Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 29 - Small Cheat, Big Cheat

Qin Mu respectfully replied, "Don’t worry senior. Junior here cultivated from young. My kidneys are strong and my primordial yang is brimming. My eyesight is very good and I’m able to see things in the darkness, so naturally, I can see clearly."

The shadow on the wall wavered but did not act any further and instead continued to exhibit the wonder of vital qi circulation.

The third mudra of Great Freedom Mudra was Great Wisdom Mudra. The execution for Great Wisdom Mudra was much more complicated. The circulation of vital qi in the black shadow also became faster and faster and despite having opened his Heaven’s Eyes, Qin Mu was unable to completely catch the path of the vital qi, making him itching to enter the side chamber.

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before putting one leg into the chamber while his other leg remained outside. This way, he was finally able to barely catch the execution path of the vital qi.

Qin Mu struggled to memorize but the shadow on the wall soon completed executing Great Wisdom Mudra. He tried to executed Great Wisdom Mudra and even though it was executed out, he still felt that something was missing.

He didn’t manage to completely remember the execution path of Great Wisdom Mudra.

"This is the fourth mudra of Great Freedom Mudra which is also the strongest mudra. The powers of the first three mudras would fuse together into this mudra.

The shadow on the wall seemed to become strengthless as it became smaller and smaller. His voice grew softer and softer, "However this mudra is slightly more complicated and I’m afraid you can’t see clearly."

"Don’t worry senior."

Qin Mu gave a sincere smile, " Junior here cultivated from young. My kidneys are strong and my primordial yang is brimming, therefore, my eyesight is still very good. I can still barely see clearly."

The shadow on the wall fell silent. It then replied with a weaker and weaker voice as it sighed, "But I can no longer keep this up. Come in, there are four long bronze nails nailed to the floor in the four corners of the chamber. You just need to pluck out the four bronze nails. These four nails are stabbed into my back so as long as they are plucked off, I’ll be able to catch my breath. Once I catch my breath, I can teach you the complete mudra."

He coaxed in a gentle voice, "You haven’t completely learned Great Wisdom Mudra right? Great Wisdom Mudra is very complicated but its power is also extremely strong. If you don’t learn it completely you would be unable to unleash its full power. That’s not all. The strongest mudra of them all is still the fourth mudra, Great Freedom Devil Mudra! Once you pluck the nails out…"

"Senior, I think I shall not learn it anymore." Qin Mu shook his head as he retracted his left leg from the chamber. "It’s too troublesome and with how stupid I am, I probably won’t be able to master it."

The shadow on the wall wavered as it tried to tempt Qin Mu, "I can teach you a second time as long as you pluck out the nails…"

Qin Mu became even troubled and shook his head, "Didn’t senior say you were only going to teach me once? If I make senior teach a second time, won’t I be making senior eat your words? Junior would only just become more guilty. I’m sorry for disappointing senior’s expectation for being so stupid."

"No, you are very clever."

The voice from the shadow became even more gentle just like an affable elder instructing his young ones, "You had learned Devil God Mighty Force Mudra and Devil Freedom Mudra by only seeing them once. You even learned part of Great Wisdom Mudra by seeing it once as well. Your aptitude is extremely high and you would definitely be able to learn Great Wisdom Mudra by seeing it again. I like your aptitude and intelligence thus I’m fine with eating my words and teaching you a second time…"

Saying until here, the voice suddenly stopped before turning into an icy cold tone, "You cheated me for my techniques?"

Qin Mu was startled, "Why did senior say that?"

"You cheated me for my techniques!"

The shadow on the wall flew into a fury as it became larger and larger, shrouding the entire side chamber once again. The shadow was malicious and sternly shouted, "How dare you cheat me for my techniques! Little brat, I taught you with good intentions and instead you lied to me!"

Qin Mu remained standing outside the chamber and let the devil shadow squirm freely in front of him while he shook his head, "You must be joking, senior. Aren’t you trying to trick me into releasing you?"

The door of the side chamber opened widely. With windows as eyes and door as the mouth, it looked sinister and terrifying as it said imposingly, "You knew?"

"We’re both originally from two different races yet senior tried to lie first by saying we are of the same race. Then you tried to bait me using Great Freedom Mudra to make me come closer to you with only two kinds of goals in mind."

Qin Mu revealed a sincere smile that was similar to Cripple’s, "The first kind is to make me enter the chamber and bait me to go closer to the wall where you can capture me before controlling me to pluck out the bronze nails in the four corners of the chamber. The second kind is to make use of my desire to acquire the complete Great Freedom Mudra to pluck out the nails by my own will. If I were to pluck out the nails, things wouldn’t be as simple as catching a breath. What senior would do after being freed was to eat me like what you did to that silly roe deer. However…"

Qin Mu smile became even more sincere, "I’m no silly roe deer, thus I have played along with your lies and cheated two and a half mudra skills from you."

The whole chamber trembled non stop and an earth-shattering howl resonated from the door, "Son of a bitch! I’m going to kill you! Once I’m freed, I will torture you to death!"

The cowherd boy from Disabled Elderly Village curled his lips and turned to leave, "Grandpa Cripple had played little tricks like yours countless times on me. I had been tricked ever since I was young. Even the sweets granny bought for me were tricked away countless of times by him. For you to be thinking of tricking me…"

"I’m going to kill your Grandpa Cripple!" The shadow on the wall howled in fury.

Qin Mu turned back and warned him seriously, "Don’t even try it. He will swindle you until you lose your underpants."

The shadow on the wall suddenly quieted down, so quiet that it seemed peculiar. It then whispered in a soft voice, "Did you just say that we aren’t of the same race? Hehe, you are too naive, little brat… How is it that you and I aren’t of the race… Hehehe, my young and little devil spawn…"

Qin Mu felt a chill and suddenly thought of the god voice that was from nine heavens above when he was doing a Wall Break. He then thought of how he used the devil voice to counter the god voice. Combining them with the words from the shadow on the wall, he made some unpleasant connections.

He immediately shook his head and chased away all the messy thoughts in his mind before turning to leave.

"Hehehe, you are the same as me, the same, the same…" Behind him, the shadow on the wall laughed queerly.

Qin Mu frowned as he walked out of Doom Restraint Palace.

Devil ape immediately went up to him and sneaked a glance at the side chamber. It was only relieved after seeing the shadow shrinking back into the side chamber, before solemnly telling Qin Mu, "Believe? Ghost!"

Qin Mu nodded his head while feeling the same deeply, "Great Ruins is simply too dangerous. If people as honest as us do not learn to be clever, they would definitely be cheated clean without having the slightest dregs remaining."

Devil ape took a glance at him and twitched its mouth, "Believe, ghost."

Qin Mu’s face turned slightly red and protested, "Hey, I’m not a cheat. I just got the worst of it since young therefore I was forced to become quick-witted. However, I’m afraid you can’t stay here any longer. With Doom Restraint Palace being so rundown, I have no idea when it will collapse. If it collapsed, that old devil would definitely vent his anger on you."

Devil ape shook its head and silently looked at the wild animals.

There were not many living places left in Great Ruins. They were either taken by humans or taken by other strange beasts. If devil ape was to bring all these wild animals to move, it was afraid that they would not be able to find a place to stay and would definitely die from the darkness invasion.

Qin Mu also had no plan as Disabled Elderly Village was too small and simply unable to squeeze so many animals.

‘Come, young’un."

Devil ape walked forward while Qin Mu followed behind it. Devil ape then brought him to the bottom of the cliff and pointed at the handprint on the side of the cliff while revealing an expression of anticipation.

The handprint had been imprinted by devil ape itself. Its hand was extremely huge therefore it had left a deep handprint on the cliff.

This handprint represented that this was devil ape’s territory. Once other strange beasts saw the handprint, they would know that this was devil ape’s territory and take a detour.

If other strange beasts wanted to take over this place, they would come forth to challenge. If devil ape was to lose in the fight, the handprint would be erased by the new owner and a new imprint would be left behind.

"You, mark." Devil ape said in anticipation.

Qin Mu was puzzled and didn’t understand the meaning of its words.

Devil ape grabbed his hand and placed it beside his handprint, saying "Mark."

Qin Mu understood what it was trying to say and felt moved. With a heavy strike beside the ape's handprint, his handprint immediately appeared on the cliff.

Devil ape revealed a smile and pointed at the valley as it spoke in a muffled voice, "Mine, yours."

The warm feeling in Qin Mu’s heart turned into sounds of laughter, making devil ape chortled as well.

At this moment, a voice came from midair, "Master, there’re people below."

Qin Mu immediately raised his head and saw a paper boat flying past in the air. The paper boat was about sixty to seventy feet long. There was a lot of space on the boat as several men and women wearing green garments stood inside.

After that, he saw even more strange stuff: a few paper cranes came flapping their wings while surrounding another paper boat. There were also several strange men and women standing on the paper cranes and each of them had a long sword on their backs.

On the second boat, there was only one person and some goods that Qin Mu couldn’t see clearly.

The paper boat stopped in midair as an elder sat there and said, "Qian Qiu, go and ask for directions."


A young man on the paper crane looked down and enquired, "Youth, do you know the way to Disabled Elderly Village?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and pointed to the direction of Disabled Elderly Village.

The young man was refined and courteous as he bowed to express his thanks. A gold ingot then dropped down from the paper crane as they flew away around the boat.

Qin Mu picked up the gold ingot in bewilderment, "Why do those people want to go to our village? Could they be merchants that were passing by? However, if they are merchants shouldn’t they go to Border Dragon City?"

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