Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 275 - Passed Away Very Peacefully

Qin Mu immediately sat up and looked out the window. Chancellor Ba Shan's snores were deafening and he didn't wake up even when the chill wind blew into the room.

Strange chanting came from outside, but the voice was not clear. Qin Mu couldn't tell whether it was light or heavy, slow or fast. Despite that, he immediately used Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to seal his souls and spirits before arousing his vital qi. Junior Protector Sword which was hanging at the head of his bed came out of its sheath, and the silver sword light lit up the room.

There was a white figure floating to and fro outside the window, and Junior Protector Sword hummed and trembled. Sword lights shot out in a flash, and a few human heads outside the window fell to the ground.

Harming people with shaman spells might sound bizarre, but those spells were nothing more than attacks targeted at the soul or the corporeal body.

Even though Qin Mu wasn't too old, he knew the reason behind the bizarre occurrences. Spells that were targeted at the corporeal body required one to use secret techniques to enter the room and kill the person.

Meanwhile, there were much more unimaginable methods that were targeted at the souls, for example, shaman poison. It could be used to poison the enemy's souls, and it was colorless, odorless, formless, and traceless, making it extremely hard for people to guard against it.

Another example would be worshiping the soul using a straw doll. One would write the other person's date of birth and eight characters of a horoscope on a doll and worship it for ten days, worshiping away a soul or spirit each day. The seven spirits would leave in seven days and the three souls would come after.

There was also Victory Loathing Technique, harming the soul to harm the body. By using needles or sharp blades to harm the soul, the shaman could make use of the connections between the soul and the corporeal body to harm the corporeal body by harming the soul. For example, by pricking the limbs of the soul, the enemy's corporeal body would also be pricked. If the heart of the brows was pricked, the mind would be messed up, and such.

Being able to kill people by knowing their name was indeed slightly hard to imagine, but it shouldn't be much different from these two methods.

Qin Mu sealing his souls and spirits while hanging Junior Protector Sword at the head of his bed was to guard against these two methods.

Suddenly, a weird laughter sounded, and Qin Mu looked over in a hurry. He saw numerous small humans climbing in through the window and jumping onto the ground. They wielded knives, axes, military forks. and rode small horses in a formation, looking like a huge army with several hundred men.

This small human army swarmed forward and stood on Chancellor Ba Shan's chest yet Chancellor Ba Shan didn't wake up, continuing to snore like thunder.

The small human in the lead wielded a long spear and rode a steed on Chancellor Ba Shan's nose. He pointed his spear at Qin Mu who had already sat up, and his eyes were filled with the glow of excitement. With an incomprehensible shout, the other small humans went toward Qin Mu like a flood!

The small humans were abnormally excited and kept shouting incomprehensibly as they waved their weapons with a fierce demeanor. Yet even though there were several hundred of them, Qin Mu felt that he could flatten all of them with two or three steps.

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This was the reason why Butcher didn't dare to use his real name?

Qin Mu pulled out his sword, but just as the sword lights were about to burst forth to sweep away all these small humans, he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

This voice came in with the chill wind, and the words were dragged out, as if the person was quite far away. Qin Mu didn't say a word, but that voice was closing in on him rapidly.

When other people called your name, even if you did not reply, there would be an uncontrollable reaction in your heart, and that voice had used this reaction to sense his location!

So just as the sword lights in Qin Mu's hand were about to slaughter the small army, he suddenly felt a chill invading the heart of his brows. His hand that was about to pull out the sword and his soul froze in place.

When his soul was frozen, his body did the same, and the sword lights naturally extinguished.

The small humans danced around in joy and climbed onto his body, tunneling into him through his mouth, ears, and nose.

The next moment, Qin Mu 'saw' these small human carrying 'him' away in a sprint. What they were carrying wasn't his corporeal body. They had tunneled inside him to carry away his soul!

These small humans had actually run into his body and tied up his soul tightly, then brought it out above their heads. Qin Mu didn't know what they were saying as they squealed to one another before running away with him.

Qin Mu felt that he was unable to move while the sceneries in front of his eyes flickered before turning pitch black. All the lights in the surroundings vanished and only the darkness remained.

He could see bubbles of light coming into existence under his body, and then noticed that he was lying on a sacrificial altar.

The small humans had placed him down and were looking up at the sky. The one in the lead squeaked at the darkness and the sacrificial altar slowly rose up. Looking around, Qing Mu could see huge faces that were like the faces of puppets blocking his four sides. The faces of these wooden puppets were humongous and revealed an expression that was a smile yet not a smile, a cry yet not a cry.

After that, the sacrificial altar trembled and rose up once again. A huge palm lifted it up along with the four wooden puppets, and Qin Mu immediately saw a blazing flame of light in the darkness. It was a huge eye which was much larger than the faces of the wooden puppets.

Then, more and more huge eyes lighted up the darkness as they floated in the sky, looking extremely strange.

'Victory Loathing Spell?'

When Qin Mu saw this sight, his heart trembled slightly. Pangong Tso must have used Victory Loathing Spell to make use of the small humans to invade him, trapping the souls and spirits that were sealed in his body on such a sacrificial altar!

This method was very strange. When he heard the voice, it found its way over even if he didn't answer. That voice then transformed into a sacrificial altar in his body, and even though his souls and spirits had been sealed in his body, it wasn't enough!

However, his souls and spirits should still be in his body, and as long as they were in his body, he had the chance to make a comeback.

'No matter what shaman spell you used, you will need to rely on your own magic power. In my body, your magic power will never surpass mine, you can forget about killing me!'

Qin Mu flipped his body up and shouted, "Sword come!"

Suddenly, a sword pellet came flying over through the darkness and floated in front of him. This sword pellet was the one Mute had given him when he had gone back to the village for New Year. Qin Mu had once used this sword pellet to guide out the remnant of the god's divine art out of Imperial Preceptor's body which resulted in the sword pellet being obliterated quite a bit and becoming smaller.

Sword lights burst from the sword pellet and swept through the small humans in all directions, causing them to suffer a crushing defeat.

The small humans had their chests and bellies split by Qin Mu, but they were not yet dead. Their broken limbs crawled here and there to reassemble themselves before continuing to attack Qin Mu. Meanwhile, the faces of the wooden puppets around the sacrificial altar revealed a strange smile as they raised their arms stiffly to smash towards him who was in the center of the sacrificial altar, causing sparks to fly in all directions.

Qin Mu executed the sword pellet to contend against the strange wooden puppets and felt they possessed unusual strength. He was almost unable to withstand their blows.

Some of the small humans were smashed by the wooden puppets and turned into a paper-like state, but in the next instant, they swelled back up as if they had been pumped with air and continued swinging their swords at Qin Mu.

At this moment, the weird eyes in the darkness blazed furiously and beams of fire came shooting over in all directions.

Qin Mu gritted his teeth to withstand the attacks, his soul on the verge of dispersing from all the attacks. The small humans, wooden puppets, and weird eyes seemed to be able to revive and come at him endlessly. There was no end to killing them, and they just kept attacking him, not knowing fatigue.

Just as Qin Mu was about to fall into despair from exhaustion, he became furious. 'Is Senior Brother Ba Shan still sleeping?'

At this moment, the crows of the roosters rang out in the air, and he could faintly hear the night watchman banging the gong to signal the fifth of the five night watch periods.

Then, Qin Mu heard Chancellor Ba Shan's yawn from seemingly far away. "I waited the whole night, yet Pangong Tso never came to visit personally, truly disappointing. That brat is really careful and didn't cast any spells personally to kill Junior Brother Qin, but had another great shaman make his move."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. 'Senior Brother Ba Shan knew I was trapped?'

"A pity only a great shaman of Seven Stars Realm took the bait."

Qin Mu heard Chancellor Ba Shan pulling out his knife, and the tyrant knife was unsheathed.

"The golden knife adorned in white jade, with rays piercing into the night through the window. Man of fifty years yet nothing made, carrying knife in eight wilderness all alone!"

Along with the song, a blinding light split apart the darkness and came down from the sky, slashing onto the sacrificial altar ruthlessly. The heaven and earth instantly rumbled before starting to crumble and disintegrate!

This knife seemed to have split the world in two places that gradually opened up towards the left and right. These were Qin Mu's eyes which were gradually opening, but what was strange was that he felt the eyelids of his eyes open towards the left and the right.

"This is the Victory Loathing Spell of Rolan's Golden Palace which I just undid for you. This kind of Victory Loathing Spell turns your eyeballs half upside down, so you are looking to your left and right.

Chancellor Ba Shan appeared to Qin Mu to be standing on the wall. "Mobilize the muscles in your eyes and slowly adjust your eyeballs back to normal."

Qin Mu followed his instructions. After some time, his eyeballs finally returned to normal and he immediately said, "Senior Brother, I got trapped!"

Chancellor Ba Shan nodded and pointed forward. "This is what trapped you."

Qin Mu lowered his head and was slightly stunned. He saw that the sacrificial altar that had trapped him wasn't the real thing but a silverplate which had four wooden puppets that were the size of a palm around it. The small humans that had lifted him up were soybeans, and the horses under them were bean sprouts.

Meanwhile, the eyes floating in the sky had been the eyes of huge spiders and not weird eyes that had been arranged in a line. Under the plate was a weasel.

The spider and the weasel were both killed with a knife and died an unnatural death.

"I thought it would be Pangong Tso making a move and not some great shaman of Seven Stars Realm." Chancellor Ba Shan shook his head. "I reckon Pangong Tso didn't make a move but sent a great shaman of Seven Stars Realm instead because he was worried I would be by your side. He's really careful."

Qin Mu looked out the window and saw that the heads he had severed using the sword lights were just straw men that were covered in white cloth.

He asked, "Senior Brother, what happened to the great shaman of Seven Stars Realm?"

"He's dead," Chancellor Ba Shan answered. "He cast his spell in his dream to harm you with Victory Loathing Technique and my knife broke his spell. My knife then entered his dream through his spell and cut him down in his sleep. In other words, he passed away very peacefully."

Qin Mu was skeptical and asked, "Knife skills can be cultivated to such a level?"

Chancellor Ba Shan smiled. "Teacher Heaven Knife's knife skills can be called a legend. He can cut open the void, but I can't."

When morning came, everyone in Imperial College was discussing how another envoy in Barbarian Di Empire had died. It was said he died suddenly on the fifth of the five night watch periods with blood flowing out of all his orifices. He had died extremely miserably and even screamed three times before falling over.

Qin Mu criticized in his heart, 'Didn't Senior Brother Ba Shan say he had passed away peacefully?"

When afternoon came, a shaman came forth and bowed. "Prince invites Cult Master Qin to a banquet."

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