Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 27 - Spirit Embryo Technique


In the forest outside Disabled Eldery Village, Qin Mu gave a palm strike and vital qi could been seen surging out from his arm like a flaming dragon coiling around it. The air in front of him immediately became extremely parched as if the air had been lit up in flames!

His footsteps shifted as he struck continuously. The air became more and more parched as if there were ten extremely scorching suns hanging over the vast yellow desert!

What he had used belonged to Old Ma’s fists skills: Thunderclap Eight Strikes Fourth Form, Kua Fu Chasing The Sun.

Suddenly, Qin Mu’s footsteps changed irregularly and his moves converted accordingly. His moves and forms were like a torrential river flowing into the sea. His vital qi actually changed from fire attribute to water attribute. On his arm was a coiling water dragon formed by steam and even his moves resonated out with sounds of surging waves as if there was a flood flowing around him.

His move changed again and this time both his hands grabbed onto emptiness as spear like steam overturned the seas and rivers like a long dragon.

These few days, he had always been in the village training using qi to manipulate sword and focusing on improving his vital qi. However, he still had to first observe fire before he could allow his own vital qi to acquire the fire attribute and executing using qi to manipulate sword thereafter.

As he continued to practice, the time required for him to observe fire became shorter and shorter. And now he had no need to observe the furnace and as long as his mind thought of the fire in the furnace, his vital qi would automatically become hot.

However, Butcher’s Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill was from the Battle Technique Faction thus it was not very successful for Qin Mu to use Pig Slaughtering Knife Skill to train using qi to manipulate sword.

On the other hand, cultivating Old Ma’s Thunderclap Eight Strikes and Blind’s spear skills had resulted in bountiful harvests and rapid improvements.

And today as he executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes Fourth Form, Kua Fu Chasing The Sun, he was like a giant sprinting while the air exploded from the tremors of his palms. This was the power of his vital qi!

Of course, the fire attribute of Vermillion Bird’s vital qi could not perfectly unleash the full power of Old Ma’s Thunderclap Eight Strikes. The most suitable vital qi for Old Ma’s Thunderclap Eight Strikes was still Green Dragon’s vital qi.

Contrariwise, the water attribute of Black Tortoise’s vital qi could unleash Blind’s spear skills without any restraint.

After some time, Qin Mu stopped and consumed two Vitality Reinforcement Pills to recover his rapidly draining vital qi. He then pondered over what he was lacking while he used his vital qi.

Originally only one Vitality Reinforcement Pill would already make him go wild from being stuffed, but after his spirit embryo had awoken, consuming two Vitality Reinforcement Pills wasn’t a big deal anymore, just that he would be unbearably stuffed.

"Could devil ape eat thing like Vitality Reinforcement Pill? It shouldn’t be so since Grandpa Apothecary said there were four kinds of attributes in the Vitality Reinforcement Pill so it would be poison to whoever that isn’t the Overlord Body. Maybe I could make a cauldron of Vitality Reinforcement Pill for devil ape some day."

Qin Mu’s heart wavered as he recalled the jumbo that had sparred with him. He hadn’t gone to look for devil ape these days and didn’t know what extent did this strange beast had cultivated ‘Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique’ to.

He stood up and ran swiftly towards the devil ape’s territory. After all he was only a teenager and had no friends other than the elders in the village. He and devil ape could be considered to be no discord, no concord. He was still pretty concerned about it after not meeting it for a few days.

Not long later, Qin Mu had arrived outside the mountainous valley that devil ape lived in. Suddenly a small mountain like body rose up within the forest which was none other than the devil ape.

Having not met for a few days, devil ape had become even more majestic. It was exceptionally elated at seeing Qin Mu and started to hammer his chest, signalling Qin Mu to jump onto his shoulder.

Qin Mu leaped onto its shoulder and the devil ape went flying as it ran and brought him deep into the valley.

It was Qin Mu’s first time entering devil ape’s nest. He could see wild deer, horses everywhere. There were even some musk deer and some silly roe deer. There was an ancient vestige in the hinterlands with crumbling fences and dilapidated walls which was beyond rundown.

Where the devil ape was living in was a palace which was already half collapsed. In front of the place was a ruined stone statue of a semi human and semi beast. Qin Mu activated his Heaven’s Eyes and was overwhelmed.

The stone statue was like the stone statues in Disabled Elderly Village. Through the Heaven’s Eyes, the stone statue’s grace was like an indomitable beast god who was malevolent with flames surging to the sky!

So this statue was what devil ape was relying on to resist the darkness invasion at night and to protect its life.

"With this kind of extraordinary grace, could this statue also be sculpted by god for god?"

Qin Mu jumped down from devil ape’s shoulder and a silly roe deer came up to him sniffing the corners of his shirt, chewing on it.

Devil ape pinched up the roe deer and carefully place it aside. It then waved its hands, signalling Qin Mu to catch up.

It was the ruler of this valley and also its guardian, protecting these animals and only being fierce to trespassers.

Qin Mu followed it into the rundown palace and he frowned. There were wild beasts scents all around and should have come from the wild beasts which had also hidden here every night to avoid the darkness.

"Look, young’un!" Devil ape pointed to a wall.

Qin Mu lifted his head looking at the ruined wall paintings on the palace wall. The wall paintings were mottled and peeling off in some places. Some places were missing their colors and only a few wall paintings were still considered complete.

What these wall paintings depicted was a man in qi cultivation. The arrows inside the body represented the flow of vital qi.

Taking a few looks, Qin Mu’s heart jolted. He saw the vital qi guiding path of ‘Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique’!

Devil ape must have cultivated the ‘Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique’ and found it similar to the pictures on the wall paintings thus bringing him here!

However Qin Mu quickly discovered the different points. The first picture on the wall painting was indeed the guiding diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique whereas the second picture differed to some extent. Even though it was still in accordance to the path of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, it was slightly more complicated.

The guiding path in the second picture had entered the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure on the heart of the brow!

After the vital qi entered the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the third picture was revealed. However the third picture showed the guiding path of the vital qi in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and instead of being inhaled and exhaled from the spirit embryo directly, the vital qi formed a mystical vital qi formation marking under the spirit embryo’s feet.

This formation marking was extremely complicated. It was even more complicated than the Heaven’s Big Dipper Formation Marking that Blind had imparted to him. Qin Mu took a close look and memorized it by heart while using his vital qi to imitate and form the formation marking under his spirit embryo’s feet.

When he had completed the spirit embryo formation marking, his body uncontrollably trembled and immediately felt a weird connection between him and his spirit embryo!

When he breathed, the spirit embryo breathed as well. When he made a move, the spirit embryo would made the same move as well and when he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, the spirit embryo executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique as well!

Qin was stunned before erupting in joy, "Doesn’t this mean its equivalent to two of me cultivating?"

However he immediately discovered that executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique with his spirit embryo couldn’t allow his vital qi cultivation to stack and had instead honed his vital qi.

As his vital qi swam through the formation marking under his spirit embryo’s feet, it absorbed the golden rays in the golden sea before entering the spirit embryo’s body. When it was exhaled out, the vital qi had become even more pure and tenacious after fusing with the golden rays.

In the past, his spirit embryo had also indistinctly absorbed the golden rays but never as fast as going through the formation marking like what indicated in the third picture.

"Could this be the Spirit Embryo Realm technique for Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique?"

Qin Mu’s heart started thumping wildly. Village Chief had said he didn’t know the following techniques for the Overlord Body and never would he expect to find the Overlord Body technique for Spirit Embryo Realm here!"

He looked toward the fourth picture and slightly frowned. The fourth picture had already been peeled off and only half was left. What was recorded should be the technique for the Five Elements Realm.

On the picture were scratches of animals thus it should have been destroyed by the animals living here.

The fifth picture was also very badly damaged while more than half of sixth picture had simply came off. The following remaining pictures were even more ruined and impossible to identify.

"With the palace damaged to this extent, who knows how long the wall paintings inside could still be preserved for."

Qin Mu gave a sigh. It already wasn’t easy for a few pictures of the wall paintings to last all the way until now. He memorized the second and third picture and recalled them silently before he could be at ease.

Even though the wall paintings in the palace were completely destroyed, they would still be handed down by him to the next ‘Overlord Body’!

There were not much wall paintings left on the palace walls. Other than the ‘Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique’, there was still another wall painting that was more complete.

It was a painting of a map. Looking at it closely, Qin Mu found the location of the Surging River. His heart throbbed, "Could this be the map of Great Ruins?"

Little by little along the Surging River, he finally found the location of Disabled Elderly Village through the river flow and turns of the river channel.

"Ee? Why is a dragon drawn here?"

Looking dozens of miles upstream from Disabled Elderly VIllage on the map, there was actually a figure of a dragon drawn on the map which was puzzling.

"Surging River Dragon King!"

Qin Mu’s heart slightly jolted. He had no idea what the four words, Surging River Dragon King meant.

There was not just one weird place on the map. There were still other weird places like a well drawn ten miles east from Disabled Elderly Village. There were also four words written beside the well, Heaven’s Well Dragon King.

There was another well which wrote Ocean Eyes Dragon King.

In a faraway place on the Great Ruins map, he also saw a ship and on the ship was a sun. Beside it were two words, Sun Ship. Not far from the Sun Ship, there was a place called Sun Well. There was still a Moon Ship in a place very far away from Sun Ship and beside the ship was a moon. Beside the Moon Ship, there was also a strange place called the Moon Well.

Qin Mu’s gaze searched around the map and couldn’t find the ancient temple on the heart of the river that was suppressing Woman Wu. He also couldn’t find Border Dragon City which was a few hundred miles downstream.

"This map, could it be the map before the catastrophe in the Great Ruins?"

Searching for a while more, his heart leaped when he found the vestige where he had hidden from the darkness. However on the map, it was not labelled as a vestige and was instead called Goddess’s Pass!

"It is really the map before the Great Ruins’ catastrophe!"

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