Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 293 - Primordial Spirit

"I was measuring the water level just now and there's still some mud on me, please pardon me."

Qin Mu examined this young master on the ship and felt that this person was someone from the mortal realm. He couldn't help sighing ruefully that even a man could be so charming. "May I ask where did Senior Brother come from?"

"High Heavens."

Xu Shenghua examined Qin Mu and saw that this youth was very simple. His gaze was very pure and seemed to have no impurities at all, but there was also a wild and unruly air about him. "Where did Senior Brother come from?"

Qin Mu thought for a moment, but couldn't recall any place called High Heavens, so decided that it had to be some hidden sacred ground. He replied, "I'm from Disabled Elderly Village."

Xu Shenghua had also not heard about the name Disabled Elderly Village and memorized this name while thinking to himself, 'Could it be some hidden sacred ground?'

"I saw Senior Brother sending out dozens of vital qi threads with just a wave of a hand and that was very bizarre. It seemed like threads were being constructed from swords, which is very different from the usual method of refining qi into a thread. This confused me a bit."

Xu Shenghua opened a tea bag to make tea, and the four maidens went to boil water. After waiting for a moment, they placed the tea leaves into the boiling water after it had been slightly cooled.

Xu Shenghua covered the teapot and said, "Your sword mastery is extraordinary. You sent dozens of vital qi threads into the water, and they all went straight to the bottom of the river. Each of the vital qi threads landed on the sand and didn't push even the speck of it away to go deeper, nor did they make any of the sand float. The strong current of the river also didn't have any impact on your vital qi thread. This kind of control is simply worthy of admiration. You have extremely high attainments in algebra, so could you have learned the sword techniques of Dao Sect before?"

Qin Mu was astonished. "Senior Brother has good eyes, I have indeed learned the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword before. Vital qi threads are hard to control as they have no weight, so to make the vital qi thread hang straight down I had indeed had to calculate it with algebra. What I used was the calculation of magnetic force to make them unmovable."

Xu Shenghua was done with the tea and raised the teapot to pour Qin Mu a cup of tea while saying, "To be able to control so many vital qi threads without applying any strength requires great knowledge and meticulousness down to the smallest detail. If you used this ability to control vital qi thread in controlling swords, your sword techniques would definitely be extremely terrifying, and I think that only the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword would require such fine sword control techniques. Furthermore, your vital qi thread is different from others, using sword qi as a thread, making it a sort of a sword technique."

"Vital qi thread is the Spiral Sword Form founded by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor." Qin Mu was once again astonished and exclaimed in admiration, "You're a clever one! It's my first time meeting someone like you who is able to see through my vital qi thread at first glance. Many people who were defeated by my hands had never realized it, so you're very extraordinary. Seems like High Heavens are very extraordinary as well."

Xu Shenghua smiled. "I saw through it by luck. To be able to teach a disciple like you, Disabled Elderly Village is then the extraordinary one. Come, have a taste of the Green Destiny Tea from my High Heavens."

Qin Mu took a whiff of the tea fragrance then tasted a sip. It was slightly bitter and astringent when it first went into his mouth, but after that, the sweetness rushed forth endlessly into his taste buds, causing his saliva to excrete.

The tea leaves of Green Destiny Tea were also very beautiful, each of them looking like sharp feathers that floated at the top, bottom, and the middle of the cup.

"Good tea. Could you gift some to me?" Qin Mu asked.

Xu Shenghua hesitated, then said, "I didn't bring much Green Destiny for this trip…"

Qin Mu smiled. "I'll treat you to wine another day!"

Xu Shenghua's eyes lighted up, and he took out his bag of tea and gave half of its contents to Qin Mu with a smile. "Deal! Where do I find you after I've settled my task?"

Qin Mu put away the bag of tea. "The capital city, I'm a palace grandee there. When you're in the capital, you can find me at Imperial College."

"Alright. After I'm done with my task, I'll go to Eternal Peace Capital City to find you for a drink."

The two of them then used tea in place of wine to toast each other, and the two tea cups collided with a clink. Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua seemed safe as ever, but their sleeves suddenly rose up, and the whooshing of wind came from behind them.

The river surface suddenly rumbled, and the water exploded. The waves that were stirred up formed two lines upstream and downstream, only calming down after exploding dozens of times.

The four maidens on the ship jumped in shock. Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua were having a good chat so why did they suddenly clash with each other?

Qin Mu revealed a hint of astonishment and looked Xu Shenghua deeply in the eyes. Xu Shenghua was also slightly astonished and lifted the teacup to place it by his mouth.

After enjoying the fragrance of the tea, Xu Shenghua took the seven-strings guqin from Qing Ying's hands and played it leisurely, creating a lofty artistic mood. It was like a god beyond the nine heavens was using the sound of guqin to express his true feelings. It was also like an invitation, calling guests from beyond the heavens.

Qin Mu listened to it for a moment and praised, "Truly a lofty artistic mood that's out of this mortal world. However, I'm in this mortal world and can't jump out of it."

Ling Yuxiu shouted over from the side of the river at that moment, "The one that herds cows, come back quickly!"

"Got it!" Qin Mu shouted back as he turned around at her. He then rose with an apology. "I've got many ordinary affairs to handle so I won't disturb you anymore. I still have to check the irrigation works."

Xu Shenghua rose to send him off. "Affairs of the mortal world will only cause troubles in your heart, it would be better to go to High Heavens for tranquility."

Qin Mu jumped off the ship and smiled. "You're too free and unfettered, I can't live such an idle life. I like to be busy. Remember to find me in the capital, I still owe you a drink!"

Xu Shenghua nodded, and his decorated pleasure ship floated down the river, sailing downstream.

On the ship, Qing Ying came to the table, ready to take away the teacups, but Xu Shenghua stopped her. "Don't touch them."

Qing Ying was bewildered and immediately stopped.

There were two teacups on the table. One had been used by Qin Mu and the other one by Xu Shenghua. Qin Mu's cup still had half a cup of tea remaining while Xu Shenghua's teacup was empty.

Xu Shenghua told Yu Liu, "Use the jade vase to protect the table and not spoil our ship."

Yu Liu immediately executed her vital qi, and the jade vase she was carrying flew up and fell with the mouth of the vase facing down.

A light screen poured out from the jade vase and protected the table.

Xu Shenghua blew at the table, and the two teacups suddenly exploded. Xu Shenghua's teacup exploded into pieces, numerous pieces shooting out in all directions, turning the table into fine powders.

Meanwhile, the half cup of tea in Qin Mu's teacup suddenly turned into a bright light and split the cup in the center. It fell in two pieces, but it didn't shatter!

"Expert." Xu Shenghua had Yu Liu take away her jade vase and examined the broken pieces of the two teacups. With a grave expression, he said, "This youth is about the same age as me, but his cultivation is actually stronger than mine. It's truly formidable. The divine arts practitioners from Middle Earth really can't be underestimated!"

He had touched cups with Qin Mu, and the two of them had taken that chance to clash once with each other. When their vital qi collided, their divine arts were hidden in that move. Xu Shenghua's vital qi was slightly suppressed by Qin Mu's vital qi. Since it was fierce and strong, the cup had exploded into pieces.

However, Xu Shenghua was superior in divine arts and had focused his power in one line, so Qin Mu's cup was sliced in the center.

Both of their methods were high level and had intercepted the power of each other's divine arts, making them remain in the cups. They had temporarily sealed the will and power of each other's divine arts, so the two cups were still complete when placed on the table. However, when an external force touched them, the will and power contained in them were activated!

"He is probably Daozi of Dao Sect." Xu Shenghua looked upstream and praised, "Dao Sect is truly extraordinary, the future accomplishments of the current Daozi will be no small matters! Now that we saw Dao Sect's Daozi, let's go to Little Jade Capital before finding the new human emperor. Grand Shaman said that this new human emperor is none other than the Heavenly Devil Cult Master so we'll visit Heavenly Devil Cult at that time."

On the river, Qin Mu ran over to help Ling Yuxiu who was currently stabbing stakes in the dam. She asked, "Who was the person on the ship just now? Could he have evil intentions? I saw the divine arts of you two exploding on the surface of the river."

Qin Mu smiled. "We were just trying to test each other out. I'm very happy today, very happy!"

Ling Yuxiu flicked the stake at him and heard a trembling noise as she asked in bewilderment, "What's made you so happy?"

"I always thought there was only me who's an Overlord Body in this world." Qin Mu was excited and gripped his fists tightly. Looking at the decorated pleasure ship that was sailing downstream, he said, "But today, I finally found another Overlord Body! If Village Chief knew about this, he would definitely be so happy that he would go crazy! There's a second Overlord Body in this world, so the old man will definitely be happy for me!"

Ling Yuxiu was slightly muddle-headed and thought to herself, 'What Overlord Body?'

Qin Mu walked to and fro in excitement. "I tested his cultivation just now and he was merely a line weaker than me, just one line! Sister, do you know? Even on the same realm, Imperial Preceptor's cultivation is a lot inferior to mine, yet this guy is only one line inferior. If this isn't Overlord Body, then what is Overlord Body?"

Ling Yuxiu stabbed another stake into the huge dam and didn't know whether to laugh or cry/ "Imperial Preceptor is a saint that appears once every five hundred years, how could his cultivation be weaker than yours on the same realm? Come and help me quickly, I can't finish all of these by myself. Everyone else has gone to make water wheels."

Qin Mu immediately went forward to help, but he still couldn't contain the excitement in his heart. 'A second Overlord Body… Even though his cultivation is weaker than mine, his moves and divine arts are stronger than mine… As expected of the Overlord Body!'

Ling Yuxiu saw that he was preoccupied with his thoughts and was slightly angry. However, she was also happy for him in her heart. It was natural to be happy after finding someone similar to oneself.

After a moment, Qin Mu finally calmed down, and his vital qi became sensible and linked up Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, and Six Directions. The operating speed became faster and faster, becoming more and more smooth and unhindered.

Ling Yuxiu suddenly stopped and felt slight abnormalities in her surroundings.

At this moment, the sound of water became clearer, and the chirping of birds seemed sweet sounding. The fragrance of the flowers in the air, the smell of the green grass, and even all her senses became incomparably clear.

She was slightly bewildered and looked at Qin Mu. He had a clear gaze and it met with hers. Ling Yuxiu was brought along by his gaze and suddenly entered a wonderful state which stirred her spirit embryo and soul.

The two of them stood on the river dam and held hands, looking at each other with smiles. However, their bodies remained motionless.

Their souls and spirit embryos flew out from their bodies and seemed to become incomparably vast. They went on a mental journey through the skies, traveling a thousand miles.

Ling Yuxiu saw that she was holding onto Qin Mu's hand as they flew high above and saw thousands of temples and monasteries on Mount Meru. They then entered North Pole and saw snow lotus herbs in the world of ice and snow. After that, they went to the South Sea and stepped onto the white clouds to observe the jade sea and blue sky. Later, they visited Great Ruins as well and saw layers and layers of divine lights standing tall and upright among the boundless mountains.

At this moment, they seemed to hear someone calling their names and instantly felt an invisible force of attraction coming over and pulling them back from ten thousand miles away.


The souls of the two people returned to their bodies, and they realized that they were still standing on the river damn, smiling at each other. Ling Yuxiu's face turned slightly red, and she immediately let go of Qin Mu's hand. Beside them, Crown Prince Ling Yushu was looking at them with a stern face.

Qin Mu reminiscenced about the feeling he had felt just now and said, "Your Highness, I had just comprehended Unity Technique of Six Directions Realm and suddenly went into a kind of wonderful state. My spirit embryo and soul had fused together and flew out of my body to roam the vast world. Does Your Highness knows what happened?"

Ling Yushu's body trembled violently, and he cried out, "So fast? You have cultivated your primordial spirit!"

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