Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 261 - Li Tianxing and the Emperor

Qin Mu examined Emperor Yanfeng and saw that he was like a tattered sack filled with grain. Grain would pour out of a tattered sack just as blood poured out from the emperor. His situation was grim.

His qi and blood were failing rapidly. With his qi and blood lost, booming sounds came from the divine treasures, which sounded like the sky and earth crumbling. His divine treasures were already crumbling, so if he wasn't treated in time, he wouldn't last two hours before dying.

"So it's Palace Grandee." Emperor Yanfeng opened his eyes with difficulty and asked weakly, "Am I still savable?"

Qin Mu examined his injuries in detail, and his ten fingers moved quickly as he used Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his souls and spirits, preventing them from leaving his body. Emperor Yanfeng instantly couldn't speak or move his eyeballs.

Qin Mu fetched some dragon's saliva and applied it on his wounds. When he raised his head, he saw that Blind and Old Ma had already left.

"Are they luring those pursuers away?"

Qin Mu wasn't certain, so he just said to the dragon qilin, "Return to granny's house."

The dragon qilin turned around. Qin Mu in the meantime sat on its back and fed Emperor Yanfeng the dragon's saliva before massaging his body to squeeze out the extravasated blood. Doing some mental calculations, he took out a few spirit pills.

Back when he had comprehended Unity Technique, the qi and blood in his body had been exhausted due to a huge flaw which caused his vitality to deteriorate. At that time, he had refined two kinds of spirit pills to save his life. One kind was Spirit Buddha Pill to replenish his vitality and the other kind was Blood Thriving Pellet to replenish his qi and blood. In the end, he also used Spirit Returning Pill Great Supplement Technique to eat a Red Dragon Carp King to fully replenish the emptiness in his body.

The spirit pills in his hand were Blood Thriving Pellets.

Qin Mu hesitated. Emperor Yanfeng was still savable, even if his qi and blood were failing, but if he consumed Blood Thriving Pellets so his qi and blood became vigorous, the crumbling divine treasures might just topple!

Emperor Yanfeng was exceptionally talented, so if the energy in his divine treasures was to suddenly explode, there would be nowhere to release the torrential energy. The emperor would just suddenly explode, and even Qin Mu and the dragon qilin would be blown into pieces by the out of control energy.

Yet if he didn't replenish the qi and blood for the emperor, his condition would be very dangerous.

'I have to guide the energy from his divine treasures out before replenishing his qi and blood.'

Qin Mu pondered for a moment. The best way to use the silver needles was to guide the violent energy out. However, once the silver needles were stabbed into his divine treasures, they would probably melt and wouldn't be able to guide the dissipated energy in time.

The next method was sealing, to seal the energy of Emperor Yanfeng's divine treasures in his body. However, Qin Mu didn't have such strong magic power to be able to seal Emperor Yanfeng's cultivation.

The next method was to use 'spirit pills' or poison to dissolve his power, dissolving it. However, these kinds of spirit pills were usually refined with highly toxic herbs. If he wasn't careful, Emperor Yanfeng's body might just dissolve as well!

Qin Mu decided to use the second method. He didn't have the ability to seal Emperor Yanfeng's cultivation but Granny Si should have.

"However, even if I save him, he will only be a useless person."

Qin Mu felt sorrow. Emperor Yanfeng was just at the time of his best years and his body was very good. He could have lived some two-three hundred years more, but after this torment, he would become like an ordinary human, with only the lifespan of only a few dozen years left.

A powerful ruler of a generation becoming an ordinary human, even Emperor Yanfeng wouldn't be able to handle this blow. Qin Mu didn't know how dejected he would be when he woke up.

'The second method may be the best method. By sealing the energy in his body, he might just be able to fix his divine treasures…'

Qin Mu shook his head. This possibility was very slim.

The dragon qilin returned to Granny Si's house in the forest. Qin Mu's vital qi burst forth, and he lifted Emperor Yanfeng with his vital qi without any bump.

Granny Si came out when she heard the commotion and was astonished. "Mu'er, what have you done… Emperor? You plan to skin the emperor and become the emperor yourself? Rascal, you're growing up more and more!"

Granny Si was over the moon before becoming worried. "However, the three thousand beauties in the emperor's chambers of imperial concubines are all little vixens, be careful about getting charmed to death."

Qin Mu said helplessly, "I'm not skinning him to become the emperor. Granny, help me seal the energy inside his divine treasure so he won't explode. I'm going to buy some herbs, don't turn the emperor into clothing!"

Granny Si had a worried expression. "You have to come home before the sky turns dark; otherwise, Li Tianxing that slut will definitely be happy to put on the emperor's skin and become the emperor!"

Emperor Yanfeng had awakened then and heard their conversation. He thought to himself, 'Who is this granny of Palace Grandee? Such a vicious person. And also, isn't Li Tianxing dead? How come he's also here…'

His injuries were too severe, though, so he fell back asleep.

Qin Mu ran out the door quickly and determined his location before running toward the closest city.

It was Quiet City, and it wasn't big. Because of the disaster, many herbs were unavailable. Qin Mu went through a few herb shops to gather enough herbs to replenish some qi and blood, then immediately sprinted back.

When he returned, the sky had yet to turn dark. He let out a sigh of relief and examined his patient. He saw that Granny Si had already sealed the energy in the divine treasures of Emperor Yanfeng and hidden them in his corporeal body. Emperor Yanfeng was still alive, even if his body was starting to disintegrate. His souls and spirits were fine, though.

"Once you undo Heavenly Devil Creation Technique, his corporeal body won't be able to bind his souls and spirits, he's bound to die!" Granny Si said.

"He won't die!" Qin Mu said solemnly. "I can make his souls and spirits remain in the human world. As long as his body still has breath, I can save him!"

Granny Si shook her head. "I shall go and prepare dinner. You have to be careful after that since the old devil will be out."

Qin Mu shivered and immediately fed Emperor Yanfeng some Blood Thriving Pellet and Spirit Buddha Pills before using vital qi to help him dissolve the medicinal energy. He then stabbed Emperor Yanfeng's body with silver needles to guide the medicinal energy before refining some more spirit pills.

Granny Si finished making dinner and called Qin Mu over to eat.

When the both of them were done with dinner, Granny Si turned and went into the room while Qin Mu continued to take care of Emperor Yanfeng. After some time, a soft voice came from outside as Granny Si laughed. "Mu'er, how's His Majesty doing?"

Qin Mu's soul shivered from that voice, and he said without moving from his place, "Cult Master Li, you're also the cult master of our sacred cult, what's this for?"

The voice immediately became old, and he chuckled, "I'm already dead, so I'm no longer part of Heavenly Saint Cult. Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures have also been passed down to you, so why do you have to get involved with what I want to do? Give the emperor to me, I'm going to use him to hand the throne over to me. I want to be a female emperor!"

Qin Mu didn't answer.

Suddenly, the door was slammed wide open as Granny Si barged in with a sneer. "If you don't give me the emperor, I'll come and take him myself!"

She concentrated her gaze on what was happening and was left stunned. She saw that Qin Mu had planted the emperor in the soil, and he was standing straight like a pine tree.

Qin Mu was walking around Emperor Yanfeng while executing various techniques as he struck palm after palm towards the standing body.

"Earth Aeon Creation Technique? Spirit Creation Technique? Hmm, there's also Ghost Creation Technique!"

Granny Si looked at it once and saw that Qin Mu's hand techniques had myriad transformations. Each move and each form was incomparably clear as he executed the writings of creation in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to treat the injuries of Emperor Yanfeng.

This was done because there was no other choice, seeing how they didn't have enough spirit pills and miraculous medicine. Thus, Qin Mu could only use creation techniques to turn back the creations and seize the profound theory to treat Emperor Yanfeng.

"Cult Master Qin, your Earth Aeon Creation Technique is wrong!"

Li Tianxing's rough voice came from Granny Si's mouth as he sneered, "It's not executed this way! A proper devil technique got executed messily by you, making it seem like a righteous technique. You're really throwing the face of our Heavenly Saint Cult!"

After some time, he couldn't resist saying, "Spirit Creation Technique is also wrong, how can it be used to save people? For you to use it to change the composition of his corporeal body… Absolutely disgraceful, who uses Ghost Creation Technique like you do? Using a perfectly all right technique to stabilize his souls and spirits… Hmm, wait a minute! Interesting, very interesting…"

He became more and more engrossed as he looked. Qin Mu's creation techniques had gone a different direction from his own, and these techniques that were clearly devilish had instead become grand and impressive. They had been clearly created to harm people, but he was using them to save people.

Qin Mu used Earth Aeon Creation Technique to gather the qi of mother earth, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, to nourish Emperor Yanfeng's primordial spirit. He used Spirit Creation Technique to refine the hidden injuries in his body and used Ghost Creation Technique to stabilize Emperor Yanfeng's souls and spirits.

As the previous cult master, Li Tianxing had also cultivated these techniques, but he had taken the road of the devil path which involved plundering the creation of heaven and earth and the creation of other people. Granny Si's techniques of the devil path had also been taught by him.

His eyesight was extremely shrewd and ruthless. He could see the road Qin Mu had taken was totally contrary to his. He seized from the outside while Qin Mu took from the inside. If one cultivated using Qin mu's method, the speed might be slower, but their souls, spirits, primordial spirit, and physique would become incomparably stable. Both the body and the mind would be strong!

The most wonderful point was the word creation in Seven Writings of Creation. This would make his souls, spirits, primordial spirit, physique, and divine treasures have quality upgrades. For example - aptitude. One's aptitude is determined at birth and is hard to change; however, cultivating Qin Mu's would allow one to use creations techniques to change their own aptitude, to improve it for better and better.

Li Tianxing was a great expert, otherwise, he wouldn't have become the sacred cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult. When he saw the same techniques going down a different path, he couldn't help becoming engrossed in it.

Every transformation in Qin Mu's moves had a huge attraction to him, and even though he wanted very much to kill Emperor Yanfeng and bring his skin to become the emperor, he still wanted to see more transformations from the creation techniques.

Without him noticing, the crows of roosters sounded out, and rays of sunlight scattered in through the window. Li Tianxing sighed. "You escaped death for a night; however, I'll definitely kill you guys tomorrow night…"

The body trembled, and Granny Si woke up. She immediately asked, "Mu'er, did the old devil harm you?"

Qin Mu also let out a sigh of relief, his body covered in stinky sweat. He shook his head and said, "He was only engrossed in looking at my creation techniques and got muddled along the way. Granny, I need to rest for a while, I shall use other techniques of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to muddle him the upcoming night."

When night came, Emperor Yanfeng's injuries were much better, and he woke up with a clear mind. Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and said, "Your Majesty, I'll undo the Heavenly Devil Creation Technique on your body and see if your body is able to hold onto your soul."

Just as he undid Heavenly Devil Creation Technique, Emperor Yanfeng's body suddenly became hollow and collapsed to the ground. Two souls and two spirits from his three souls and seven spirits had flown out and got ready to leave for Youdu.

Qin Mu immediately executed Soul Guide to guide them back into his body before frowning.

Emperor Yanfeng's body was still too weak to hold onto his souls and spirits.

Suddenly, a delicate laughter came from outside. "Cult master, I'm here again! If you have no new tricks, I'll kill the emperor!"

Emperor Yanfeng said weakly, "What demoness talks so charmingly…"

Qin Mu immediately sealed the man's five senses. His own body then trembled as he revealed the form of Saturn Sovereign and the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind his back.

Granny Si barged into the room this time and gave a cry of astonishment. "Saturn Sovereign's Earth Marquis True Technique? What's that on the gate? Why is there a book in your hand? Your Earth Marquis True Technique is different from mine."

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