Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 278 - Warm the Wine

All kinds of runes from buddhist scriptures appeared around Qin Mu's body and revolved like a huge bell covering him. The five heavens from Rulai's Mahayana Sutra took shape as buddha voice surrounded him.

At the same time, he activated Nine Dragon Monarch Technique, and the dragon qi came swarming from the nine huge dragon veins surrounding the capital city, raising his aura once again!

Nine Dragon Monarch Technique was the supreme art of the imperial family and had been taught to him by Emperor Yanfeng personally. Under Qin Mu's execution, the dragon qi pouring out from the nine dragon veins materialized and even entered the river water, causing dragons to fly out of the river while surging towards Qin Mu!

He took the first strike. At this point, no matter if Pangong Tso revealed any mistake or not, he would be crushed by Qin Mu's abnormally dense vital qi that could suppress all kinds of intricate moves. Pangong Tso would be overwhelmed by an incomparable strength!

The best method to deal with Pangong Tso was to use magic power to overwhelm him and not compete with him in moves!


The river water exploded and flooded into the sky, transforming into the form of a huge buddha that was over thirty yards tall which and stood like a water mountain on the river. Water dragons coiled around this huge buddha, and its five fingers were like five mountains rushing down at Pangong Tso!

The nine dragons let out angry roars as Nine Dragons Monarch Technique fused with Tempest of the Nine Dragons from Thunderclap Eight Strikes. This strike showed the vastness of buddhism's divine arts and the invincibility of the imperial family!

The nine dragons pounced on their target.

Bang, bang, bang!

The speed of the streams surpassed the speed of sound, and they exploded with thunderous bangs, facing nothing they couldn't destroy!

What's divine art?

This is divine art!

Qin Mu's strongest point was his magic power which surpassed that of his peers by several times. Even the old monsters like Village Chief were much inferior to him on the same realm.

This kind of magic power was something Pangong Tso had no hope of matching. That's why Qin Mu wanted to use his absolute strength to overwhelm Pangong Tso, turning all of his eleven thousand years of cultivation useless!

At the instant Qin Mu's attack was about to burst forth, Pangong Tso's counter also arrived. What he used was a sword pellet that was the size of a thumb, and resplendent sword lights burst forth from within it!

The second writing from the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword, Binding of Five Qi and Three Aeons, Rising on the Spot, Cloud Chariots Crossing!

He used the ultimate art of Dao Sect straightaway, using the purest Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique to execute the second sword of Dao Sword. The sword lights contained wood, fire, earth, gold, and water, which are the five qi, heaven aeon, earth aeon, water aeon as well as the three aeon. Heaven aeon was akin to the sun and called supreme yang, water aeon was akin to the moon which was called supreme yin, while earth aoen was the neutralization.

Once he executed this sword skill, the sword lights constructed the ideal world of Dao Sect, one with a sword sun, sword moon, sword earth, and the invigoration of the five qi!

The sword skills of Dao Sect required extremely high attainments in algebra and used it as their foundation. They believed that all the great Dao in the heaven and earth could be answered using algebra.

This was their path of one produces two, two produce three, and three produce all things. In their eyes, numerals construct everything in the world. Even if it were life forms or something else, it was all the same. Everything was ultimately just wonderful numerals.

This was why Dao Sect had created a circular wuji diagram, the taiji diagram that separates yin and yang, and also the four symbols diagram, eight trigrams, sixty-four hexagrams, to calculate the great Dao and all things of the heaven and earth.

And when these became sword skills, they would form pictures and be in operation continuously, evolving all living things in the world and achieving magnificent power!

Dao Sect's Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword contained an ideal world in each writing. They were beautiful pictures developed from algebra, interpreting the marvel of heaven and earth.

This was the biggest difference between Dao Sect and Buddhism. Dao Sect was the school of maths and Buddhism was the school of mind.

The disciples of Dao Sect often joked about it among themselves. Your math isn't good? What are you cultivating for then? It's better to go home earlier to carry your baby.

The divine arts of the two people collided. One was a sword skill divine art while the other was a corporeal body divine art and a spell divine art. When they collided, it was a terrifying sight. The surface of the river trembled, and water floated up into the sky. More than that, the ground trembled as well, resulting in a minor shake.

The impact of the aftermath caused fine jets of water to pierce through the willows beside the river, while the sword qi stabbed into the rocks, creating numerous holes in the reefs by the shore!

The world-shaking strike from Qin Mu rushed into the ideal world of Dao Sect formed by Pangong Tso's sword lights, and the overwhelming power got broken down by the mathematics contained in the sword lights!

In Pangong Tso's sword skill, something as boring as algebra could be enchanting and resplendent.

Among the enchanting sword lights, the nine water dragons and water buddha rapidly crumbled, unable to withstand a single blow from the second move of Dao Sword!

Countless sword lights flew and struck the buddha rays which had transformed into a huge bell around Qin Mu. Ripples appeared on the surface of the bell, and in the next instant, the huge bell was destroyed!

Qin Mu had no change in expression as his sword pellet landed into his hand. In an instant, the sword lights from inside the pellet burst forth. Qin Mu didn't use Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, but went straight to the second move of Sword Picture!


One side of Mud River turned scarlet, and blood-red sword lights poured forward like a huge sea. Among them, there seemed to be an emperor god rising up, pointing his sword at his enemies while looking disdainfully at everything out of the corner of his eye.

Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

Dao Sword and Sword Picture collided, and Pangong Tso gave a grunt. The five qi and three aeons were instantly destroyed as matchless sword lights came bombarding his face with exceptional killing intent.

His body rose into the sky and soared like a brave dragon, executing marvelous body technique. It changed continuously like swimming fish, flying sparrows, and nine phoenixes, but he still couldn't avoid all of the sword lights.

Chi, chi, chi.

Crimson lights emanated from his body as he leaped around, landing on the surface of the river and exploding the water in all directions!


Qin Mu leaped up, and the sword lights in his hand vanished. The sword pellet transformed into a huge knife and sliced apart the river surface!

Pangong Tso swung his sword pellet to receive this blow only to hear a series of bangs. He tumbled six to seven times on the river surface like a skipping stone that a child had thrown before stopping his momentum.

On the other side, Qin Mu sprinted over while stepping on the river surface, and every time his feet landed on the river's surface, there was a huge explosion, splattering water in all directions. Before Pangong Tso could even land on his feet, Qin Mu had already sprinted several hundred yards forward.

The huge knife suddenly pulled back and covered his fist like flowing water. Qin Mu gave a punch. Boom! The river surface trembled as water dragons glowing with a green light roared in anger and drowned out Pangong Tso who was dozens of yards away.

The river surface became incomparably bustling in a split second. Forty-five dragons flew out from the punch and merged with the river water as they rushed towards Pangong Tso, resulting in endless loud bangs.

Qin Mu leaped into the sky while stretching his ten fingers out. With his palms facing the sky, he pulled downwards and bolts of lightning lighted up the river surface. Those bolts of lightning gathered together as they struck in the center of the forty-five dragons!

As Qin Mu was coming down, the sword pellet in his hand changed into countless sword lights, Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!

The sword lights transformed into vast mountains and rivers that descended from the sky. They crashed into the water, breaking the surface and splitting the river in a radius of a dozen yards. The water that had risen was then separated into droplets that formed mountains in the river!

Underneath, blood sprayed out as a figure escaped toward the bottom of the river.

Qin Mu raised his hand, and his Junior Protector Sword that was on his waist flew out with a hum. His index finger revolved, and Junior Protector Sword spun frantically. Sword qi surrounded it as it used Drill Sword Form, breaking apart the water to shoot straight to the bottom of the river, chasing the trail of blood.

Qin Mu's shirt fluttered as he gently floated down from the sky and stepped on the river's surface which was billowing with waves. The sound of waves crashing against themselves came from behind him, and it was something from when he was sprinting over. The waves were raised into mid-air and only landed down now, flying up and dispersing like fine jade.

On the river's surface, Qin Mu changed his footsteps, and the river's surface around his feet instantly changed. The water whirled around him as if there were transparent flood dragons surrounding him, forming a huge circle.


Junior Protector Sword flew out from the river surface, continuing to spin the air. However, it was gradually slowing down. When it came in front of Qin Mu, it had already stopped spinning.

The sword sheath on Qin Mu's waist flew out, transforming into a fish dragon and swallowed the sword with its huge mouth before returning to his waist as a sword sheath.

Qin Mu's expression remained calm as usual while he stood quietly. The sword pellet flew out from his hand and hovered in front of him, looking like a slightly larger water droplet.

In his surroundings, streams of water were slowly rising into the sky as though the rain was falling in the other direction. The river water that rose into the sky turned into water vapor, forming clouds that covered a radius of dozens of yards.

Flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder came from the clouds. As the lightning flashed from time to time, scales and claws could be faintly seen.

"Pangong Tso, you have disappointed me." Qin Mu's calm voice traveled over the river's surface as he spoke indifferently. "Does the cultivation of your nineteen lifetimes only amounts to this? Why don't you dare to come out? I'm waiting to kill you so I can go back to continue my meal; after all, the dishes are going to turn cold soon."

There was no movement on the river's surface.

Qin Mu frowned and turned around to walk back to the shore.

As he walked back through the same route he had taken earlier, astonished faces were all around him as the people turned their heads to look at him. Tourists followed him with their gazes as he walked away.

Qin Mu ignored them and picked up the brush, ink, papers, and inkstone he had thrown out before noticing the iron hammer. He stretched his hand to grab the handle of the hammer and suddenly raised it to give a powerful slam on the ground. With a loud boom, the air in front of him was compressed to become a wall which soon crumbled to pieces.

With this smash on the ground, the earth sunk and split open. Tremors came from underground as a figure moved away rapidly!

Qin Mu leaped forward as if he was flying and came to the bamboo cane at the next instant. With a smack of his palm, the bamboo cane shot down into the ground and blood spurted out from the small hole it had made.

Qin Mu leaped a few more times and came to the front of the two Pig Slaughtering Knives. With his head below and legs above, his hands grabbed onto the handles of the knives. As he spun with them, countless knife lights sliced into the earth.

His body moved forward, and he spun while the knife lights continued slashing into the earth like rain and waterfall.

Suddenly, Qin Mu opened up his legs and slammed the ground with the backs of his knives. He flipped in the air before landing steadily on his feet. Sheathing his knives behind him, he turned around and walked into the capital city.

Soon after that, he came to Jade Fragrance Floor and walked into Green Bamboo Garden, coming to the private room after taking two turns around the statue of Bodhisattva of Compassion.

The two great shamans were still in the private room and revealed astonishment when they saw him.

"Are the dishes still warm?" Qin Mu asked.

One of the great shamans looked at him in a daze while the other nodded immediately.

"What about the wine?"

"The wine has turned slightly cold."

Qin Mu waved his hand and said, "Go warm it up and serve it to me. You, stay behind to pour it for me."

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