Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 251 - Not an Expert in Techniques of the Devil Path

The monks wanted to go forth when Monk Ming Xin said, "Hold it, fellow senior brothers, let me subdue this devil and kill this monster!"

Before the monks could even say anything, Monk Ming Xin had already rushed forward and winked at Qin Mu while saying in a low voice, "When you fight with me, do a few blows before admitting defeat. Once you admit defeat, they will be too embarrassed to kill you. Also, don't use devil techniques, or they will be infuriated again."

'The heart of this little monk isn't bad, he's much better than Old Monk Jing Ming.'

Qin Mu's gaze flickered and he smiled. "You and I shall exchange some pointers."

Monk Ming Xin immediately made a move, and it was Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Spring Thunder on the Lonely East Sea. As he moved, thunder rang through the area as though an overflowing river was surging into the sea as the spring thunder suddenly exploded.

When this move was executed, it had the illusions of a divine art. The vital qi that was both in front and behind Monk Ming Xin could be faintly seen transforming into majestic mountains with the river water surging down from them. It looked like it had come from the sky and smashed into the sea.

When the moves of Thunderclap Eight Strikes were executed to this extent, they were almost no different from a divine art. Rulai's Mahayana Sutra of Great Thunderclap Monastery was indeed worthy of its reputation!

Qin Mu also executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes which were just as impressive and majestic. Mountains and rivers, a vast sea and spring thunder, as well as world-shaking booms, exploded as the muscles on these two people flexed. The tendons were like fine dragons snaking here and there under the skin, pushing the circulation of strength to its maximum, cheering up the monks.

"Ming Xin, beat this devil to death!" a dried up, thin old monk shouted out. "This devil actually cultivates our Great Thunderclap Monastery's technique; it's a blasphemy against Buddha, so beat him to death!"

Qin Mu's move changed and transformed into Thousand Armed Buddha, and in that instant, his palm transformed into afterimages which made it seem as though he had a thousand arms. Each movement of a palm caused the sound of thunder as if a huge buddha was waving his thousand arms to subdue devils. All the monks had a change in expression when they saw this.

Qin Mu, this devil from Heavenly Devil Cult, had already comprehended every single essence of Thunderclap Eight Strikes. Just based on this Thousand Armed Buddha, his attainments surpassed eighty to ninety percent of the monks in the monastery.

The voices of the monks grew softer as they muttered in their hearts, 'Seems like Ming Xin's attainment in this move is inferior to his, he probably can't win…'

Ming Xin also executed Thousand Armed Buddha to fight back, and he immediately knew that his attainments were lacking. His body trembled as he executed Winning Skill and expanded exponentially. Countless buddhist scriptures surrounded his body like a huge bell which rang non-stop.

The two thousand-armed buddhas clashed, and the superior one was determined at that instant. Qin Mu's palm hit the huge bell which was the buddhist scriptures, and rings of buddha rays burst forth from the wall of the bell.

At this moment, where did Qin Mu look like a devil? He was clearly an eminent monk that had achieved his Dao. A young buddha that had green dragons surrounding him as he looked extremely dignified.

The next instant, Monk Ming Xin saw Qin Mu's palm breaking through the huge bell and changing into a fist mudra that hit him in the heart, astonishing him.

Qin Mu's fist had gone precisely through the flaw in his Rulai's Mahayana Sutra. With his fist as a mudra, he exploited that flaw and went straight for the body. This strike had hit him straight in his lethal point!

However, Qin Mu's fist didn't have much power. He retracted it after giving a gentle punch.

The hearts of the monks calmed down. 'This devil's cultivation isn't high, only his moves are exquisite.'

Monk Ming Xin composed himself and immediately countered, only to see Qin Mu slithering around him like a dragon. With his thousand arms moving about, countless flaws appeared on the buddhist scripture bell in an instant. The lethal points in the heart of his brows, his ears, his eyes, the back of his heart, his sea of qi, his jade occiput were all marked once by Qin Mu. In the blink of an eye, he had received hundreds of fatal attacks!

These attacks were all aimed at the flaws of Monk Ming Xin's Rulai's Mahayana Scripture. He was stunned for a moment, then felt like he was a cauldron that was leaking water everywhere. There were fatal flaws everywhere, and cold sweat uncontrollably rolled down his forehead.

To remove the flaw, he had acted according to his initiative and changed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra. He thought he had erased the weak spot on his throat, but instead, he had affected the rest of his body, creating more flaws in his technique.

'The cultivation of this devil is indeed not high!" All the monks were put at ease now. 'If he can't break through Ming Xin's Golden Bell Body Protection, no matter how intricate his moves are, there will be no power behind his attacks.'

Qin Mu stopped, and Monk Ming Xin came to a realization. He swiftly expressed his thanks, "Thank you senior brother for your guidance! Only now do I know that Rulai's Mahayana Sutra can't be carelessly changed."

Qin Mu shook his head. "It's not that you cannot change, you just lack an opponent who can allow you to express your talent and potential to its fullest extent. If you had a person that had profound knowledge and wide horizons, he could push you to improve, to continuously change your technique. In that case, you would achieve perfection."

Monk Ming Xin immediately looked at him, and Qin Mu shook his head again. "I can't, I don't have the ability. You can go find Rulai, let him impart to you Rulai's Mahayana Sutra directly. I as your opponent will limit your improvement."

Monk Ming Xin acknowledged this, but said,"Rulai is all about destiny, I don't know if I have this destiny… Crap!" His expression changed, and he stamped his feet. "This is bad! If you had lost to me, they wouldn't be able to steel themselves to beat you to death, but now that you defeated me, they will certainly kill you! What should we do?"

"Ming Xin, fall back. "A middle-aged monk came forward with a slightly grim expression as he scolded, "Junior Brother Ming Xin, aren't you too kindhearted! This is subduing the devil, yet you held back and did not take his life, are you going to leave this devil alive to bring chaos to the world? This is a grave sin!"

Monk Ming Xin opened his mouth, wanting to say something when that monk swept his sleeves at him. "Are you not going to fall back and reflect on yourself?"

Monk Ming Xin could only fall back feeling grieved. 'When had I held back? I clearly executed my full strength!'

The middle-aged monk looked at Qin Mu and said, "Cult Master Qin, you're the cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, while I'm merely a monk with no reputation in the Heavenly Dragon Cloister of Great Thunderclap Monastery. This isn't considered the big bullying the small, right?"

Qin Mu smiled. "It's not. I'm the big that's bullying the small."

The middle-aged monk chanted one of the many names of buddha and said, "Cult Master Qin, I shall let you understand the vastness of Buddhism. Look at this dragon pillar beside you, the dragon form on this dragon pillar is one of the Hundred Dragons Portraits of our Great Thunderclap Monastery. This little monk will use it to send devil cult master to paradise."

Qin Mu examined the dragon pillar beside him, paying attention to the dragon portrait of a ferocious heavenly dragon. With its sharp claws clasping down, it looked like it was subduing devils.

The middle-aged monk suddenly moved and came speeding over with heavy footsteps as he shouted, "I hope cult master can be reborn into a good family in your next life and not be a devil again!"


He smashed a mudra downwards, and thunder boomed. What he executed was Tempest of the Nine Dragons from Thunderclap Eight Strikes. His vital qi had transformed into a green dragon whose form was none other than the heavenly dragon on the dragon pillar beside Qin Mu!

The green dragon surged forward with bursts of thunder, just like a dragon king descending onto the world!

Qin Mu retracted his gaze from the dragon pillar, and his vital qi suddenly burst forth. It was similar to Tempest of the Nine Dragons, and when the two dragon forms clashed, the roaring of dragons continued endlessly. Ninety green dragons appeared around the two people, and they were the dragon force formed by the fist skills. Each person had forty-five dragons.

The ninety dragons clashed as the dragon-shaped vital qi threaded around the dragon pillars to fight.

"Great cultivation, Senior Brother Tan Xin!" all the monks cheered.

When their voices faded away, the middle-aged monk couldn't resist letting out a grunt. He could feel Qin Mu's magic power overwhelming him as the unpredictable transformations of the dragon forces in his fist left him confused. Qin Mu had also used the dragon form on the pillar, but there were a hundred changes in that form, so even though Qin Mu had used one kind, the countless changes within it made his opponent unable to guard against all of them.

'He has received the true teachings of our Heavenly Dragon Cloister…'

The eyes of the middle-aged monk revealed despair when the forty-five dragon forces formed by his vital qi instantly disintegrated. The forty-five dragon forces from Qin Mu merged into one and rushed at his chest with a whoosh!

Qin Mu had received the true teachings of the Hundred Dragons Portraits in Heavenly Dragon Cloister after reaching this place and seeing the reliefs for the first time. This was something that was simply impossible!

The middle-aged monk instantly understood that things were bad and executed the other dragon forms of Hundred Dragons Portraits in hopes of solving the transformations of the dragon force in Qin Mu's fist.

His cultivation was higher than Monk Ming Xin's, and he had awakened his Six Directions Divine Treasure, which meant he had an extraordinary ability. His vital qi could materialize to form divine arts.

Heavenly Dragon Cloister was one of the cloisters in Great Thunderclap Monastery. The monks cultivating here were mostly in Five Elements or Six Directions Realm. There were some stronger practitioners of Seven Stars Realm, like Monk Xin Kong who had incinerated himself earlier.

Of course, the abbot of Heavenly Dragon Cloister was very powerful, but at this moment he, Old Monk Jing Ming, was accompanying Old Ma and Blind with the other old monks and was unable to excuse himself.

The middle-aged monk was considered one of the more outstanding experts in Heavenly Dragon Cloister, but his vital qi cultivation couldn't be compared to that of Qin Mu. The transformations in his dragon force were also way inferior.

'Crap, I can't solve them…'

Monk Tan Xin's expression changed, and his chest exploded with a bang. Forty-five dragon forces burst from his body, and forty-nine ferocious dragon's heads opened their jaws wide to roar angrily at everyone.

The blood light scattered all around, and a lot of fresh blood flew in all directions, landing on the faces and clothes of the monks.

Qin Mu shook his head. "If you don't have any murderous intentions, I will hold back and not harm your life. But if you insist on killing me, I won't hold back."

The monks were all in a daze.

Suddenly, a monk pointed at Qin Mu and said in anger, "He used techniques of the devil path to kill Senior Brother Tan Xin! What he used were the techniques of the devil path!"

Qin Mu's gaze landed on him, and he said slowly, "Thunderclap Eight Strikes is a devil skill? I'm in Five Elements Realm and he is in Six Directions Realm, and I used the same move as him to kill him, yet you guys don't want to admit that his skill was inferior so you say it's the devil path? Rulai, your disciples have shamed you."

"Deluding people with lies, I'll kill you!" a voice shouted out angrily, and a yellow-robed monk came rushing over with boundless vital qi surging about him. He had the cultivation of Six Directions Realm, and his technique was incomparably overbearing, his power like rolling thunder.

Qin Mu didn't bother to look at him and raised his hand to send Junior Protector Sword out. Sword lights burst forth as the sun set in Surging River. The yellow-robed monk was instantly filled with thousands of holes and his corpse landed on the ground. With an ice-cold expression, Qin Mu said, "This is Sunset Sword Skill of Yuyuan Empire."

A monk pounced behind him, wanting to land a fatal blow, but a gate suddenly opened behind Qin Mu's body. It was Gate of Heaven Influence.

The monk rushed into the gate and saw the light of a lamp shining in the distance. The soul of that monk was instantly sucked into Youdu and left with the boat.

Qin Mu closed the Gate of Heaven Influence behind him and said coldly, "This isn't a technique of the devil path as well, this is Youdu's Gate of Heaven Influence."

"Kill this devil!" Another monk came rushing over, and Qin Mu punched in his direction. "Sa mo ye!"

The soul of that monk was dragged out of his body and disintegrated in the air. Qin Mu then said angrily, "This is a technique of the devil path! Do you understand? I'm absolutely not an expert in techniques of the devil path!"

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