Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 290 - High Heavens

The green face in the sky was very huge and seemed to be formed by smoke which was light and faint. However, as it started coming lower, it gradually became clearer.

Fine beads of sweat emanated from Grand Shaman's forehead, and his head fell down, the man too afraid to lift it up.

"High Heavens…"

A faintly discernible voice came from the sky. "Got it."

Grand Shaman stood motionless. The golden peak of the divine mountain was very cold yet his sweat kept dripping down, drop after drop.

After a long time, he secretly raised an eye to look up at the sky and saw that it was clear blue. The face had vanished some time ago.

Grand Shaman let out a sigh of relief and quickly left to get away from here as far as possible.

A long time later, tiny flames appeared on the golden peak and shook like ripples. When they stopped shaking, two golden-eyed suannis galloped out from the flames while pulling a treasured carriage.

An imperial canopy was erected in its center, and under it were items like jade and pearls that formed a hanging screen. On top of the imperial canopy were three golden peaks that were circular lumps, each smaller than the one above it.

There were four golden pillars supporting the imperial canopy which were as thick as an arm and were seven feet tall. Besides each pillar stood a beautiful maiden, their vital qi forming a ring at the back of their heads. Their robes fluttered in the wind, and they were all wearing different colored attire. The maiden in green was carrying a jade vase in her hand, the maiden in red was hugging a seven-stringed guqin, the maiden in yellow was carrying a sword in both of her hands, while the maiden in white was hugging a pipa.

Under the imperial canopy and past the jade and pearls, a man in purple could be seen sitting upright. He was still and had an extraordinary atmosphere.

The two suannis' bodies overflowed with brilliant lights and vibrant colors as they stepped on auspicious clouds while pulling the treasure carriage at a lightning fast speed toward Middle Earth.

The treasure carriage wasn't careful like Grand Shaman, who had avoided the vast Great Ruins. This carriage just drove straight in, leaving a trail of light as it rushed toward Eternal Peace Empire. The people in the carriage seemed to not mind the dangers of Great Ruins at all.

When night fell, darkness enveloped the land, and the two suannis emanated flames that rose into the sky. They were extremely eye-catching in the darkness as they pulled the treasured carriage in the dark.

Devil qi poured and suddenly transformed into a pitch black palm that darted toward the treasured carriage and the glow given off by the suannis. Every place it passed by, light was swallowed and only darkness was left.

When the pitch black palm came in front of the treasured carriage, no light could be seen, and the pearl curtain swayed as the maiden in red played her guqin, giving off two sounds of ding and dong.

Once guqin sound echoed in the air, the pitch black palm paused slightly and moved back.

"High Heavens?" a raspy voice asked from the darkness.

That maiden in red nodded and said, "High Heavens Star Sovereign Qiao."

The monster in the darkness retreated and vanished without a trace. From then on, no more monsters went to disturb the treasured carriage.

Even though Great Ruins in the darkness seemed incomparably dangerous, it was still pretty bustling at night. All kinds of terrifying things were active, and all kinds of bizarre incidents were happening one after another.

The treasured carriage drove toward the east in a neither too fast nor too slow pace. The Star Sovereign Qiao under the imperial canopy looked at the current Great Ruins and shook his head. "The remaining evils have not yet been purged, and poison still remains."

The treasured carriage flew in the sky, leaving a streak across the darkness. Looking up from below, it seemed like there was a star that moving neither too fast nor too slow across the horizon.

The night of Great Ruins was shrouded by the darkness, and there were no stars nor moon in the sky, so most of the villagers and strange beasts hiding in the ruins couldn't help raising their heads to look up at the sight that they had never seen before.

Suddenly, the star started to descend urgently, crashing into Great Ruins from the sky. This made all the people and strange beasts that were watching sigh in pity.


The treasured carriage descended diagonally toward the source of Surging River. The two mountains in the darkness were like a gate, and the treasured carriage came down in the middle between them.

The two suannis struggled to control the descent, but no matter what, they couldn't do it. In the end, they couldn't help yelping.

The four maidens on the carriage were also flustered. They realized that they had become skeletons some time ago!

The four maidens looked ahead of them and saw the two suannis that were pulling the carriage had also become two galloping skeletons!

Under the imperial canopy, there was another skeleton.

He was calm and composed as he snorted coldly. "To pull my carriage down, could it be that Fengdu's evil intentions are still not dead yet?"

In the darkness and fog in front of them, there seemed to be huge shadows standing around. There were even red lights lighting up in the fog, and what looked like lanterns followed the treasured carriage as it moved.

Those weren't lanterns though, but eyes.

The shadows gradually faded, and the red lights vanished one after another as well.

The flesh on the two suannis came back, and they didn't feel that the carriage was heavy once more. They immediately exerted force and pulled the treasured carriage back into the sky. The four maidens on the carriage saw their flesh recovering and couldn't help letting out sighs of relief.

Star Sovereign Qiao's body also returned back to normal, and he said indifferently, "Fengdu, not heeding the discipline of Youdu, to even dare go against High Heavens. This place will be gotten rid of sooner or later."

The treasured carriage continued to move forward along Surging River, but only when the sky was turning bright did they see the end of Great Ruins that was over one thousand miles away from them.

Suddenly, a sword light rose from below and exploded in mid-air. Instantly, snow bright lights burst forth, and they actually eclipsed the light from the sun.

The suannis and the four maidens on the carriage immediately closed their eyes. When they opened them later, the four maidens cried out in astonishment. The world-shaking sword light had vanished, and in front of the carriage were majestic mountains and rivers. The towering peaks and precipitous ridges were unending.

What was weird was that these mountains and rivers weren't there just a moment ago, but now were seemed to be floating on the clouds. It was as if they had grown out from the clouds.

The rivers flowing out from the towering mountains and precipitous ridges were even giving off sounds of crashing water. There was even a waterfall running down from the cliffs, flowing down like jade.

These green mountains and azure water floated among the clouds, and there was nothing abnormal about them. They didn't look like mirages.

"Halt," Star Sovereign Qiao said slowly.

The two suannis halted, and Star Sovereign Qiao stood up to look at the end of the mountains and rivers. Yet they stretched into the distance as if growing by themselves. The mountains in the clouds were majestic and vast, appearing continuously from below the clouds.

Meanwhile, at the borders of the mountains and rivers were flashing sword lights that were hard to catch, but which couldn't deceive his eyes.

This was as if someone was using a sword as a brush to draw out vast mountains and rivers!

"Old Handicapped is actually still alive." Star Sovereign Qiao revealed and smile and said softly, "Go down. I have an old friend living here."

The two suannis immediately pulled the treasured carriage to descend. When they reached the bottom of the clouds, the mountains and rivers also descended with them. The mountain and rivers lowered along with their pace, blocking the path in front of them all the time

Finally, the treasured carriage landed on the ground, and the mountains and rivers in the sky also became smaller and smaller, continuing to retract. When the mountains and rivers disappeared, a small village beside the river appeared in front of them.

Star Sovereign Qiao looked through the pearl curtain and saw a recliner at the entrance of this village. On the recliner lay an old man without four limbs. The recliner creaked as it swayed back and forth while the messy old man without limbs enjoyed the spring sun leisurely.

"You are handicapped." Star Sovereign Qiao didn't get off the carriage. He simply spoke from behind the pearl curtains. "You don't have arms and you don't have legs yet you still want to block my way? Aren't you overestimating yourself a little?"

Village Chief beamed at him as he continued swaying on the recliner. It seemed to be very comfortable for him to lie there as he said leisurely, "In that case, why don't you try? I have no arms and legs and only a few years of lifespan left, so you should definitely have the confidence to kill me, right?"

Star Sovereign Qiao snorted coldly. "You don't have many years left to live, so you can't protect the new human emperor. However, I won't use my life to fight head-on with that disabled life of yours."

"If you don't dare to fight with your life, then return."

Suddenly, Village Chief's vital qi transformed into arms and legs so he could stand up from the recliner. As he walked towards the treasured carriage, the two suannis instantly felt their blood run cold, and the four maidens on the carriage also revealed appalled expressions. In their eyes, the dry and thin old man's body became bigger and bigger, more and more majestic as he came closer. With a few steps, his body seemed to cover the heaven and earth, blocking their line of sight!

"You can't protect the new human emperor!"

Star Sovereign Qiao stood up, and the imperial canopy on the carriage started to spin. The pillars under the canopy became thicker and thicker, as well as taller and taller. As the imperial canopy expanded in the wind, the jade and pearls became bigger as well, as if they were stars that surrounded the star sovereign.

The four maidens in front of him seemed incomparably small, and the two pure-blooded suannis which had huge bodies also seemed pitifully small at this instant.


The sword from the maiden in yellow came out from its sheath and landed in Star Sovereign Qiao's hand.

He swung his sword and met with the sword swung by the old man in front of him. The instant the two sword lights met, Surging River was cut off and the water started flowing backward. The bright sword lights vanished with a flash.

Where the sword lights had vanished, Village Chief was still sitting in the recliner and creaking as he swayed. Star Sovereign Qiao had also sat back down and the size of the treasured carriage had returned back to normal. It was as if the giant and the sky full of stars had been just an illusion.

"I won't kill the human emperor but other people will come." Star Sovereign Qiao looked at the elder lying in the chair across the pearl curtains and said indifferently, "Some young people from High Heavens will find him."

Village Chief said lazily, "As long as it isn't you old farts, feel free to send them."

Star Sovereign Qiao looked at him deeply and suddenly said, "Return to High Heavens."

The two suannis immediately turned the carriage around and rose into the sky, galloping back into the west.

On the carriage, the maiden in green asked, "Star Sovereign, why are we returning just like this…"

Star Sovereign Qiao didn't say a word, but suddenly grunted. Droplets of blood dripped down from the carriage and landed in the forest of Great Ruins that was below them. Wherever the fresh blood landed, flowers would bloom in the entire mountain and plants would grow in a frenzy. They spread until they covered the whole mountain.


The imperial canopy fell backward and dropped into Great Ruins, scattering all the jades and pearls in the wilderness.

Star Sovereign Qiao's face was slightly pale as he said solemnly, "No need to pick them up, return to High Heavens as soon as possible!"

The four maidens were shocked and the two suannis increased their speed as they galloped toward the west.

At the gate of Disabled Elderly Village, the recliner swayed when the chair split into pieces. Village Chief fell to the ground and called out in a hoarse voice, "Apothecary, Apothecary!"

Apothecary ran out in a panic and grumbled, "Still want to put up a strong front when you don't even have any limbs, serves you right… Stop moving, let me check on your injuries first!"

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