devil King."

Butcher came forward to have a look and asked suspiciously, "Where did you get him? The last I saw you, you didn't have this iron fellow. He's still pretty useful."

"So ugly," Deaf said.

Dutian Devil King became furious and wanted to blow up, but Qin Mu swiftly interrupted, "This is Dutian Devil King, the supreme ruler of Dutian World which I have invited to save all of you. He has extremely high attainments in divine restrictions so he can definitely bring us to safety."

Dutian Devil King instantly became happy. 'This brat still knows what to say, even though his intentions are a little bad, his methods a little cruel, his heart a little too cautious…'

"Where's Village Chief?" Qin Mu asked. "As well as Grandpa Apothecary and Grandpa Mute, did they reach this place?"

Blind shook his head. "My eyesight is good and I saw traces of Apothecary and Village Chief, but I didn't see Mute."

The other people nodded silently.

Granny Si said, "Apothecary and Village Chief should have faced no problems since they are together, there's also Patriarch and Elder of Discipline with them. However, we haven't seen Mute and this fellow never says a word. Whatever he plans to do, he won't share it with us. If he's alone, I reckon he'd find it hard to hold on. Mu'er, this place is so dangerous yet you still had to find your way here, you've had it hard."

Qin Mu instantly got angry. "All of you wandered off instead of coming back home for New Years! If you got lost, what could I do but come and find you! Devil King, you shall lead the way. And you all, stop wandering off!"

"En en." The bunch of elderly nodded in a flurry.

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