Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 241 -

They went back on the path they had come from and when Qin Mu saw that empty village again, he walked into the room that had pasted the ‘Xi’ word and picked up that baby clothes that had the ‘Qin’ word sewed on it.

The more he cared, the more flustered he became. When he had come here the first time, he was deeply affected and couldn’t keep calm for a long time, therefore he couldn’t see any of the tiny clues.

The ‘Qin’ word on these items that Apothecary had brought out was nearly the same as the one of that baby clothing. They looked like they came from the same template but if one examined carefully, there was still some difference.

Qin Mu had learned calligraphy from Deaf before and if he could calm his heart down to look at it with an ordinary state of mind, he could also see that the ‘Qin’ word on the baby clothing was different from the ‘Qin’ word on his jade pendant.

However, his emotions were out of control then which had influenced his judgment.

Now that he had examined carefully, the ‘Qin’ word on this baby clothing should have been traced out before sewing thread by thread onto the clothing. The ‘Qin’ word was indeed different from the one on his jade pendant.

The other people in the village surrounded Village Chief and Patriarch to ask them about their encounters and what they had seen on that ship. Village Chief shook his head, “It was too dangerous inside and we didn’t delve deeper. We only circled around the outskirts and had almost died. Luckily, Mute was here, therefore, we could safely retreat.”

Everyone immediately asked Mute how he knew about that safe path and managed to bring Village Chief, Patriarch, and the rest in and out?

Qin Mu walked out of the courtyard and he had the same suspicions as well.

Even Dutian Devil King said he would take one to two years time to find a safe path into that ruined ship if his true body descended so why did Mute managed to barge in so easily?

Everyone kept asking him for a long time and Mute didn’t say anything. He only revealed an honest smile and gave two ahs when he got anxious from the pressing questions.

Everyone immediately looked at Deaf. Deaf and Mute were the closest buddies and Deaf knew Mute’s intention the best. Deaf was always the one translating when everyone didn’t understand what Mute meant.

However, Deaf was at a loss this time. It was obvious he didn’t know what Mute was saying as well.

“This mute don’t want to say anything!”

Granny Si said angrily, “You’ll stifle to death sooner or later!”

Everyone rest in this small village while that dragon qilin stuck close to the young patriarch. Now, this dragon qilin was full of energy and rubbing himself around Patriarch.

Patriarch struck a posture wanting to beat him which managed to chase him further away. However, he would come back in the next moment and raised his dragon tail as he rubbed against the young patriarch’s clothes which were now filled with holes made by him.

“You’re getting too fat!”

The young patriarch said bitterly, “I had already said I’m going to die of old age, I’m abandoning you, stop rubbing yourself on me… Don’t think of jumping into my arms, I can’t carry you now! Shoo shoo, go away!”

On the other hand, Blind was annoying Dutian Devil King about some questions regarding algebra. Dutian Devil King was slightly fearful of the people in the village, therefore, he also tried his best to answer his questions. However, he only answered Blind’s questions and didn’t offer to impart more profound algebra to him.

Apothecary hurried from person to person to check on their injuries and treating them.

Qin Mu walked into that house. Even though this might not be the house of his parents, this place made him feel at peace.

Mute also walked in and looked around. His rough hands caressed that small wooden horse and picked up that piece of clothing. This thick and solid man had a very gentle gaze.

Qin Mu looked towards him and Mute turned his head to give him a grin.

“It’s time to go!”

Granny Si hurried, “Go back to the village to celebrate New Year’s Day! Patriarch, that plump pig that you had raised can finally be slaughtered to eat! Butcher is skillful at that and can still whip up a few good dishes, just enough for two tables!”

“You dare!”

The young patriarch was nervous and shouted, “Don’t think about touching him, ever since you were young you were already sneaking crafty glances at my dragon qilin, always wanting to eat him… Go away, stop rubbing against me, I’m not going to pat you… Elder of Discipline, drag him away!”

Elder of Discipline chased the dragon qilin over to Qin Mu. The young patriarch looked over and saw the dragon qilin moving its buttocks to walk to Qin Mu. He was so fat that his buttocks were as round as a ball. He was as fleshy as rhinoceros and every time he took a step, his round buttocks would jiggle uncontrollably.

“This fellow must have been cadging meals from the cult master and his meals aren’t bad as well. When I met him back then, he was small like a cat and rubbed himself against my leg to cheat food out from me. He ended up becoming fatter and fatter from me feeding him and glued himself to me…”

The young patriarch sighed. The dragon qilin then was so small and he could even embrace him and caress his head.

“What a huge ship!”

Everyone came to the front of Moon Ship and couldn’t help being astonished. Cripple planned to steal this ship away and got scolded by Granny Si, “Damned Cripple, even if you can steal it, where are you going to park it? I’ll break your leg if you place it in the village!”

Cripple could only drop his thoughts. He asked Qin Mu how he had managed to drive this ship here and after hearing Qin Mu’s encounter of driving the ship. Cripple’s thought sprung into action again, “Attaining the mighty strength of heavenly god after becoming the Moon Guardian?”

He quickly ran to touch the giant pillar on the ship but when he found that there was no transformation, he could only return.

There were too many unsolved mysteries in Great Ruins and Moon Ship was just one of them.

When they walked out of that formless barrier, the sun was already hanging high up in the sky. It was noon but the weather was still very cold as snow had fallen some time ago and the land had a brilliant snow white cover. The mountain ranges were also dyed in white and they gave off crunching sounds as they walked in the snow.

There were a few bears hiding in the hollow tree in the ruins and the mother bear was embracing the baby bears while sleeping soundly. When that mother bear saw Qin Mu and the rest suddenly appearing, she opened her eyes in astonishment but was so lazy that she didn’t move. She only nudged her body before going back into hibernation.’

Qin Mu looked back and saw the barrier vanishing. That unimaginable huge ship that was sealed inside, Moon Ship, as well as the incomparably complicated cube seal had all vanished.

What replaced it was a vast forest.

Only when the night fell would this mysterious seal appear once again.

“Let’s go, let’s return to the village for New Year.” Village Chief said calmly.

Everyone began to return and this place was very far from Disabled Elderly Village. The journey would still take one to two days but it was a good thing that everyone was safe.

The second evening, they had finally returned back to Disabled Elderly Village. Qin Mu, Granny Si, and Old Ma started to get busy decorating the village and preparing New Year’s Day dinner.

Qin Mu brought red paper over for Deaf to write the auspicious words and Spring Festival couplets. He then called Qin Mu over to let him paste them on everyone’s door.

“Paste it on the chicken coop also. As well as that ancient tree in front of the village, paste one there to invite prosperity in.” Granny Si instructed.

Everyone worked hard for quite some time and finally, everyone in the village could sit down to eat and drink fine wine together in cheers and laughter. The young patriarch and Elder of Discipline also sat down and joined them in the hearty New Year’s Day Dinner that had come late.

Early next morning, the young patriarch and Elder of Discipline bade farewell, “There are still countless mysterious in Great Ruins and it would be pleasant to search and take a look at them before I die. Fellow Dao friends, there’s no need to send me off.” When he was done, the young and the old left towards the distance while stepping through the thick snow.

Dutian Devil King looked at Qin Mu and said, “Devil cult master, it’s time to keep your promise.”

Qin Mu said with a firm look, “Devil king, don’t worry. I’ll keep my promise and release you.”

Blind and Cripple came forward and Dutian Devil King became extremely nervous before shouting, “Devil cult master, are you thinking of letting them capture me again after releasing me? How dare you!”

Qin Mu was a little embarrassed and shook his head at Cripple and Blind.

Cripple muttered, “This fellow is a good helper and if I can make him stay, I can steal even more stuff…”

Qin Mu said warmly, “Devil king, don’t worry. I shall remove these sealing runes on your body and you’ll be able to regain your freedom.”

He undid the sealing runes on Dutian Devil King’s body one by one and only then did Dutian Devil King became at ease, “Little Buddy Qin, Dutian and here are two different worlds, after we part today, we may never meet each other again. After all, the life of you mortal are short and your lifespan is merely a flick of a finger to us, over in an instant. Maybe when I think of you again, you have already died thousands of years earlier. This is actually quite sad now I mention about it…”

Qin Mu smiled, “Devil king, I can also contact you frequently, I still know Ghost Transferring God Dispatching Runes Command from Great Mountain Sect.”

Dutian Devil King laughed loudly, “Your world is too dangerous and even if you summon me over, I won’t come. After I go back, I’ll be looking for a new world, a new world for my people to survive.”

Qin Mu undid the last of the seal and said, “Devil king, you can return now.”

Dutian Devil King gave a try and discovered that there was really no seal before becoming fully at ease, “Let us never meet again!” Once he said that, his consciousness tunneled into the void and vanished.

Qin Mu raised his head and smiled, “Who can tell what will happen in the future.”

Dutian Devil King’s consciousness returned to Dutian World and went back into his original body. That majestic Dutian Devil King immediately knew what this consciousness had encountered and was greatly shaken. Letting out a murky breath, he thought to himself, “A dangerous world that is being monitored by gods, it’s indeed not a dwelling place for my Dutian’s citizens. Looks like it’s time to find a new world…”

“Mu’er, come over.” Village Chief called out.

Qin Mu hurried over and Village Chief hesitated for a moment, “I pondered for quite some time but there is still something I have to tell you. Other than the numerous ‘Qin’ word I have found on that ship, I had also found something else. Apothecary, bring that thing over.”

Apothecary hesitated, “Is it suitable to give it to him now?”

Village Chief shook his head, “I don’t have much long to live and if I don’t give it to him, when should I give it to him?”

Apothecary took out a mirror and handed it over to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu took over the mirror and didn’t find anything unusual about it. Village Chief said, “Inside this mirror is a geographical map which leads to Carefree Village, we have found this on that ship. You can stop examining it, this mirror has been sealed by me. Only when you can break my seal, you can see the route in this mirror. That place is too dangerous and I don’t want to let you go there now.”

Qin Mu was silent. Suddenly, he knelt down and kowtowed to Village Chief.

Village Chief immediately said, “Get up. There’s one more thing. Suddenly I feel that there are quite a number of weights on your shoulder, the young cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, the orphan of Carefree Village, maybe it won’t be much if you take on my responsibility as well. Today, I shall take you in as my disciple and hand over my responsibility to you. From today onwards, you will be the next generation’s…”

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