Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 284 - God Shrine

When Si Yunxiang said until there, she realized what she was saying. "Could this place have been above the sea level in the past? That's not right, there isn't such an outrageous change in geography recorded in the history of our sacred cult…"

Heavenly Devil Cult had existed for twenty thousand years, and this was considered an extremely long time. Over it, the east sea had always been the east sea, and there were no records saying it had once been another continent.

As for the history of Eternal Peace Empire, its existence was even shorter, so it was impossible for it to know when the east sea had transformed.

"This sea area here is extremely deep, so even divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm like us would be almost unable to withstand the pressure here. It's probably three thousand yards deep at the minimum."

Qin Mu came to the side of the huge cauldron and stretched out a finger. His vital qi flew out and shot straight upwards. After a moment, he pulled his vital qi back and said with a grave expression, "It's even deeper than I expected, four thousand nine hundred and fifty-six yards. Since a mountain god is mentioned, there has to be a mountain on which this shrine was once built. For a mountain to be granted to a god, it must at least be three thousand yards tall…"

Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu immediately knew what he meant. Where Bent Mountain God Shrine was should be Bent Mountain while the area surrounding it should have been vast fields.

After some huge transformation occurred, that land had sunk and become a sea! The place around the Bent Mountain must have sunk six to ten thousand yards into the ground.

Thinking about it, if an earthquake suddenly shook the entire Eternal Peace Empire and sunk it ten thousand yards into in the ground, what situation would that be?

This land where Bent Mountain God Shrine stood should have suffered such a terrifying situation.

Qin Mu looked around. From his position next to the unreasonably huge cauldron, the owner of this place must have been refining pills when the huge change occurred, thus he didn't have enough time to take out the spirit pills from the huge cauldron.

Qin Mu looked at the cauldron and saw that there were broken pieces of metal inside, which should be the weapons that had been shattered.

Qin Mu jumped back into the cauldron to check and saw that the spirit weapons were all completely shattered. There was nothing useful that he could find. Instead, the decorative designs on the cauldron caught his attention. They were rune-based, but different from the runes he had seen before. There was a different kind of beauty to them.

'This cauldron isn't from this era, and these runes are similar to the ones in the ruins of Great Ruins; however, there are also differences.'

He examined them before jumping out again.

Qin Mu dried the water on his body and walked away. "Our spirit weapons were all taken away by Long Jiaonan, so we don't have any suitable weapons and might be in danger. Be careful everyone."

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang went after him as Ling Yuxiu said, "Using our Six Directions Divine Treasure to give birth to a spirit weapon is more suitable than using other people's spirit weapons. If we could refine a Six Directions Spirit Weapon, we should be able to protect ourselves."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and asked, "How can I give birth to a spirit weapon?"

He had once heard Xian Qing'er, the great demon, mention such a thing. She had said that spirit weapons were treasures born from Six Directions Divine Treasure, but he had never understood how a divine treasure could give birth to spirit weapons.

He was still lacking in knowledge in regards to Six Directions Realm.

Si Yunxiang was astonished. "Cult Master, you don't even know this? Nun Hong Fa from Hall of Six Directions had given a lecture on how to give birth to a spirit weapon in Six Directions Divine Treasure before."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "I've gone to Hall of Six Directions only once before, and I got chased out to stand in the corner with you the moment I entered."

Si Yunxiang recalled the incident when she had gotten called out to stand in the corner with Qin Mu and couldn't resist smiling.

Ling Yuxiu said, "Six Directions Divine Treasure giving birth to spirit weapon is actually a vague saying. What Six Direction Divine Treasure gives birth to is a form of the spirit weapon, only the shape, and physical form. As long as you execute your technique, you can see the vital qi gathering in your Six Directions Divine Treasure to form the shape of a spirit weapon."

She formed the shape of her spirit weapon, and the roars of dragons could be heard as nine of them flew over and danced around her. The heads of the dragons gathered behind her back while the bodies coiled together, transforming into a five yards long handle and the head of a hammer that was like a small mountain.

Si Yunxiang had a weird expression. "Princess Xiu, your spirit weapon is a hammer?"

"Not only that," Ling Yuxiu said. "The path I took is the fusion of battle spells. I'm studying if I can merge battle techniques and spells with Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, so this Nine Dragons Hammer is one of the forms of my spirit weapon. The nine dragons can separate to transform into other forms at will. Saintess Xiang, so what's the shape of your spirit weapon?"

Si Yunxiang gave a smile and executed her technique. Vital qi flew out from her Six Directions Divine Treasures and transformed into a thread. That thread had a myriad of changes, weaving and circling around her like a chain as she smiled. "This is the shape of my spirit weapon. Cult Master, what's the shape of your spirit weapon?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "My technique of the Six Directions Realm isn't perfected, so I still don't know the shape of my spirit weapon. Since you guys only have the shapes of spirit weapons, how do you refine the spirit weapons?"

As they walked through the fog-covered palace, Ling Yuxiu said, "We will need capable and skilled craftsmen to forge our spirit weapon. A good spirit weapon can perfectly match the form of your spirit weapon, unleashing the power of the spirit weapon to its maximum potential. If the craftsmanship isn't good, the spirit weapon might not be able to match the power of the divine arts. I plan to stabilize the shape of my spirit weapon and ask assistant minister and the rest to help me forge my spirit weapon. However, the structure of my spirit weapon is complicated and will probably be hard to forge. It's better to cultivate sword skills, so there won't be a need to forge one's own spirit weapon, any sword pellet would do."

Si Yunxiang said, "The skills of Heavenly Works Hall Master are superb and I also plan to ask him to help me forge my spirit weapon. Mine has many transformations, so it'll also be very difficult to forge."

The people the two of them were talking about was the same person. Heavenly Works Hall Master was none other than Assistant Minister Shan Youxin.

Qin Mu opened Green Heaven's Eyes and walked into the shrine while saying, "I can help the both of you, my forging abilities aren't weak as well. I could forge both of your spirit weapons in a day or two if I could only find some gold and iron here."

Ling Yuxiu was astonished. "Divine Physician Sacred Hands who is proficient in painting is also proficient in forging?"

Si Yunxiang was also very astonished. "Cult Master also has attainments in forging?"

"Can't be considered attainments," Qin Mu said humbly. "I just know how to beat the metal and exert a little brute force. I passed Grandpa Mute's test in the village by a cheap trick. Grandpa Mute is the most outstanding blacksmith in the villages in our area and his test was very strict."

The two girls looked at each other and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The space in the shrine was vast, and Qin Mu revealed astonishment. He then backed out of the shrine and circled around it, measuring its size with his steps.

Ling Yuxiu popped her head into the shrine and cried out, "So huge!"

Si Yunxiang also looked into the shrine and cried out with her eyes wide open, "How can it be so huge inside?"

Qin Mu returned into the shrine and walked quickly along its sides with a pondering expression.

"The one that herds cows, what's wrong?" Ling Yuxiu was bewildered.

"The shrine outside is nine steps long and fifty steps wide, while inside it is nine thousand steps long and five thousand steps wide."

Qin Mu looked up and saw the ceiling that was as high as the sky. Huge jewels were sculpted to look like stars, and the aspects of the celestial bodies were completely different from the aspects of the celestial bodies now. The stars were about ten thousands yards away from them.

Other than the stars, there was also a moon and a sun. Qin Mu didn't know what kind of divine art had created such a treasure, but the sun was still blazing furiously, lighting up the entire shrine.

How was this still a shrine? It was clearly a small-scaled world!

"The space in the shrine is ten thousand times bigger than it looks from the outside!" Qin Mu suppressed the pounding of his heart and said solemnly, "The position of the sun and moon is in the eye sockets of a divine beast taotie! This shrine is built on top of the divine bones of a taotie which might have even been a god! This is even more powerful than my taotie sack, since this is a pure-blooded taotie! Sister Yuxiu, this might be the reason why you were feeling a pressure earlier."

Si Yunxiang's eyes shone with light before becoming dim. "What a pity this shrine is too huge and we can't move it..."

Qin Mu felt the same. "What a pity…"

His gaze landed on the sun and his heart suddenly stirred. 'This sun is a man-made artifact. I wonder if I could light up the sun on Sun Ship?'

His heart started to throb violently. If he was able to light up that sun, then Sun Guardian Yan Jingjing wouldn't have to be eaten by Sun Ship.

Qin Mu had become Moon Guardian once and knew how terrifying it was to have his lifeforce absorbed by Moon Ship. He was quite concerned about the sun guardian and didn't want her to die just like that.

If he could light up the sun on Sun Ship, he would definitely do it.

He rose into the sky and flew quickly to the ceiling of the shrine. The interior of this shrine was extremely vast. When Qin Mu exerted all his strength to sprint to the sky and planned to pluck the sun down, he didn't expect for it to become more and more scorching the closer he came, making him unable to withstand the heat!

His body trembled, and he executed Mars Sovereign's Fire Marquis True Technique, transforming into a bull-headed human-bodied form of Mars Sovereign which was stepping on two flame dragons. Like that, he continued to close in on the sun.

The closer he got, the higher the temperature was, and tears started to flow out from his eyes due to the dazzling light. However, they instantly evaporated.

He stared with his eyes wide open at the sun which was getting closer and closer. He saw that this treasure was actually a huge eyeball that was emanating blazing fire energy. It seemed to be refined from an eye of a strange beast whose pupil could still be seen. That pupil presented a perfect circle, and the terrifying fire energy and dazzling light shot out from nowhere else but that pupil!

Before he could get close, he felt a stinging pain as if he was stabbed by countless needles.

Qin Mu hurriedly descended, with the light from that pupil shining like burning needles. If he proceeded forward without careful consideration, he would either be melted by the high temperature or be shot to death by the sunlight.


Qin Mu landed on the ground and swayed his tail with a pensive look.

Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu were astonished as they examined him up and down. Si Yunxiang mustered her courage and stretched her hand to touch Qin Mu's large and firm-fleshed bull buttocks that were as round as those of a hippopotamus. She cried out, "It's a real butt! Princess Xiu, try touching it as well!"

"No way." Even though Ling Yuxiu said so, she also stretched her hand out to touch Qin Mu's bull buttocks. "It's a real butt!" The princess then said in astonishment, "How fleshy!"


Qin Mu swayed his tail and slapped the hands of the two girls away as he walked out of the shrine. The two girls held their hands in pain and looked at the cow that Great Cult Master Qin had transformed into. When his fleshy buttocks trembled as he walked, they couldn't resist wanting to grope them.

Qin Mu came to the outside of the shrine, and the two flames dragons beneath his feet suddenly soared into the sky. He flew to the roof of the shrine and removed a glazed roof tile.

This shrine was extraordinary, and each tile was imprinted with rune markings. Even if they received attacks of divine arts or spirit weapons, they would be hardly damaged.

After a moment, Qin Mu removed several glazed roof tiles, and light shone out from inside. He smiled. "As I thought, the back of the eye doesn't give out light."

Si Yunxiang raised her head to have a look and saw an incomparably huge bull head popping in from the outside, appearing behind the back of the sun. A huge hand then stretched out and grabbed that sun in the sky. With a gentle shake, the sun was extinguished.

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