Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 25 - The Second Awakening

The human and ape begun to strike out wildly and clashed fiercely. Qin Mu’s arms started to get sore and numb as he gradually found it harder to withstand devil ape’s overwhelming attacks.

Not long after, his face became bruised and swollen from devil ape’s beatings, however the devil ape did not take the chance to kill him and instead continued to spar with him while it restrained a portion of his strength.

"Eat, strong!"

The devil ape unleashed another punch which brought the rush of wind that actually contained nine waves of powers. The move was indeed Thunderclap Eight Strikes Third Form, Tempest Of The Nine Dragons. As it fought with Qin Mu, it also kept nagging Qin Mu to eat more until he was as strong as it.

"Heaven’s Eyes, awaken!"

Qin Mu’s vital qi surged up into his eyes and constructed the first heaven Big Dipper Formation Marking of Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill. Another layer of pupil seemed to appear immediately in his eyes.

Awakening his Heaven’s Eyes, Qin Mu suddenly felt everything in the world becoming extremely clear, deep and orderly. Even the devil ape’s punch coming in his way had become magical in his eyes.

He could see every hair on the devil ape’s fist swaying in the air and even could see how every tendon, muscle moved under the devil ape’s skin as well as the path of its strength!

The Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Technique that Blind had imparted to him allowed his eyes to see the reality in what he saw. It also allowed him to know well of the disparity in strengths between him and his enemy, as well as to control and steer the strengths in a level that he had never thought of!

The instant before Qin Mu’s fist met with the devil ape’s fist, Qin Mu’s five fingers suddenly flicked out and his fingertips broke through the air, releasing a piercing whoosh like the sound when a bowstring had been released from a strongbow!

Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player.

Old Ma’s fist skills didn’t entirely consist of fist skills but also finger skills. Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player was one of the superb fingers skills among them. As Qin Mu’s first finger had flicked onto the devil ape’s huge fist, it immediately realized that all the power in its fist had vanished.

With Qin Mu’s second finger, devil ape felt the flexor tendon in his arm vibrating!

Qin Mu flicked out his third finger and the devil ape felt the muscles on his arm also began to tremble violently thus it couldn’t help panicking.

Qin Mu’s fourth finger flicked out and the devil ape couldn’t control his arms as they lifted upwards, revealing its chest.

Finally, Qin Mu flicked his fifth finger on the chest of this humongous creature. Devil ape only felt as if it was bashed in its chest by a few hundred wild bulls in the Great Ruins and uncontrollably flew backward!

Qin Mu stared blankly. Wasn’t Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill that Blind had taught him way too strong?

What was strong wasn’t his moves but his eyes. Using Heaven’s Eyes, he could easily see through the changes and path of devil’s ape strength. From there he could locate the weakness in devil ape’s punch and strike its weakness with the first finger to negate the astonishingly powerful punch!


The instant where he got lost in thought, the devil ape rose up and punched Qin Mu away. It then leaped in midair and clenched both its fists, mercilessly pounding Qin Mu down. The ground trembled as the place where Qin Mu’s body had landed was smashed into a deep pit.

The devil ape landed back on the ground with a boom and gave another punch into the pit. Before its fist had even reached the pit, Qin Mu flicked another finger onto its fist.

The next moment, the devil ape’s gigantic body flew upwards while Qin Mu leaped up from the pit and caught up with devil ape who was in midair.

Tempest Of The Nine Dragons!

Boom boom boom, a series of explosion sounds rang out as devil ape’s gigantic body dropped down like a shooting star, crashing down several huge trees in its path.

After some time, Qin Mu and the devil ape fought their way to the top of the cliff. Gasping for their breaths as they laid down, they already had no more strengths to continue fighting.

Even though Heaven’s Eyes was very powerful, it consumed his vital qi so much that even Qin Mu couldn’t tolerate it with his profound cultivation.

After resting for some time, devil ape sat up and raised his thumb to point at itself, "I, elder!"

Qin Mu also sat up and shook his head, "I, elder. You, younger."

Devil ape flew in a rage, stretching out its fist and showing off the lumps on its arm, "I, strong!"

Qin Mu grabbed one of it fingers and swung devil ape up before mercilessly smashing it on the ground, "I, stronger!"

Devil ape flipped its body back up and they both started fighting again. Soon they ran out of strengths again and laid down to catch their breaths.

Qin Mu regained some strengths and stood up. Devil ape also sat up and stared at Qin Mu as he executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes on the top of the cliff.

Qin Mu had only taught him once yesterday and it had already learned the basics, having a rough framework. Now Qin Mu exhibited every fine detail in Thunderclap Eight Strikes for it to watch and explained to it the secrets on how to bring out the power of each moves.

The devil ape learned very fast and managed to mastered the complete Thunderclap Eight Strikes in several hours. Qin Mu’s scalp turned numb and suspected that if he kept teaching it, would he still be able to fight against this jumbo.

"This fellow is also a martial art genius. Could strange beasts be so intelligent? Could it also cultivate?"

Qin Mu thought for a while and sat down teaching breathing exercise to the devil ape, imparting his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to it.

Devil ape imitated him closely and learned the breathing exercise. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was really the simplest Daoyin Technique, thus its method of circulation was extremely simple which required only moving and guiding vital qi.

Not long later, devil ape had basically mastered Daoyin Technique and had an even breathing rhythm. This was also partly due to his temperament. Since it was a herbivore, it had quiet disposition and a pure mind, therefore it could master Daoyin Technique in such a short time.

"This fellow really is a martial art genius."

Seeing it mastering Daoyin Technique so quickly, Qin Mu couldn’t help sincerely exclaiming in admiration, "Train well big fella. I’ll find you to spar again tomorrow." Finishing his words, he leaped down from the cliff and ran towards the village.

Devil ape saw him off and sat down once again, whispering, "Young’un…"

The next several days, Qin Mu everyday came to spar with devil ape and after sparring, devil ape would treat him to some fruits. On the other hand, Qin Mu would show it how to cultivate and even taught Cripple’s Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to the devil ape.

Devil ape was originally good at fists skills but lacking in leg techniques. However after learning Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs, its legs skills became extremely crafty, putting Qin Mu at a disadvantage whenever he wasn’t careful.

Qin Mu’s strength increased rapidly while devil ape’s improvement was also frighteningly fast. It soon attained small success in cultivating vital qi. During sparrings with Qin Mu, if he didn’t utilize his Heaven’s Eyes, he was unable to gain the upper hand and would instead fall into a disadvantageous situation.

This evening after fighting with devil ape, Qin Mu came to the workshop of Mute the Blacksmith to help and observe the fire following what Mute had taught him.

In his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, his vital qi was like fire tempering his spirit embryo. Everything seemed to be similar as usual but at this moment, golden rays suddenly started pouring into his spirit embryo as it frantically absorbed them from the golden sea in the divine treasure.

Qin Mu was at a loss and totally did not know what was happening.

Mute was unable to see what was happening in Qin Mu’s spirit embryo therefore he naturally didn’t know something mystical was happening inside Qin Mu’s body.

As his spirit embryo absorbed more and more golden rays, the little figure suddenly stopped. The spirit embryo also stopped breathing and exhaling, sinking into silence.

Qin Mu tried to mobilise his spirit embryo but it still remained motionless.

"Did the spirit embryo die?"

The young boy felt slightly uneasy. After some time later, his spirit embryo slowly recovered and woke up.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and went back to observe the fire. Right at this moment, he felt his vital qi become extremely scorching. Whenever his spirit embryo exhaled out vital qi, his vital qi would ignite and didn’t extinguish even after it flowed out of Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Qin Mu jumped in shock and immediately stopped observing fire. However it was too late as his clothes automatically started burning!

Mute who was beside him immediately lifted the huge water jar and covered it over Qin Mu, extinguishing the fire.

Lifting up the water jar, Qin Mu had been drenched like a drowned rat.

Mute was stumped and checked the burn marks left on Qin Mu’s clothes. He immediately threw down his iron hammer and iron bar, flying straight to Village Chief making hands signs.

Village Chief was astonished and immediately called Deaf and Mute to carry him over, "Mu’er, try observing the fire again!"

Qin Mu didn’t know why was the Village Chief being so serious but he observed the fire again anyway. In his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, his vital qi once again turned into a flaming forge surrounding his spirit embryo.

Following that, a heat wave surged out from his body, instantly raising his body temperature!

Village Chief’s eyes sparkled and he continued to guide Qin Mu, "Mu’er, focus your mind and don’t let it sway. Treat your palm as a knife and show me a hack!

With his mind free from thoughts, Qin Mu only had his eyes on the furnace fire in front. His vital qi naturally unleashed as he gave a hack using his hand as a knife.


His palm actually ignited on fire just like a flaming sword cutting down!

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