Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 28 - Shadow On The Wall

Qin Mu composed himself. The map before the Great Ruins’ catastrophe was very useful as there were many ruins indicated on it. If he were to go hunting and wasn’t able to return to Disabled Elderly Village in time, he could find the vestiges indicated on the map to hide from the darkness invasion.

"With this map I can avoid a lot of dangers."

He memorized the map by heart and found the valley where he was now located in. This valley on the map was called Doom Suppression Palace.

"Doom Suppression Palace? Doom means disaster, which means catastrophe."

Learning painting and calligraphy from Deaf, he had acquired a bellyful of knowledge even if he couldn't be considered as a scholar, "If Doom Suppression Palace means a palace to suppress catastrophe, then what kind of catastrophe was the palace suppressing?" Qin Mu muttered to himself.

Looking around him, he realized devil ape was no longer in the palace and had left without his knowledge. It must be because the devil ape was afraid of disturbing him by staying here around.

"Big fella sure is thoughtful."

Walking out of the palace, Qin Mu called devil ape over and asked, "Big fella, are there any strange places around here?"

Devil ape scratched its head and thought for a moment before running towards a side chamber inside Doom Suppression Palace. Qin Mu quickly kept up with it as the silly roe deer behind them followed as well.

Devil ape entered the side chamber and pointed out with its finger. Looking at the direction where it was pointing, Qin Mu saw a white wall where a tiny thumb size human shadow was painted.

Qin Mu took a closer look at the wall and didn’t find anything else other than the tiny human shadow.

The silly roe deer moved forward and sniffed the human shadow on the wall. Just as it was about to lick the wall, a hand suddenly came out and grabbed the silly roe deer into the wall!

Qin Mu jumped in shock while devil ape hammered its chest in fury and bellowed at the wall, however it didn’t dare to go forward.

On the wall, a vivid painting of a roe deer appeared beside the tiny human shadow. Qin Mu then saw the human started to move slowly as it opened its mouth. As the mouth grew larger and larger, the mouth which was filled with nail like teeth closed down on the roe deer!

Qin Mu was dumbstruck. After the human shadow on the wall ate the roe deer, it suddenly took huge steps walking toward them!

Qin Mu then realized even though the human wasn’t walking out of the wall, it’s shadow was growing larger and larger until it was the size of a normal human. However it didn’t stop there as the shadow continued to move forward.

In just a short while, even though the human didn’t walk out from the wall, his shadow had reached the ceiling in the side chamber. It was the shadow of its head with his mouth wide open while its hands stretched towards the two adjacent walls at the side.

"Young’un, go!" Devil ape grabbed Qin Mu and leaped out to prevent getting caught by the shadow on the wall.

An angry roar came out from the wall as the wall trembled non stop, filling the air with smoke and dust. The black shadow then spread out from inside of the side chamber and shrouded the whole side chamber in a blink of an eye!

The shadow tried to break free from the walls of the side chamber but was unable to do so no matter what.

"This is a demon?" Qin Mu stopped running away as he blinked his eyes and turned back to probe. "Qi ke duo sa mo ye, bo re bo re sa mo ye, qi ke duo bo re sa mo ye."

The shadow that had shroud the side chamber suddenly calmed down. The window frame on the side chamber opened up like two pitch black eyes. Qin Mu felt a terrifying gaze landing on him, giving him a bone chilling feeling.

Suddenly the huge door of the side chamber closed automatically before opening up again. As it opened and closed, a hoarse voice sounded out, "The Great Freedom Incantation. You are a descendant of my race? How pathetic. Your incantation ain’t even authentically handed down. Has my race declined to this extent?

Qin Mu probed on, "Does senior know the true Great Freedom Incantation?"

"Of course!"

The door opened and closed as an arrogant voice resonated out, "A supreme power is hidden inside the Great Freedom Incantation of my race. This imposing power was the one that had established this world and attained the power of great freedom! Why did it land into such a pitiful state in your hands? There’s not even an ounce of might in it! Make this monkey retreat and I will teach you the true incantation!"

Qin Mu looked at devil ape as it shook his head and warned in a muffled voice, "Believe, ghost!"

"This senior is of the same race as me and won’t harm me. Go outside and wait for a moment." Qin Mu consoled it.

Devil ape was still not reassured but it was pushed out by Qin Mu.

The door of the side chamber opened and closed again with a devilish voice, "Incantation is the wonder to executing techniques. You had only learned the syllables of the incantation but not the grace within. You also haven’t learned the method to bring out the innate qualities of the incantation. This method is called Great Freedom Mudra, the core ultimate arts of our race! My power is sealed within this big chamber and would not last long so you better pay attention. I shall only teach you once, how much you take away from it will depends on your own ability!"

The black shadow on the walls of the side chamber started to shrink and became about the size of Qin Mu. Circulating lines started to appear inside the shadow which showed the flow of the vital qi.

The devilish voice explained, "There are four types of mudra methods from the Great Freedom Mudra. Devil God Mighty Force Mudra, Devil Freedom Mudra, Great Wisdom Mudra and the last mudra method combines the first three together to form the Great Freedom Devil Mudra! What I am about to show you is the first mudra, Devil God Mighty Force Mudra! Your voice must carry the devil voice to be able to unleash the full power, qi ke duo!"

Qin Mu gazed steadily at the black figure on the wall of the side chamber as he memorized the path of executing the technique. In his body, his vital qi was circulating with the path as well.

"Qi ke duo!"

The devil voice burst forth from his mouth and Qin Mu immediately felt a terrifying power surging out from inside his body. This terrifying power induced his five fingers to form an unusual mudra and strike forward uncontrollably.


A muffled sound rang out as Qin Mu’s palm actually executed the thunderclap he was longing for, thunder in palm!

Qin Mu stared blankly as it seemed inconceivable to him.

The Devil God Mighty Force Mudra that the human shadow on the wall had taught him was actually exceptionally powerful. In terms of variation, it could not be compared to Old Ma’s Thunderclap Eight Strikes but in terms of strength, it surpassed Thunderclap Eight Strikes by quite a fair bit.

However, the move Devil God Mighty Force Mudra also drained his vital qi tremendously. It consumed several times more vital qi than Thunderclap Eight Strikes!

The shadow on the wall squirmed as it seemed to get pulled back by something. When it returned to the side chamber uncontrollably, it panted heavily, "The power of this side chamber is too strong, suppressing me all along. I don’t have much time left. Take a good look. This is the second mudra, Devil Freedom Mudra! Sa mo ye!"

On the wall inside the chamber, the vital qi flow on the black shadow changed again however. Due to the dimness inside the chamber, it wasn’t clear in distance.

Qin Mu stirred himself up and subconsciously took a step forward, finally managing to see the vital qi circulation and changes clearly.

"Sa mo ye!"

He silently chanted the devil voice and circulated his vital qi. Instantly, another wondrous power burst forth within his body and induced his body to do another pose.

His face uncontrollably revealed a smile as his finger formed a pinching flower gesture and gave a strike.

The power of this mudra wasn’t very strong and instead seemed to have no power at all. However Qin Mu felt that its effect was very similar to a mudra in Thunderclap Eight Strikes.

Thunderclap Eight Strikes Fifth Form, Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky

This move that Old Ma had imparted to him wasn’t particularly good in offense but the essence of this skills lied in attacking the soul of a divine arts practitioner!

The secret of Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky lied in the fist which was like the sun shining down from the sky, using the sun and thunder in one’s palm to purge the soul!

The Devil Freedom Mudra that the human shadow in the wall had taught him also didn’t look like it had much power because it was focused on purging the soul, which was why it was similar to Old Ma’s Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky.

The only difference between the two was that Old Ma used the sun and thunder to ferociously destroy the opponent’s soul, whereas Devil Freedom Mudra used a mudra to draw the opponent’s soul to your palm, where you obliterated your enemy's soul in the heart of your palm which was much more sinister and vicious, causing the opponent to be unable to guard against it.

One was able to defend against a ferocious attack but it was impossible to defend against Devil Freedom Mudra.

Qin Mu was puzzled. The mudra from the shadow on the wall was similar to Old Ma’s fist skill. Both of them clearly had similar theory however the methods used to expound on the theory were completely different. One belonged to the righteous path while the other belonged to the unorthodox path.

As for which of them was better, Qin Mu was unable to say. He could only say that they each had their own strengths.

Old Ma’s Thunderclap Eight Strikes were more suitable for attacking enemies head on and crushed them with the ferocious fist skill while Great Freedom Mudra was more suitable for sudden execution, catching the enemies by surprise.

The human shadow on the wall shrank more as it seemed to be unable to withstand the restraint of Doom Suppression Palace. It gasped for breaths and continued, "Pay attention, this is the third mudra, Great Wisdom Mudra...:"

The shadow on the wall became blurred and fuzzy causing Qin Mu to subconscious take another two steps forward. Just as he was about to enter the side chamber’s door, he suddenly stopped. Instead he executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill that Blind had taught him and another layer of pupil appeared in his eyes. Even though the shadow on the wall was dim, it was however, extremely clear in his eyes.

"Can you see clearly if you don’t come in?" The shadow on the wall asked.

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