Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 273 - Three Punches and Two Knives

"Powerful!" Qin Mu's circulated Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his souls and spirits, astonished.

Rolan's Golden Palace's techniques were extremely unusual. They used souls for cultivating techniques, and it didn't matter if it were the souls of demons, monsters, gods, or beasts—they could all be used for cultivation.

Pangong Tso's gaze was not an ordinary gaze, for in his eyes, there was a divine art that was targeted at souls. With his gaze alone, the divine art would have an impact on the opponent's soul. If the opponent wasn't on guard, they would get stared to death by him!

Heavenly Devil Creation Technique was just the right technique to counter that divine art targeted at the soul. Of course, this was because the power of the divine art in Pangong Tso's eyes wasn't so powerful that Heavenly Devil Creation Technique couldn't defend against it.

If the divine art in his eyes wasn't targeted at the soul, but at the corporeal body or Dao heart, Heavenly Devil Creation Technique wouldn't be able to defend against it.

"Knife skills of Heaven Knife?" Pangong Tso's raised eyebrows smoothed out, and he asked, "There are such skills in Floor of Heavenly Records?"

"Floor of Heavenly Records don't have them, but I have," Qin Mu smiled as he raised his hand to grab the handle of his Pig Slaughtering Knife.

Just as his palm gripped onto the knife's handle, the pages of the books in Hall of Six Directions fluttered as if there was an invisible giant who had raised a gale by giving a slash!

The skin of Pangong Tso's face creased from being blown at, and a few strands of hair broke off silently.

The hearts of Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, and the rest trembled slightly, and they thought to themselves, 'Cult Master Qin's abilities have improved quite a bit. He had already cultivated a knife will from his knife! He had merely gone home for New Year, so how come his knife skills had improved so much during that time?'

They had all followed Qin Mu to the southern border to gain experience by pacifying the rebellion and had been through life and death with him. They knew Qin Mu's abilities, so even though his knife skills had been powerful back then, they were far from how powerful they were at this moment.

Cultivating a knife will from knife skills meant that his knife skills had a qualitative leap, and this wasn't something that could be done in just a few days of cultivating diligently!

What they didn't know was how difficult it had been for Qin Mu to return home for New Year. It could be said to have been a narrow escape, being ambushed from ten sides. He was surrounded, chased, blocked, and intercepted all the time, fighting bloody battles for days on end before reaching Disabled Elderly Village after numerous trials and tribulations.

Yet when he reached his home, he didn't have a peaceful New Year, either. After the celebration, he had to fight with the elders daily. Butcher, Old Ma, Cripple, Blind, and the rest fed him blows and talked about all kinds of comprehensions. There was also Village Chief, this strong practitioner, training him.

Going home this time for New Year was a huge challenge for Qin Mu, which was equivalent to him cultivating for two to three years diligently.

Not only did his knife skills had a qualitative leap, his sword skills, body techniques, buddhist skills, hand techniques, eye power, and Dao heart had all had qualitative leaps!

Pangong Tso's brows twitched as the heart of his brows was being pressured by Qin Mu's knife will. It seemed like Qin Mu would unsheathe his knife anytime and the heart of his brows would be slashed at that moment!

He was about to react when Nun Hong Fa suddenly came to stand between the two of them, and Qin Mu's knife will was intercepted by the nun.

"This is Hall of Six Directions, a place to cultivate six directions and awaken your divine treasure. It's not a place for you guys to fight."

Nun Hong Fa's gaze swept past the both of them, and she said indifferently, "There are rules in Imperial College, and if you cultivate in my Hall of Six Directions, you're my disciples and have to abide by the rules of my Hall of Six Directions. Both of you have just broken the wall of your Six Directions Divine Treasure and had just become divine arts practitioners. Your foundations are yet to be stable so what's the point of being so hot-blooded?"

Pangong Tso revealed a smiled. "Nun is right. Cult Master Qin, I'll experience your Heaven Knife another day." Once he said that, he walked towards the exit of the hall.

Qin Mu walked beside him and smiled. "Why another day? Isn't it the end of the lesson? I think it's pretty good now. Once we are out of Hall of Six Directions, nun won't be able to control us."

Outside the hall, the great shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace came up from the left and right to follow behind Pangong Tso. One of the great shamans said softly, "What's the rush, Cult Master Qin? If your hands are feeling itchy and want to fight, we as retainers would be glad to entertain you anytime."

In Hall of Six Direction, Wei Yong, Chen Wanyun, and Qin Yu frowned. "Cult Master Qin seems slightly aggressive. Pangong Tso is an envoy from the foreign country who had come here to seek knowledge. Even though he was an enemy in the past, we have to abide by the etiquette and can't be rude."

Monk Yun Que nodded. "He's indeed slightly aggressive. Cult Master Qin should have a grudge against him, right?"

Qin Mu took a glance at the two great shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace and said leisurely, "I had been to Rolan's Golden Palace, and a cauldron of one drug paralyzed nearly all the great shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace, scaring the shaman kings into fleeing in defeat. You two must have been paralyzed by me, right?"

The look on the two great shamans' faces turned dark, but they didn't speak a word.

"Or maybe, the both of you were beaten up by me?" Qin Mu pondered over it, but he didn't have any recollections of the two of them so he shook his head. "It must be because the number of people I killed in Rolan's Golden Palace was too high so I don't remember the both of you. On the golden road of Rolan's Golden Palace, the corpses rolled down one after another, dying the golden road crimson.

"My two knives had chopped their way from the outer courtyard disciples all the way to inner courtyard disciples before cutting down the disciple of Grand Shaman. In that time, how many shamans and great shamans had been killed? A hundred? Even if it's not a hundred, there must have been at least eighty. I killed so many that the hearts of the shaman and great shamans in Rolan's Golden Palace turned cold and no one dared to move."

The faces of the two great shamans turned darker and darker while their palms trembled slightly. Golden light gradually emanated from the body of one of them, and his head transformed into a bird's head as he screeched, "That's because I was not in Rolan's Golden Palace! I was out for experience! If I had been in Rolan's Golden Palace, ten of you would have been killed by me!"

Behind them, the scholars in Hall of Six Directions had just come out and were all greatly shaken. Most of them were slightly dumbstruck when they heard Qin Mu mentioning the incident.

Even though they were classmates with Qin Mu, they didn't know that he had actually gone to Rolan's Golden Palace to block their gates and even killed so many experts there!

"I got it!" Wei Yong suddenly cried out. "I know who defeated Daozi and Fozi!"

Qin Yu, Chen Wanyun, and the rest were extremely astonished and cried out, "What you mean is that when Daozi and Fozi were blocking the gates, it was Cult Master Qin who forced them back?"

Monk Yun Que said, "No wonder, truly no wonder! I was still thinking about who was the expert who had defeat Fozi and Daozi without leaving his name. So it was actually Cult Master Qin!"

Si Yunxiang knitted her brows and was slightly displeased in her heart as she muttered to herself, "I was clearly the one who defeated Fozi…"

Chen Wanyun said solemnly, "I heard news saying Fozi is dead and was killed by our Cult Master Qin."

Yue Qinghong said in a low voice, "Not long ago, the crown prince conspired to murder the emperor and attempted to ascend the throne, and I heard it was Cult Master Qin who led the strong practitioners of Heavenly Saint— Heavenly Devil Cult to slaughter their way to the Temple of Heaven. Cult Master Qin had chopped off the head of the crown prince personally!"

Everyone exchanged rumors they had heard and became more astonished the more they talked about him. This Classmate Qin beside them had actually done so many universally shocking things.

Nun Hong Fa gave them a stare and said, "Don't talk about this blindly! And also, stay further away from Cult Master Qin, he's the devil cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult after all. Especially you, Si Yunxiang, you're too close to him. If he pulled you into Heavenly Devil Cult, your whole life would be ruined!"

Si Yunxiang replied helplessly, "I got it, I'll definitely sever all my ties with him."

Nun Hong Fa shouted loudly, "Cult Master Qin, this is Imperial College and not your Heavenly Devil Cult. There are rules and Eternal Peace Empire have the laws of Eternal Peace Empire, exercise a little restraint!"

"Then I plundered the treasury of Rolan's Golden Palace." Qin Mu walked forward unhurriedly, his expression apathetic. He ignored Nun Hong Fa's words and continued, "Your Rolan's Golden Palace had hoarded treasures for so long. There were all kinds of precious materials and items, all kinds of spirit treasures and strange weapons that were taken away by me. However, I had not touched even a single one of the treasures of your golden palace, but had thrown them on the ground. A thief never leaves empty-handed, but we also know what's worth to steal and what is not. I still understand this logic.

Pangong Tso's expression remained unmoved, but the two great shamans from Rolan's Golden Palace could no longer hold themselves back.

Suddenly, the bird-headed great shaman let out a sharp cry which seemed like needles stabbing into the human brain and soul.

During his cry, golden wings unfolded from his back with a whoosh. With a tremble, countless brilliant golden feathers shot out and converged into currents in the air, turning into golden light that came stabbing at Qin Mu from all directions.

At the same time, this great shaman raised his legs which had already transformed into golden-colored talons which were incomparably sharp. With the talons that could split rocks, he rushed for Qin Mu's head!

"Grand Shaman Ruda Scripture's transformation is indeed interesting, you're the disciple of Grand Shaman and have already succeeded in cultivating divine arts."

Qin Mu's eyes lighted up, and the two Pig Slaughtering Knives from his back leaped out. The noise of collision came clanking out like torrential rain, and in that instant, knife lights burst forth and broke through the golden sword lights!

The knife lights seemed like they were twelve yards long. With one vertical and one horizontal light, Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining severed one of the talons.

The next moment, Qin Mu closed in, holding his knife in a reverse grip.

Raising the Knife from Forbidden.

When he raised the huge knife, the shaman's chest was split open to his belly.

Before the corpse of that great shaman even collapsed to the ground, the head of another great shaman trembled and transformed into that of an elephant. His fists were like small mountains when he punched forward.

Qin Mu let go of his knives and turned around. His vital qi burst forth, and the band that tied up his hair exploded in pieces. His pitch black hair was raised perfectly straight by his vital qi that was soaring into the air.


Their fists collided, and all the muscles on Qin Mu's body throbbed. There were even some muscles swiveling and coiling like pythons under his skin.

The vital qi in Qin Mu's body appeared to be coiling green dragons, but since he had executed both Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and Rulai's Mahayana Sutra at the same time, it was also like a huge buddha sitting upright. With dragons coiling around the buddha's body, a loud rumble sounded out as he unleashed another punch.

The great shaman was like a golden elephant god with incomparable strength, able to split the heaven and earth apart with a punch and a kick due to the immense strength in his fists and legs.

Bang, bang, bang.

The fists of the two people collided thrice, and Qin Mu pulled back his hands, dispersing his shocking aura. All the throbbing muscles in his body calmed back down. On the other hand, the elephant-headed great shaman snarled ferociously. He gave another punch at his opponent's face, and his boundless strength raised a gale.

However, before this punch could even land on Qin Mu's body, an explosion suddenly came from the great shaman's body, and all his bones broke into pieces. His muscles disintegrated, and his vital qi scattered, which resulted in him collapsing onto the ground like a pile of mush. Air only came out from his mouth but did not go in.

Qin Mu's three punches had resulted in a power that reached all parts of the great shaman's body, shattering all his bones, muscles, and vital qi!

The scholars from Hall of Six Directions were all flabbergasted, and they stood still in a daze. Even Nun Hong Fa felt her body turning cold. Qin Mu was basically a lawless ruffian, beating two of the foreign country's envoys to death with just three punches and two knives, and it was even done in Imperial College!

Qin Mu ignored them and turned to look at Pangong Tso with a smile on his face. He didn't look like a vicious ruffian that would kill people without reason in the least when he said, "Who will be the one to drag these corpses away and clean the floor? Little Prince, my abilities should not be bad, right? Do you have the urge to make a move?"

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