Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 291 - Enthralling Night at the Sea

Apothecary diagnosed Village Chief and grumbled, "One's muscles and bones are not as capable when they are old, what's more, you don't even have muscles and bones already. Stubbornly wanted to show off, didn't you? Happy now?"

Village Chief panted heavily. "His injuries are heavier than mine. I have fought basically all of the strong practitioners of High Heavens before."

"Look at how capable you are." Apothecary used needles to suppress his injuries and shook his head. "Didn't you still get your limbs severed by someone with a sword?"

"When I passed the position of the human emperor to Qin Mu, I knew that such a day would come when people would come to find Mu'er." Village Chief gaze became faint as he looked away. "High Heavens will not tolerate the existence of a human emperor.

"I was already old and disabled, so they didn't pay any attention to me. However, they will definitely get rid of the new human emperor. Star Sovereign Qiao is one of the very best in High Heavens so I had to intercept him and make him back off. This way, it won't be strong practitioners like him that will come after Mu'er. They have to follow by the rules, and if they try to go around them, I will force them to follow the rules."

Apothecary prescribed medicine for him as he said, "So what happens after you die? Will they still go according to the rules?"

Village Chief was silent for a moment before revealing a sudden smile. "A human emperor while alive, and a ghost hero when dead. My life can be extinguished, but my will to battle will last forever. It's probably time for you to go out for a walk."

Apothecary shuddered and shook his head. "I'm not going out, whoever that wants to go out can go out."

In West Earth Divine Mountain, Star Sovereign Qiao's carriage landed, and the star sovereign mustered his vital qi with difficulty. Just as he was about to return back to High Heavens, he vomited blood, and the injuries on his body instantly split apart. He raised his hand with difficulty at the four maidens. "Light the incenses…"

The four maidens were astonished, and the maiden in green hurriedly took out three sticks of incense, lighting them up on the altar. After a moment, a face appeared in the sky looking down.

"I've met the old human emperor," Star Sovereign Qiao said while gasping for breath. "Even though he's old and handicapped, he is not yet dead. His abilities have increased tremendously and I was injured by him. His intention is that if the older generation goes to find the new human emperor, he will definitely take things into his own hands; however, he won't interfere if it's the younger generation."

"He's still alive?" The face revealed an astonished expression as its faint voice floated in the air. "Star Sovereign, who do you plan on sending from High Heavens to get rid of the new human emperor?"

"Young Master Xu Shenghua."

That face in the sky became slightly grave. "Is there a need to mobilize Young Master Xu?"

Star Sovereign Qiao nodded. "The old fellow is old and is close to death. The new human emperor is still young and not yet mature. Getting rid of the new human emperor can cut short our troubles forever."

A beam of light descended from the sky and shone on Star Sovereign Qiao's body, forming a road from light. The face in the sky said, "Young Master Xu might not be willing to leave the mountain, you will have to tell it to him personally."

Star Sovereign Qiao said to the four maidens, "Yu, Qing, Yao, Jing, stay here and bring along my four treasures to support Young Master Xu in killing the new human emperor. I shall return to High Heavens, but Young Master Xu will come down soon."

The four maidens acknowledged his words and walked down from the carriage. The two suannis pulled onto the ruined carriage and rose into the sky along the road of light, returning back to High Heavens.

When the light vanished, the four maidens looked at one another, and Yu Liu said, "Old Master has instructed us to follow Young Master Xu to kill the new human emperor, but we still don't know who is the new human emperor."

Jing Yan said, "This news was spread out by Rolan's Golden Palace, so we will have to take a trip there. Qing Ying, Yao Hua, visit that place, Yu Liu and I shall wait here for Young Master Xu."

The two other girls nodded and went down the mountain. They didn't walk into Great Ruins but instead crossed West Earth, the flaming desert, and the snow mountains plateau, heading straight to Rolan's Golden Palace.

Without Star Sovereign Qiao, they didn't dare to step into Great Ruins directly.

In the East Sea, Qin Mu, Si Yunxiang, and Ling Yuxiu were drifting on the water. When it came to night time, the surface of the sea suddenly glowed. It came from countless special fish that came to the surface, lighting up the sea like jewels.

Qin Mu controlled the waves to move forward, and the glowing fish leaped out from his waves one after another. As he moved forward, the fish also hurried with the waves, making it quite interesting.

Some fish had two feelers growing from their forehead, at the end of which were transparent lumps of flesh that were the size of a fist. These lumps were like lanterns which gave off a faint glow at night, so these creatures were known as lantern fish.

The lanternfish grew fins that were like wings. When they rushed out of the waves, they would shake their four fins to fly dozens of yards in the air before landing back into the water.

These strange fish would sometimes swim with the trio, floating beside them to light up the sea for them.

At times, some huge fish that were three to six yards long also came, flapping their fins to look at them curiously.

Si Yunxiang was still a kid at heart, so once she saw that the huge lantern fish had some intelligence, she wanted to play with them and started teaching them to talk, word by word. Out of her expectations, a few of the huge fish actually managed to learn a sentence or two and speak the human language.

On their way, the group passed by the territory of a sea tribe and numerous maidens floated out from the water. They waved their tails, swimming to and fro around the waves and singing a melodious love song. The song they were singing was about two maidens liking the same youth and all the feelings and moods of the girls. There were also a few giant clams and conches that had turned into spirits, clapping their shells to accompany the song.

Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang became shy after listening to the song by the maidens of the sea tribe. They secretly glanced at the youth beside them and couldn't help feeling slightly furious.

They discovered that Qin Mu wasn't hurrying on his way with his full attention. Instead, he was in a daze, his heart not focused on hurrying, but neither was he listening to the melodious song from the maidens of the sea tribe. He was focused s on comprehending his path.

They didn't know what he was comprehending. Even though there was a smile on his face, his heart wasn't set on the beautiful scenery in front of him nor on the girls beside him.

Qin Mu had been trying to comprehend Unity Technique of Six Directions Realm for the entire journey, and he finally reached the crucial period in the last few days.

'This scoundrel, he deserves to be alone for the rest of his life!' The two girls were furious.

Dao Master allowed Qin Mu to comprehend Dao Sword for fourteen days, and he reaped quite the reward. Even though Dao Sword was made of sword skills, the mathematical reasonings and sword reasonings in it seemed to be able to merge into numerous techniques, thus it was worth to learn from it.

Another hour later, Qin Mu's vital qi gradually weakened, and the speed of the waves going forward also slowed. They gradually shrunk down. Ling Yuxiu immediately took over and executed her spell, making a water dragon carry the three of them forward.

Qin Mu, on the other hand, relaxed while standing on the water dragon, letting Ling Yuxiu bring him along.

Six Directions Divine Treasure was a huge improvement to cultivating people and no matter if it were spells, sword skills, or battle techniques, all of them would be raised to the level of divine arts. This multiplied their power by several times.

At this realm, the techniques had to be able to link Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, and Six Directions Divine Treasures together to mobilize the energy in these three great divine treasures. Qin Mu's Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was a technique but had no skills, Woodcutter's teachings had skills but no path, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures covered everything in the world but lacked unity; however, the three of them together could form an entire body.

Yet Qin Mu wanted more. He wanted the transformations of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, the stability of Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, as well as the maths of Dao Sword to be incorporated into his technique.

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was proficient in transformations and Emperor Yanfeng had imparted this technique to him and even guided him in cultivation. Even though the time Qin Mu had cultivated this technique was short, he had already understood the true essence of this technique's transformations.

The transformations of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique could be said to lie in one's heart. The divine dragons had myriad transformations, and through them, the sword skills, spells, and battle techniques of the other sects could all be executed. The moves could be fierce and strong, but also soft and gentle.

Rulai's Mahayana Sutra was proficient in stability. Old Rulai had not personally taught Qin Mu this technique, but he had allowed him to enter Heavens Cloisters to comprehend. Qin Mu had gone through all twenty cloisters of them, which meant he had mastered Rulai's Mahayana Sutra.

There were twenty heavens in Rulai's Mahayana Sutra. The blessings from the gods and devils from there allowed one to be incomparably stable, unmovable like Mount Meru.

Dao Sword was proficient in algebra, using mathematical reasonings to explain the nature of heaven and earth and the great Dao. When it came to the fourteenth sword, it was already close to Dao.

If these three techniques could be mastered via comprehensive studies and combined into one, merging their advantages with Unity Technique, Qin Mu would definitely improve by leaps and bounds once again!

However, for the past few days, he had focused his mind on this, yet his returns were few. The techniques he wanted to merge were all top notch and each and every one of them were all inclusive. They were the ultimate arts of their sect and were all supreme ultimate arts of a sacred ground.

If they could all be merged, wouldn't it result in the number one technique in the world?

'I got a little greedy.'

Qin Mu suddenly felt like he was wasting time on an unsolvable problem. These techniques were already perfected, so if he really wanted to merge them, it was impossible for him to do so with his current knowledge.

That being the case, why did it have to be so troublesome?

'What I want is the reasonings behind these techniques, and this being the case, why do I have to merge the techniques? Wouldn't it be easier to merge their reasonings?'

Among the beautiful night scenery on the sea, he was suddenly enlightened and felt his frame of mind relax. He also felt the sea and the girls beside him becoming more charming and moving.

Trying to merge the techniques was something he couldn't do. Besides, doing so would neglect the fundamentals by concentrating on the details. On top of that, merging reasonings and not techniques was much easier.

Once he came around to this point, he no longer insisted on his path, but instead became free from nature, cultivating however he felt comfortable.

Once they crossed the territory of the sea tribe, the sea became much quieter. A huge turtle floated over and offered to carry them on their way.

This turtle had attainments in cultivation and floated on the sea surface like a small island. As he swam toward the west, he enquired them about some problems he faced during cultivation.

Qin Mu and the two girls told him everything they knew and solved many doubts he had. The old turtle was very happy and invited them as guests. Qin Mu asked in curiosity, "Where is Old Mister's home? Where do we go to be guests?"

"The four seas are my home, but even though I say so, there are some children living on my back."

When the old turtle said this, numerous turtles surfed up on the waves and leaped onto the back of the old turtle.


The old turtle smiled and the huge luminous pearls on the turtle shell lighted up, making the island on the turtle's back brightly lit.

The small turtles stood up on their two hind flippers and started dancing and singing around Qin Mu, Ling Yuxiu, and Si Yunxiang. They slapped their bellies and shells as they danced and sang.

Si Yunxiang pulled Qin Mu to join in the singing and dancing on the island, and after fooling around for a moment, Qin Mu also pulled Ling Yuxiu up. The princess was still slightly reserved at first, but she soon joined them.

The night of celebration went by fast, and when the day broke, the old turtle said, "We have reached land, farewell, my friends!"

Qin Mu looked up ahead and saw a land not far away. The city and the harbor were shrouded in early spring morning mist.

The trio jumped from the turtle's back and landed on the harbor.

"Goodbye!" The small turtles waved at them.

"Goodbye!" Qin Mu also waved back at them. When the old turtle disappeared, they walked into River Prefecture City.

"What a charming sea," Ling Yuxiu said with a soft voice.

Si Yunxiang's gaze was still blurry. "What an enthralling night at sea, however, after stepping on land, we have returned back to the mortal world…"

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