Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 272 - Great Achievement in Computational Canon

Chancellor Ba Shan threw him at the front of Hall of Six Directions and turned to leave immediately, afraid that Qin Mu would continue nagging him to join Heavenly Saint Cult.

Qin Mu then said resentfully, "I'll make you join sooner or later."

The directorate of Hall of Six Directions was Nun Hong Fa. She was a person of virtue and prestige, and also a person from buddhism, teaching students ever since Imperial College was founded here.

Qin Mu walked into Hall of Six Directions, but it was still early, so no scholars had come to attend the lecture yet. However, the old nun was already here, cleaning the hall's spick and span.

When the bell rang, the scholars walked inside, and Nun Hong Fa started the lecture unhurriedly. "Six directions, what are six directions? Heaven, earth, and the four cardinal directions, that's the six directions. Six Directions Divine Treasure is in our body, and if we want to break the wall, we have to confirm the location of the Six Directions Wall first. How can we confirm? We need to calculate. I've made you guys revise the calculations of the six directions yesterday, so have you guys revised it yet?"

Qin Mu blinked and looked at the other people in the hall. He saw that there were quite a number of scholars attending the lecture here, around thirty people in total. Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, Si Yunxiang, and the rest were all among them.

Then he saw Pangong Tso.

This youth wasn't listening to the lecture, but had closed his eyes, trying to break his wall.

Nun Hong Fa's speech slowed down. "A person standing on flat ground can easily identify north, south, east, west, up, and down, but how do you determine the north, south, east, and west of the heaven and earth in your body? We can use your Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to determine up and down, the top of the spirit embryo's head is the heaven and what the feet are stepping on is the earth. With the up and down confirmed, we still need to determine north, south, east, and west, which requires the positions of the five element stars of Five Elements Divine Treasure.

"You have all learned Ten Computational Canons which are used to locate the five element stars and use them to calculate the north, south, east, and west of the heaven and earth in your hearts. For that, you will need Six Directions Algorithm. Now, let's flip to page seventeen of Six Directions Computational Canon, South Compass Point Algorithm.

Qin Mu looked around and suddenly someone poked him in the back. He turned and saw it was Si Yunxiang. The saintess of Heavenly Saint Cult bit her lip and whispered, "I saw Cult Master dragging three girls into your room yesterday night."

"When did I do that?" Qin Mu firmly denied.

Si Yunxiang said softly, "One of them was the seventh princess."

Qin Mu's face flushed. "Saintess, don't taint my reputation. Lend me your Six Directions Computational Canon to have a look. It's my first time here so I don't have the book."

"The classroom is a sacred ground, so how can whisperings be condoned?" Nun Hong Fa slammed the table and shouted out, "Both of you go out, stand at the corner of the wall!"

Si Yunxiang grabbed her Six Direction Computational Canon and walked out with Qin Mu. The two of them leaned against the wall, and Si Yunxiang passed the computational canon to him while snickering, "Cult Master is lusty, be careful of landing in the same predicament as Cult Master Li."

Qin Mu flipped open the computational canon and saw many methods of calculation. These were methods of calculations that were developed with Ten Computational Canons, using the foundation of the five element stars to calculate the precise location of north, south, east, and west.

What Nun Hong Fa was lecturing was the South Compass Point Algorithm on page seventeen which could help in determining the south. As long as the south was determined, north, east and west could also be located. A straight line would then be drawn from up to down and one would be able to determine the most precise location of Six Directions Wall in the human body.

Everyone was unique and thus the location of everyone's Five Elements Divine Treasure was different. However, it just had to be the way to determine Six Directions Divine Treasure. This was why the location of everyone's Six Directions Divine Treasure was slightly different, so the calculations have to be precise and could hold no mistakes.

Not long after, Qin Mu finished browsing through Six Directions Computational Canon. He learned that what Six Direction Computational Canon used was five phases quinary system and six directions senary system. It required to change the quinary system used to calculate the five element stars into the senary system before calculating.

Qin Mu was stunned and suddenly thought of Dutian Devil King's advice.

Dutian Devil King had once said the octal system could be calculated using the eight trigrams, and because of this, Qin Mu had been enlightened and comprehended the other tools of calculation in Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery. The eight trigrams of taiji included yin and yang binary system, four symbols quaternary system, and eight trigrams octal system.

However, if he added five phases quinary system and six directions senary system, these tools of calculation would be even more complicated.

'Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said the four great spirit bodies are not the five phases. Instead, each type of spirit body includes the five phases. This means that the four great spirit bodies—Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise—are the four symbols in the eight trigrams of taiji!'

Everything suddenly became clear to Qin Mu. There were four symbols, and each and every one of them had five phases. Thus, the different arrangements of the five phases formed a symbol!

This also meant that the calculation of five phases quinary system could be used to calculate the transformation of the four symbols. In this way, he would have the tool of calculation from five to four.

And for six directions, the four symbols could be used to determine north, south, east, and west, and with the yin and yang, he would have the tool to calculate six directions.

'This means that I can very quickly calculate the location of my Six Direction Divine Treasure!'

Qin Mu returned Six Directions Computational Canon to Si Yunxiang and stretched out his hand. Placing his right palm on his left palm, he pulled them open upwards and downwards and his vital qi instantly formed a bizarre taiji diagram which included yin and yang, four symbols, and the five phases included in the four symbols.

Qin Mu pulled open his hands once again in excitement and layers of the taiji five phases diagram broke up, operating respectively in a regular and thorough process.

Si Yunxiang looked at the diagram that was changing continuously and immediately asked, "How did you calculate that? It's slightly different from what Nun Hong Fa is teaching! Let me copy it!"

Qin Mu calculated rapidly and divided his mind into two to tell her about what he had comprehended.

Si Yunxiang's eyes became brighter and brighter. She was also more talented than others and quickly comprehended the marvel of it. She exclaimed in admiration, "This method is good. The method in Six Directions Computational Canon is too complicated and requires one to two months to be able to calculate the result, making it prone to mistakes. There will be no mistake using your method and we can calculate it in just two to four hours!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Taiji, four symbols, five elements, six directions, and eight trigrams have originally been calculation tools used for operations."

Now that he looked at Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery, he felt all kinds of hard to understand problems were easy to solve, and he felt happy. However, if he wanted to succeed in cultivating the teleportation divine art, just Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery alone was not enough.

Nun Hong Fa was still giving her lecture in the hall. As time went by, Qin Mu finally determined the location of his Six Directions Divine Treasure, which was somewhere near his dantian, connecting the heaven to the earth.

That location was sometimes also called lower dantian, the place where the six directions meet, while the people of Dao Sect referred to it as the yellow court. The middle dantian was at the heart and was called the crimson palace. The upper dantian was located at the heart of the brows, and Dao Sect referred to it as spirit platform while buddhism referred to it as square inch mountain.

Qin Mu determined where his crimson palace was located, and instantly gathered all his vital qi to rush towards his Six Direction Wall!

His cultivation was originally incomparably dense and surpassed that of his peers. Gathering all his vital qi this time, he pounded against the Six Directions Wall, and it was instantly covered in cracks.

Booming sounds of huge waves came from his body as Qin Mu gathered his vital and pounded against it the second time. The sound of was even more resonating this time, and it seemed like angry waves were splitting the shore. They rose to the clouds, and the sound was becoming louder and more intense each time. The poundings from Qin Mu's vital qi became fiercer and fiercer each time!


His Six Directions Wall suddenly broke, and a huge gap appeared.

Qin Mu continued to gather his vital qi to pound at the broken wall, widening the gap.

In the Hall of Six Directions, Nun Hong Fa and the rest of the scholars also heard the sound of vital qi colliding from Qin Mu's body and revealed an astonished expression.

"Imperial academician!" Nun Hong Fa immediately ran out in a panic and said, "If you didn't calculate the exact location of the Six Direction Wall and break it rashly, you will die!"

Just as she said it, a loud rumble suddenly came from Qin Mu's body as though the heaven and earth had been opened up. Qin Mu's cultivation then rose rapidly.

Six Directions Wall broken!

Six Directions Divine Treasure awakened!

Right at that moment, another rumble came from Hall of Six Directions, and it was Pangong Tso who had successfully awakened his Six Directions Divine Treasure. It was just that the attention of all the scholars and Nun Hong Fa in Hall of Six Directions had been attracted by Qin Mu so no one noticed him.

The air around Pangong Tso became denser and denser. His gaze flickered as he rose from the mat to look out the hall.

Nun Hong Fa was stunned and immediately said, "Imperial Academician, try to close all your divine treasures and burst them all open in one go!"

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and closed his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Five Elements Divine Treasure, and Six Directions Divine Treasure. He then gave a low shout and rumbles came from his spirit platform, crimson palace, and imperial court. There was a total of three rumbles as his three great divine treasures opened up and his aura increased exponentially!

"You really awakened your Six Directions Divine Treasure!"

Nun Hong Fa sighed in astonishment and looked at Si Yunxiang who was at the side. This girl was also trying to break her Six Directions Wall. It was evident that she had also found the exact location of her Six Directions Wall.

The nun had chased these two whispering young man and woman out the hall and had never expected the two of them to find the location of their Six Directions Wall in a short while. One of them even managed to succeed in breaking the wall on his first try and became a divine arts practitioner of Six Directions Realm!

Nun Hong Fa put her palms together. "Cult Ma— Imperial Academician, you seem to have a secret method to calculate the location of Six Directions Wall which is much faster than this poor nun's Six Directions Computational Canan, I wonder if you can hand it down."

Qin Mu smiled. "Nun is too polite. My abilities are meager and I don't dare to show off in front of everyone. However, I'm willing to share what I have comprehended with you and fellow scholars."

Nun Hong Fa was delighted and immediately invited him into the hall. She said to all the scholars, "Today I've invited the imperial academician to give you guys a lecture. Imperial Academician, please!"

Qin Mu looked at Pangong Tso who was sitting at the back of the hall and smiled. "Prince Pangong Tso from the Great Wall has also broken his Six Directions Wall and become a divine art practitioner. I wonder if you are interested to share what you have learned?"

Everyone looked back at Pangong Tso, who shook his head. "I'm a barbarian from the Great Wall so I don't dare to show off. Cult Master Qin, please."

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and told his operation technique to everyone in the hall. Nun Hong Fa was surprised and delighted, and she grasped the chance to ask questions continuously. She marveled at his technique, making everyone in the hall intoxicated by the lecture.

After some time, Qin Mu finally finished talking about his operation technique and the scholars in the hall tested it, trying to master it. However, since some people have high wisdom and some people have low comprehension, not everyone was able to master it.

"Imperial Academician, with this kind of operation technique from you, this poor nun will be able to recompile Six Directions Computational Canon." Nun Hong Fa smiled. "I wonder if Academician is willing to sign his name as a co-author?"

Qin Mu said unflinchingly, "This is a good deed that could benefit people for a thousand years to come. If I could sign my name on it, I would naturally happy to. However, my name on it has to be Heavenly Saint Cult Master Qin Mu."

Nun Hong Fa's face blackened, and she thought to herself, 'He's the Heavenly Saint Cult Master, so if my name was seen alongside his, wouldn't I be seen as someone from the devil path as well? Excellent excellent, this poor nun is affected by reputation again. To be lined up with Heavenly Devil Cult, this poor nun is then the honored one.'

Qin Mu looked at Pangong Tso and smiled. "Little Prince, you and I broke through and became divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm at almost the same time. This is the so-called at the right time at the right place. It's such a rare thing for us to be on the similar realm, so why don't we exchange some blows."

Pangong Tso shook his head. "Cult Master Qin is joking, I'm here to seek knowledge."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Seek knowledge? I happen to have a set of knife skills here that are created and taught by Heaven Knife, do you want to learn this set of knife skills?"

Pangong Tso's raised his eyebrows and his gaze landed on Qin Mu. Instantly, the miserable shrieks and howls of countless ghosts rang out beside Qin Mu's ears!

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