Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 288 - Fourteen Writings of Dao Sect

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly when he guessed how Dao Master was so sure that he was the human emperor of the current generation.

He had only learned two moves from Village Chief's Sword Picture, and he didn't use them much. Other than executing it in front of Emperor Yanfeng and Imperial Preceptor, he had only used them in front of Pangong Tso and Daozi Lin Xuan.

When Daozi Lin Xuan had followed Dan Yangzi to block the gate of Imperial College, he was defeated under the first move of Sword Picture, Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers.

When he returned back to Dao Sect, he must have shown Qin Mu's Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers. Dao Master must have more or less known that Qin Mu's sword skills came from Village Chief, but he couldn't confirm Qin Mu was the human emperor of the current generation.

As for why he had such a confident tone, he was actually testing the waters.

Qin Mu's thoughts were also meticulous, but even though he guessed Dao Master's thoughts, he didn't deny and also went to fetch some water for the Solomon's seal while saying with a smile, "Dao Master possesses remarkable abilities and your wisdom surpasses others."

Dao Master and Daozi Lin Xuan were using leaves to carry water while he used his vital qi to sweep up the spring water, which was more convenient and much faster.

Old Dao Master saw him using vital qi and said, "Dao follows the nature. Human Emperor, what's the rush?"

Qin Mu said, "Being free from nature, we should apply what we learn. Since Dao Master is not applying, why did he have to learn?"

Dao Master frowned, but his eyebrows soon smoothed out again and he smiled. "The disagreement of our sects comes from our ideals and how we conduct ourselves in society, I won't debate with you over the teachings of Dao Sect and Heavenly Devil Cult. Human Emperor has withdrawn from worldly affairs for several hundred years, yet his student has come back. You must be planning something, am I right?"

Qin Mu used his vital qi to control the flow of the water, then said seriously, "What can I be planning? Village Chief said that the human emperor is a responsibility, but until now, I still don't understand what good can come from being the human emperor. First, there's no authority, and second, there's no power, yet I still have to carry responsibility. If Dao Master is willing, I could give it up to you."

Dao Master was watering the Solomon's seals with the leaf when his expression changed slightly. He hurriedly shook his head. "I can't shoulder this responsibility."

One of them used a leaf while the other a spell to water the Solomon's seals.

Daozi Ling Xuan took it all in and shook his head secretly. This old and young both had their own stubborn viewpoints and were very obstinate.

After a time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Qin Mu finished watering all the Solomon's seals. Old Dao Master also planted the leaf he used to carry water back into the soil and stretched his back with a sigh. "I'm old and my bones aren't like they used to be. Since Human Emperor is the cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, Dao Sect won't be able to go against Human Emperor anymore. This Old Dao came to find Human Emperor to identify his successor to Human Emperor. Lin Xuan had also paid his respects to you just now, and after I die, he will become Dao Master."

Qin Mu greeted Lin Xuan, and Lin Xuan immediately returned his greeting. "I'm not Dao Master, I dare not accept."

Old Dao Master smiled. "After you become Dao Master, you will still be half a seniority lower, so you will have salute half a hand lower."

Lin Xuan was shocked.

Old Dao Master said in a neither too fast nor too slow voice, "Us who cultivate qi have received grace from the human emperor of the first generation, so everyone respects him. Each and every clan and sect had taken out their best treasure at that time to create Human Emperor's Seal, so you must follow the etiquette and can't be negligent. Could Old Dao take a look at the seal?"

Qin Mu took out the black lump which was Human Emperor's Seal and tossed it to him. Old Dao Master caught it in a panic, his face was twitching slightly. "How could you toss it? How could you toss it? Before this Old Dao came to meet Human Emperor, I had washed myself and changed my clothes, and even my hands were washed several times. I was reverent and respectful, not daring to be negligent, so how could you just toss Human Emperor's Seal like this?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and said, "Village Chief had tossed it to me like this. I didn't want it, so I tossed it back at him, yet he stuffed it back to me. I couldn't defeat him so I could only accept it."

Old Dao Master had a bitter face as he held Human Emperor's Seal in both of his hands. He examined it over and over again and verified that it was indeed the seal. "Human Emperor, please take it back." Once he said that, he took a step forward and offered Human Emperor's Seal respectfully in both of his hands.

Only when Qin Mu took back Human Emperor's Seal did the old Daoist take a step back and placed his hands down. He said to Daozi Lin Xuan, "Remember, Human Emperor's Seal can only be received like this, you can't mess up the etiquette."

Daozi Lin Xuan acknowledged this while watching Qin Mu toss Human Emperor's Seal into his taotie sack; however, Lin Xuan didn't dare to say anything.

"He is the human emperor, he can be disrespectful, but we can't be disrespectful." Old Dao Master put a lot of effort into saying, "That seal was created from the best treasures of our ancestors from various sects and various clans. It was offered to the human emperor, and the person who controls this seal will become the emperor of all the human races. Therefore, our Dao Sect has to be respectful. This seal is what we offered to the human emperor so the human emperor can be disrespectful to this seal. Do you understand?"

Daozi Lin Xuan nodded. "Disciple understood."

Qin Mu couldn't help feeling slightly moved. Old Dao Master was left with little of his lifespan, his life coming to an end in the next few years, yet he still dedicated his full attention to teaching his disciple.

This kind of traditional master and disciple relationship had it much easier to produce outstanding talents.

Old Dao Master was already old so he had to be hoping to groom Daozi in these final years, allowing him to succeed him.

"What else did Dao Master come here to say, besides enquiring about Human Emperor's Seal?" Qin Mu asked with a smile.

Old Dao Master looked him deeply in the eyes and said, "Human Emperor should know that the reform of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng isn't the orthodox path and will bring the wrath of Heaven. This snow disaster was a warning, so for all the people in the world, Human Emperor should stop this reform."

Qin Mu shook his head. "The general situation of the world is rolling forth like a flood, may the deceased rest in peace while the living move on with their lives. Whoever dares to stand in front to block the path will be crushed. I can only go with the flow, along with the flood. Old Senior Brother, you have already suffered quite a lot, why are you still so stubborn?"

Old Dao Master sighed. "I won't argue with you. No matter how we'd argue, it's still about the teachings of both sides so it's hard to convince the other, that's why it's better to not argue at all. Since you are insistent on supporting Imperial Preceptor's reform, I will only say one thing to you: Dao follows the nature, and the reform seeks to change Dao, to change nature. God is born in nature and formed by the Great Dao. If you want to change Dao, you know its advantages and disadvantages. Great Ruins was the mistake of our predecessors, but Human Emperor should have noticed that by now."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. Dao Master obviously knew more inside stories about this.

However, Dao Master wasn't willing to speak more about it and said, "I came to see Human Emperor and express my intentions. Dao Sect is enemy with Eternal Peace, but we won't be enemies with Human Emperor. Disciple, bring Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword over."

Lin Xuan took out a stone tablet from a leather sack around his waist. That stone tablet was six yards tall when taken out, and on it were some sword markings drawn vertically and horizontally.

Lin Xuan hesitated. "Dao Master…"

"Show him," said Old Dao Master. "Old Human Emperor's sword skills are better than mine and even more superior. I've shown Imperial Preceptor the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword so why can't I show them to the current human emperor?"

Daozi Lin Xuan erected the stone tablet nearby, and Old Dao Master said, "Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword, one writing for one sword. When Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came to Dao Sect to seek knowledge, I let him look for fourteen days, so I will let Human Emperor look for fourteen days as well. As for the Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique of our Dao Sect, I won't be showing it to Human Emperor."

Qin Mu revealed an expression of astonishment. Old Rulai had also allowed him to see Rulai's Mahayana Sutra; however, he only showed him the skills and not the technique.

Now Dao Master was allowing him to see the technique of Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique, but not showing him the skill. No matter what, both masters of the two sacred grounds were broad-minded.

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely and took out Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. "I'm not used to receiving favors from others, so this is Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. I will allow Daozi to read for fourteen days."

Daozi Lin Xuan's heart was quite moved, and he looked toward his master. Old Dao Master's face changed slightly, and he muttered to himself before saying, "Since he let you read, you will read. If Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures contain good, you are a god. If it contains evil, you are devil. If you fall and become the devil, it just means your cultivation was not enough, your nature was not enough."

Daozi Ling Xuan understood.

Qin Mu sat in front of the stone wall and looked at the sword traces on the stone wall.

These sword traces were vertical and horizontal and didn't look like they had any pattern to them. When he looked at the first one, he didn't see anything wonderful about it, but once he put his mind to it, he gradually felt some wonderful sword will.

In his eyes, the sword trace was no longer a sword trace, but seemed to have some mathematical reasonings. There seemed to be a Daoist scribbling with a brush and writing down the reasonings of algebra. It was then gradually transformed into a black and white taiji diagram that was stirring up.

A Dot Threading the Vast Movements, Yin and Yang Come and Go Within Two Modes!

Qin Mu's heart slightly trembled. The cultivation method of Dao Sword was indeed different from other, and an extremely deep sword will was carved into the sword trace on the wall. This sword will contained mathematical reasonings and formed the first form of Dao Sword.

The mathematical reasonings contained in Dao Sword's first form was the yin and yang calculation of the binary system!

'This can be compared with Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery.'

Qin Mu's mind was slightly stirred. He had comprehended most of Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery, so the first form wasn't hard for him.

Not long after, Qin Mu finished comprehending the first form of Dao Sword and turned to look at the second sword trace.

The second form of Dao Sword, Binding of Five Qi and Three Aeons, Rising on the Spot, Cloud Chariots Crossing!

This sword trace contained a ternary system and a quinary system which correspond to three aeons and five qi. The mathematical reasoning behind this move would construct the sun, moon, and earth, while the five qi would face the aeons!

This move wasn't considered difficult for Qin Mu as well. He used the time it takes for an incense stick to burn to finish comprehending this move before going to look at the third sword trace.

The third form of Dao Sword, Five Colored Auspicious Clouds Cover, Celestial Sounds Tinkling on the Three Heavens.

This move also used three aeons and five qi; however, it was superior and included the transformation of three aeons and five qi.

Qin Mu spent a whole hour to finish comprehending this move.

The fourth form of Dao Sword, Turning Heavenly Cycle Silently, Meeting Every Manifestation of Nature Shifting. The mathematical reasoning in this move was extremely complicated and interrelated with the mathematical reasoning of three producing all things. Using Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery to understand the marvel of this move was extremely difficult.

When Qin Mu solved the marvel of this sword trace, he realized that the sun was about to set into the sea. The sky was already turning dark, and the island was all red from the shine of the red sun on the surface of the sea.

"I won't be able to solve the fifth writing!"

Qin Mu's expression turned grave. Dao Sword was harder and harder to learn as he progressed, and the mathematical reasonings became more and more profound. It was impossible to completely learn everything in fourteen days. He might not even be able to learn the fifth writing!

He could only choose to comprehend the sword wills and learn the sword skills. As for the other writings, he had no time to learn them and could only see how much he could comprehend!

Qin Mu thought this, then immediately looked toward the fifth sword trace. The fifth form of Dao Sword, Jade Cave Taking Back Myriad of Transformations, Romance on Kunlun Mountains.

He put his heart to comprehend, but the mathematical reasonings in the sword will were already too hard for him to understand. Even though Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery was mostly comprehended by him, there were still some mathematical reasoning not included in there. He reckoned they should be in Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady.

Dao Master was sitting to the side, calm and composed. He seemed to not know what was hunger.

Qin Mu was hungry and went down the stone wall to find Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang. The two girls were already done preparing dinner. They asked him about the stranger, and when they heard that it was Dao Master, the two girls were both astonished and didn't dare to be impudent.

When the third day came, Fan Yunxiao flew his ship over and suddenly cried out loud. He kowtowed several times to Dao Master. Old Dao Master opened his eyes and took a look at him with a calm expression. "You joined Heavenly Devil Cult? I was indeed right about you, your heart is indeed not righteous. Go, I won't kill you."

Fan Yunxiao bawled, then wiped his tears while driving the ship away.

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