Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 277 - Tempo

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso walked out side by side and left Jade Fragrance Floor, walking out of the city while following the street.

The capital city in the early spring was still pretty chilly, and even in the noon, the sun wasn't very high up. It was located in the southern part of the sky and wasn't dazzling in the least.

The capital city was still pretty bustling in the spring while people coming and going. Some young masters and young ladies of wealthy families would form companionship to walk around and their clothes were mainly sable fur coats. Wearing these fluffy coats, it would serve as a contrast to make their fair skin stands out more.

Using during this season, numerous wealthy families would already have boarded flying ships to head to the south to get through the winter, only coming back when spring was turning into summer. However, it was different this year, the natural disaster had caused the south to be as cold as the north and perhaps even colder, therefore most of the people still chose to remain in the north. After all, there were all kinds of natural and man-made disasters out there so it would be better to stay safe in the capital city.

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso walked very slowly as both of them were adjusting their state. Pangong Tso was no doubt a capable person that had reincarnated nineteen lifetimes and lived twenty lifetimes. He soon adjusted his essence, qi, and spirit to their peak while Qin Mu was still slowly adjusting.

Murderous intent started to pour out of Pangong Tso and was targeted at Qin Mu as he slowly quickened his footsteps.

His murderous intent was directed at Qin Mu to make him react, having no choice but to change his walking posture so as to not reveal a mistake.

In Imperial College, Qin Mu had aimed him in this way as well to force him to hobble as he walked, borrowing the bending of his body to not reveal any mistake in his action so that Qin Mu couldn't take advantage of him.

Now, he was giving him a taste of his own medicine, using his peak performance and aura to pressure Qin Mu, forcing Qin Mu to follow his tempo, to change along with the change of his aura.

As long as Qin Mu had no choice but to follow his tempo, he would be able to hold the right to be active, causing Qin Mu to fall into a passive state, becoming weary from dealing with him. To avoid revealing a mistake, Qin Mu would continuously change his trajectory and change his aura. The longer the road he took, the more changes there would be. In the end, the number of changes will surpass the horizons and knowledge of this youth, making him unable to change his trajectory anymore!

When they reached the outskirts of the city, killing Qin Mu would just become a matter of one or two moves!

"Old fox!"

Qin Mu had a grave expression. This was a very terrifying existence!

Pangong Tso was such a terrifying person. No matter if he was stronger than his opponent, he would immediately grab the upper hand if it was right in front of him, magnifying his superiority as much as he could!

After ten thousands years of polishing, he was already rarely moved by external matters. Every word and every action moved according to the experience he had accumulated over the past ten thousand years and his experience was like runes and reasons, deeply imprinted in his moves and actions.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Blind had both said before, to apply knowledge and action as one. Old Ma had also said to abide by the rules. With the accumulation of ten thousand years, Pangong Tso had managed to achieve this step.

As for applying knowledge and action as one, Qin Mu had his own understanding.

Not taking action according to your knowledge, that's insincerity.

Not succeeding after taking action, that's incapability.

Taking action because of knowledge, that's the heart of utter sincerity. Succeeding in your action, that's carrying out to the end. At this point, it would already be difficult for one to be influenced by other people and incidents.

And the prerequisite of applying knowledge and action as one was pursuing knowledge to the end. To study the underlying principle of a matter and turn it into one's own knowledge.

For example, cooking. To perfect the craft of cooking so there's nothing to be picky in regards to the color, fragrance, and taste. For example, construction. To construct buildings and pavilions to be sturdy, beautiful and useful, being able to look magnificent and not crumble under storms or earthquakes. For example, shipbuilding. To fully understand the principle of building a ship, using sturdy materials and not sinking when facing wind and waves.

This was pursuing knowledge to the end. To study one thing or one matter to its extreme, understanding all the principles behind it.

When one managed to pursue knowledge to the end could one apply knowledge and action as one.

Pangong Tso was such a person. Reincarnating over and over again, he had studying all kinds of techniques to their extremes and all the knowledge he had learned had become his foundation, becoming a part of his words and actions.

Every action and word from him held deep significance and even from the start where Qin Mu had met him, Qin Mu was already brought into his tempo.

From Qin Mu's provocation outside Hall of Six Directions and all the way to chatting with Pangong Tso in Jade Fragrance Floor was all a web weaved by him. A huge web that was methodically weaved to trap Qin Mu within.

Now, as they walked out of the city, it was this spider pulling back its web while spitting silk on Qin Mu's body, coiling around Qin Mu and binding him. This made the space which Qin Mu could move around in becoming smaller and smaller. When they were out of the city, it would be the time for the huge spider to spit its venom to poison its prey!

Qin Mu had never seen such a terrifying opponent before!

No matter if it was Daozi or Fozi, or even those great experts of Celestial Being Realm and Life and Death Realm that had chased after his life, they were all much inferior compared to Pangong Tso!

Now, Qin Mu was already forced to hobble as he walked, leaning unsteadily from side to side. Meanwhile, Pangong Tso was walking more and more steadily.

He was forcing Qin Mu to show all his changes so as to not show his mistake. When Qin Mu exhausted all his changes, it would be the death of Qin Mu!

'To be able to clash with such a terrifying existence is a huge opportunity!'

Qin Mu's footsteps suddenly stopped and in that instant where he had stopped, hundreds of mistakes appeared on his body. It could be said that there were mistakes all over his body!

Pangong Tso was slightly stunned and also stopped in his footsteps.

In this instant, he had the urge to make a move. With mistakes all over Qin Mu's body, these were all fatal mistakes that could take Qin Mu's life with one strike in Pangong Tso's eyes. However, he hesitated for an instant.

Qin Mu was the Heavenly Devil Cult Master and Heavenly Devil Cult Master has an extremely huge power, the number one sect in the secular world. If he was to kill Qin Mu here, it was difficult for him to escape the revenge of Heavenly Devil Cult.

In this instant where he hesitated, all of the mistakes on Qin Mu's body vanished and his aura suddenly burst forth, releasing his murderous intent which overwhelmed Pangong Tso as he raised his leg to walk forward.

Pangong Tso's expression sank and had no choice to catch up with him, sinking into a passive state.

Qin Mu made used of his hesitation to free himself from the disadvantageous situation. This was indeed out of his expectation. Even though it was evident that this youth's experience was inferior to him, he had a kind of acute spirit that was long obliterated in him.

After reincarnating so many times, that acute determination to improve in his first lifetime had slowly been obliterated under the endless passage of time through lifetime after lifetime. Now, he had once again seen this kind of essence, qi, and spirit from Qin Mu.

Now, it was his turn to be suppressed by Qin Mu and forced to walk forward in accordance to Qin Mu's tempo. The body techniques and auras of these two people changed continuously and each change was very fine. However, as they walked more and more, the swaying of Pangong Tso's body became wider and wider, making him look like a drunk man that was leaning from side to side, catching the attention of many people.

The situation now seemed like Qin Mu was using an invisible rope to lead a thirteen to fourteen years old drunk child to walk on the street.

The battle of experts was just like this. Especially when the difference between the both of them was not huge, any carelessness would result in a reversal of situation!

Qin Mu made use of his mental state in not daring to make a move on him in the city to reverse the situation.

Even though the two people had yet to exchange blows, they have already started to clash using their wisdom!

Even if the situation was reversed, Qin Mu still didn't let his guard down. It was as Pangong Tso had said, Qin Mu had no time to strengthen his Six Directions Realm. Even though he had entered Six Directions Realm at the same time as Pangong Tso, Pangong Tso was different from him. Pangong Tso had the experience of twenty lifetimes and had broken through Six Directions Realm twenty times. In just a day, Pangong Tso had enough time to strengthen this realm and mobilize the power that could be mobilized in this realm.

On the other hand, Qin Mu had to spend time to familiarize and figure his way around in order to control the power in this realm.

The most crucial point was that he had no time now to cultivate his Six Direction Realm!

He already had the circulation diagram of Six Direction Realm and Seven Stars Realm. One of obtained from the first hall in Imperial College while the circulation diagram of Seven Stars Realm was inscribed on a stone tablet in Rolan's Golden Palace.

However, for him to comprehend Unity Technique, he needed to fuse Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and it was impossible for Pangong Tso to give him time to fuse his techniques.

Qin Mu's mind delved into his Six Directions Divine Treasure and in this divine treasure, he saw his spirit embryo. He then saw the five element stars and shrine in the sky, sensing his Five Elements Star Sovereigns.

From this angle of the spirit embryo, he could see the four sides of heaven and earth.

It was evident after entering Six Directions Realm, it was required for him to combine these three great divine treasures as one. His technique had to pass through all three great divine treasures to form one whole body.

In his Six Directions Divine Treasure, there were four sides of heaven and earth, strengthening his magic power to be able to execute divine arts. This was a qualitative leap but since he didn't have the circulation diagram of Six Directions Realm for Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, it would be his greatest shortcoming.

Finally, the two of them walked out of the capital city and came to the outskirts of the city. The extent of Pangong Tso's movement as he was walking became more and more exaggerated as he staggered along. However, the changes in his body motions and techniques were still endless as he maintained a perfect state that didn't have any mistake!

Qin Mu couldn't help admiring him. As they walked from the center of the city to the outskirts of the city, just the body techniques alone had gone through dozens of changes from Pangong Tso, each and every kind of body technique was extremely intricate and cultivated to their extremes.

He moved forward using the form of a dragon and really looked like a true dragon moving on the land. When he moved like a tiger, he gave off a feeling like he was a fierce tiger. When he executed the body technique of a phoenix, he was flying low like a phoenix. When he executed the body technique of a swimming fish, he was like a fish swimming against the current.

It was hard to imagine how a person could cultivate so many body techniques to the extreme!

Two of them moved further and further and their murderous intents grew thicker and thicker. From Qin Mu's taotie sack, a sword pellet flew out along with Junior Protector Sword, hanging on his waist.

Meanwhile, the two Pig Slaughtering Knives on Qin Mu's back dropped off and the two knives stabbed into the ground one after another, showing only the knives' handles. The two knives were over thirty yards apart. His bamboo cane stabbed onto the ground while his iron hammer landed on the ground. From his sleeves, his brush, ink, papers, and inkstone also slid out and got thrown onto the ground as he was walking.

As he was walking, his body trembled and heavy chunks of iron fell off from the front and the back of his chest. The iron boots on his feet suddenly exploded and the iron weights strapped on his legs also fell off.

His body became light and his bones crackled and rattled. His aura had actually once again risen like the tide!

Pangong Tso still continued moving along with his tempo. Qin Mu raising his aura had brought him an even larger pressure but he was still able to endure and didn't reveal any slight mistake.

The grasses on the grassland far away had already grown out and there were numerous couples stepping on the greenery as they formed companionships to go on a spring outing. Some children were flying kites and running happily on the grassland. Some young men were showing off their body techniques as they rose into the sky with a few steps, stepping on the kites in the air, arousing the girls below to exclaim in admiration.

The exclaims of admiration gradually lessened as the people started to look at the two strange youths which were Qin Mu and Pangong Tso.

The flock of birds in the forest flapped upwards and moved far away to avoid them. The murderous intents from these two youths had astonished them.

As Qin Mu and Pangong Tso walked to the side of Mud River and suddenly there were countless of huge fishes jumping out of the water, flopping on the surface of the river to escape towards the heart of the river, making the river extraordinary bustling.

The instant these fishes and birds jumped and flew up, a child suddenly closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide to bawl loudly. Amidst the cries, Qin Mu and Pangong Tso who were beside the river unleashed their moves at practically the same time!

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