Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 295 - Shape of Spirit Weapon

The Ministry of Works reconstructed the manufacturing factory in Mill Prefecture while Qin Mu redesigned the great furnace. The manufacturing factory looked completely new, and there were new forging machine giants in it. With the great furnace activated, all the machine giants started operating, and the factory was instantly buzzing with activity.

Shan Youxin and the rest hurried to adjust the components during testing while Qin Mu executed his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to circulate his vital qi. Other people first cultivated their spirit weapon before cultivating their primordial spirit after perfecting Six Directions Realm. Furthermore, the primordial spirit wasn't perfect at that time as well. One would have to cultivate to Celestial Being Realm for the primordial spirit to take shape and roam the universe. However, he had cultivated his primordial spirit before cultivating his spirit weapon.

His primordial spirit was still very weak and had not been cultivated to the extent of taking shape. If it could take shape behind him, he would be a Celestial Being.

However, between Six Directions and Celestial Being was Seven Stars Realm. He had just entered Six Directions Realm and was far from that step.

His primordial spirit roaming the world was only something that happened by chance. It was because he had met an expert like Xu Shenghua which had agitated his mind. Only because of it did he manage to enter comprehension beside the river and brought Ling Yuxiu to roam the world.

According to the traditional way of cultivating, he still needed to give birth to a spirit weapon with his Six Directions Divine Treasure.

With the circulation of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, Qin Mu felt his vital qi linking his spirit embryo, five elements, and six directions together. His soul and spirit embryo fused together and his primordial essence condensed, forming his primordial spirit. As he breathed in and out the nature of heaven and earth, his cultivation speed became much faster than before.

'Do other people cultivate like me? Based on the crown prince's words, it doesn't seem that way…'

He couldn't help feeling bewildered when he listened to Ling Yushu's words about how it was impossible for people to cultivate their primordial spirit at this stage.

After cultivating primordial spirit, his cultivation speed was very fast, while if he didn't cultivate it, he would only stay with the normal routine.

He temporarily placed his doubts aside and focused on executing Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. He guided the vital qi in his body and mobilized his qi and blood. In his Six Directions Divine Treasure, the primordial essences gathered and continuously flew into the center. At that place, a spirit weapon was gradually taking shape.

Its shape born from Six Directions Divine Treasure was usually the most compatible with one's technique. This kind of spirit weapon was usually different from other spirit weapons as it breathed together and shared the same fate as its owner. It was a spirit weapon that grew together with the person.

There was no need to even think about the shape of the spirit weapon. It naturally formed its shape as it accompanied the person's cultivation.

While the spirit weapon was under construction, Qin Mu still couldn't see what shape it was going to take. He could only see a ball of light as his primordial essences came flying from all directions, gathering onto that ball of light.

Faint markings of runes could be seen on the primordial essences, which was very mysterious. However, Qin Mu saw that these rune markings were nothing more than his techniques and skills. They were simply displayed in the form of runes.

The Nine Dragons of Ling Yuxiu and Thousand Silks of Si Yunxiang also had these kinds of rune markings. When they were forged, these kinds of rune markings had to be imprinted on them to match well.

The primordial essences flying towards the ball of light appeared as sword markings, so when the primordial essences flew toward the ball of light, it looked like flying swords were continuously flowing into the sword pellet.

That sword pellet wasn't a pellet but a sword. It was refining dozens, no, more like hundreds or even thousands of swords into one.

Therefore, the intrinsic quality of a sword pellet was still a sword.

Six Directions Divine Treasure giving birth to a sword pellet spirit weapon was due to primordial essences with the form of flying swords rushing into the center. These primordial essences merged to form the shape of the pellet.

The sword shapes were also called primordial swords. Only when every single one of them entered the pellet could one forge the sword pellet that belonged solely to oneself. Furthermore, the number of flying swords in the sword pellet had to match the number of primordial swords.

Refining a sword pellet was the same as refining a sword until its form was even finer than a needle before turning it into the shape of a pellet. When refining a sword pellet, one would have to refine each and every single sword to the standard of being able to change their size at will. This point was very difficult.

This was why the prices of sword pellets were high. Many divine arts practitioners usually used sword cases as a replacement. These could store much fewer flying stores. When refining them, bones of a beast with taotie bloodline were needed to increase the internal space, so in truth that they weren't that cheap, either.

Imperial College provided every imperial scholar with a sword case, so the empire's treasury also had to spend quite an amount of money every year.

The imperial scholars that were truly rich would usually invite reputable masters and blacksmiths to forge a sword pellet for them as they were a symbol of status.

"So my spirit weapon is a sword pellet. Even though sword pellets are hard to make, it shouldn't be too difficult for me."

Qin Mu had no real idea how valuable sword pellets were. After all, sword pellets were strewn everywhere around Disabled Elderly Village. They were under Granny Si's bed, in her shoes, and were even eaten by some of the hens.

What was even more terrifying was that Mute had an entire chest of sword pellets. It was filled to the brim and as heavy as a mountain.

Qin Mu thought that it was hard work to refine a sword pellet, but since he had learned under Mute, he didn't believe that it'd be too much trouble.

However, in his Six Directions Divine Treasure, primordial swords were still continuously entering the ball of light. Qin Mu calculated them and his face turned slightly green. The number of primordial swords that had entered the ball of light had already reached five thousand!

This meant that he had to refine five thousand flying swords to forge his own sword pellet. But that wasn't even worst of it. There were more primordial swords entering the ball of light, which meant that his future work was still increasing.

Qin Mu wasn't worried about having no money to refine his sword pellet spirit weapon, though. He was never worried about money, but he was worried about the pellet being too heavy!

Even if a thousand flying swords were refined until they were extremely fine, their weight wouldn't change. If this many flying swords were added into a small pellet, its weight would be considerable!

Eternal Peace Empire's flying swords were classified into nine grades. The weight of the ninth grade one was two pounds, and this sword had the most inferior quality, having been forged using ordinary metal. These were weapons used by ordinary people, and even if they were all ninth grade swords, the finished sword pellet would be ten thousand pounds in weight!

The bad news was that the better the flying sword was, the more it weighed. A second-grade flying sword would usually be a thousand pounds. Only first grade flying swords, which belonged to first ranking high officials, such as Qin Mu's Junior Protector Sword, were very light.

Junior Protector Sword was made from the best materials in the world and forged by the best master of sword refinement. There were only over a dozen of them forged, and even if Qin Mu wanted to refine a sword pellet with such swords, he wouldn't have enough good materials to do so.

'Third-grade swords are forged using Winter Iron Essence and Winter Crystal Iron. It's just that the weight would be too heavy. Even if I managed to refine them into a sword pellet, I wouldn't be able to use it. Just the sword pellet alone would exhaust me to death.'

As Qin Mu thought about this, his primordial swords finally stopped and no longer entered the ball of light. From the start to the end, there had been eight thousand swords.

'Eight thousand swords, holy sh*t. Even if I'm rich, I'll still go bankrupt trying to make so many of them!'

Qin Mu was starting to feel a little terrified. But at that moment, he saw another type of primordial essences flying over and entering the ball of light. They were buddhas that were coming from all directions.

"Wait a minute, isn't it a sword pellet?"

He was slightly stupefied. If his spirit weapon was a sword pellet, everything should have already been over, so why were there still buddha-shaped primordial essences flying over?

Other than them, there were also primordial knives. They entered the ball of light, followed by primordial Dao in the shapes of wuji diagram, taiji diagram, four symbols diagram, five elements diagram, and eight trigrams.

After that came all kinds of runes. There were insect markings, beast markings, and even dragon markings, as well as phoenix and bird markings. There were also god markings, devil markings, and even pictures of Youdu's words. In other words, a bit of everything.

Qin Mu's green face started to turn slightly purple. Those pictures were there probably because there were too many things contained in his Unity Technique. There was Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, Pig Slaughter Knife Skills, and all kinds of other techniques, skills, and divine arts. Though in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures alone there were many bizarre techniques and skills.

Even the calculation methods from Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery were shown by his primordial essences, becoming a part of his spirit weapon's form.

'So many forms, what will my spirit weapon evolve into?'

Qin Mu was on tenterhooks. Could his sword pellet become a freak with all kinds of weapons?

It was fine being a freak, but he was worried about how heavy it was going to end up after it was refined.

How much money would he have to spend to refine it?

After some more time, all of the primordial essences were in the ball of light, and its glow gradually dimmed. The form of the spirit weapon there slowly got clearer.

Qin Mu was very scared and on edge, not daring to take a look. He was afraid that his spirit weapon had a form that was a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Sometime later, he finally mustered enough courage to look towards the spirit weapon in his Six Directions Divine Treasure and couldn't help freezing in shock. He saw that his spirit weapon still had the shape of a sword pellet and hadn't become abnormal. It wasn't like what he had imagined, which was a huge buddha that had swords, knives, and all kinds of strange stuff stabbed into it.

The sword pellet was still a sword pellet. It was just that every primordial sword had numerous markings on it. There were primordial buddha markings, primordial Dao markings, primordial knife markings, bird, beast and insect markings, dragon and phoenix markings, god and devil markings, and writings of Youdu.

Qin Mu sighed in relief. 'It's still okay, it's at most awfully heavy and not to the extent of crushing me. However, this sword pellet seems much bigger than other sword pellets. If I can refine a sword pellet that has the form of water like Grandpa Mute's, it should be slightly smaller…'

Shan Youxin and the rest spent numerous hours working busily for two days before finishing adjusting the components for a test. The manufacturing factory then began its operation.

Qin Mu had also not slept the entire night just to condense the form of the spirit weapon; however, he had still ample vitality. He called Shan Youxin over and said, "The form of my spirit weapon is determined, but it's a little troublesome to refine. I require eight thousand sword embryos."

"Eight thousand sword embryos?"

Shan Youxin was shocked and cried out, "Cult Master, eight thousand sword embryos would be enough to make a sect legacy treasure for a small sect. Is Cult Master sure he needs this many swords?"

Qin Mu nodded and said helplessly, "The refinement of these eight thousand swords so they could change size at will before turning them into a sword pellet is giving me a great headache as well."

Shan Youxin hesitated and said, "Eight thousand swords is enough to equip a small army. If you want to forge so many sword embryos, you'll require metals of the best quality…"

"Before the natural disaster, I had sold some medicine and exchanged it for some money." Qin Mu thought of Hu Ling'er who had managed his finances and started to miss the little fox. He said, "I still have a million great abundance coins here, I wonder if it'll be enough?"

Shan Youxin was shocked and smiled. "How can we spend Cult Master's money? We usually have the habit of collecting all kinds of natural materials and treasures. For example, there are people of our Heavenly Saint Cult in the mines. When we dig out treasures, we usually don't hand them to the empire, but hide them away in private."

After looking around and seeing nobody around, he said in a low voice, "The rules of the sacred cult state to present the higher quality materials to the emperor while bringing the highest quality ones to the treasure vault of our sacred cult."

Qin Mu was startled.

Shan Youxin smiled. "The crafting of Sacred Cult Master's spirit weapon is naturally a huge event, so you can mobilize all of the natural materials and treasures in the treasure vault of our sacred cult. As long as Cult Master gives the order to open the treasure vault, we Heavenly Crafts Hall will take out the treasures and refine eight thousand sword embryos for Cult Master! I don't dare to say how good the materials there will be, but they won't be much inferior to the materials used for the swords of the first ranking high officials."

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and asked, "Where's the treasure vault?"

"Cult Master doesn't know where his treasure vault is?" Shan Youxin didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It's naturally in Saint Arrival Mountain."

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