Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 285 - Demolisher Qin

The inside of the shrine instantly turned slightly dimmer, but when the girls raised their heads up to take a look, they could see the light from the stars becoming clearer and brighter, with the starlight and the moonlight shining over each other. If it was the outside world, it would definitely be a situation where the moon was bright and the stars were scarce. However, the moonlight and starlight here decorated each other and made the starry sky in the shrine even more charming.

Qin Mu didn't return to the shrine. Instead, a bull head soon appeared behind the moon and plucked it away.

The two girls were slightly angered. 'This wet blanket, he doesn't understand any amorous feelings! If it was under this shrine's moonlight and starlight, you would just have to say some nice things and that's it. Wouldn't it just be you and me? Of course, I'd first have to chase away that vixen beside me first!"

Soon after that, Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang heard the sound of tiles piling up, and the sky in the shrine gradually disappeared. A bull head would pop up from time to time to pluck down the stars.

They slowly decreased in number, until an hour after the sky had been opened up, the stars, sun, and moon had all been plucked down by Qin Mu.

The two girls came out of the shrine and saw a mountainous pile of luminous pearls and two large eyeballs with covered pupils.

These two eyes were about three yards tall, so they were much taller than them. They seemed to be made of jade and didn't look like real eyes, so they should have been sculpted from fine jade.

Ling Yuxiu went up and saw that there were numerous markings that were extremely complicated in the eyes. They were most likely the marks of a formation.

The eyes were down, which closed the formation in the pupil so it became a white line. The pupil couldn't be seen, only vein lines that scattered out like golden rays shining from the sun.

The two girls touched them and felt an icy cold at their fingertips. It completely didn't feel like it had been blazing with fire energy earlier.

"I thought they were the eyes of a taotie, yet they're made of jade." Si Yunxiang was slightly disappointed.

Qin Mu was standing behind one of the eyes and playing with it. They didn't know what he was doing with it when the pupil of that eye suddenly opened up a crack, looking like an erected apricot.

The two girls immediately saw an incomparably complicated formation being activated at the opening of the pupil. It was like an intricate mechanism formed from countless gears, and the next instant, a terrifying flame emerged from the pupil that burned more and more furiously. Their eyes cracked from the burn when their gazes landed on it.

Si Yunxiang hurriedly pulled Ling Yuxiu away, and the two girls avoided looking at the eye. With a whoosh, a beam of snow white light shot out from the pupil and ignited the air. Along the path of light, all the white marble slabs on the ground had been instantly turned into lava, and even that lava was evaporating!

The beam of light hit a few pieces of glazed roof tiles, yet even though those glazed roof tiles also had rune markings, they were instantly vaporized.

Ling Yuxiu jumped in shock. 'If I was hit by this beam of light, wouldn't I have died already? Luckily Saintess Xiang pulled me away…'

Qin Mu continued to fiddle with the back of the eye, so the two girls walked around to see that it was actually a formation that was marked with runes. The formation wasn't complicated, but it was hard to see what type it was exactly.

Qin Mu was using his vital qi to adjust the formation.

With his adjustments, the pupil of this jade eye gradually opened up to the sides, and the fire energy blazed more and more furiously. It was like the sun scattering its heat in all directions, making them feel a heatwave that was hard to endure even when standing at the back of the eye.

"Close your eyes," Qin Mu said with a grave expression. "I've opened the full power of the formation in this eye and now I'm ready to close the eye into a slit to test out the power of this spirit weapon."

'Spirit weapon?'

While the two girls were slightly stunned, Qin Mu controlled the formation to shrink the pupil, making the light become incomparably bright. Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang immediately closed their eyes.

Even with closed eyes, they were still able to see a terrifying beam of light slicing out like an extremely thin blade!

Qin Mu stopped the formation and heard a hum coming from the jade eye. The light then vanished, and the fire energy in the surroundings also gradually faded away.

The two girls opened up their eyes, but there was still darkness in front of their eyes. Such extreme brightness resulted in darkness as their eyes had been damaged by the burn.

Even though they didn't look at the light directly, the light from the jade eye had still damaged their pupils through the eyelids. Luckily for them, their vital qi was dense and this kind of damage could self-healed.

Qin Mu walked out from the back of the eye and looked up. He couldn't help being stunned when he saw that the shrine in front of them had been sliced through the center by the blade of light from the jade eye!

Even though the shrine was still standing tall, it might collapse at any moment!

Furthermore, in the sky of this underwater world, there was a mark of the blade across the sky. A huge crack had opened up on the barrier that was supporting the pressure from the bottom of the sea, and the seawater was already starting to leak inside.

Qin Mu stroked his chin and forcefully pulled out a few strands of beard he had grabbed.

The youth sucked in a mouthful of cold air from the pain, but it wasn't a physical pain. It was his heart that was hurting.

By testing the power of the jade eye just then, he had accidentally broken the barrier of this strange underwater world, and in a few days, the seawater would flood this place to the brim.

Si Yunxiang looked as a few droplets landed on the shrine, and that building which looked to be extremely stable instantly creaked, as if unable to handle the weight. The shrine started to lean in two sides, and with two loud rumbles, it split in half. Dust and smoke permeated the air, revealing humongous bones of a beast.

These were the bones of a taotie. That creature had been a pureblood, but its bones were also sliced into two by the beam.

Once the shrine collapsed, the bones of the taotie were revealed, and they were extremely huge.

"The heavenly kings were right, Cult Master Qin really demolishes everything wherever he goes…" Si Yunxiang muttered.

Ling Yuxiu was also exclaiming what a pity to herself.

This was a shrine, a mysterious underwater world, and it was destroyed by the fiddlings of Qin Mu just like that.

"The one that herds cows, you have a name but not a nickname yet, so let me give you a nickname. Let's call you Demolisher, Demolisher Qin!" Ling Yuxiu suggested.

Qin Mu's heart was still in pain when his face blushed from hearing what Ling Yuxiu had said, and he tried to explain, "I'm not Demolisher Qin, I didn't demolish anything, don't talk nonsense and spoil my innocence!"

Si Yunxiang sneered, "You are innocent? The moment you reached Saint Arrival Mountain, you demolished the Hall of Three Kings!"

Ling Yuxiu sneered as well, "You have demolished Scholar's Residence at least three times, right? The palaces around Temple of Heaven have also been demolished by you leading Heaven Devil Cul. And also, I've heard Heaven Wave City was also demolished by you! Just look, we came here moments ago, and this underwater world has already been demolished by you. This underwater world has probably stood here for tens of thousands of years, but is gone the moment you came!"

In a bad mood, Qin Mu muttered, "Don't talk nonsense, don't talk nonsense…"

The two girls teased Great Cult Master Qin and went to scavenge the collapsed shrine for anything useful. After a moment, Ling Yuxiu carried two huge pillars over and placed them in front of Qin Mu. These two huge pillars were probably tens of thousands of pounds heavy, yet she was able to carry them with brute force.

Si Yunxiang praised, "Fat people are truly strong, I'm not like Princess Xiu, I'm too weak to even stand up to the wind."

Ling Yuxiu went into a frenzy and wanted to push this saintess onto the ground to give her a good beating. However, since Qin Mu was at the side, it wasn't good for her to do this. She gritted her teeth and smiled. "That's right, Saintess Xiang is indeed too weak to even stand up to the wind. You're too skinny and there are not even two taels of flesh in front of your chest."

Si Yunxiang was angered, and her gaze became unpleasant. "I'm still young and growing. What's the use of being so big? Ain't it still going to sag when one becomes old?"

The two girls stared at each other before averting their gazes.

"Great Cult Master, do you think you can refine these two pillars into spirit weapons?" Ling Yuxiu asked gently.

Qin Mu was currently checking the other jade eye and trying to understand the marvel of operating such things so he hadn't listened to what they were fighting about.

"This kind of metal is rarely seen. It seems like it has different metals mixed into it, and because of this its quality and flexibility are much stronger than those of Winter Crystal Iron!"

Qin Mu checked the two pillars and was rather astonished. The divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire usually looked for the level of purity in refining their spirit weapons, but these two pillars didn't care about purity. By mixing different kinds of metal with the copper, the strength and flexibility of the pillars had been greatly increased!

"Can you refine the Nine Dragons Weapons I require?" Ling Yuxiu asked immediately.

"Can!" Qin Mu was full of confidence. "My smithing skills are great, I'm not lying!"

He activated the formation in Sun Jade Eye and smelted one of the copper pillars to forge a huge hammer first. He then let Ling Yuxiu exhibited the form of her spirit weapon and demonstrate all the changes of her Nine Dragons Weapons.

He pondered for quite some time and took out his brush and paper to draw the blueprints before starting to forge.

Two days later, Qin Mu finally finished forging Nine Dragons Weapons. It was nine dragons that could be combined together to form a huge hammer or separated to form Nine Dragons Divine Flames Shroud by connecting their tails with one another.

The bodies of the dragons were soft, and he had incorporated Spirit Creation Technique into them while forging, so they could do numerous transformations. For example, even though the nine dragons were made out of metal, there were over nine hundred pieces of bones in their bodies, allowing them to swim around in the air freely. Each and every one of the dragon scales stood alone and could also be detached from the bodies of the dragons. These scales were very sharp and could be used as solitary weapons.

Other than the dragon scales, the dragon claws were like hooks that were abnormally sharp and the dragon teeth were like blades. The two whiskers on each dragon were chains that were very soft, but strong and could chain people up.

When the nine dragons came together, they would become Nine Dragons Golden Wall. The scales would form the surface of the mirror while behind it would be nine dragon heads.

Even if Si Yunxiang and Ling Yuxiu didn't have many attainments in forging, they could still see that the Nine Dragons Weapons that Qin Mu had forged was indeed exceptional. This weapon should be very suitable for Ling Yuxiu.

The princess rushed over excitedly and transformed her vital qi into runes to mark onto the Nine Dragons Weapons, using her vital qi to nourish it. After trying it out for a moment, she felt that it was easy to control it, and it could transform into another shape she wanted at any time.

"Not bad, not bad!" Ling Yuxiu praised endlessly. "The one that herds cows, your craftsmanship ain't bad. It's just a tiny bit inferior to that of assistant minister of Ministry of Works."

Si Yunxiang looked over enviously and exhibited the form of her spirit weapon which was a thread that had a myriad transformations. "How would one expect a well-tempered steel to become so soft that it could coil around the fingers. To forge a spirit weapon to the extent where it can coil around the finger is not as simple as just beating the metal. Cult Master, my spirit weapon is called Thousand Silks, and it's a sword and also a spell. What it imitates is the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures of our Heavenly Saint Cult, so could Cult Master refine a metal to be as soft as silk?"

Qin Mu examined the form of her spirit weapon and frowned. "Refining such a sword that's as fine as silk while still having to forge the spell imprints on it poses some difficulty. I have learned it before, but I have never try forging it. Let me try!"

Si Yunxiang's Thousand Silks was much more troublesome than Ling Yuxiu's Nine Dragons Weapons. It was much finer and required the metal to be hammered to the extreme limits of its flexibility before spreading it out to forge a metal membrane that was much thinner than natural silk. The thickness of natural silk was at one Si while behind Si there was still Hu, Wei, Xian, Sha, Chen, Ai, Miao, Mo, and even finer thicknesses.

Qin Mu could only spread the metal membrane to the thickness of Chen and Ai. Any finer, and he wouldn't be able to do it.

When the thickness reached such a step, it would require markings that were even more intricate. Qin Mu and Si Yunxiang both cultivated Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, so the two of them painstakingly worked together to imprint all the runes on the metal membrane. While they were doing that, the membrane broke a few times and he had to reforge it.

After that, Qin Mu folded the metal membrane carefully and began to temper it again before spreading it open once more to reimprint the runes. After doing that over and over again, he finally managed to forge Thousand Silks.

Si Yunxiang's heart moved and Thousand Silks transformed into a ribbon which tied itself around her waist.

The seawater in the underwater world gradually became deeper, and they couldn't stay there for much longer.

Qin Mu immediately transformed his vital qi into a thread and wrapped the two jade eyes and stars with a net while saying, "Let's go up."

The three of them hurriedly rushed toward the huge cauldron, and Si Yunxiang's eyes shone when she came close. She tried to lift the cauldron up to take it away, but how could she do that when the cauldron was unimaginably heavy. Even with all her strength, it didn't budge an inch.

"Your chest is small so you're weak," Ling Yuxiu snickered.

"Come try it with your big chest then!" Si Yunxiang retorted angrily.

Ling Yuxiu went forward, but she hadn't expected that the cauldron would be so heavy that even she couldn't lift it. Her face blushed uncontrollably.

Qin Mu shook his head. "This cauldron spews out so much spirit water, and it comes up five thousand yards above to the spring. The weight of the water spewed out from the cauldron could probably match the weight of a mountain, and there's also the weight of the cauldron itself. This item is definitely a divine artifact, so you can drop the thought of taking it away."

The two girls sighed in pity and followed Qin Mu to swim upwards.

After some time, they floated up to the water surface. Ling Yuxiu smiled and said, "We had gotten quite a few treasures this time, so it wasn't a wasted trip…"

"How many treasures did Princess get? What kind of treasures are they?"

A voice came from the side of the pond, and the three of them hurriedly looked over. They saw Long Jiaonan sitting on the head of a huge red snake. The beast's large body was circled around the pond.

Long Jiaonan revealed a smile, and her gaze went from one face to another. She said to Qin Mu, "How wonderful of Cult Master, giving me such an exercise to find you."


Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang smacked the waves and rushed into mid-air, activating their Nine Dragons Weapons and Thousand Silks to attack Long Jiaonan without any explanation!

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