Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 271 - Spirit Possession

In a daze, Qin Mu felt someone climbing up his body. He had quite a temper while asleep, and thus, he gave two kicks and kicked that person off the bed.

That person was also in a daze and climbed back onto the bed while pulling on the blanket, snuggling up to his chest. However, she was kicked down by Qin Mu once again. In the end, the three girls huddled up together to sleep, leaving Qin Mu alone on the other side.

The last few days of hard work had resulted in Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu falling into a deep sleep. When Qin Mu woke up the next morning, Ling Yuxiu had snuggled herself under his arm. To get up, he carefully shifted his arm, afraid of waking her up.

Actually, Ling Yuxiu had already woken up, but she was a thin-skinned girl. She was afraid things would be awkward when she woke up, so she pretended to sleep. When he had gotten up, she secretly opened her eyes and saw him grabbing his shoes and tip-toeing out of the room.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief after walking out of the room. The twin sisters had woken up earlier and were talking in the courtyard. One of them said, "Young Master Qin likes to punch around in his sleep. He gave me a good beating, just look at my swollen eye."

"Not only that! I got kicked on the chest and pushed off the bed. Did he take advantage of you?"

"Not even once. However, how are we supposed to report that the princess and young master were sleeping together and even we were on the same bed, sharing a blanket?"

The two girls stayed silent for a moment, then said in unison, "We won't. Young master and princess won't speak of it, so it's best not to say anything!"

In regards to the face of the imperial family, saying too much would result in being executed. The girls naturally knew that, and that's why they had made the decision to keep their silence.

Qin Mu put on his shoes and walked out with a cough.

The two palace maids immediately greeted him. "Young Master is awake? Us sisters were rude and impetuous yesterday. Luckily, with Young Master's care, we didn't lose our lives to Little Poison King."

Qin Mu returned the greeting and said, "Luckily the two big sisters were there and injured Little Poison King, preventing him from being impudent."

The two palace maids looked at each other and laughed in unison. "Young Master, don't call us big sisters. We serve Empress Dowager and don't even have a surname, only a name. I'm called Jianqi, and she's called Qinqi."

The two palace maids couldn't help laughing when they saw him sizing up the both of them to differentiate who was Jianqi and who was Qinqi. With this laugh, Qin Mu noticed it that Jianqi had a small canine tooth on her left while Qinqi had a small canine tooth on her right.

"Young Master, we haven't returned for the whole night, so we have to come back to the palace earlier to report on the completion of our mission," Qinqi said.

Qin Mu nodded and said, "After a night's sleep, the remaining poison in your bodies should have been detoxified, so there shouldn't be any problems. Still, I have some detoxing pellets with me, so you two can take them."

The two palace maids gave their thanks and received the detoxing pellets. They were about to leave when Ling Yuxiu's voice came from the room. "Wait for me! I shall go back with the two of you!"

The two women stopped and looked back to see Ling Yuxiu running over at them in a panic, her clothes disheveled, her white undercoat askew. Her beautiful hair was also messy, and she was rushing with her outer clothing clasped under her arm and dragging her shoes out with her feet. When she dropped them behind, she immediately lifted her feet up to get the shoes up, but her jet black hair completely scattered, flowing down her shoulders like a waterfall.

She wanted to take control of her hair, but then the outer clothing she was clasping fell down. She cut a very sorry figure.

Qin Mu looked at her and saw a plump chest that was about to run out from her clothing. The youth's heart then wavered, and he didn't know whether to warn her or go forward to help her stuff them back in.

Jianqi and Qinqi looked at each other and walked forward to escort the princess back into the room to help her dress and groom herself.

Ling Yuxiu's cheeks turned red from embarrassment, and she collected her courage to ask them softly, "Will I get pregnant?"

The two palace maids stared with their eyes wide open and asked in astonishment, "Why did princess say that?"

"I've heard from people in the palace saying that when a male and female sleep together, the female will get pregnant," Ling Yuxiu said seriously. "We slept together for almost a whole day and night, so I might just be pregnant."

Jianqi burst out laughing. "Princess, you're mistaken, it's not like that. Aiya, I can't explain it to you clearly, but the young master is a divine physician so he definitely has ways to prevent pregnancy."

Ling Yuxiu opened her eyes wide. "That's possible?"

"Isn't that so. I've heard some rich madams who don't want to give birth look for apothecaries to prescribe them medicine so they won't get pregnant."

Qin Mu sent the three women off and noticed that the pear blossoms on the yellow pear tree had blossomed, filling the entire tree with their blooms.

"Spring is finally here." He thought to himself, 'When the grains of the first season mature, this year of disaster will finally be over.'

He washed up, and since there was only the dragon qilin accompanying him, he didn't have the intention to cook and just went down the mountain to eat. When he walked out of his courtyard, he saw Chancellor Ba Shan walking over in a shirt. With a loud voice, he said, "I saw the princess and two palace maids carrying lanterns down the mountain, could they have come from your room?"

"Senior brother don't say nonsense when you have no evidence," Qin Mu said with a normal face and heartbeat. "Did senior brother come to find me regarding Pangong Tso? Have you had breakfast?"

Chancellor Ba Shan was a loud mouth no inferior to Duke Wei. If the incident regarding Ling Yuxiu and the two palace maids sleeping in Qin Mu's room for a night were found out by him, the entire capital would know about it.

To Qin Mu, it started with emotion and stopped with politeness. He hadn't done anything out of line, but this was no small matter to the secular people. If news of him sleeping with the princess spread, the emperor would execute him, so it was best to hide it.

"I just ate below. Knowing that you had just come back from the palace and must be hungry after being exhausted for such a long time, I brought some food for you."

Chancellor Ba Shan took out a couple oil paper packets, and Qin Mu took them from him with thanks. When he opened the paper packets, he saw a tray of steamed stuffed buns, some kind of strange beast's meat which was cooked with clear water, a red sauce made with fermented flour mixed with finely chopped spring onions, and salted vegetables.

Qin Mu invited him into the house to sit down and eat.

Chancellor Ba Shan looked at him gorging himself and sighed ruefully. "The emperor is really stingy, not preparing anything good for you to eat when you were there to treat him. That's right, Pangong Tso's Six Directions Divine Treasure is already halfway through his Wall Break."

"So fast?"

Qin Mu raised his head and revealed an expression of astonishment.

One would become a divine arts practitioner by cultivating to Six Directions Realm. During one's cultivation, any one of the realms required fine grinding, so someone like Qin Mu breaking the walls of Five Elements Divine Treasure in two years time was already considered very fast.

He had cultivated diligently in Five Element Realm for close to one year and had only reached the boundary of Six Directions Realm; he still didn't know when he would be able to succeed in breaking the wall.

When he met Pangong Tso the last time, the other had been still a young boy in Spirit Embryo Realm, and now, after only half a year, Pangong Tso's realm had already surpassed that of Qin Mu. The other had become a divine arts practitioner of Six Directions Realm!

This was no ordinary cultivation speed and could be called the speed of a god!

"There's something strange about that brat." Chancellor Ba Shan pinched a salted vegetable and stuffed it into his mouth. "The Hall of Six Directions in Imperial College is the place which teaches how to break the wall of Six Directions Divine Treasure and all scholars on Five Elements Realm who have cultivated perfectly would go there to listen to the lectures.

"Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, Qin Yu, Yun Que, Fatty Wei, and other nobles have gone there, and this Pangong Tso is also there as well. Nun Hong Fa of Hall of Six Directions said that his advancements are extremely fast, and he didn't need her guidance at all. He had reached the perfection in Five Elements Realm just three days ago and now he was already halfway through breaking the wall. In two more days, he would be a divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm. That's right, in which step of your cultivation are you in now?"

"I'm basically perfect in Five Elements Realm." Qin Mu ate a large mouthful of meat, then said, "It's just that I have no understanding regarding Six Directions Realm."

Chancellor Ba Shan's gaze flickered. "In that case, you should drop by Hall of Six Directions. Nun Hong Fa teaches this specially. I would like to see if you or Pangong Tso is stronger."

Qin Mu didn't even raise his head, "I feel like there's no need for this. I, Overlord Body…"

"Yes, yes, I know, you're the Overlord Body, the one above all, haughty brat." Chancellor Ba Shan smiled. "I had Chen Wanyun test him, and Wanyun only managed to make two moves before he was defeated."

Qin Mu finally raised his head and said in astonishment, "Two moves? Senior brother, are you sure he only used two moves to defeat Chen Wanyun?"

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded.

Qin Mu had a grave expression. Chen Wanyun's aptitude was indeed extraordinary, and he was one of the more outstanding ones among the young generation. His aptitude and comprehension were merely a level lower than that of Fozi and Daozi, and he had extremely high abilities. When Fozi Foxin had blocked the gate of Imperial College back then, Chen Wanyun had gone forth to challenge him was defeated only after over a dozen moves. This clearly showed his abilities.

His accumulation was very strong and solid. After receiving Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's guidance, he practically had no shortcomings.

After coming back from the southern borders, Qin Mu had seen him less and less. He heard that he spent most of his time in Floor of Heavenly Records, most likely cultivating the state of god transformation of Five Elements Realm.

Even if Chen Wanyun who had succeeded in cultivating the state of god transformations was not on par with Fozi Foxin, he was not far from him.

Qin Mu reckoned that Defeating Chen Wanyun with just two moves would be hard to achieve unless he used a powerful move like Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers right at the start!

"Interesting." After Qin Mu finished eating, he wiped his mouth and smiled. "Martial Khan, what are you planning by pushing me time and again to go to Hall of Six Directions and meet that Pangong Tso?"

Chancellor Ba Shan said leisurely, "I'm trying to get you to investigate him. I suspect he has been possessed by a spirit. Furthermore, the Overlord Body shouldn't be scared, right?"

"Spirit possession?" Qin Mu was slightly stunned and recalled Butcher mentioning an old monster in the golden palace who had reincarnated eighteen times and lived through nineteen lifetimes when they were heading to Rolan's Golden Palace. He cried out, "What you mean is…"

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded and said, "I suspect Pangong Tso is no longer Pangong Tso and has been replaced by an incomparably terrifying old monster, one that has lived for ten thousand years. He's the old foe of Teacher Heaven Knife, the one because of which teacher abandoned his name, not daring to use it anymore."

Qin Mu nodded. Chancellor Ba Shan had told him about this before. Butcher didn't tell anyone about his name before and not even Chancellor Ba Shan knew his name because of that strong practitioner of Rolan's Golden Palace that had reincarnated eighteen times!

That was a terrifying entity that could cast spells and harm people once he knew their names.

"Chen Wanyun couldn't dig out any information from him, so I would like you to go meet him at Hall of Six Directions." Chancellor Ba Shan's gaze flickered when he said, "Teacher Heaven Knife's greatest foe is that person, and if Pangong Tso was really possessed by him, killing Pangong Tso would mean getting rid of a foe for Teacher. However, he is still the son of Barbarian Di Empire's Khan, so without a definite certainty, I won't make a move. This is why only you can test him."

His appearance was boorish, but his thoughts were sharp.

Qin Mu rose and said, "I'm also trying to break the wall to enter Six Directions Realm, so I'll go to Hall of Six Directions…" He then blushed with shame. "Senior brother, which hall is Hall of Six Directions?"

Chancellor Ba Shan almost puked blood. "You've been in Imperial College for almost a whole year yet you still don't know which hall is Hall of Six Directions?"

Qin Mu said with embarrassment, "Even though I've come to Imperial College so long ago, I've only attended one lesson."

"I'll bring you there!"

Chancellor Ba Shan brought him out of Scholar's Residence and they walked away side by side. Something suddenly came to Qin Mu's mind and he asked, "Senior brother, have you heard of Heavenly Saint Cult before?"

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