Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 24 - Destroying The God In His Heart

All the living things in the world were not as simple as they looked. What ordinary humans saw with their naked eyes and what practitioners saw with their awakened eyes were two entirely different worlds!

The stone statues in the village seemed ordinary but practitioners who had awakened their eyes could see gods from these stone statues. These practitioners could also see the gods and devils from all the ruins left behind by them which were scattered everywhere. As for the Buddha in the temple, ordinary folks could only see a Buddha statue but for practitioners who had awakened their eyes, they could see a peerless great Buddha, crushing their spirits!

If the practitioners didn’t have a strong spirit, they would die of fright sooner or later from what they saw.

Therefore as Blind taught Qin Mu to train eyes, he had first taught him to train his spirit, to destroy the image of god in his heart so that he wouldn’t be afraid again, henceforth then could he achieve success.

As what Buddhism goes by, if there’s a Buddha in you heart, it’s hard for you to become Buddha.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had also said: it’s easy to destroy the god in the temple but difficult to destroy the god in your heart. These two kinds of sayings went by the same logic with Blind peeing on the stone statue.

The first two methods required one to slowly improve his spirits to destroy the god and Buddha in his heart, step by step. Blind’s method was simple, crude and somewhat extreme, however it was effective.

When Village Chief saw Blind for the first time, the atmosphere around him was extremely strong as if raging dragons were rolling into all directions. However Blind broke down then as both his eyes had been dug out.

And now, Spear God had returned.

This was all due to Qin Mu. Ever since the village had this healthy little boy, their resentment had gradually been washed away. To teach Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill to Qin Mu, Blind had to first awaken his ‘god eyes’. However since his god eyes had been dug away, he was only left with his mind’s eyes.

When Blind was imparting his skill to Qin Mu, Village Chief could feel his ‘god eyes’ awakening, which was actually his god mind’s eyes!

Having no eyes left, he used his mind as a replacement!

Village Chief slowly closed his eyes and leisurely laid there under the sun as he thought to himself, "God mind’s eyes will surpass god eyes and Spear God will also surpass that previous Spear God. When you walk out of the Great Ruins one day Blind, your enemies will shudder in fear…"

After Qin Mu had finished peeing, a shiver ran down his spine. He felt his body and mind entirely free from worry.

The stone statue could no longer put pressure on his spirit anymore. Looking at the stone statue again, he could see many things he couldn’t see previously. It was like that previously his eyes were covered with a veil, causing him to see everything fuzzily. Whereas now that the veil had been lifted, the true colors of the world were shown.

He looked at the colors around him greedily. The beauty that he had never discovered before made him so excited that he wanted to cry.

Approaching the other stone statues in the village, his spirit was once again overwhelmed. The other three stone statues in the village were similar to the dragon head elder stone statue, giving off intense divine rays and extraordinary charm, possessing a sacred aura!

However, he could look at them normally now as the stone statues could no longer affect his spirit.

Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill, just by cultivating the first heaven had already made him to be wild with joy. What other beautiful sceneries would his eyes see after being upgraded by the next few heavens?

Qin Mu took out a copper mirror and took a look at his reflection. In the mirror, his eyes were different from usual as a ring appeared deep inside his pupil. On the ring were strange markings that were like lightning intersecting.

The ring gradually became faint and faded away.

Qin Mu closed his eyes and directed his vital qi to carefully construct the Heaven’s Big Dipper Formation Marking before opening his eyes once again. He then saw the ring appeared in his eyes once again.

This ring was the projection of heaven.

"If I managed to cultivate Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill then there should be nine heaven rings overlapping each other like ten pupils stacked together." Qin Mu thought to himself.

Blind continued to guide him on how to complete the Heaven’s Big Dipper Formation Marking and after quite some time, Qin Mu finally mastered the entire Big Dipper Formation Marking.

"Mu’er, are you finished with your rest?"

Butcher ‘jumped’ down from the lower millstone and grabbed his two Pig Slaughtering Knives, "If you are done, then it’s time to train your knife!"

Qin Mu acknowledged and rushed towards Butcher after retrieving his Pig Slaughtering Knife.

Not long after, Old Ma and Cripple had returned from hunting and immediately took over from Butcher in training Qin Mu. Qin Mu was only let off after he could no longer move from exhaustion.

In the evening, Qin Mu went to learn blacksmithing skills from Mute the Blacksmith. Mute gave a few hand signs and some unintelligible sounds while Qin Mu nodded in deep thought.

What Mute was explaining were the techniques of cultivation. He said cultivation was like blacksmithing: one must pay attention to the different functions of the small flame and big flame. Other than the functions of the flames, you should also know how to quench the metal. You had to temper the metal in cold water to harden it.

Wisdom and force, strength and flex, dragon and tiger, these are how the opposite forces complement each other.

The more Qin Mu pondered over it, the more he felt logical. He admired Mute for his words, which would allow him to avoid going down many wrong paths.

While blacksmithing, Mute taught him to observe fire. While looking at the fire in the furnace, Mute performed a few actions.

Qin Mu’s eyes brightened and followed what Mute had taught, to observe the fire while circulating his vital qi at the same time. Executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, his vital qi circulation was like a small furnace hidden in his chest directing heat to all parts of his body.

Qin Mu felt a delightful sensation like his vital qi was burning.

At the same time in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, his spirit embryo absorbed energy from the sea of light as it did breathing exercises. His spirit embryo also began to change gradually as the vital qi it exhaled got ignited into flames, surrounding it as if it was being bathed in a furnace.

Qin Mu was astonished as his spirit embryo also started body refinement. By observing the furnace fire, the spirit embryo had such a mystical transformation that he didn’t expect!

Mute was also astonished as he sized up Qin Mu curiously. Halfway past midday, Qin Mu felt that the fire power that his spirit embryo could withstand had already reached its limit and immediately stopped observing the fire.

"Ah ah!"

Mute gave two hand signs and dunked the red hot iron strip into the water. As it fizzled and gave off white wisps of smoke, Mute gave another two hand signs.

Qin Mu’s eyes lighted up and observed the water jar in deep thought.

The sound of flowing water gradually sounded out from his chest. Along with the babbling sound of water, his vital qi flowed into his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and actually became a tiny stream. When it came into contact with his spirit embryo, something magical happened. His vital qi actually started to temper his spirit embryo!

He was enjoying himself while his spirit embryo was tempered by fire and water!

The next morning, Qin Mu woke up bursting with life. Overflowing with energy, he used the method Mute taught him to cultivate and it was indeed twice as fast!

"Let me find that devil ape to fight again!"

In high spirits, Qin Mu consumed the Vitality Reinforcement Pill and was forced to rush out of the village to vent the medicinal energy. Meanwhile, the devil ape had been waiting for quite some time under the cliff.

"Lay, young’un!"

The devil ape cultivated Thunderclap Eight Strikes that Qin Mu had imparted to him and had a tremendous boost in strength. Seeing Qin Mu rushing to it, it immediately threw away the tree branch in its mouth and gave a fighting stance while guffawing, "Lay, flat!"

Qin Mu rushed forward while the devil ape was like a moving mountain crashing towards him. As it came face to face with Qin Mu, it suddenly executed Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea. With the whooshing sound of wind getting louder and louder, the move blew down all the surrounding trees with a strong gust!

Qin Mu’s eyes sparkled and let out a loud roar. He too executed Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea and clashed with devil ape!


A dull explosion rang out as both of them got shot away by their own strengths. When the devil ape landed on the ground, it immediately rushed over again with its huge fists breaking through the air, causing the air to vibrate from his attacks. As it continued to punch while moving, the air began to hum from the vibrations.

Qin Mu was astonished, the devil ape had actually learned the move Thousand-Armed Buddha as well!

The Thousand-Armed Buddha the devil ape executed was still lack of practice and the devil ape hadn't mastered the subtleties of this move, but it had already mastered the soul of the move. Combined with his extraordinary strength, its Thousand Armed Buddha looked even more powerful than Qin Mu's!

The devil ape’s body was too strong, stronger beyond belief. After cultivating the Thunderclap Eight Strikes, its body had become even stronger. The power of its every punch was terrifying.

Having his cultivation and strength tremendously improved yesterday, Qin Mu thought he could beat the devil ape half to death after nourishment from his vital qi and Vitality Reinforcement Pill. He totally did not expect that he gained no advantage whatsoever in the fight and was beginning to get overwhelmed!

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