Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 279 - Poison in the Wine

After a moment, the great shaman that went to warm the wine came back. The other great shaman swirled the wine, and when it was clear, he poured a bowl and placed it respectfully in front of Qin Mu.

"Is it poisoned?" Qin Mu asked with a pleasant expression.

The two great shamans from Rolan's Golden Palace immediately said, "We don't dare!"

Qin Mu laughed out loud. "I'm a divine physician who has learned from Jade Face Poison King. If you guys try to play poison in front of me, that would be quite a joke."

The two great shamans laughed with him.

Qin Mu's expression sunk and pointed at the great shaman who had warmed the wine. "Drink it."

The expression of that great shaman changed drastically, and he started trembling. Qin Mu's face turned even darker, and he repeated coldly, "Drink it!"

The corners of the great shaman's eyes twitched as he picked up the wine bowl with trembling hands to drink two mouthfuls. He smiled. "No poison…"

As he said this, his body trembled and shriveled up like a deflated balloon. He became thinner and thinner until only his skin was left. Covering the skin was his clothes and there seemed to be things wiggling in them. A bunch of insects chewed through his skin and flooded out, crawling in all directions. They then incinerated and turned into ashes.

The face of the other great shaman turned ashen.

Without a change in expression, Qin Mu rapped the table. "Serve me another bowl."

The great shaman serving the wine had a tearful expression as he said, "There's poison in the wine…"

"Can't poison me," Qin Mu said indifferently. "Continue serving the wine. Where are the dancers? Call them, songs and dances liven up the mood."

The great shaman immediately poured a bowl of wine and summoned the dancers, continuing with the dance and music.

Qin Mu ate the dishes and drank the wine as he enjoyed the songs and dances, clapping when he was entertained. This banquet lasted for quite a long time and. The sun was hanging late in the west when he waved his hand and made the singers and dancers fall back.

The wine was highly toxic and contained a kind of shamanic poison. It had venomous insects that specialized in eating souls and corporeal bodies. However, Qin Mu was still fine after drinking nearly the entire jar of wine.

"Such a disappointment."

Qin Mu rose, leaving the table in a mess. All the food and wine had been eaten and drunk by him, and it was more than even a dozen lords would have been able to eat. However, he didn't seem full as all the wine and food had been dissolved by Spirit Returning Pill Great Supplement Technique.

"You've lived through so many lifetimes, eleven thousand years. What a pity that you never took your own path, always liking the path of others, jumping from one to another. After jumping here and there, you obliterated your own acute spirit."

Qin Mu shook his head. "I waited so long for you yet you still don't dare to show up. What a joke. I thought you would be my opponent, but I didn't count that the older you get, the more cowardly you get. After I took the upper hand, you didn't dare to pick another fight with me again."

The great shaman from Rolan's Golden Palace was unable to make heads or tails of what he was saying, not knowing who he was talking to.

"What's the need for dreams when one doesn't dare to struggle?" Qin Mu walked outside and chuckled. "It's better for you to just go home. That's right, since it's your treat, foot the bill before leaving."

He walked out of Jade Fragrance Floor and left.

In Green Bamboo Garden, the great shaman was befuddled and waved his hand to dismiss the singers and dancers. After a moment, Pangong Tso walked out from the shadows with a gloomy face while stained in blood.

"The sword skills of Human Emperor…" he said in a low voice. "Those were actually the sword skills of Human Emperor! Even though it could have been a deception, I don't think I saw it wrong. What that junior used were the sword skills of that Human Emperor which were fused with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword skills, as well as Rulai's Mahayana Sutra combined with Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of Ling Family. He had combined all these techniques…"

Qin Mu had fused so many techniques and divine arts together—and they were all top notch techniques and divine arts—so Pangong Tso's Dao Sword had been countered when they exchanged moves, messing up his mind and plans.

Therefore, he no longer dared to fight head-on with Qin Mu.

He didn't know how many moves of the human emperor's sword skills he had learned.

The human emperor of the previous generation was an extremely strong practitioner, so he didn't dare to take the risk.

In the previous generation, many incidents happened and there were many figures that were close to gods walking around in the world. He was one of them. Heaven Knife was also one of them. Other than them, they were numerous other glorious figures, but none of them were as dazzling.

Human Emperor was the most dazzling star in the previous generation.

Other than him, Pangong Tso had seen another human emperor, one of the generation prior to that man's. It was some eight hundred years back.

The human emperors had appeared in his long life again and again, and every one of them was abnormally dazzling, overshadowing his radiance. Various human emperors could be traced even all the way back to his first lifetime and even before that. There were human emperors walking in the world since a very long time ago!

He was once curious about this incomparably ancient inheritance. The techniques and divine arts of every human emperor were different, and every one of them was absolutely astonishing. There were even quite a number of saints that appeared once every five hundred years that ended up as human emperors!

He had wanted to get in touch with this inheritance, but since he died a few times under the hands of human emperors, he vanquished this thought.

And right then, he saw the inheritance of the previous generation's human emperor in Qin Mu's skills. The previous generation's human emperor had vanished for a long time and rumors said that he's been dead for three to four hundred years.

Pangong Tso had seen the sword of this human emperor before and knew that he was one of the strongest people in the previous generation. He was the strongest sword. After seeing it once, the sword light would be forever imprinted in one's heart, making them unable to forget it.

If not for that, Pangong Tso would have never panicked and messed up, getting heavily injured by Qin Mu and losing the upper hands and escaping into the river He had then went into the ground, but the youth's Green Heaven's Eyes discovered him, and he used his bamboo cane, iron hammer, and Pig Slaughtering Knives to land fatal blows on him, adding injuries on top of injuries. Because of that, there was no way for him to turn back.

His attainments in escaping arts had been cultivated to their extreme. The escaping skills of Little Jade Capital were definitely the first rate escaping arts in this world.

His soul was extremely strong and close to the level of god, so Qin Mu wouldn't be able to kill him. In addition, the cultivation of his previous lifetime was still in his body. Even though this body was very weak and couldn't withstand such terrifying strength, it wasn't everything. If Qin Mu forced him to his limits, the explosion of his power would be enough to kill the youth!

After he escaped, Qin Mu knew he couldn't make him stay and so didn't chase after him. Instead, he went back to Jade Fragrance Floor and forced him to not dare to reveal himself, delaying him curing his injuries.

"If that ancient organization learned that the human emperor is not yet dead and still has a successor, things will definitely get bustling," Pangong Tso muttered in a low voice.

The great shaman that had served Qin Mu wine immediately went forward and smiled. "Prince, how are your injuries? Cult Master Qin had not paid just now…"

"I don't need anyone to know I lost, even though I've lost many times…"

The great shaman was slightly stunned and suddenly felt his soul becoming stiff as if something had chained it up. He couldn't help revealing fear.

The next moment, his flesh and bones melted and his soul disintegrated, leaving a pile of clothes on the ground.

Pangong Tso walked out and footed the bill while thinking to himself, 'Luckily I met that organization quite a few times and know how to contact them… I'm afraid that I won't be able to stay in the capital city anymore. This Cult Master Qin will definitely inform Chancellor Ba Shan when he goes back and not let me have a place to fit in. However, if I want to hide, Chancellor Ba Shan won't be able to find me.'

He walked out of Jade Fragrance Floor and into the shadows, never appearing again.

Qin Mu returned to Imperial College and found Chancellor Ba Shan. "Pangong Tso is indeed the old monster of Rolan's Golden Palace. I injured him, so I'm afraid he won't appear again."

Chancellor Ba Shan was startled and cried out, "He left? If he cast a spell on you in secret, how bad would that be? Teacher Heaven Knife didn't manage to kill him and had no choice but to hide his name. What about you then? The brat's cultivation is still in Six Directions Realm, but soon enough, he will break through into Seven Stars Realm, then Life and Death Realm. With only ten or so years, I'm afraid he'll return back to Divine Bridge Realm! At that time, you'll be dead meat!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Why doesn't Senior Brother stay by my side? That way, he won't dare to make a move."

Chancellor Ba Shan frowned and said, "He knows my name and will be able to kill me ten years later as well. It won't do, I can only solve the problem temporarily by staying at your side. I need to find and kill him to prevent further troubles!" When he was done, he summoned the green bull to leave in a hurry.

Qin Mu returned to Scholar's Residence. While looking at his room, a sense of dread washed over him.

'If Chancellor Ba Shan doesn't find Pangong Tso, won't that brat stare at me every night? How will I be able to sleep like that? It simply won't do, I have to find that guy! This matter should be better if it was handled by the disciples of Heavenly Saint Cult. Unless he went back to Rolan's Golden Palace to hide, he won't be able to escape my eyes and ears!'

Just as he thought this, a steward from Scholar's Residence walked over and said, "Academician Qin is already a divine arts practitioner, you should be moving to Divine Arts Residence."

There were other stewards helping Chen Wanyun and Si Yunxiang to move as well while saying "You have also succeeded in breaking the wall so must also leave Scholar's Residence to move to Divine Arts Residence."

Chen Wanyun and Si Yunxiang saw Qin Mu and came over in a hurry to thank him. They said, "If not for Cult Master's Six Directions Computational Canon, we wouldn't have been able to enter Six Directions Realm so fast."

"It was just a little thing," Qin Mu said humbly.

Chen Wanyun had a weird expression, and Si Yunxiang suffered a setback. To Qin Mu, it was a little thing, but to them, it was a huge help. Like this, did she still have hope to get rid of this cult master to become the female cult master of Heavenly Saint Cult?

"Scholar's Residence, I'm leaving!"

Chen Wanyun waved to the scholars that had come to send him off and smiled. "Whoever is willing to be the big brother can go fight for the role themselves!"

Yue Qinghong and Monk Yun Que had no interest in that as they looked at each other before smiling. "You guys can go to Divine Arts Residence first; we'll be there in two days. This position of the big brother should be handed to the other junior brothers and sisters!

Qin Mu and the rest walked towards Divine Arts Residence while the dragon qilin followed behind them. This lazy dragon was determined to follow Qin Mu everywhere he went, never letting go of this meal master.

"That's right." Qin Mu recalled something and smiled. "The crown prince will be leaving the capital city in a few days' time and he wants me to follow him to send disaster relief. If you guys are free, you can follow me to gain some experience. Wanyun, you have already become a divine arts practitioner and your abilities aren't weak anymore, so you'll be able to become the incense master of our sacred cult with another few more years of experience."

Chen Wanyun felt his scalp crawling and became unwilling to follow him out. He said, "Every time we go out with Cult Master, danger always springs up all around and we are always escaping for our lives. I think I'd rather not go. I just cultivated to Six Directions Realm so I still have to strengthen this realm…"

Si Yunxiang's eyes glowed brightly. "I'll go!"

Just as Qin Mu wanted to say something, another steward from Divine Arts Residence came over and said, "Scholar Chen Wanyun, the crown prince has appointed you to follow him out of the capital city. Other than you, there are a dozen more scholars from Divine Arts Residence that will be coming as well."

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