Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 286 - Guarding the Corpse

Long Jiaonan sneered. Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang had merely just entered Six Directions Realm, while she and the red snake were experts of Seven Stars Realm.

Whoever entered Seven Stars Realm could become a general in Eternal Peace Empire.

Before Dragon Rider Sect had rebelled, Long Jiaonan had assumed a position in the army by dressing as a male!

With Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang's abilities, they were no match for her and the red snake.

"Courting death!"

Long Jiaonan's palm flipped over and her vital qi transformed into a huge python which coiled behind her body with jaws wide open. The air in the surroundings instantly rushed towards its mouth as it tried to swallow the two girls in the air.

Even though Dragon Rider Sect wasn't proficient in spells, the power of their spells still couldn't be underestimated. Imperial Preceptor's reform had allowed Dragon Rider Sect to absorb the strong points of other sects, raising the power of their spells by a level.

This Dragon Python Swallowing Heaven had already obtained the samadhi state.

However, Ling Yuxiu held Nine Dragons Weapons in her hands and raised it over her head to smash down. In mid-air, bolts of lightning instantly gathered and crackled as they struck onto her Nine Dragon Weapons.

It transformed into Nine Dragons Hammer which collided with the huge mouth of the vital qi python. The explosion of the power of lightning instantly shattered the spell of Long Jiaonan, causing her vital qi to disintegrate.

While Long Jiaonan was astonished, Si Yunxiang waved her hand and a fine string came stabbing towards her left eye. Long Jiaonan flicked her fingers continuously yet that string wasn't affected and continued to fly over.

The middle and index fingers of Si Yunxiang's pointed toward Long Jiaonan, and the tip of her fingers dotted again and again. The tip of Thousand Silks also transformed again and again, actually executing sword moves that were extremely intricate.

"Saintess Xiang's sword skills ain't bad!"

The sleeve of Long Jiaonan's left arm swept over and over again and her vital qi transformed into a jade annulus to mess up the sword treads that were rushing toward her. Yet at this moment, Long Jiaonan noticed that Si Yunxiang had her right hand in front of her body and her left hand behind her body. Her left hand was also gesticulating sword secrets which alarmed her and made her immediately rise into the sky.

Just as she did that, she saw her purple dress fluttering as thousands of holes opened up, wind passing everywhere.

Meanwhile, in the sky, Ling Yuxiu raised her huge hammer to smash down, and Long Jiaonan raised her hand to block. A loud rumble rang out when flames burst forth from the huge hammer. The strength was incomparably terrifying, blowing Long Jiaonan away with one strike!

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was naturally a first-rate technique and had extremely high attainments in spells. Due to that, the accumulated magic power was like a vast sea. Both on the same realm and below, the magic power from Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was the densest. Of course, this was excluding Qin Mu's Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

In addition to that, Emperor Yanfeng was the most intelligent emperor since Eternal Peace Empire was founded and had long become a great expert of his generation. He had improved Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and added in transformations of battle techniques and sword skills, allowing the power of this technique to far surpass what it was in the past.

The technique that Ling Yuxiu cultivated was this, and the path she took was the fusion of battle spells. By unleashing battle techniques and spells together at the same time, the power of her attacks was increased. So even though Long Jiaonan was on Seven Stars Realm, she was still caught off guard by the attacks of the two girls and got blown away.

The moment Ling Yuxiu landed on the ground, she let go of her hammer, and Nine Dragons Hammer separated into nine dragon-shaped weapons which swiftly combined together once more. The countless number of scales moved and transformed into a mirror.

Ling Yuxiu stood behind the mirror, and with a hum, a beam of light shot out. Within it seemed to be golden dragons flying and dancing around, shining on the body of Long Jiaonan who was flying backward.

Si Yunxiang immediately rushed over and flew past the mirror. Her sword threads coiled around and sliced toward Long Jiaonan who was hit by the mirror light.

"Xiao'hong!" Long Jiaonan shouted sternly. With a raise of her palm, the ground trembled, and several hundred stone spikes shot up from below, blocking Si Yunxiang's path and the mirror's light.

The huge red snake behind the two girls suddenly stretched its body, which was as thick as a pillar that only several people could hug. It came sweeping over with boundless strength, and if they got hit by this behemoth, they would be severely injured if not shattered in pieces!

Dragon Rider Sect's true trump card wasn't cultivation or magic power, and neither was it divine arts - it was the 'dragon' in their mouth!

The snakes they raised were all a special breed that had the bloodline of flood dragons. Even if the people's cultivation wasn't high, the snakes they raised would definitely have a high enough ability to kill their opponents.

This red snake of Long Jiaonan was one of the special breeds among the special breeds. It was the same as the dragon king's flood dragon of the Divine Bridge Realm. This snake had an extremely close kinship with it, and the bloodline of this flood dragon was very pure, thus a snake was enough to sweep everyone on Seven Stars Realm.

Long Jiaonan had relied on this pet of hers to become a reputable expert.

The fierce power of the red snake came barreling over, but just as it was about to crush the two girls, a scorching beam of light shot from behind its body.

The red snake was stunned when it saw its body being sliced in half by that beam. The loose half then wiggled about, sweeping down the forest in pieces!

At the side of the pond behind the huge snake, Qin Mu stood with a huge eyeball which was shooting out a bright beam. This was, of course, the attack that had cut the snake in half.

The red snake hissed in pain and spewed out a lump of dense poisonous fog while springing up to bite Qin Mu with the remainder of its body!

This poisonous fog was highly toxic, and Qin Mu wasn't willing to get tainted by it. Moving away, he executed Heavenly Pilfering Divine Legs and avoided the attack of the red snake.

His speed was extremely fast, and before the red snake could even react, he was already in the sky. Qin Mu looked down from above and saw that the city of the Solomon's seals had been completely destroyed. The Solomon's seals that had been living in the trees were also swept away.

It was evident that after Long Jiaonan had discovered this place, she had ruthlessly killed and captured all the Solomon's seals and razed the place where they lived!

Long Jiaonan must have learned about Qin Mu and the rest from the mouths of those Solomon's seals, since they really didn't have any spirit of loyalty and were swift to sell out others.

Qin Mu's expression sunk. Even though these Solomon's seals didn't have the spirit of loyalty, they had still helped his group. And since they had helped, they were benefactors.

Suddenly, the huge head of the red snake sprung into the air with its jaws wide open to an extreme degree. The mouth of the snake nearly formed an 'I' shape as it came biting toward him.


Qin Mu adjusted the jade eye, and a beam shot straight down the mouth of the snake with a hum. All the flesh that the light passed by was melted.


The intense light shone onto the ground, and the ground instantly melted, creating a pit. Boiling lava started to vaporize into steam that flowed out, condensing into small beads of rocks that fell from the sky when they cooled down. It was as if there was a small-scaled rain of rocks.

The jumping strength of the red snake was astonishing, so its huge body swallowed both Qin Mu and the jade eye. However, since its flesh was pierced all the way through, a passageway was opened up. The brain of the snake was also pierced as well.

Qin Mu's body landed on the ground, and behind him, a red snake fell down like a tattered sack that was giving off a fragrance of cooked meat.


Long Jiaonan's miserable shriek came from a distance. The three women had already fought all the way to the surface of the sea and were clashing furiously on the water's surface. In the sea, it was extremely easy to control water, so Long Jiaonan's vital qi had fused with the seawater, transforming into pythons to attack in all directions with astonishing power.

However, it was a pity that Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang's spirit weapons were too good and their powers were too strong. When facing Long Jiaonan's attacks head-on, Ling Yuxiu could separate her Nine Dragons Weapons into nine pieces, transforming into nine dragon-shaped blades moving up and down, left and right, colliding with the spells and destroying them. They could also transform into a defensive state, Nine Dragons Shield, to block Long Jiaonan's attack any time.

Meanwhile, Si Yunxiang's techniques were even stranger. They were as unpredictable as her Thousand Silks, vanishing in the water sometimes and appearing on top of Long Jiaonan's head from time to time, making her unable to guard against it.

Even though Thousand Silks was fine, it was very lethal, and it posed the most danger to Long Jiaonan.

When the red snake died, Long Jiaonan's frame of mind was messed up, and Si Yunxiang saw a flaw. The spirit weapon hummed and transformed into a thin sword blade, which pierced Long Jiaonan's heart. The tip of the sword came out the other side.

Just as Si Yunxiang succeeded in landing a blow, Ling Yuxiu stretched her hand out, and the nine dragons combined into a hammer, smashing onto Long Jiaonan's body!

Cracking sounds rang out, and countless of bones were shattered, piercing the woman's skin. With bones sticking out of Long Jiaonan's body, she was a bloody sight that was extremely terrifying.

Si Yunxiang pulled out Thousand Silks, and Long Jiaonan's body trembled as it fell into the seawater.

Ling Yuxiu shouted out, "She still has our spirit weapons!"

Si Yunxiang immediately lifted up Long Jiaonan's corpse. Having almost let it fall into the sea, she couldn't help grumbling, "I had already succeeded in landing the killing blow yet she still had to hammer on the body. Look at how shattered her bones are now, I can't even carry her properly."

The two girls dragged Long Jiaonan's corpse back onto the island and started rummaging through her body for treasures. They could only find the taotie sack, which they opened. Inside, they saw all their spirit weapons and all kinds of other treasures.

Si Yunxiang poured the items out, revealing countless corpses of the Solomon's seals that piled up like a small mountain.

Close to ten thousand corpses of the Solomon's seals piled up together were merely three yards high. However, these Solomon's seals all had the shape of humans, and ten thousand corpses piled up together was still an extremely astonishing sight. It had an indescribable sorrowful feeling to it.

"Cult Master, I finally understand, this is not the strong preying on the weak…" From the corner of her eye, Si Yunxiang saw Qin Mu slowly walking over. There was a hard to detect hint of sorrow in the eyes of the devil cult saintess when she said in a low voice, "This is definitely not the strong preying on the weak, but instead… toying with the lives of others to realize selfish desires. When she was killing these Solomon's seals, she must have felt like she was a god…"

Qin Mu walked to her side and said, "Being apart from nature, she couldn't understand that. These Solomon's seals were originally spirit herbs, so even though they are dead, their roots are still here. They might just come back to life again if we plant them beside that spirit spring. Let us do this."

The two girls nodded. Planting down ten thousand Solomon's seals was quite tiring, but luckily they were divine arts practitioners. Until nightfall, they finished planting all of them.

Si Yunxiang went to gather some firewood while Ling Yuxiu went to fetch some spring water to water the Solomon's seals.

Qin Mu tidied up the taotie sack and placed the two jade eyes inside before placing over three thousand jade quality luminous pearls on the beach. Each of these luminous pearls gave off a charming glow.

Si Yunxiang picked up some firewood and came to the beach to lit the bonfire. She then took out her outer clothing and jumped into the sea in her undergarments.

Her undergarments were like a skirt with straps on the shoulder and were made of pure white silk with no embroidery.

On her lower body were white underpants that were only three inches long. They also had fine straps there were tied to her snow-white thighs.

After a moment, Si Yunxiang carried a huge fish out from the sea and threw it beside Qin Mu. She then circulated her vital qi to dry up her undergarments before putting back on her clothes.

Only then did she notice that Qin Mu had dragged Long Jiaonan's corpse over some time ago and placed it beside the bonfire. He had also dragged over the two parts of the red snake's corpse, which made her bewildered. "Cult Master, what are you doing?"

"Guarding the corpse, waiting for her to wake up."

Si Yunxiang burst into laughter. "If you wait for two more days, the corpse will start to stink. I've pierced her heart and Princess Xiu shattered her bones, so how could she still be alive?"

When Ling Yuxiu walked over and saw Long Jiaonan's corpse, she couldn't help frowning. She probed, "The one that herds cows, are there any weird rules in Great Ruins?"

Qin Mu kicked the corpse of Long Jiaonan and sneered, "Sister Long, stop acting, I've seen you shed your skin before!"

The two girls smiled. "It's better to bury her soon."

Qin Mu sneered, "Before I bury her, I have to chop off her head first! This knife of mine is thirsting for blood!" Once he said that, he pulled out his Pig Slaughter Knife with an unpleasant expression.

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang were both shocked. Ling Yuxiu asked softly, "Saintess Xiang, is there some rule about beheading corpses in Great Ruins?"

"I also don't know. Maybe there's really such a weird habit in Great Ruins…"

Just as Si Yunxiang said this, they heard the sound of human skin splitting. It came from the top of Long Jiaonan's head.

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