Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 260 - Slaughter

Rulai and Dao Master were outstanding talents of the previous generation and could have cultivated to the level of god and buddha. If the divine bridge wasn't broken, both of them would have already risen heavenwards and left this world.

Emperor Yanfen might be the least experienced one among them, but he occupied the nine dragon veins and cultivated in the Imperial City, which allowed him to enjoy an exceptional advantage. He could cultivate twice as fast, and he was exceptionally talented in cultivation, which made him one of the top strong practitioners in this world!

Eternal Peace Empire was acclaimed to be the biggest sacred ground in this world, and he and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor were the sect and cult masters of this biggest sacred ground!

Even so, he was still slightly inferior to Rulai and Dao Master. Those two had joined hands to deal with him not because they felt that their abilities were inferior to him, but that they would find it difficult to keep him from escaping if they fought him one on one.

However, if they made an alliance, Emperor Yanfeng's escape was an impossibility.

Crackle, crackle.

Bolts of lightning came striking down from the clear sky, surrounding Emperor Yanfeng's body with sparks. Incomparably bright and clear lights surrounded the real dragons dancing in the sky, and the nine dragons roared in unison and clawed towards Dao Master and Rulai!

Rulai chuckled, and the golden alms bowl flipped upwards as it shone with a brilliant golden color. The heavens were sent out, which made the gods and buddhas clash with the dragons.

"Old Dao friend, I'll hand the job of killing the emperor to you," Rulai said with a smile.

Old Dao Master controlled his sword, and the sword light moved at a wonderful rhythm, taking control of all the operations of the human world. He chanted softly, "Dao nourishes the earth of all heavens, giving birth to all laws, and the whole world will return to one! Your Majesty, this incomplete move…"

Before he could finish saying that, two trails of light flashed by and suddenly stopped. Old Dao Master hurriedly controlled the sword to stop the attack and concentrated on what was happening. At that moment, he saw an elder in a green buddhist robe and a blind man with a bamboo cane standing in mid-air.

"Rulai, fighting, eh?" Blind asked with a beaming smile.

Rulai also retrieved the golden light that was being spewed out by the golden alms bowls and smiled. "Ma Wangshen, Dao Friend Blind, why are you two here?"

Old Ma said coldly, "Searching!"

Blind knocked his bamboo cane down, and the sky trembled. The strong practitioners that were engaged in a vicious battle were all astonished and hurriedly stopped. Blind beamed at them and asked, "The gales rise and the cloud rise with them, and everyone seems to be busy fighting. Everyone, now that I've greeted you, I'm sorry to disturb, but may I ask if you saw a woman?"

Quan Dingwu who was in the state of being bashed to death finally had a chance to breathe. "Blind man, who are you looking for?"

"A woman, especially beautiful, one look at her and you won't forget her, the kind that will eat away your heart." Blind sighed. "This woman is very powerful and an old devil lives inside her heart wishing to commit evil. He fell in love with her appearance and plans to take her body to become a woman. This is what is called with a beauty like jade, a golden house is made. We originally went to Great Thunderclap Monastery to let Old Rulai subdue this old devil…"

He babbled for quite some time, yet no one was able to tell what he was trying to say. Old Ma then said, "Blind, the important point."

Blind scratched his head and said, "This woman is the previous cult mistress of Heavenly Devil Cult, the previous saintess. Rulai wanted to kill the emperor so he let her escape."

Rulai chuckled. "This old monk was unable to attend to two things at the same time, so I was unable to help her, no matter how much I would have liked to."

Blind scolded him angrily, "Say earlier if you can't do it. Isn't it great, now we can't find her at all! Did any of you Dao friends see the previous cult mistress of Heavenly Devil Cult? She's especially beautiful and can charm you to your bones with just a word. Did anyone see her?"

Everyone shook their heads.

A hope lit up in Xue Bi'e's heart, and she said loudly, "We are from Heavenly Saint Cult, I hope you two can assist us!"

Rulai was astonished, and Old Dao Master asked, "What's their background?"

"My main disciple and Spear God," Rulai said.

Old Dao Master said in astonishment, "So it's the three-eyed Divine Constable Ma and the God's Eyes from back then. You've already become this old?"

Old Ma shook his head and said, "Your matter isn't as important as us finding our person, we won't bother."

"You guys killing the emperor and protecting the emperor is really not as urgent as us finding our person." Blind sighed ruefully. "If the emperor is dead, you'll just need to change to a new one. However, if that demoness runs out, hehe, the whole world will be doomed. Emperor, have you seen this cult mistress before?"

Emperor Yanfeng had a grim expression, and he slowly shook his head. "I've never seen her before. May I ask the two seniors to assist?"

Blind was slightly disappointed. "No interest. It's good that you haven't seen her. If you had seen her, you could only jolly wait for your empire to be destroyed. Old Ma, let's go, she couldn't have gotten far!"

Old Ma nodded, and the two of them whooshed away, vanishing without a trace.

Everyone was startled. "They are really weird senior experts."

The sounds of slaughter rang out in the air again.

Rulai released the light from the golden alms bowl, and the twenty heavens soared into the sky. Dao Master released his sword light, and the power of the fourteenth writing burst forth. The sword light expounded the relations between the earth and the heaven. It was like heaven and like earth, transforming into all laws, into the alignment of stars. This sword had the aspect of all the relations between the earth and the heaven as one!

Emperor Yanfeng executed Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, and the propitious vapors of the nine dragons surrounded his body as he stepped onto multicolored sunlight. Each of his blows contained power beyond imagination which could rend mountains and split seas, reversing heaven and earth. He was proficient in a great number of divine arts and could even execute Dao Sword of Dao Sect and Victorious Fighting Skill of Great Thunderclap Monastery. Any divine art could somehow become miraculous in his hands and achieve unimaginable power.

Even the Secrets of Hatred Parting Heavenly Sword, a sword skill which only women could cultivate was able to be executed by him, at an even greater power.

When touched by him, even the most ordinary moves would gain immense power!

Spells, sword skills, and even divine arts of the corporeal body could all be executed by him, and the power of every strike would be like moving the mountains and draining the seas!

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique had already been cultivated to the level of god by him!

Dao Master's eyes lighted up, and his sword skill moved and attacked Emperor Yanfeng like a storm. He praised, "Everyone said Imperial Preceptor was a genius in path and skills, but the world has failed to notice Emperor Yanfeng. Your Majesty, you're already a grandmaster and you could establish your own sect and create your own sacred ground. What a pity!"

Chi, chi, chi!

Dao Sword had the rhythm of heaven and earth which broke through Emperor Yanfeng's layers of defense and injured him again and again.

Rulai saw an opening, and his golden alms bowl flipped to make the twenty heavens pressure him. The twenty small worlds in the alms bowls pressed down onto Emperor Yanfeng's body one after another.

Emperor Yanfeng grunted. As he held out against the immense pressure of the twenty heavens, his movements became very slow. However, the power of his path, skills and divine arts had instead become more and more powerful as he contended against Dao Sword.

The incomplete sword skill from Dao Master had a myriad of transformations, and it had no traces as he derived the limits of algebra operations. He thoroughly performed the path of producing one, one producing two, two producing three, and three producing all things and achieving the essence of the three that produced all things.

However, Dao Master's wisdom was cut short here, so he hadn't completely succeeded in cultivating the final move, which was why his skill was incomplete. Yet even though it was an incomplete sword skill, it could destroy all paths, skills, and divine arts!

Rulai suspended the golden alms bowl in the air and chanted in his buddha voice, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor has yet to appear, but changes are inevitable, let's finish this as fast as possible." When he finished saying this, his body trembled and transformed into a tall buddhist idol. His palm smacked forward lightly, and his five fingers shook, which resulted in five mountains pressing down.

At this moment, Qin Mu was sitting on the back of the dragon qilin three hundred miles away. The dragon qilin was still sprinting through the air while stepping on his fire clouds.

"Faster, try to go faster!" Qin Mu felt terrifying pulses from ahead and hurried his mount, "If you can run faster, I'll give you three buckets of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills!"

The dragon qilin panted heavily as he said, "Cult master, I'm already trying my best."

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and said, "Your speed is a whole chunk slower than that of the green bull! He could easily run twice as fast as you and travel ten thousand mile in a sprint! Fatty Dragon, if you exert more strength, I'll bring you to beat up the green bull! While if you remain this slow, I'll bring the green bull to beat you!"

The dragon qilin gritted his teeth and suddenly exerted all his strength to sprint forward. The fire clouds under his fire exploded, and his speed was raised tremendously, almost throwing Qin Mu off. After running thirty to fifty miles like this, the dragon qilin's speed slowed down again, and he started foaming at his mouth. "Cult master, I can't take it anymore!"

Qin Mu was helpless and said fiercely, "Still dare to be a glutton, I'll put you on the dinner table on next New Year!"

Just as he was saying that, trails of green and grey light whooshed past, leaving him stunned. That two lights then turned back.

"Mu'er, why are you here?" The two lights stopped, revealing themselves as Old Ma and Blind. Blind said, "If my eyesight wasn't good, I just might have passed by you. When did you leave Great Thunderclap Monastery? Did the monks give you any trouble?"

Qin Mu immediately said, "I left right after you guys. Grandpa Blind, Grandpa Ma, things are bad, Rulai and the rest are killing the emperor!"

Old Ma said, "We have seen it. Small matter, the emperors have always kept changing."

Blind grumbled, "Mu'er, you can't ignore the more important matter. Li Tianxing is the biggest trouble, if this wretch takes over granny's body, that would be a real problem. Who's going to be able to stop her?"

"I found granny, so there's no need for grandpas to worry. Granny just doesn't want to return to Great Ruins as she's afraid of implicating you guys." Qin Mu blinked then and asked, "Can grandpas save the emperor?"

Old Ma looked at Blind, and Blind shook his head. "Hard. The emperor might already be dead. Once Rulai and Dao Master ally themselves together, even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would probably be helpless. That's right, your Heavenly Devil Cult is also there, and I reckon they will die miserably."

Qin Mu gritted his teeth. "The emperor can't die yet, there's no need to bother about the experts of my cult though, they can teleport away anytime. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is not there?"

"Never saw him." Old Ma said, "Rulai is old, Dao Master is also old, and they both can't fight for a long period of time; otherwise, much of their lives would be exhausted."

Blind beamed, "We are younger than them." Old Ma nodded, and Blind smiled. "In that case, let us snatch the emperor back. Mu'er, wait here, we will go snatch the emperor's corpse back for you."

Qin Mu was stunned. "Corpse?"

Old Ma left into the distance, so his voice came from far away. "Since Dao Master had made a move with Rulai, he's definitely dead."

In the battlefield, Rulai and Dao Master attacked together as they tried to end this battle as fast as possible. Emperor Yanfeng suffered heavy blows repeatedly while withstanding the attacks of the two god-like existences. His qi and blood were still extremely vigorous whereas the qi and blood of Rulai and Dao Master were fluctuating up and down. However, the cultivations of these two people were simply too strong. In terms of cultivation, both of them far surpassed him, and in terms of battle power, both of them were also a level higher than him. What's more, these two god-like existences had joined hands to attack him.

Even though his qi and blood were vigorous, he was getting burned out and was merely a dying ember.

Dao Master and Rulai were well aware that the next move could end his life when a bamboo cane came striking over. Old Dao Master hurriedly swung his sword to defend, and Rulai felt a murderous intent coming from his back. The golden alms bowl immediately shone backward, and a ding and dong could be heard as the bamboo cane struck the sword and the sword stabbed into the golden alms bowl.

Blind stumbled backward and praised, "Superb abilities, and your cultivations are higher than mine. Just a little weaker than that of Village Chief, that old fellow." Once he had finished saying this, he turned and left.

Rulai and Dao Master hurriedly turned back and saw that Emperor Yanfeng had vanished without a trace.

"No need to chase. Emperor Yanfeng's qi and blood have withered and all his divine treasures are shattered." Rulai sighed, "Good, even if he's saved, he will be a useless person."

A body was suddenly thrown towards Qin Mu and crashed onto the dragon qilin's back. "Mu'er, the corpse you wanted is here!"

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