Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 263 - I Want To Execute You

They swept away all the remnants of the divine arts left behind by Dao Master and Rulai, which gave Qin Mu an idea of how to continue treating Emperor Yanfeng. He calculated for a bit, then said, "Without the remnants of the divine arts, his souls and spirits can finally be stabilized. Even though the Emperor's divine treasures are crumbling, with enough spirit medicine, I can use Phantom Illusion Technique and Heavenly Mustard Seed Technique to enter his divine treasures. If I refine the pills and medicines here, I might just be able to repair the injuries to his divine treasure. Though…"

He had never treated such injuries before, so he didn't have any confidence in being successful with his treatment.

If there were only cracks in the divine treasures, he could still treat them, but Emperor Yanfeng's divine treasures were destroyed. Apothecary had taught him lots of medicinal knowledge, but there were no methods to treat these kinds of injuries among them.

However, there were some herbs that were able to cure injuries to divine treasures, and Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures also had some techniques that could strengthen divine treasures. Qin Mu felt that if he could apply both of them together, there would be a chance.

When the two of them left Emperor Yanfeng's divine treasures, the sky soon brightened. Granny Si woke up while Li Tianxing fell into slumber.

Qin Mu undid the Heavenly Devil Creation Technique and said, "Your Majesty, I'm going out to buy some herbs so I might be gone for three to five days. During this period of time, don't go out of the room. There will be someone who will bring you your meals and place them at your door. When night comes, no matter what sound you hear, you can't leave the room. If someone asks you to just take a look, you can't that look."

Emperor Yanfeng said weakly, "Minister Qin, to what kind of place have you brought me? It's so mysterious?"

Qin Mu had a grave expression. "Your Majesty, this is where my granny and Li Tianxing is staying. You just need to know that the one looking for you at night will definitely be Li Tianxing. If you look out, you will die. However, that won't be all, the entire Eternal Peace Empire will fall with you as well! If you walk out of this door, you'll surely die!"

Emperor Yanfeng heard his serious tone and smiled. "Don't worry, I understand. I'm not that curious of a person."

Qin Mu closed the door and wielded his brush soaked with ink. His body trembled as he transformed into the human-headed and snake-bodied Saturn Sovereign and circulated his magic power. When he raised his brush, he drew a gate on the door and wrote Gate of Heaven Influence in the language of Youdu.

His body then returned back to normal, and he wrote a sentence on the ground which said, "This is the gate that's created from Saturn Sovereign's Earth Marquis True Technique from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. If you can read it, you can go in, if you can't, you shall stay outside."

Qin Mu put away his brush and ink before telling Granny Si, "Granny, don't touch this door at all cost. When you send meals to the emperor, send them in with a bamboo pole. Never walk through this door."

Granny Si examined the words on the door and blinked. "This door?"

Qin Mu also blinked, not saying anything.

Granny Si understood. "I will definitely not go in."

Qin Mu walked out of the courtyard and jumped onto the dragon qilin's back. Turning his head back to the room Emperor Yanfeng was in, he thought to himself, 'It's fine if Li Tianxing understands the language of Youdu, but if he doesn't recognize it and tries to barge in, his soul will be pulled into Youdu and belong to Earth Count! Granny will also be free then.'

Emperor Yanfeng felt much better, and he could already move around with difficulty. However, he strictly kept to Qin Mu's words and never left the room. When it was lunch, Granny Si would use a bamboo pole to send a basket into the room. Emperor Yanfeng would squat down and open the door slightly, taking the basket in. When he was done eating, he would place the basket back at the door, never going out at all.

Ever since he had become the emperor, it was the first time he was feeling so sullen.

After dinner, he suddenly heard melodious giggling from the other side of the door. The sound seemed to penetrate into the depths of his brains, and it was indescribably pleasant to hear. Emperor Yanfeng was entranced and felt that none of the three thousand beauties in his palace had such a voice that could send a man's heart racing.

"Since Cult Master Qin isn't around, then I shall play around with the emperor. If I'm happy, I might just skin him to make clothing and go to the capital city to become the female emperor."

Emperor Yanfeng was fearful of the words, yet he found the voice pleasant, messing up his heart. He wanted to open the door to take a look at the appearance of this woman, but then he remembered Qin Mu's words and thought to himself, 'This is Cult Master Li Tianxing using the devil voice to lure me out! That old devil is actually mimicking the voice of a woman, truly shameless.'

He blocked his ears, but that charming voice seemed to have already latched onto his brain, making it hard for him to forget it.

"Humph, that rascal actually dared to test me! Truly not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth… Although, I really don't recognize these words. We have both cultivated Saturn Sovereign's Earth Marquis True Technique. and I don't believe I'm inferior to him!"

The woman outside the door tried to solve the marvel of the words on the door and practiced Earth Marquis True Technique over and over again yet saw no success. Without noticing it, she had used up quite a lot of time, and Emperor Yanfeng had also finally fallen asleep after being anxious for a whole night.

When the next day came, it was the same as the previous day. And when night came, that woman came back to solve the meaning of the words on the door while Emperor Yanfeng almost grew a devil in his heart from her voice alone. He kept hearing a sweet and charming voice calling him to open the door to take a look.

When the third night came, that woman grumbled angrily, "I can cultivate it into understanding nor can I solve it! Why should I give up? If I can just barge in and kill the emperor to strip his skin, why do I still have to solve some puzzle?"

Emperor Yanfeng became alarmed, but then the woman said, "No, no… When Cult Master Qin used this technique, a third eye appeared and the room suddenly turned dim while the light turned green. It didn't look like the human world… There's something strange about this door, it might lead to another world if I go through it. The brat is very crafty, he must be thinking of scheming something…"

Emperor Yanfeng was astonished. 'This woman is clever… No, it should Cult Master Li who is a wily old fox! However, isn't Cult Master Li an old man? Why does he have to imitate a female voice which is so charming?'

He couldn't resist wanting to peek and thought to himself. 'Just a glance won't harm me, right?'

Just as he was about to peek through the slit in the window, a dragon roar came from outside. Qin Mu walked in with great strides and made him drop the thought of peeking.

"Cult Master Li didn't go through the door? Could you not know the words on the gate? Do you admit you have cultivated Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures wrongly?"

"What's your problem?"

"The meaning of the words on the door is Gate of Heaven Influence. I'll teach you."

When he finished saying, that he taught this Youdu phrase to Li Tianxing and said, "Cult Master Li, now you that have learned it, you can go through the door."

Cult Master Li chuckled. "I have learned this Youdu phrase and understood the meaning of the words on the door, but does that mean I will be safe after going through? Cult Master Qin, I'm also the cult master sacred teacher, and a crafty person, you can't trick me."

Qin Mu shook his head and walked up. He walked through the door and scraped the words on the door off with his vital qi before telling Emperor Yanfeng, "Your Majesty, I have gone to a few cities to buy herbs, but since all kinds of disasters had befallen people, there were few herbs in the medicine shops. I could only buy a few herbs and I don't know how effective they will be."

"Minister Qin, just do what you can," said Emperor Yanfeng. "Did Minister Qin hear any news after going out this time?"

"Your Majesty has died." Qin Mu looked at him and said neither too fast nor too slow, "News from the capital city say that Your Majesty overworked yourself by handling political affairs and died in the process. The crown prince is currently preparing for your funeral and the entire empire is grieving."

Emperor Yanfeng was slightly shook, then said with a smile that's was not a smile, "I have already died? Truly my good son, good son… What about General of Heavenly Strategies and the rest? Are they still alive?"

While preparing the herbs to refine spirit pills, Qin Mu said, "In that battle outside Bazhou City, the people of my Heavenly Saint Cult only focused on saving the emperor, so they had teleported away after you left. General of Heavenly Strategies, High Official, Situ, Sikong, and the rest were all captured. Dao Master and Rulai did not do anything to them, just handed them over to the crown prince. They are the heads of influential families that have great power in the capital city, so Your Majesty doesn't t need to worry about their safety. The crown prince still requires the support of those influential families."

"My good son…" Emperor Yanfeng sighed.

The power that General of Heavenly Strategies and the rest wielded was great; they held over half of the capital's power, along with its military and many other levels of society. If the crown prince wanted to ascend to the throne, he required their support.

"The empire can't go on without a ruler, so the crown prince's ascension should be set on the first half of the third month. Sixth of the third month is an auspicious date so the crown prince should be ascending to the throne then. With the support of Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery, him becoming the emperor is firmly set in place. Whoever dares to object will be eradicated with their whole family."

"Where's Imperial Preceptor? I wouldn't have fallen into such plight if he was around."

"Imperial Preceptor has gone out on a honeymoon and there's still no news of him. When I went out this time, I also met quite a number of scouts searching for traces of Your Majesty. I heard that the crown prince ordered to find your body even if you're dead."

Qin Mu executed Phantom Illusion Technique and tunneled into the emperor's divine treasures. In Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, he used the medicinal energy of the spirit pills, but even though it dissolved, the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure wasn't repaired. The effects of the medicine were minimal.

Qin Mu frowned and changed a few kinds of spirit pills, but all of their effects were similarly minimal.

He then transformed into a black shadow and flew out of the heart of Emperor Yanfeng's brows. He revealed his true form as he landed on the ground and paced to and fro. Suddenly, he said, "Your Majesty, your injuries are hard to treat. I can treat the ones on your body and even your soul, but I can't deal with those on your divine treasures. However, my Grandpa Apothecary should be able to treat you, is Your Majesty willing to follow me to Great Ruins?"

Hope was renewed in Emperor Yanfeng's heart. "This apothecary is?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before saying honestly, "Jade Face Poison King."

Emperor Yanfeng's complexion turned black, and he said angrily, "Jade Face Poison King?"

He was the emperor and Empress Dowager was his mother. However, Jade Face Poison King had an unclear relationship with her, and before Apothecary's true identity was revealed, he was known as Jade Face Playboy that had lovers all around the world. Even reputable nuns had unclear relationships with him.

Emperor Yanfeng naturally knew about this, but it wasn't convenient for him to say anything. He had once ordered people to assassinate Jade Face Poison King, to get rid of Empress Dowager's gigolo. Part of the reason why Grandpa Apothecary was forced to hide in Great Ruins was due to his efforts.

He was absolutely unwilling to meet Jade Face Poison King.

"Minister Qin, I'm not going to Great Ruins. My unfilial son is ascending to the throne and spoiling the reform I had worked on for the past two hundred years, I can't let this foundation be destroyed in a day," Emperor Yanfeng said solemnly. "We shall go to the capital city!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly, and he took a glance at him. "Your Majesty is sure you want to go to the capital city?"

Emperor Yanfeng nodded. "The capital city is where the dragon veins gather and my Ling Family's Nine Dragons Monarch Technique can cultivate twice as fast there. I just might be able to borrow the qi of the nine dragons to reconstruct my divine treasures. The blood and sweat of Imperial Preceptor and I can't be allowed to go to waste! As long as I return to the capital city, I can depose my unfilial son!"

Qin Mu pondered it for a moment, then smiled. "Pardon me." He took out a Pig Slaughtering Knife and stripped the emperor of his crown and yellow robe.

Emperor Yanfeng's face changed drastically. "Minister Qin, what are you doing?"

Qin Mu pressed down on his head, and the Pig Slaughtering Knife went scraping. After some time, Emperor Yanfeng's head was bald, without a strand of hair remaining.

Qin Mu then took a few sticks of incense and lighted them up before pressing them down onto Emperor Yanfeng's scalp. He was in pain as his scalp sizzled from being burnt, forming scabs.

Qin Mu sized him up and smiled. "Excellent. Now, you still need a set of buddhist robes and grass shoes, as well as prayer beads. Your beard also needs to be shaved." After he had said that, he pushed the emperor down and cleanly shaved his beard off.

Emperor Yanfeng was furious, but he couldn't retaliate. After a moment, he was fresh and cool. He was dressed up into a yellow robe of an eminent monk, and the emperor that naturally exuded dignity and power was gone.

Qin Mu then fetched a brush and adjusted the color of the ink before painting on Emperor Yanfeng's face. The man wanted to retaliate, but his movements were immediately sealed. He could only stand there stoically and let Qin Mu do whatever he wanted.

Once Qin Mu was done painting, he fetched a mirror and placed it in front of him with a smile. "Does Your Majesty still recognize yourself?"

Emperor Yanfeng looked at the person in the mirror and saw a middle-aged monk. There was a scar that stretches all the way from his left eyes to his nose bridge, passing by his right cheek and all the way to the bottom of his left ear. He gave people the feel of a fiendishly ill monk that ate vegetarian food and prayed to buddha during his free time while committing murder and arson when he wasn't feeling well.

Qin Mu took off his knife sheaths and placed them on Emperor Yanfeng's back. Emperor Yanfeng grunted and collapsed to the ground. He couldn't move and cried out, "Bones, my bones are cracking! Take them away quickly, I can't… breathe…"

"Oh, I've forgotten Your Majesty's cultivation is crippled and your body isn't like before."

Qin Mu immediately took the two Pig Slaughtering Knives off and took a plank from outside. He carved two wooden knives and painted them with metallic paint, making a clear distinction between black and white. He then made two knife sheaths and the two wooden Pig Slaughtering Knives on Emperor Yanfeng's back.

Qin Mu sized him up and smiled. "Your Majesty can now leave with me."

Emperor Yanfeng pulled out the two wooden knives and said angrily, "Minister Qin, how dare you make a fool out of me, I want to execute you! Stretch your head out!"

Qin Mu stretched his head out with a smile. "Your Majesty, please."

Emperor Yanfeng ruthlessly chopped at his neck twice and started panting in exhaustion. Qin Mu then passed his own Pig Slaughter Knife over and said, "Your Majesty can use a real knife."

Emperor Yanfeng's hands grabbed onto the handle of the knife, but he couldn't raise it up no matter what. He threw the knife on the ground in anger and said angrily, "I'll note it down for now. Let us go!"

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