Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 280 - Superlative Craftsmanship

Chen Wanyun's face immediately turned bitter. Going out with Qin Mu to gain experience was definitely a chore.

The last time they had gone to the southern borders for experience with Qin Mu, they had encountered Nine Spectres Sect, Corpse Immortal Cult, and Great Mountain Sect summoning the dead to massacre a city. Then they encountered Dutian Devil King wrecking everything in Heaven Wave City before going to Daxiang City to join the battle to quell the rebellion. Chen Wayung had never been through so many near-death encounters in his entire life!

After returning to the capital city, he had spent quite a long time to recover from the ordeals. When he went to Qingmen Pass for experience, he fought fiercely with soldiers from Barbarian Di Empire, but that was still soldiers fighting soldiers and general fighting generals. In no way was it similar to gaining experience with Qin Mu.

When out with him, sects would wage wars against each other and even summon devil gods. Upon reaching Daxiang City, there were even strong practitioners of cult master level everywhere, with hundreds of strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm and Life and Death Realm as well!

When Chen Wanyun recalled the incidents he experienced with Qin Mu, he couldn't help shivering.

He had also heard about the encounters Qin Mu had faced after that, how he was chased by countless experts when he went home to Great Ruins for New Year. He then stirred trouble in Great Thunderclap Monastery and even got involved with Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery trying to murder the emperor, saving both the emperor and Imperial Preceptor before coming back to the capital to kill Crown Prince Ling Yuxia!

If it was Chen Wanyun who was forced to experience all these incidents, he would have most likely already died a hundred times.

He was determined to never go out with Qin Mu again, but the crown prince actually ordered him to come. It was the same as receiving a death penalty and waiting to be executed.

He didn't know if this sacred cult master was a jinx, causing disasters everywhere he went.

Qin Mu saw that his expression wasn't too good and consoled him, "This journey won't be dangerous. Crown Prince Ling Yushu is from our Imperial College so we're old friends, and we have a good relationship as well. He is leaving the capital city to bring disaster relief and is bringing many experts from the Ministry of Works. This journey isn't to quell any rebellion, but to check on all the factories and clear the snow mountains from the snow disaster. Or maybe it's to build bridges and dams. It's something along those lines, so there won't be any danger."

Chen Wanyun had a bitter face as he said, "I sure hope so."

Si Yunxiang was slightly disappointed on the other hand. "No danger…"

The three people followed the stewards to their respective rooms in Divine Arts Residence. The stewards had arranged for them to live close to one another as their three houses were all lined up.

Qin Mu said to Chen Wanyun and Si Yunxiang, "I won't know for how long we will be away, so you guys should find some divine arts to cultivate."

Chen Wanyun's gaze flickered, and he suggested, "Yue Qinghong and Yun Que will be breaking their walls in the two days and will become divine arts practitioners. Cult Master, we should enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together, so we should bring them along to enjoy the blessings together."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "You're right. Before the crown prince leaves, we'll bring everyone who manages to cultivate divine arts."

Chen Wanyun's spirit was roused, and he left with excitement as he thought to himself, 'If we're going to die, it's only natural that everyone should join in on the fun!"

Si Yunxiang blinked innocently and stretched a fair white palm in front of Qin Mu. He took out his book tablet and placed it in her hand. Si Yunxiang gave an elated cheer and immediately left.

The book tablet of Divine Arts Residence could only allow one to go to the second level of Floor of Heavenly Records, while Qin Mu's book tablet could access the third level, so she borrowed his book tablet every time she wanted to go to Floor of Heavenly Records.

There was also Hall of Heavenly Works which was similar to Heavenly Devil Cult's Craftsman Hall and Heavenly Works Hall. The latter one mostly researched how to manufacture mechanisms, refine spirit weapons, construct ships and bridges, pave roads, and manufacture vehicles. All of these were the works of the scholars from Hall of Heavenly Works.

Imperial College was founded by Imperial Preceptor and Heavenly Devil Patriarch together, so many halls and teachings were copied from the halls of Heavenly Devil Cult. This was one of the reasons why Great Thunderclap Monastery, Dao Sect, and the rest of the righteous sects didn't really like Eternal Peace Empire.

When the scholars of Hall of Heavenly Works graduated, they usually went to Ministry of Works to assume a position. This time, Crown Prince Ling Yushu brought mostly scholars from Heavenly Palace Courtyard, while the others were all officials from the Ministry of Works.

Most of the officials from there came from Hall of Heavenly Works so were considered classmates of Qin Mu and the rest.

The government minister of the Ministry of Works had the greatest authority, while the next in line was the assistant minister. This position was assumed by Heavenly Devil Cult's Heavenly Works Hall Master.

The Ministry of Works was then split into four departments: Department of Works managed the city and civil engineering, Department of Land managed the distribution and measurement of land, Department of Harvest managed the vegetables, fruits, and grains, while Department of Water managed the hydraulic engineering.

Most of the ministers in these four departments were the hall masters and incense masters of Heavenly Devil Cult. Many of the officials were their disciples, while the other half were scholars that had graduated from Imperial College.

Heavenly Devil Cult and Imperial College occupied nearly all of the official positions in the Ministry of Works.

One needs to put what one studies into practice, so the people from Heavenly Works, Craftsman, Vegetable, Rain, Farmer Halls were all talents that the Ministry of Works needed. Because of that, they were all able to enter the imperial court.

When Qin Mu saw the officials which Ling Yushu had brought, he couldn't help revealing a weird expression. Most of them were from his Heavenly Devil Cult.

Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, Yun Que, Wei Yong, and Si Yunxiang hurried over. Chen Wanyun's face was badly bruised by them, but he had a very pleased expression.

When Si Yunxiang saw the officials Ling Yushu had brought over, she also couldn't help revealing an astonished expression. She secretly asked Qin Mu, "Cult Master, is the crown prince part of us as well?"

Qin Mu's heart was slightly moved, and he asked Ling Yushu, "Your Highness, have you heard about Heavenly Saint Cult?"

Ling Yushu didn't reply to him and instead said, "Everyone's here, so let us be on our way. The order father has given me this time is to inspect the geography of all the prefectures in our empire, check the irrigation works, city defense, measure the soil, and check on the vegetables and fruits after the natural disaster. Once we reach a place, I'll be asking the officials questions while the rest of you will check on the hydrology, city defense, soil and rations, verifying their words."

All of the officials acknowledged his orders.

Ling Yushu continued, "No matter which prefecture we go to, if the hydrology or city defense needs adjustments, if the officials are taking over the land by force, or there are insufficient ration, all of these must be reported as they really are."

The government minister of the Ministry of Works said, "Your Highness, the world is huge and there are so many prefectures, I'm afraid that it will take us two-three years to inspect everything!"

Ling Yushu smiled. "That's why I found a quick ship. It should be arriving soon. This ship is the fastest ship in our empire and it's called Cloud Chasing Ship. It's said to have superlative craftsmanship and you guys can take a look at its pill furnaces when we board the ship; they are very wonderful. Furthermore, it's still an iron shell ship!"

Many of the officials from the Ministry of Works had weird expressions as they coughed one after another. Some of them even looked at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu also had a weird expression. The ship that the crown prince was describing seemed to be Fan Yunxiao's Cloud Chasing Pirate Ship. Back then, Qin Mu had constructed five of such treasure ships, and three of the huge ships belonged to Heavenly Devil Cult. Regarding the two smaller ships, one belonged to Qin Mu while the other one was given to Fan Yunxiao.

The ones that constructed the treasure ships were most of the officials from the Ministry of Works that were present here!

'Maybe the emperor of the next dynasty might just be a heavenly king or guardian of our Heavenly Saint Cult,' Qin Mu thought to himself leisurely. 'Crown Prince Yushu is really fated with our Heavenly Saint Cult.'

Heavenly Works Hall Master said secretly to Qin Mu, "Cult Master, Incense Master Fan found me a few days ago, asking to change to a bigger ship, which left me bewildered. But now it seems that Incense Master Fan had been doing business with the crown prince."

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Ling Yushu waited for a moment and a flying ship with wooden grains slowly flew over. The ship gradually descended and stopped in front of the mountain gate of Imperial College.

Fan Yunxiao and the rest of the bandits were dressed prim and proper as they stood on the bow of the ship respectfully. "Your Highness, Cult Master Sacred Teacher."

Ling Yushu immediately turned around to look at Qin Mu. "Cult Master Qin, this ship is the property of your Heavenly Saint Cult? How expensive, how black-hearted!"

Qin Mu consoled him, "Your Highness might not know that they were bandits in the past and so are a little ruthless and lacking in conscience."

Ling Yushu was startled.

When everyone boarded the ship, an imperial scholar came running over at this moment and boarded the ship while saying, "I'm late." It was a charming young man.

Ling Yushu immediately hurried forward and asked in a low voice, "Sister, why are you here?"

That charming young man was none other than Ling Yuxiu dressed as a male. She smiled and said, "You didn't allow me to come, but I asked permission from father and he gave me permission to come! The one that herds cows!"

She threw Ling Yushu to one side and ran to Qin Mu's side. Her eyes curved up. "Do you recognize me?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment. "Fatt… Sister Yuxiu!"

Ling Yuxiu's expression changed from anger into delight, and she punched him in the chest with a smile. "If you dare to say it, I'll kick you off the ship."

Ling Yushu saw her punching Qin Mu in the chest and was aware that even though the punch seemed heavy, it was actually very light. He couldn't help grunting. This sister of his was starting to listen less and less to him.

Si Yunxiang came to Qin Mu's side and looked at Ling Yuxiu. She gave her a smile and didn't say anything, lowering her head to play with the dragon qilin.

Ling Yuxiu looked at her back, and her gaze flickered. She said in a low voice, "The one that herds cows, let me go change my outfit."

Ling Yushu immediately hurried over and said, "Sister, male outfit is good, the male outfit is very good, you look especially good in it!"


Ling Yushu nodded heavily.

The flying ship rose into the sky and drove three hundred miles to Auspicious Prefecture. This place was located down the river, two thousand miles east of the east sea. Ministry of Works had once constructed a huge bridge that crossed the river, stretching across the twenty miles of Mud River.

Hundreds of people looked down from the ship and saw that the center portion of the huge bridge was missing. There were numerous parts of the bridge floor and bridge pier missing which should be due to the severe winter from the snow disaster freezing the river surface. This would have caused an ice mountain to form on the river and slid down, crashing into the huge bridge.

With the torrential river water, the current was very swift, so fixing the bridge wouldn't be easy.

The treasure ship descended in Auspicious Prefecture City, and the magistrate o immediately came forward to welcome Ling Yushu.

Ling Yushu said, "Magistrate, dispatch your divine arts practitioners to follow the assistant minister of Ministry of Works to fix the bridge."

The magistrate immediately mobilized the divine arts practitioners in Auspicious Prefecture. Several hundred of them followed Heavenly Works Hall Master to the river surface. Qin Mu and the rest also came over.

Just as they were thinking about how they were going to repair the bridge over such a rapid current, they saw Heavenly Works Hall Master give a shout to the divine arts practitioners behind him. His magic power poured out and the water of Mud River instantly rose upward, forming an arc in mid-air. The river continued flowing five to six miles in the air before landing back into the river.

In the area of five to six miles, there was no river water nor any damp patches on the river bed. The water in the mud had been drained out by the hundreds of divine arts practitioners.

"Everyone, smelt the stones to connect the bridge!"

Heavenly Works Hall Master gave an order and numerous divine arts practitioners with Vermillion Bird Spirit Body came forth. Great furnaces were propped up on the river bed and stones were thrown into the great furnace while fire birds flew around as the divine arts practitioners executed their divine arts to smelt the stone in the furnaces into lava. Then, another group of officials from Ministry of Works came forth to control the shape of the lava with their magic power, cooling the lava down into stone pillars.

After a moment, stone pillars were erected upright from the river bed. Other officials from Ministry of Works came flying from a mountain at the side, transporting stones that were already sliced, laying them down orderly.

Two hours later, the huge bridge was reconnected.

Qin Mu's heart trembled, and he exclaimed to himself, 'This is a miracle, a superlative craftsmanship!'

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